combined tackles   (組み合わせたタックル)

Overall, he finished his rookie season with 21 combined tackles.

He started in all 16 games in 1998 and recorded 73 combined tackles.

He started 15 games in 2018, recording 30 combined tackles and five sacks.

combined total   (合計)

Ron and Mike have lost a combined total of 305 pounds on campus.

In a combined total of four innings, he allowed six hits and one run.

The combined total of each pair will be used to determine the outcome.

when combined   (組み合わせたとき)

These two fluids can neutralize each other when combined.

Nobivac Piro, has been proven effective when combined with twice yearly booster shots.

Lipids and nucleic acids are antigenic only when combined with proteins and polysaccharides.

combined to form

Three separate sources were combined to form fr.

The three businesses were combined to form Mueller Water Products.

Two or more materials may be combined to form composite structures.

combined forces

This leads to a long chorus for the combined forces, ending Part I.

The five mutants are defeated by the combined forces of the new Double Riders.

Rance leads the combined forces of all humanity to battle the attacking demons.

combined record   (複合記録)

Their combined record in all games is 35–11–3.

They had a combined record of 52-1-2 in those four years.

Their combined record is 12–20.

combined population

The combined population is 2,291,195 (2005 census).

Their combined population stands at 763,908 ().

Their combined population at the above census was 6,822.

combined with other   (他と組み合わせる)

Burial may be combined with other methods such as salting or fermentation.

Partial evaluation can be combined with other incremental computing techniques.

Diodes can be combined with other components to construct AND and OR logic gates.

often combined   (しばしば組み合わされる)

These two systems of classification are often combined.

These two identities are often combined, e.g.

These titles are often combined with lower titles, e.g.

combined score

Their combined score was a world record at the time.

Their combined score was also a world record.

The winning team was decided by the highest combined score.

combined force

The combined force besieged the fort at Terrenate.

Wadsworth reached Black Rock on July 3 with a combined force of 1600 men.

The combined force secured Port Royal Sound on 7 November 1861 after a furious four-hour battle.

combined company   (合併会社)

The combined company would be named Golden Entertainment.

The combined company was called the Great Western Railway.

The combined company would be about 18% of world market share.

combined arms

These cover the spectrum of combined arms operations.

It is a combined arms force, with land, air and naval elements.

As part of this reorganization, 1st Battalion was converted to a combined arms battalion.

combined event   (複合イベント)

He competed in the men's combined event at the 1936 Winter Olympics.

combined efforts

The combined efforts of Diggle, A.R.G.U.S.

The struggle against rogue and fake online pharmacies requires combined efforts at different levels.

He felt that the combined efforts of the two organizations would make the format much more viable in the future.

combined sales

The album sold 21,628 combined sales in February.

As of January 2019, "Scorpion" has sold over 300,000 combined sales in the United Kingdom.

The eight models produced at the state's auto factories totaled combined sales of 74,335 vehicles for 2012.

then combined

The score for each section is calculated separately, then combined and ranked.

The structures were then combined and remodeled into an expanded retirement home.

These votes were then combined and converted into the point system as shown in the final column.

combined cycle   (複合サイクル)

Daniel 3 and 4 are gas-fired combined cycle units.

The B4 has a combined cycle driving range of .

The combined cycle station was constructed in the 1990s.

combined elements

The little-recorded Robert Johnson combined elements of urban and rural blues.

The game combined elements of both a space combat simulator and a role-playing game, like the much later and .

Xuanxue philosophers combined elements of Confucianism and Taoism to reinterpret the "Yijing," "Daodejing," and "Zhuangzi."

combined team   (合同チーム)

Great Britain will get a chance to field a combined team.

Australia and Switzerland sent a combined team, each with four cyclists.

On 30 June 1929, Ferencváros beat a São Paulo combined team 2–1 at Parque Antarctica Stadium of São Paulo.

combined to create

His columns have been combined to create 10 books to date.

Sometimes found materials will be combined to create objects (e.g.

The ribbons of various Soviet orders have been combined to create the Order Ribbon.

combined area

The islands have a combined area of .

The larger municipality of Eschenbach now has a total combined area of .

It is also larger than the combined area of the 22 smallest U.S. states.

new combined

The new combined operation would be called The CW.

Dutton, became the headmaster of the new combined school.

Frank was elected President of the new combined corporation.

later combined

Pots are thrown in two pieces and later combined.

He later combined the two adjoining houses to create one spacious building.

The short was later combined with other features for the compilation film "Boys Life 3" (2000).

combined together

The green and red bells cannot be combined together.

The neuropil (neurons, glial cells, capillaries, combined together) expands, thickening the cortex.

Bowstaves were also sometimes combined together to increase tension and initial velocity of the bolt.

combined effects

It measures the combined effects of profit margins and asset turnover.

However, the combined effects of ethnic and religious fractionalization, i.e.

The combined effects of the storms killed 78 people and left over 32,000 homeless.

combined statistical

Lima–Van Wert–Wapakoneta, OH, combined statistical area The Lima–Van Wert–Wapakoneta Combined Statistical Area (CSA) is made up of three counties in Northwest Ohio.

Ames metropolitan statistical area combined with the Boone, Iowa micropolitan statistical area (Boone County, Iowa) make up the larger Ames-Boone combined statistical area.

However, in July 2015, the LHCb experiment observed two resonances consistent with pentaquark states in the Λ → J/ψKp decay, with a combined statistical significance of 15σ.

combined capacity   (総容量)

By 1919, six reservoirs had a combined capacity of .

The two units had a combined capacity of 60 MW.

In total the fields have a combined capacity of approximately 1000 Scouts.

seasons combined

He scored ten league goals in his first three seasons combined.

Bowie played in 92 games in the two seasons combined, starting in 17 of them.

Their ten victories in the 2010 season combined for as many as the team had won in their previous three seasons combined.

combined tackles during

In Week 3, Gipson made six combined tackles during a 24–14 loss against the Buffalo Bills.

In Week 6, he collected a season-high ten combined tackles during a 24–21 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

On September 17, 2017, Reid had seven combined tackles during the 49ers' 12-9 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

combined effect

The key to this dramatic performance, validated in peer-reviewed professional papers, is the combined effect of vacuum and gravity.

The combined effect of the case fan and the floppy motor resulted in an extremely noisy computer compared to the nearly silent Model I/III.

Hence on experimental time scales and temperatures above the first (stage I) recombination temperature, what one sees is the combined effect of stage A and B.

teams combined

The two teams combined to run 125 plays.

The two touring teams combined for a Test Match against Australia at Sydney.

The teams combined for 33 hits, including 9 home runs, in a game dominated by offence.

combined skier   (組み合わせスキーヤー)

She is the younger sister of Nordic combined skier Hannu.

Ben Berend Ben Berend (born 29 June 1995) is an American Nordic combined skier.

Lukáš Daněk Lukáš Daněk (born 19 September 1997) is a Czech Nordic combined skier.

combined to make   (組み合わせて作る)

These syllables can be combined to make up longer words.

A is also on the menu which is bread and meat combined to make the patty.

The two scores are combined to make one total score, the state target goal is 8.0 out of 12.

combined power

The total combined power output of the two power trains is 884 MW.

He was easily defeated by the combined power of Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze.

In power engineering, the term 'hybrid' describes a combined power and energy storage system.

combined effort   (合同の努力)

He is ultimately defeated by the combined effort of the 15 Kamen Riders.

In a combined effort of Doubront and the bullpen, Boston shut-out the team from the NL West.

It was due to the combined effort of these two people that led to the establishment of the museum.

combined fleet   (複合艦隊)

Homer said that the combined fleet with Pellene and Hyperesia totaled 100 ships.

The combined fleet now consisted of 12 ships of the line, 11 frigates and many smaller vessels.

This was not necessary as the combined fleet sailed to defeat at the Battle of Trafalgar in October 1805.

combined events

Points scored are determined by the IAAF combined events scoring tables.

Melville won the 1959 NCAA championships in the slalom and combined events.

Graham also competed successfully in combined events in track and field athletics.

combined operations

Their first day of combined operations was 14 January 2016.

More than 30 percent of all operations were combined operations with ARVN forces.

During the Second World War the castle was requisitioned as a combined operations centre (COC No.

sometimes combined

These were sometimes combined into the one device.

Governments have sometimes combined the functions of postage and revenue stamps.

These two are sometimes combined to form a two-way communication device known as a transceiver.

combined heat

It has a combined heat and power generation unit with an installed capacity of 300 MW.

The overall plant efficiency when used to provide combined heat and power can reach as much as 94%.

This heat can be captured and used to heat water in a micro combined heat and power (m-CHP) application.

combined both

The show combined both into 60-minute operettas.

They had combined both political and economic interests.

The record label Lone Hill Jazz combined both albums into one compilation, "Complete TV Action Jazz".

nordic combined

Dahl also finished sixth in the nordic combined event at the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz.

He won two gold medals at the 1937 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in the nordic combined and the 4 × 10 km relay.

Knut Lunde Knut Lunde (February 22, 1905 - May 31, 1960) was a Norwegian nordic combined skier who competed in early 1930s.

combined apparent

It shines with a combined apparent visual magnitude (V band) of 4.13.

It is visible to the naked with a combined apparent visual magnitude of 4.94.

It is visible to the naked eye with a combined apparent visual magnitude of 4.93.