Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

collision between   (colisión entre)

The idea behind the cover was to radiate a collision between soft and hard.

He arranged an "accidental" collision between her galley and one of his captains.

The first accident involves a terrible collision between two trains in the tunnel.

collision course   (curso de colisión)

The X-Men travel to Asteroid M, where they discover that the asteroid is on a collision course with Earth.

But the effect of the act was to polarise positions in the church, and set it on a collision course with the state.

The controlling B-17 would follow the BQ-7, and lock its controls into a collision course with its target, then turn around to escape.

collision occurred   (se produjo la colisión)

The "Teven" was towing a timber barge when the collision occurred.

"Quincy A. Shaw" was upbound with coal at the time the collision occurred.

No one on the bridge of BOWBELLE was aware of MARCHIONESS until the collision occurred.

collision detection   (detección de colisiones)

"18" was criticized for its animation and collision detection.

A scheme known as carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD) governed the way the computers shared the channel.

If the client cannot update the game state at a quick enough pace, the player may be shown outdated renditions of the game, which in turn cause various problems with hit- and collision detection.

traffic collision   (accidente de tráfico)

On the way back, Keith’s becomes involved in a traffic collision, but the airbag catches him.

Both parents and their 12-year-old son Lưu Quỳnh Thơ were killed in a traffic collision in 1988.

He stayed in his post as ambassador until his death due to another traffic collision in Seoul in 2014.

collision avoidance   (evitación de colisiones)

Marine radars are used by ships for collision avoidance and navigation purposes.

The Arizona incident has magnified the importance of collision avoidance systems for self-driving vehicles.

It is fitted with satellite navigation systems, collision avoidance systems, surface radar, and a Loran C system.