İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

name comes   (isim geliyor)

The name comes from the Roman goddess Proserpina.

The brigade's name comes from the battering ram ().

Its name comes from the town of Buxton, Derbyshire.

when it comes   (ne zaman geliyor)

The book fails when it comes to the text, though."

Mortalities are not uncommon when it comes to floods.

She is very observant when it comes to human emotions.

comes back   (geri döner)

He flies around the room and comes back to the bar.

Sylvia, or Mrs Jamieson, comes back from Greece.

Sure enough, the Kid comes back and is captured.

comes across   (rastlamak)

Prince Rajavahan comes across a "Matanga" Brahmana.

Death comes across a giant and is badly beaten.

On a street in London, she comes across Gavin once again.

comes up   (çıkageldi)

Chuck often comes up with a title for a song first.

I can't wait to hear what Manson comes up with.

It is here, Hazlitt finds, where Irving comes up short.

comes to know

When Abhimanyu comes to know about and is annoyed.

Karan comes to know about Abha & Viren's marriage.

In the meantime, Ramaswamy comes to know about it.

comes home   (eve gelir)

When Helen comes home and tries to enter she can't.

Everything is worked out when Thomas comes home.

Toole comes home and drunkenly gropes Eva.

comes first

Often in Latin the topic comes first, and then the focus.

"Queens Park Rangers' score comes first" Douglas McClure

"Sheffield United's score comes first"

comes down   (aşağı gelir)

The work of Fleury only comes down to the year 1414.

The choice of architecture comes down to one of utility.

But it soon comes down to a contest between the two lovers.

title comes   (başlık geliyor)

The title comes from a soliloquy given by Macbeth.

The title comes from St. Paul's epistle to the Romans (6:9).

The album title comes from a line in the song "Radio Silence".

then comes   (sonra gelir)

The warrior Helpfrich then comes with news of their deaths.

then comes across a door with an unseen fiery field behind it.

The two get married, Harsh leaves and then comes Valentine's Day.

comes off   (çıkar)

He tries to compliment her but it comes off as rude.

Mu., which comes off looking like a clone of Kaadhal.

Tria's personality comes off as very angry and snobbish.

score comes

"Queens Park Rangers' score comes first" Douglas McClure

"Sheffield United's score comes first"

"Ipswich Town's score comes first" !

score comes first

"Queens Park Rangers' score comes first" Douglas McClure

"Sheffield United's score comes first"

"Ipswich Town's score comes first" !

comes through   (yoluyla geliyor)

But she always comes through in the end.

So, therefore the belief comes through electricity to people.

He comes through the bedroom door with a big lump on his head.

comes into contact   (temasa geçiyor)

He comes into contact for the first time with the underside of society.

The sap can cause irritation if it comes into contact with human skin or eyes.

The rostral scale usually comes into contact with more than 2 internasal scales.

when he comes   (geldiğinde)

(when he comes across Phillips weeping over Laura's decapitated body).

Kate supports her grandson Will (Chandler Massey), when he comes out as gay.

The husband suspects his wife and brother when he comes to know she was her sweetheart earlier.

comes close

Detective Yan comes close to completing the puzzle that is “The Snowman” investigation.

Altogether, I think this comes close to being your high point in prose fiction to date..."

In many points Siirala comes close to Ronald David Laing, a famous anti-psychiatrist from the 1960s.

comes to visit

Daily hundreds of people comes to visit the mosque.

Amidst all this Santa Claus comes to visit Pia.

Meanwhile, the group of touring widows comes to visit.

comes along

A taxi comes along to pick up Ida Greenberg.

comes along and digs for the [casava] root.

Pedro also comes along to the Langham decked out in sunnies.

comes upon   (geliyor)

After he leaves her office, he comes upon Jane.

As Soma travels further, he comes upon Dario.

then sudden destruction comes upon them."

comes to life   (canlanıyor)

When Billy falls asleep in the basement, the monster comes to life.

The Dead Sea temporarily comes to life in the wake of rainy winters.

Things start to take a turn for the worse when the doll comes to life.

comes when   (ne zaman gelir)

Johnston plays along until the moment comes when he can return home.

The worst comes when Olegario meets Paula by chance and he falls in love with her.

The twist in the plot comes when Jackie finds a pair of pink handcuffs in his young son's bedroom.

time comes   (zaman gelir)

I’m pretty sure it will play itself out when the time comes."

In the jungle, the time comes to upgrade, and the flowering of love.

Patrick keeps hearing about the game until the time comes for him to play.

eventually comes

The ship eventually comes to a stop when not thrusting.

The truth eventually comes out and he and Jess get together.

Ida eventually comes to love the prince.

word comes

The word comes from the Middle Dutch root "brak".

The word comes "...from Old French professeur (14c.)

The word comes from the Latin "arcus".

comes in contact

When "M. pupillus" comes in contact with a predatory crab however, e.g.,"C.

Collected Chirps will disperse if their chain comes in contact with an enemy.

Following a series of leads, Cercas comes in contact with an old man named Miralles.

often comes   (sıklıkla gelir)

Chuck often comes up with a title for a song first.

It often comes with a specific game controller.

With the good often comes the bad.

comes together   (bir araya gelir)

Jordan Dowling at "" described the album as "where it all comes together.

Spurred by Evans, the quintet comes together to produce a charity album inspired by Whitney Houston.

It all comes together to make "I Am Alive" an uncompromising game of survival, quite unlike anything else on the Xbox 360."

term comes   (terim geliyor)

The term comes from the Latin "abjurare", "to forswear".

The term comes from Polish "czerwony złoty".

The term comes from the Greek ("dis"), "twice" and ("polos"), "axis".

comes to see

Pavan comes to see Mishti and they reconcile.

Russ comes to see his son, Max, after Jacqui tries to stop him seeing him.

Clorivière intends to leave France forever and comes to see his son for the last time.

album comes

The name of the album comes from the Hank Williams song of the same name.

The album comes with a DVD featuring a video for every song on the album.

The title of the album comes from the 1941 film noir "I Wake Up Screaming".

comes before

The word codice_4 comes before the text to print.

When business comes before us, we will try and act like Chiefs.

or the one who comes before Kehinde.

finally comes   (sonunda gelir)

When he sees Charlotte in tears, Bandit finally comes to his senses and apologizes.

Because of that, when it all finally comes out, I think there could be some understanding."

When Apu finally comes to know about her poor health, he returns to the village to find that she has died.

comes into play   (devreye giriyor)

Here also parametrised KAM theory comes into play.

Memory comes into play in at least two ways.

This differs when gender comes into play.

comes to terms   (şartlara geliyor)

Gabe comes to terms with this and forgives his friend.

Pam comes to terms with the separation and tearfully embraces Jim.

Eisuke dies, and Ryota comes to terms with his problematic relationship with his father.

funding comes

Part of the company's funding comes from an inheritance that his father left him.

The MATCH International Women's Fund's funding comes from individual Canadian donors.

The organization's funding comes from individual donors, corporate partners, and the government of Canada.

comes to believe

Sethe comes to believe that Beloved is the two-year-old daughter she had killed.

Cercas comes to believe that Miralles was the soldier who saved Mazas from execution.

They return to the Habitat, and Harry comes to believe that everyone on this team is fated to die.

probably comes   (muhtemelen gelir)

It probably comes from north-eastern Peloponnesus.

The name Mayen probably comes from the name Megina.

The name probably comes from late Latin "soccus", meaning slipper.

water comes

Huck notices two sailors leaving one to drown in a room as the water comes crashing through.

Its water comes from underground waterbeds at that point, and there is plenty of mutton to be had."

All of the water comes from the high mountains in the south where annual precipitation can be over .

comes to realize

Then, she comes to realize that he's been leading a double life.

She also comes to realize that Dale is not who or what he seems to be.

As days go by she comes to realize what an evil person Max is and no longer loves him.

village comes

Now this village comes under the Sedapatti block.

The village comes under the Tarakeshwar Municipality.

The village comes under Punganur constituency.

usually comes

A typical cartridge usually comes in the form of 20 mg pellets.

All necessary mounting hardware usually comes in set with a plow.

When aiming at enemy infantry, it usually comes with a muzzle disk.

when she comes   (o geldiğinde)

Chitose also lost most of her memory when she comes out of the capsule.

Towards the end, when she comes back to reality, she takes her bag and leaves the room.

Nonetheless Seymour resolves to go to Angie's flat and clean it for when she comes home.

what comes   (Ne gelir)

What we really wanna do is just riff out and see what comes.

Do what comes natural to you'."

It is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of his heart.

later comes

She later comes and visits them and becomes their friend.

When Clara later comes to visit, she miraculously regains her ability to walk.

Dan later comes across Lacey Hawks, played by Edd Byrnes, in the Bluebonnet Saloon.

comes to town   (şehre geliyor)

But when the Spanish guestworker Josepha comes to town, Toni falls for her.

A madman, Bad Bob, comes to town for a showdown, but Bean shoots him in the back.

Pastor Young comes to town and proceeds to kick everyone out of their assignments.

only comes   (sadece gelir)

The work of Fleury only comes down to the year 1414.

Usually, it only comes by to set a lesson.

It only comes into being after it is planned and is well thought of".

comes around   (etrafında geliyor)

For example, the need for Christmas cards comes around once a year.

When he comes around he cannot remember Ruby dumping him so she plays along.

Their divergence is elucidated by the proverb : "what goes around comes around".

comes face   (yüzleşmek)

Soon after camping at Panipat, Abdali catches up with the Marathas and comes face to face.

Shortly thereafter, she comes face to face with a demonic Wilma Hopper, who uses her genitalia to asphyxiate Annie.

Disco heaven is where Alan is trained and is also the store where he comes face to face with perverted regular The Screamer.

never comes

Octavio's only condition is that Don Justo leaves Mexico and never comes back.

According to critic Pico Iyer, "The Gate" is a book "about what never comes to pass.

In fact, the issue of his religious beliefs never comes up unless he is asked in an interview.

family comes   (aile geliyor)

Horwood's family comes from a football background.

His family comes from Gujarat, and his grandparents lived in Ahmedabad.

First note about the family comes from 1427 - the son of the knight Wojciech (Wojto vel.