come back   (回来)

The idea was that they should come back as doctors.

Not until 2012 would the book come back into print.

At night he dreams that his father has come back.

come up   (上来)

Rumors and things come up, it's just ridiculous.

You come up with a big prep school reputation.

Sakall) to come up to Maine and see the theater group.

not come   (不来)

The victory did not come without some controversy.

The game does not come with any form of multiplay.

In any case, the appointment did not come through.

come together   (一起来)

The two Packs fully come together for their meeting.

When these two come together then Isshin-ryu is born.

Males and females generally come together only to mate.

did not come   (没有来)

The victory did not come without some controversy.

In any case, the appointment did not come through.

His third victory did not come until 14 April 1917.

come across

They eventually come across old friends Lenka and Jiří.

Saying “It’s really how we come across to other people”.

Eventually they come across a barn and stop for a break.

years to come

Several members played for Zappa in years to come.

This injury would trouble him in the years to come.

In the years to come Canada underwent more hardship.

come down   (坠落)

The book has come down to us in two manuscripts only.

Miss Godfrey, returning, tried to induce her pet to come down.

"I have a band of my own and I have come down to work for them."

come to terms   (达成协议)

In April 2008, ESPN described Leaf as having come to terms with his past.

Filled with grief and guilt, Paul tried to come to terms with Anne's death.

Brown had come to terms with Montreal to extend his contract for another year.

come true   (成真)

Cribb's six-month prediction did not come true.

The soothsayer's words have finally come true.

He described his debut as 'a dream come true'.

come home

Michelle goes home and finds Steve has come home.

Vivienne refuses to come home until the funeral.

I could murk you and come home when I'm forty-four."

come through

In any case, the appointment did not come through.

Hornsby said, "We're going to come through winners.

I wanted that to come through in the song."

come forward

Through all those years, she refused to come forward.

Some activists have encouraged victims to come forward.

The witches come forward to worship him in different ways.

come off

Cici Thru and Gail Lexi's wigs come off to change wigs.

Mae Tallick and Sila Clop's wigs come off to access their battery packs.

In Kelly's opinion, "The concept was marvelous, but it just didn't come off."

come close

Many real RF amplifiers come close to this ideal.

During a discussion of Sophie's schoolwork, Paul and Priya come close to kissing.

Inkha uses a camera in its eye to track the movement of people who come close to it.

come to fruition

but this collaboration didn't come to fruition.

This endeavor also did not come to fruition.

She assisted the provincial Arts Board come to fruition.

having come

In April 2008, ESPN described Leaf as having come to terms with his past.

They both want lots of children, with each having come from large families.

She notes that she too once had dreams, having come to Vienna to study opera singing with Salieri.

come into contact

do the two substances come into contact with each other.

Persons who come into contact with corpses are ritually impure.

This poison can be fatal to humans or other marine organisms that come into contact it.

come here   (过来)

The Mylords come here now and worship these stones.

Devotees from all over India come here for worship.

A large number of visitors come here every year.

come along

Crabbe insists that his wife should come along.

The attack, however, did not come along the Niagara River.

In the present, Thampi visits Vishnu and asks him to come along.

people come

More people come up to the roof for different reasons.

Having left, a crowd of people come into view.

Most of the people come under middle class.

does not come

The game does not come with any form of multiplay.

In speech, does not come after a short stressed syllable.

It does not come with DCC capability, although can be converted.

come before

If there was, did it come before or after the crash?

We order you to cause to come before our justices etc.

She is adamant that story should come before politics.

never come

Ivy leaves and promises to never come back.

Brown responded: "If I had my way, he'll never come back!".

In fact, magnetic brakes never come in contact with the train.

come to light

Nakoula claimed that he was creating an epic, two-hour film but no such film has come to light.

From time to time his works come to light at auctions or in consequence of an unexpected event.

A number of the unpublished documents discussing and justifying the changes have recently come to light.

able to come

In the end, HellRaisers was able to come back from a 14-12 deficit to win the game at 16-14.

Those players have been able to come up with different strategies for facing different characters.

In the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, Mazda was able to come home 5th in the constructor's championship.

come to life

Charlotte - Her curse is when her china dolls come to life.

They perform a ritual on the doll and watch it come to life.

I just watched this thing come to life.

come to know

In some novels, we come to know that he knows boxing.

And she also come to know that she is in love with Rocky.

He had come to know about the petition.

dream come   (梦想来)

He described his debut as 'a dream come true'.

Senderos described joining Milan as a "dream come true".

He said it was a "dream come true" to return to the team.

come in contact

In fact, magnetic brakes never come in contact with the train.

When the two bodies come in contact, surface deformation may occur on both bodies.

Therefore, the worker bee does not come in contact with the pollen while getting the nectar.

dream come true   (梦想成真)

He described his debut as 'a dream come true'.

Senderos described joining Milan as a "dream come true".

He said it was a "dream come true" to return to the team.

students come

30 percent of the students come from foreign countries.

However, most students come by own vehicles.

Almost 20% of the students come from outside the Netherlands.

just come

In her view letter writing as an art "has only just come into existence".

The people applauded as if she had just come down from the heavenly choir.

The film "Devil in a Blue Dress" had just come out and I just altered that.

come to see

It is Flipper, who has come to see Sandy off.

Tourists come to see the fjords for which Norway is famous.

After that he was informed that a monk has come to see him.

come into effect

To come into effect, it must be ratified by the new parliament.

The new plates are expected to come into effect in September 2018.

only come

Pyssla beads (by IKEA) only come in one size (5 mm).

So I would only come back if she wasn't still married".

The chain should only come into action when pulled, not when hanging loosely.

often come

It doesn’t often come out with the kakungu mask.

Tellurium ions often come in the form of tellurates ().

Cast-iron teapots often come with a tea strainer that fits inside.

come and go

That allowed the boats to come and go at any time.

She would come and go, ascending and descending.

His now-twin personnas come and go at random.

all come

They all come with the same game editor as "Repton 3".

they all come out practically identical."

He said that this will all come back.

ever come

Will the time ever come when we can say Hitler's shadow is gone?

Will Angelito's dream of having a complete family ever come true?

Then and there, he swears that nothing will ever come between them again.

did come

A few of her relatives did come to England soon after her marriage.

He did come out of retirement in 2003 as player-manager of IF Heimer.

Lionel Hampton did come several times and became a favorite of young Selchow.

unable to come

He was unable to come up with a site to host the hall of fame.

Ukraine were the only side unable to come to consensus with the rest of the group.

I felt this reflected a society that was unable to come to terms with where it was at.

come upon

Finally, they come upon a large convoy.

As they are passing through the forest, they come upon a temple to the goddess Kali.

One day Peter John and Anna go canoeing, and come upon a Danish trawler, the "Tjaldar".

come within

The whole sequence is fast-paced, hinting at the action to come within the programme itself.

Carroll retreated in confusion, losing his two guns, before his infantry could come within range.

He did however come within seven tenths of a second of a medal despite this, but only finished fifth.

hard to come

After the San Francisco earthquake and fire, work was hard to come by.

Vodka was hard to come by in New York so Petiot swapped it out with Gin.

Spare parts were hard to come by, and many aircraft had to be cannibalized.

come from all

Students come from all over the world.

During this festivity believers come from all over the region.

Judges come from all over Africa.

come into play

Yet mechanical methods also come into play.

Skynet would also come into play as the series progresses.

Other AA Bde HQs would come into play as the Army advanced.

time has come

The time has come where your debt is to be repaid ".

The time has come to reclaim their love.

come into force

This project will come into force in a few months time.

The Optional Protocol required ten ratifications to come into force.

come to pass

In several ways, this hope did not come to pass.

That would come to pass during the Dinkins administration.

What mankind dreaded had come to pass.

then come

If you want to be on MTV, then come here and do this.

He and Makoy then come back inside the house.

They then come across an injured Sorrow, to whom they take a dying Tati.

began to come

People began to come out to see what was happening.

Women began to come to visit him there.

By the late 1910s the Reds began to come out of the second division.

things to come

I'm still young and I've got big things to come."

These are shadows of things to come; the reality belongs to Christ."

The loss was a sign of things to come, as the Canucks won only five of their first 24 games.

when they come

People wonder when they come first time here.

The police wake them when they come the next morning to arrest them.

The show's potential will rise or fall in those edgy encounters when they come, and they certainly should.

yet to come

The greatest contributions of taxonomy to science and humanity are yet to come.

He introduces the movie and tells them "Don't worry, the beast is yet to come."

There were a few minor stars yet to come, but the golden age of geometry was over.

come when

Will the time ever come when we can say Hitler's shadow is gone?

"A day will come when born will be Two babes whose blood will tie them.

Mortals should take pleasure when they can, for a time may come when no one can.

eventually come

Somehow though, he would eventually come back.

They eventually come across old friends Lenka and Jiří.

The two eventually come across an abandoned baby in a basket.

come into existence

The ward will come into existence on May 3, 2018.

Four Forane divisions have come into existence out of this church.

In her view letter writing as an art "has only just come into existence".

come from behind

He helped the hosts come from behind 0–2 with his last-minute header.

The game saw Arkansas lead throughout only to have Texas come from behind and win in the final minutes, 15–14.

A waiter, Valentin, is in love with the barmaid, whom he persuades to come from behind the counter to dance with him.

come into conflict

Where bears raid crops or attack livestock, they may come into conflict with humans.

They sometimes come into conflict with local retail businesses that serve non-members.

While there, they again come into conflict with a rival gang and Rabbit stabs one of them.

decades to come

For many decades to come, this was the easternmost limit of Muslim rule.

The epithets "Conservative" and "Orthodox" remained interchangeable for decades to come.

The master Rover map was the basis of maps of the upper yarra valley for decades to come.

time to come

AVSIM is totally offline at this time and we expect to be so for some time to come.

It was just a matter of time, and it was time to come out with something different."

He concluded, "I expect that this game will keep entertaining people for quite some time to come".

come to power

Tammuz was the Babylonian month when the Ba'ath party had come to power in 1968.

AJL waited for a favorable entity to come to power for getting the re-allotment.

He helped the Abbasids come to power but was later killed by Al-Mansur, an Abbasid Caliph.

later come

Prem and Vivek later come out of their car and have an argument.

She later come back to the Festival in 1997, 1999, 2005 and 2008.

At first the two clash over race and gender, but later come to some agreement.

now come

They now come in numerous different brands.

However it has now come to be appreciated as a camp classic.

This interval has now come to pass.

come in many

The flowers come in many shades of red and pink.

Metal leaves can come in many different shades.

They come in many colors and have stitching for details.

going to come

Hornsby said, "We're going to come through winners.

Pretty soon I realized, where's the money going to come from?

I'd get people telling me they were going to come to my house with bats to tear my ACL.

come to expect   (期待)

And as weʼve come to expect from Kylie, she delivers."

Although Laval's first four years were fairly solid, they were below Tiger fans had come to expect.

As long as readers don't expect the taut realism we have come to expect from the man, they'll be fine.

come to believe

I have come to believe that this is impossible.

Eventually the other girls come to believe that Donna is a police informer.

Wilmot had come to believe that the realm would never be at peace while Charles was King.

come to visit

are serving to some extent who come to visit Megauli.

More of Schubert's friends come to visit.

Women began to come to visit him there.

not to come

Diana also warns Orana not to come looking to her for help.

Then, she asked me not to come out publicly while she was alive.

and that "To [sic] many reputations on the line for the full story not to come out.

time had come

Later in 1941, the Committee reported that the time had come for a Hindu Code.

Abd al-Rahman told his men that time had come to go down fighting rather than die of hunger.

By the late 1960s, Humble officials realized that the time had come to develop a new brand name that could be used nationwide.

used to come

The Grand Ole Opry used to come on, and I used to watch that.

He used to come for hunting purpose.

Radhika used to come to Muchi Bagan for Bengali tuition to Dimpida.

come alive

The band, as a whole, had come alive again.

The local businesses, galleries and museums come alive with art, music, wine and people as they celebrate art in the community.

Despite Shernomore casting a spell that makes all of the desserts in his castle come alive and attack Mila, she manages to defeat them.

failed to come

These prophecies also failed to come true leading to the death of many people.

In September 2013, Miller defeated Tobias Rice, when Rice failed to come out for round 3.

The union and company failed to come to an agreement, and management locked the union out.

decided to come

Reading these letters, Phalke decided to come back to Nashik.

Daniel then decided to come clean to Lily, who then told her parents.

They decided not to name their clan, so they decided to come up with a logo.

come away

Down-tempo it may be, but no listener will come away downcast.

The arms come away from the body.

I don't think anyone who listens to Sorted would come away thinking it had a pro drugs message.

come to dominate   (成为统治者)

By 1913 Germany had come to dominate all the European markets.

More recently, angel chimes manufactured in China has come to dominate the export market.

Since 1900, English has been permitted in debates in the States of Jersey and has come to dominate.

recently come

Renovation of the fifteen-story tower has recently come to a deadlock.

Priscus' version, however, has recently come under renewed scrutiny by Michael A. Babcock.

There, she met her future husband, Ian Smith, who had recently come home from World War II.

finally come

The soothsayer's words have finally come true.

Until her big break had finally come.

Initially, the families refuse to accept them but finally come around.

come of age

Gen Xers were the first cohort to come of age with MTV.

The club was seeming to come of age as they finishing fifth and making finals again in 1996.

When they come of age, the three Ivans ask the king to let them go on a journey to see the world.

generations to come

Poverty would mark the state for generations to come.

A Midrash interpreted to teach that God made a covenant not only with those at Sinai but also with generations to come.

The "DOE" website describes itself as "a practical agenda of action to safeguard the ocean for future generations to come.

people to come

"We were urging people to come downtown and support and protest this injustice."

Through this monergistic activity, God is able to effectively cause people to come to faith.

Notable people to come from the community include Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Kent Nichols.

come to mean

The former had come to mean all that was not exceptional or special.

In Modern Standard Arabic, "fiqh" has also come to mean Islamic jurisprudence.

There are many theories about how the word "cipher" may have come to mean "encoding".

come under attack

At the island, the survivors come under attack by a large unseen force.

Passage was hampered by poor weather conditions, but the convoy did not come under attack.

He explained that Kuaiji Commandery had an abundance of resources so it would come under attack by Sun Ce very soon.

usually come

Selenium ions usually come in the form of selenides () and selenates ().

"Steins" usually come in sizes of a half litre or a full litre (or comparable historic sizes).

The references usually come from east coast rappers, including Kool G Rap, Nas and Notorious B.I.G.

come first

Friends and family come first, above all else.

People wonder when they come first time here.

In the latter case, these observations do not come first.

come from different

We might come from different places but we are all on the same side, fighting the same fight.

If spouses come from different cultures/civilizations, behavior can be ruled by four or more cultures.

These tissues come from different embryological precursors and have distinct prenatal development paths.

first come

After that time, tickets were sold on a first come, best-available basis.

The use of these picnic tables and unreserved pavilions is first come, first served, and they are free of charge.

When we first come upon Pixel, we see that he has become disillusioned with the virtual world and wants to escape.

come under fire

She has come under fire for requesting donations on Twitter.

Barkat has come under fire from some women's rights activists.

They must not come under fire."

come around

Kids will complain initially but will come around.

Initially, the families refuse to accept them but finally come around.

The end of the broch building period seems to have come around AD 100–200.

yet come

The old life has gone ... the new has not yet come ...

At that point his involvement in the crime had not yet come to the attention of the authorities.

Well might the writings of this Master be buried for six hundred years, for "his time was not yet come."

expected to come

It was expected to come with a 1.3 or 1.5 engine.

Results are expected to come after 5 pm, 9 May 2018.

Results are expected to come on the same day, after 5 pm.

always come

Somehow we always come together, this unit.

I've always had friends, but I've always come from an outside point of view.

It's always come back.

what has come

Blomstrand developed what has come to be known as the complex ion chain theory.

Kripke put forth what has come to be known as "the modal argument" (or "argument from rigidity").

In September Mao Zedong led a small peasant army in what has come to be called the Autumn Harvest Uprising in Hunan province.

not come back

If the voter does not come back to show ID, that provisional ballot is never counted.

If they do not come back with food, others will share with them as long as they do not always rely on others.

James said he would not come back to Arizona following the 2009 NFL playoffs, despite a year left on his contract.

come second

Recreational tourism activities come second.

want to come

If you want to come here, you have to go to Nong Pur district.

The school plays Intramural matches which is made up of students that simply want to come and play.

Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard said after the match, "He did not want to come on; I don't know why."

come closer

However, the Spartans could not come closer, falling 92–87.

Beautiful as these shards are, they seem dangerous when you come closer.

Then the second ship will come closer in the same direction but a bit faster.

come under criticism

This normative use of game theory has also come under criticism.

These findings have however since then come under criticism by Curcuru et al.

The simple form of the documentary hypothesis has come under criticism from within its own constituents as well.