lieutenant colonel   (中佐)

He was a lieutenant colonel of the State Militia.

By April 1945, he was an acting lieutenant colonel.

A year later he was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

rank of colonel   (大佐の階級)

He retired with the rank of colonel in October 1921.

He also promoted him to the rank of colonel general.

Garašić was promoted to the rank of colonel in 2011.

promoted to colonel   (大佐に昇進)

He was promoted to colonel during that assignment.

He was also promoted to colonel in the same month.

While in Washington, he was promoted to colonel.

appointed colonel   (任命された大佐)

He was appointed colonel of a regiment of foot.

On December 11, 1865, Barry was appointed colonel in the 2nd U.S.

He was appointed colonel of the 82nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment on July 23, 1861.

full colonel   (完全な大佐)

He was appointed a full colonel of volunteers, to rank from May 15, 1865.

She was also the first woman to hold the rank of full colonel in the Army.

In 1908 was promoted to full colonel, and named Under-Chief of General staff.

became colonel

He became colonel of the 103rd Regiment of U.S.

One month later Kelly became colonel of the 8th Arkansas Infantry Regiment.

In 1715 he raised a regiment of horse and became colonel of the 13th Light Dragoons.

honorary colonel

In August 2015, Suitor was appointed honorary colonel of 417 Combat Support Squadron.

Mrs J E Morkel, daughter of General De la Rey, became the first honorary colonel of the regiment.

He was named a Knight of the National Order of Merit in 1983, is an honorary colonel, and has also won the René Cassin medal.