combat operations   (作战行动)

He largely removed himself from combat operations.

Its first combat operations were conducted during the Gulf War.

It has participated in combat operations during the war in Croatia.

combat missions   (战斗任务)

It had flown 4 combat missions before being lost.

During the war he flew over 90 combat missions.

During the conflict he flew 12 combat missions.

combat aircraft   (战斗机)

France used Jaguar combat aircraft from Dakar Airbase.

The combat aircraft were mainly Do 22s, Do Js and Do D types.

first combat   (第一次战斗)

Kest 3 flew its first combat missions on 30 April 1917.

A week later, the squadron flew its first combat missions.

The new squadron flew its first combat missions 30 January.

combat units   (作战单位)

They were first deployed to combat units in September 1944.

As the Type 1 37 mm AT Gun, it was introduced to combat units in 1941.

The 89th, along with all reserve combat units, was mobilized for the Korean war.

saw combat

Király saw combat on the eastern front and was twice wounded.

It saw combat in Italy, Flanders and most European campaigns.

At some point he saw combat, a fact he confirmed to Venus Flytrap.

combat system

Perhaps the most notable instance of streamlining is the combat system.

"Dark Tournament" is a fighting game that relies on a proprietary combat system.

The combat system of the game is fashioned similar to Blizzard's "Diablo" series.

during combat

Generals and commanders also play a decisive role during combat.

Two more military helicopters were destroyed during combat in the skies over Abidjan.

Human Rights Watch claimed ambulances that are not to be targeted during combat were also bombed.

combat during

The plane, with serial number 44-2433, never saw combat during the war.

Four Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft have been lost in combat during the conflict.

He traveled to India and saw combat during engagements with the French Navy.

air combat

for air combat or suppressing fire for ground troop support).

Three German and eight Soviet bombers were shot down in air combat.

Meanwhile, air combat on the Western Front had a much different character.

combat training

Here Urdiales completed combat training, which he then used to kill women.

They used valuable training days that could have been used for collective combat training.

The Navy had revitalized its air combat training, while the Air Force had stayed stagnant.

aerial combat

He is skilled in aerial combat and is able to sprout bat-like wings.

The squadron was credited with the destruction of seven enemy aircraft in aerial combat.

On 22 July 1942, Greisert became engaged in a low-level aerial combat with Russian I-16 fighters.

combat mission

the longest combat mission has been 44.3 hours.

The Group flew its last combat mission on 20 April 1945.

The 355th Fighter Group flew its last combat mission on 25 April 1945.

combat against

But Salwa rejected her as well, in shame of losing the combat against Bhishma.

Alexei, a Soviet fighter pilot, is shot down in combat against the Germans and badly wounded.

The QLU-11 was tested in combat against Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden by Chinese marines.

single combat

Even such Vrisha fell in single combat.

Richard then spots Lord Stanley, and engages him in single combat.

They have unique technique of single combat and theatrical martial shows.

combat support

Most of these were in the combat support and combat service support areas.

All fast combat support ships currently in service are operated by Military Sealift Command.

China has developed the Type 901 fast combat support ship which serves a similar mission in their navy.

combat experience

All its pilots were rotated to Adak to gain combat experience.

His combat experience is immense and not restricted to firearms.

Much of Hayek's combat experience was spent as a spotter in an aeroplane.

combat service

The J-10C entered combat service in April 2018.

A few reached sea service and combat service.

Most of these were in the combat support and combat service support areas.

combat air

Pakistan continued to combat air patrol over several cities.

They were not detected inbound by the combat air patrol (CAP).

close combat

He refuses to use close combat weapons in favour of his bare hands.

Kedros and Amari, and was often engaged in close combat with the occupation forces.

These short swords were usually used to slice the enemy's throat during close combat.

combat zone

Seven settlers were arrested by the army for illegally entering a combat zone.

Also known as Military Region 4 (MR 4), IV Corps was the fourth allied tactical combat zone.

It was the first deployment into a combat zone for a unit of the North Dakota Air National Guard.

used in combat

The nuclear-armed ASROC was never used in combat.

The Mk IIs and Mk IVs were the only versions to be used in combat.

The F-35 was first used in combat in 2018, by the Israeli Air Force.

combat troops

often outnumber the front-line combat troops.

No more than two hundred black combat troops were ever raised.

It sent combat troops to Syria in 1973 to fight against Israel.

engaged in combat

It engaged in combat over North and South Vietnam.

From this day on the Seventh was engaged in combat nearly continuously.

When engaged in combat shooting, sometimes cartridges do not feed into the chamber properly.

order to combat

Hanger supports redistricting reform in order to combat gerrymandering.

Bond impersonates real-life bridge expert Zia Mahmood in order to combat Saladin at the bridge table.

In order to combat Andorra's inevitably poor results, he developed highly defensive tactics for the team.

combat duty

Congratulations on an outstanding tour of combat duty.

It was put into service for experimental combat duty in 2003.

Its territorial control center assumed combat duty in July 2018.

combat sorties

In total, squadron members flew 468 combat sorties.

The squadron began flying combat sorties on 23 January 1918.

The new unit flew its first combat sorties on 17 March 1918.

killed in combat

They were both killed in combat, aged seventeen.

Ata-bime was killed in combat, and her husband fled back north.

Some young people joined the partisans and were killed in combat.

ground combat

This marked the end of ground combat on New Georgia.

However, this was not the end of ground combat in northern Okinawa.

Most were not trained for ground combat, and the act was an ad hoc emergency measure.

combat unit

The last front line combat unit, No.

The unit has approximately 500 people and can be a self-supporting combat unit.

Formed in 1943 it was intended as a front-line combat unit but was relegated mainly to police and sentry duty.

combat readiness   (战斗准备)

However, the division did not go overseas and remained at Camp Lejeune as combat readiness force.

Its primary mission is to develop and prepare combat readiness of air defense capabilities of the air force.

During the stand-down period every effort was made to raise the combat readiness of the 37 remaining CIDG camps to the highest efficiency.

combat sports

Fencing Fencing is a group of three related combat sports.

He practices combat sports and loves to have his body defined.

Zingano began her career in combat sports with wrestling at age 12.

see combat

Woolson was a drummer whose company did not see combat.

It was the only fighter unit from the Commonwealth air forces to see combat in the Battle of Britain.

However regiment did not see combat anymore and Cresswell served on Maui, Hawaii until the end of war.

combat action

the damage roll that many games require after a successful combat action).

He led his green troops into their first combat action at the Battle of Perryville.

The regiment, which saw no combat action, remained there until the close of the war.

combat forces

In 1992, the Air Force reorganized its combat forces.

Up to one half of the 23,000 troops being pulled out 2012 are combat forces, he said.

Initially, fifteen F-16 aircraft were deployed as the RBAF contribution to combat forces in the operation.

efforts to combat

The Duke was praised at the time for his efforts to combat poverty on the islands.

The club spearheaded efforts to combat tuberculosis and provide health care to African Americans afflicted with the disease.

On March 1, 2013, Attorney General Eric Holder addressed students and faculty at UMass Law about executive and legislative efforts to combat gun violence.

help combat

It has been used to help combat SSRI-associated fatigue.

To help combat his wife's asthma, King developed an organic farm and garden to feed his family.

In June 2010, the Netherlands agreed to deploy one submarine to help combat piracy in the waters off Somalia.

combat ready

617 Squadron and its F-35s were declared combat ready on 10 January 2019.

In May the Army will test out automated Humvee's to certify them as combat ready vehicles.

An exhausted Savitsky became furious and ordered that the nuclear torpedo on board be made combat ready.

flew combat

He then flew combat missions over North Africa, where he was shot down.

The 88th flew combat missions in the China Burma India Theater from, 1 October 1943 – 28 April 1945.

The 90th flew combat missions in the China Burma India Theater from 16 September 1943 – 29 April 1945.

combat between

Similarly, the single combat between Henry and Richard is Shakespeare's creation.

After the fall of humanity they are now experiencing dramatic combat between one another.

Beholding that single combat between Partha and Karna, all shouted and cheered with applause.

last combat

The Group flew its last combat mission on 20 April 1945.

The 355th Fighter Group flew its last combat mission on 25 April 1945.

After this last combat with no ammunition left, they remaining elements were taken prisoner.

combat skills

He has shown some tactical analysis and personal combat skills.

In Sword Arts, students attempt to perfect their combat skills by dueling each other.

On his own, Garryn Bek has no extra-human abilities and shows lackluster combat skills.

combat engineer

These weapons were issued 6 per company, 2 per platoon for each combat engineer company.

By April 2013, the task force had 1,100 soldiers with six combat engineer and two construction companies.

During his Army National Guard service, he served as a combat engineer in the 1457th Engineering Battalion.

combat vehicles

In 1952, the depot was assigned a maintenance mission for the overhaul and repair of combat vehicles.

M134 Miniguns mounted on attack helicopters and other combat vehicles can achieve rates of fire of over 100 rounds per second (6,000 RPM).

The agreement limits the number of tanks, armored combat vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft and attack helicopters that the parties to the agreement can possess.

melee combat   (近战)

Hours later Tai and Dizzy engaged Skorge in a melee combat.

"Remember Me" features platforming, exploration and melee combat.

The gameplay was lauded for its role-playing elements, character powers and melee combat.

unarmed combat   (徒手战斗)

The two try to shoot each other, but it instead turns into unarmed combat.

He is an exceptional marksman, and he is skilled in unarmed combat, skiing, swimming and golf.

Students were also trained in tactics, weapons, navigation, first aid, radio communications, and unarmed combat.

no combat

It spent its entire service in the Washington defenses and saw no combat.

Although no combat sorties took place at the height of the aerial battles, No.

The regiment, which saw no combat action, remained there until the close of the war.

actual combat

By acting as additional logistical arm and leaving the actual combat to them.

Nor is the general seen wearing a helmet or in actual combat, as in the earlier sarcophagi.

Like a typical RPG, there are random battles, but actual combat resembles a sort of action RPG.

combat engineers

During World War II, Allen served as a major in the combat engineers in Europe.

The shift included 3 staff commanders, 2 medical officers, 10 combat engineers and 31 drivers.

The "Pionniers" (pioneers) are the combat engineers and a traditional unit of the Foreign Legion.

combat air patrol

Pakistan continued to combat air patrol over several cities.

They were not detected inbound by the combat air patrol (CAP).

combat team

Thus, by midnight, the 501st was the only regiment combat team ready for action.

A combat team of about 10 members was responsible for more proactive, armed resistance.

The 501st was the lead combat team in the division move, and after a grueling truck ride, reached Bastogne at about 2230 hrs.

major combat

They served in every major combat theater during the war.

This unit had played a major combat role during the Battle of Khe Sanh.

The seventeenth was the date that the major combat of the operation ended.

engage in combat

Henry made no attempt to engage in combat himself.

Only the first group, under the command of Captain Frank R. Walker, arrived in time to engage in combat.

The name is a reference to Lucio Fulci's film "Zombi 2", where a real shark and a zombie engage in combat.

first combat mission

In April 1943, the unit was involved in its first combat mission in North Africa.

Their first combat mission on 11 June 1940 was a raid against Italian aircraft at the Gura airfield.

The squadron flew its first combat mission on 17 July, when it attacked an aircraft factory in Amsterdam.

combat flight

Movement is akin to that of a combat flight simulator, though restricted to the ground.

"Independence Day" is a combat flight simulator video game based on the 1996 film of the same name.

It is a combat flight simulator in which the player controls an aircraft to protect refugees from enemy forces.

space combat

Ultima) and a 3D space combat simulator (e.g.

Armintrout commented that ""Hyper Battle" is a bizarre space combat game.

Inca combines many different genres including space combat simulator and adventure game.

combat veteran   (战斗元老)

Cargas served in the Korean War and was a decorated combat veteran.

Casey is a combat veteran that uses a Competition Chopper to complete the course.

Joyner served in the U.S. Army from 1988–1992 and is a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

entered combat

The J-10C entered combat service in April 2018.

The "Nabalbal" units entered combat in 1977.

German jet and rocket-powered fighters entered combat in 1944, too late to impact the war's outcome.

combat systems

The initial requirement began with military combat systems during World War I.

As a department head, he served as weapons control officer and combat systems officer in .

The 12 FTW is the only unit in the Air Force conducting both pilot instructor training and combat systems officer training.

direct combat

Children as young as 10 were used in direct combat.

Four days later, they arrived at Toro, where the King of Portugal avoided direct combat.

Point firing, or instinctive shooting, with rifles developed as a result of direct combat experiences.

died in combat

About 6,225 men from the province died in combat.

She is said to have died in combat before surrendering.

A total number of 256 Israeli soldiers died in combat in South Lebanon from 1985 to 2000.

bravery during combat   (战斗中勇敢)

He received his nation's highest award for bravery during combat, the U.S. Medal of Honor, for planting the American flag on a Confederate fort at Petersburg, Virginia on April 2, 1865.