color scheme   (カラースキーム)

These can be spotted with their blue color scheme.

They also adopted a new logo, color scheme, and uniforms.

Navy blue replaced royal blue on the team's color scheme.

people of color   (色の人)

He is a descendant of Louisiana free people of color.

A third class of free people of color developed, especially in New Orleans.

Today, descendants of the free people of color are generally called Louisiana Creole people.

color commentator   (色解説者)

Leo Mazzone was as a fill in color commentator.

He currently works as a color commentator in the league.

In 2001-2002 Jones was a reserve color commentator for the NFL on FOX.

same color   (同じ色)

These formats use the same color primaries as Rec.

If there are two kings of the same color, e.g.

The two players use stones of the same color.

skin color   (肌の色)

As soon as she had passed, her skin color turned white.

It has no effect on skin color.

human height and skin color).

red color

The dark red color is attributed to Mn ions.

To be of use, it must be new, heavy, and of a dusky red color.

Appearance of blood red color indicates presence of peroxides.

women of color

Of these foreign born, most are women of color.

Some likely married free women of color, establishing families.

Workers in the hotel industry are mainly women of color and immigrant women.

different color

Commonly, the cock feather is of a different color.

Each track personifies a different color or hue.

The two models also have different color paint.

full color

A collection of 9 songs, recorded live and in full color.

Valid names and full color representation for each palette.

The book is printed in full color with illustrations by John Eaton.

ground color

The ground color is brownish with some rusty colored tints.

Its ground color is pale brown.

The ground color is greenish.

blue color

These can be spotted with their blue color scheme.

The whole church has a cool blue color as a result.

The pale blue color of aquamarine is attributed to Fe.

color space

In coverage of the CIE 1931 color space the Rec.

In HSV color space, "magenta" has a hue of 300°.

2020 color space to their TITAN File video platform.

color palette   (カラーパレット)

The painting is a realistic view with a warm color palette.

The NES sprites are 26 pixels high and use a color palette of 4 colors.

As a result, the color palette and the details of the dot-pixels also increased.

green color

The double-door is a mint green color and is padlocked.

Barium compounds are added to fireworks to impart a green color.

The green color contributed to its outdated name verdoperoxidase.

color analyst   (カラーアナリスト)

Mark Kelso serves as the color analyst.

After his retirement, Barber joined Fox Sports as a color analyst.

He is also the color analyst for all local broadcasts of Bears preseason games.

use of color

The use of color is often not natural but always bold.

Her works were lauded for their use of color and general treatment.

Morisot creates a sense of space and depth through the use of color.

color commentary   (色解説)

For a time, Bowie did color commentary for Kentucky Basketball.

He also provided color commentary for SEC football games on CBS.

Dan Miller does play-by-play and Lomas Brown does color commentary.

yellow color

The yellow color is caused by nitrogen impurities.

This is also the origin of butter's yellow color.

The golden yellow color is attributed to Fe ions.

white color

The base of the lip has a white color on the margins.

The bridge is painted in red and white color.

It is nicknamed "the Ice Palace" () for its white color.

color pattern

Its color pattern is yellowish with small ruddy spots.

Its color pattern is olive-brown or cinereous.

Its color pattern is light yellowish ruddy, paler below.

color schemes   (配色)

Carrier operations of other nations use similar color schemes.

In 2007, twelve of the models again received new color schemes.

Windows XP includes 22 preset color schemes for this visual style.

hair color

This change in hair color can be confusing.

With a dun, the hair color itself is one solid shade and remains so for life.

boosted hair color product sales not just for their company, but across the hair dye industry.

brown in color

The pupa is sclerotized and brown in color.

It has long, soft fur that is white or pale brown in color.

The integument is a dark brown in color.

brown color

"R. appendiculatus" is long, and is a dark reddish-brown or brown color.

The stem surface is whitish, but will stain a light brown color if handled.

"Bronze" is a metallic brown color which resembles the actual alloy bronze.

color guard

He was promoted to corporal and was assigned to the color guard.

Towards the end of high school, he participated in the drum line and color guard.

Four color guard circuits donated $250 each to fund the first competitive season.

color television

Lewine was then the Vice President in charge of color television at CBS.

He holds 13 patents that cover color television and solid state electronics.

The CBS color television system of Peter Goldmark used such technology in 1940.

color film   (カラーフィルム)

It is 20 minutes long and was shot on 35mm color film.

Since 2006, she also shoots color film.

But in fact, it was in 1901 when the first color film in history was created.

first color

"Planted the first color on the enemy's works.

It was the first color production of the Mosfilm studio.

In 1991, China's first color Map Editing and Publication System, MapCAD.

color vision   (色覚)

Typically, this test is the "color vision light gun test".

He developed the theory of color vision.

These bees also have trichromatic color vision and are important pollinators in agriculture.

body color

The male body color is more uniform than the female's.

The female is smaller than the male and its body color is duller.

The basic body color is light brown with darker brown longitudinal.

new color

A new color option, white, has also been added.

In 2007, twelve of the models again received new color schemes.

EPA introduced a new color scheme in the early eighties as well.

background color

However, the background color of outer space is black.

The background color is black with a velvety appearance.

The mantle has a grey-blue background color; the margin is covered with many small tubercles.

color change

In 2018, the Braves made a subtle color change to the primary logo.

An interesting aspect of female "L. pulchrissimus" is the color change of their fur.

This species is capable of color change, but generally in somber shades of tan to gray.

each color

The game comes with 12 city walls, 3 of each color.

Players won points based on each color.

The standard "Cities & Knights" game comes with 24 knights, 6 of each color.

black color

The fruit of this tree is a dark brown black color.

A solar chimney is a chimney of outside black color.

The edifice possessed a gray, silver, and black color scheme.

color name

The first recorded use of "plum" as a color name in English was in 1805.

The first recorded use of "Kobe" as a color name in English was in 1924.

change color

2,500 LED bulbs cause the tower to change color at night.

In mating season the males head change color to either red, yellow or even light blue.

When alarmed, it makes a hissing noise, and depending on its mood, it may change color.

eye color

She correctly identified his eye color, height, and other physical features.

This is also true of the normal variations in skin, hair and eye color encoded on the human MATP gene.

Dun does not affect skin or eye color, but dilutes red pigment to yellow and black pigment to slate gray.

white in color

Pure lisinopril powder is white to off white in color.

Originally, the robes on the image were white in color.

Head dirty yellow white in color with pinkish-brown spots.

black in color

The fur is dark brown or black in color.

The facial vibrissae are black in color.

Both the shell and the foot of the animal are black in color.

green in color

The surface is shiny, and brown or olive green in color.

It is green in color in dilute solutions.

The leaves of the plant are dark green in color and alternate.

coat color   (コートカラー)

Its coat color is brown with a speckling to the hairs.

The gray coat color makes up about 3% of Thoroughbreds.

The Brazilian tuco-tuco has a reddish-brown coat color.

orange color

The margin of the sea star, which is its outline, is an orange color.

They may have enjoyed the company's bright orange color, messiness and shape.

Male cones solitary and erect, spindle shaped to narrow ovoid, 50–60 cm long, 12–13 cm in diameter, with orange color.

yellow in color

It is orange yellow to lemon yellow in color.

The flowers are yellow in color and borne on compound umbels.

Rarely in some forms, the ventral surface is yellow in color.

dark color

Perhaps in connection with the dark color of the mushroom.

The final product, Dutch chocolate, has a dark color and a mild taste.

The tribe was known for painting or staining their lower legs a dark color.

students of color

More than one-third (35%) of Sheridan students are students of color.

Next, we will look at discipline as a foot of oppression on students of color.

The Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) is a space that provides support for students of color.

color photography

Sheehan is known for his abstract color photography.

They experimented with color photography during their spare time.

He predicts color photography and advances in electronic communications.

color changes

Nitrites and sulfites are added to food to prolong shelf life and delay flavor and color changes.

The upperparts are gray–brown and the underparts are buff; the color changes gradually over the body.

The original nine values were followed up by color changes in 1881 (10r and 40r) and 1885 (20r, 25r).

color when   (色のとき)

Calves are darker in color when they are very young.

It is a reddish-brown color when moist, but becomes lighter brown when dry.

It has a bright yellow pore surface when young that dulls in color when mature.

color line

Brooklyn signed Jackie Robinson to not only break the color line, but to bolster the lineup.

The award was renamed the Jackie Robinson Award in July 1987, 40 years after Robinson broke the baseball color line.

Many boxing historians consider Wills the most egregious victim of the "color line" drawn by white heavyweight champions.

color red

Menace of Destruction members tend to use the color red.

This creative technique using the color red makes the poem sound even more entrancing and interesting.

They saw the color red, worn by the Pope and his Cardinals, as the color of luxury, sin, and human folly.

red in color

The 10" vinyl version of the single is red in color.

The entire jellyfish is deep red in color.

Fins red in color with pale reddish interradial membranes.

color barrier

The shorthand phrase for this is "breaking the color barrier."

Sylvester Croom eventually broke the color barrier in the SEC coaching ranks in 2004.

In 1947, Robinson broke the major leagues' color barrier when he debuted with the Dodgers.

color photographs

It includes full color photographs of Hilton by Jeff Vespa and gives her advice on the life as an heiress.

Folberg moved to Israel in 1976, where he began a series of color photographs of the southern desert landscapes.

The cathedral appears in one of the earliest color photographs ever taken by Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron in 1877.

woman of color

Mock writes her book is about her personal experience as a trans woman of color.

Mock tweeted, "Speak against the profiling of #TWOC [trans woman of color], like Monica Jones.

Her series "24" investigates her relationship to growing up with HIV as a woman of color in New York City.

pink color

It has a pink color with a cubic crystal structure.

The pink color of morganite is attributed to Mn ions.

The device is widely available in white, green, yellow, blue, red and pink color finishes.

person of color   (色の人)

Aja identifies as a person of color.

Historically, she became the first person of color in the Hall of Fame.

As a "free person of color", Lacroix was a wealthy and cultured property owner, and had slaves.

color temperature

This set of colors is called "color temperature".

Photographers sometimes use color temperature meters.

Both of the cited standards specify a 6500 K color temperature.

color combinations

Designers should also note that red–blue and yellow–blue color combinations are generally safe.

Her bright color combinations within the sequins and beads add to the mood and spirit of each piece.

It was a clear departure from the more subtle color combinations and detailing of existing boardshorts.

communities of color

It is a community news publication that primarily covers communities of color and issues important to those communities.

A common argument for school vouchers is that it allows for marginalized communities of color to be uplifted from poverty.

These movements rarely extended to communities of color viewed as “slums”, which was suggestive of racism and class privilege.

primary color   (原色)

The team's primary color changed back from red to navy.

Colors are typically encoded by 8 bits per primary color.

The team's primary color changed back to black, this time with silver trim.