Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

more comfortable   (más cómodo)

The S-version had a bigger engine and a more comfortable cab.

A single floor is more comfortable, but more expensive in land.

Lenders, meanwhile, are growing more comfortable extending loans.

feel comfortable   (sentirse cómodo)

I was maybe nervous and didn't feel comfortable.

Arnold had a gift for making people feel comfortable.

"With denim," Andy explains, "I feel comfortable and relaxed.

very comfortable   (muy cómodo)

She has also said, "I think a lot of feminists are very comfortable being anti-trans.

He added that he's very comfortable with Bernal so there's no big adjustment between them.

Just now, though, she says it is very comfortable with large wood fires in all the rooms they use.

most comfortable   (más cómodo)

They are most comfortable at temperatures .

He was most comfortable in military company and never courted literary or political society.

Temperatures are most comfortable in April and September, so this is the best time to visit Sankoo.

not comfortable   (incómodo)

I'm still not comfortable with 'Bodies.'

He was not comfortable there and his performance levels dropped remarkably.

However, unlike the adults, redlip blenny larvae are not comfortable living at the sea bottom.

comfortable margin

Obama won the general election by a comfortable margin.

Revilla went on to defeat Lacson by a comfortable margin.

In the end, however, Kerry took New Jersey by a comfortable margin.

comfortable life   (vida cómoda)

He is fat and red-bearded and enjoys a slow, comfortable life.

By the late 19th century, Cudahy had become a wealthy man living a comfortable life.

Despite Homer's attempts to befriend him, Grimes is angered and irritated by Homer's laziness and incompetence despite leading a comfortable life.

felt comfortable

Burton wanted to make sure that the penguins felt comfortable.

At Pennsylvania, Sapir was urged to work at a quicker pace than he felt comfortable.

They had little interaction with their neighbors, and felt comfortable only in their mountains.