comic book   (コミックブック)

This phenomenon is known as the comic book death.

of the comic book miniseries "Tales of the Slayers".

The original comic book has not been translated.

comic books   (漫画本)

Forgione is credited with ties to 124 comic books.

Nono is a high school girl that writes comic books.

Egghead would go on to be introduced in the comic books.

comic strip   (コミックストリップ)

The lonely bachelor sea turtle of the comic strip.

Two British comic strip versions were produced.

Madonna also produces the comic strip "Small Potatoes".

comic book series   (コミックブックシリーズ)

"Breach" is a 2005 comic book series from DC Comics.

Dell Comics adapted the series into a comic book series in 1962.

In the "Hatchet" comic book series, Jack's backstory is revealed.

comic strips   (コミックストリップ)

The cutscenes take place in the form of comic strips.

It is BONZZO's second big comic strips expo.

As newspapers have declined, the changes have affected comic strips.

comic books published

Alec Holland Alec Holland is a fictional character in comic books published by DC Comics.

Batman Batman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

For 13 years, from 1994 to 2007, Petrucha wrote stories for Disney comic books published by Egmont.

comic series

He also acted in a number of radio comic series.

The "Asterix" comic series has been translated into Breton.

Studios "Hellraiser" comic series (2011).

comic opera   (コミックオペラ)

In the 1875 comic opera "Trial by Jury" by W.S.

In 1809 he composed his comic opera, "Adam in der Klemme."

Gilbert and Frank Osmond Carr comic opera "His Excellency".

comic relief   (コミックリリーフ)

He provides most of the comic relief in the series.

Tamaki is the main comic relief character of the series.

Much of his role is to provide comic relief.

comic book artist

Joseph Loeckx Joseph Franz Hedwig Loeckx is a Belgian comic book artist.

Philippe Liégeois Philippe Liégeois (born 8 July 1947) is a Belgian comic book artist.

Karl Story Karl Story (born 1967) is an American comic book artist specializing in inking.

first comic

He read his first comic book in a pediatrician's office.

The first comic was published online in September 7, 2007.

Jeph Loeb's first comic work was "Challengers of the Unknown" vol.

comic book character

However, in 1975, a new comic book character, Captain Canuck, emerged.

Black Flash The Black Flash is a fictional comic book character from DC Comics.

Punisher (disambiguation) The Punisher (Frank Castle) is a Marvel comic book character.

comic book writer

It features a blurb by famed comic book writer Alan Moore.

Dan McDaid Dan McDaid () is a British comic book writer and artist.

Benito Cereno (writer) Benito Cereno is an American comic book writer.

newspaper comic

A newspaper comic strip, based closely on the radio program, debuted in 1942.

The first newspaper comic strips appeared in North America in the late 19th century.

His first exposure to comics came from the Time Picayune newspaper comic strip section.

comic effect

Surzhyk is often also used for comic effect in the arts.

Roy Estrada provided falsetto vocals to create a comic effect to the song.

Acme siren The Acme siren is a musical instrument used in concert bands for comic effect.

comic actor

And in no time, Sunder emerges as a leading comic actor.

It was established by Sims' widow, comic actor Lindsay Leese.

The character is loosely based on the wife of comic actor Bernie Mac.

comic book limited

"Resistance", a six-issue comic book limited series, began in January 2009.

Batman: White Knight Batman: White Knight is a comic book limited series created by Sean Murphy.

Image United Image United is a planned six-issue comic book limited series published by Image Comics.

comic artist

Zak Sally Zak Sally is a bassist and a comic artist.

Graham Manley Graham Manley is a British comic artist.

Chan Mou Chan Mou () is a Chinese comic artist from Hong Kong.

comic operas   (コミックオペラ)

Arnold also wrote a work entitled "Dramatic Overture" and two comic operas.

He took in boxing matches, "took a look behind the scenes in the leading Broadway comic operas."

By the end of the century, Charlottetown had its own opera house, performing comic operas by Gilbert and Sullivan.

series of comic

Valiant Comics's Nintendo Comics System series of comic books was published between 1990 and 1991.

Gears of War (comics) Gears of War is a series of comic books set in the "Gears of War" universe.

Nintendo Comics System The Nintendo Comics System was a series of comic books published by Valiant Comics in 1990 and 1991.

original comic

The original comic book has not been translated.

They are printed in full colour, as were the original comic strip publications.

Much of the film is based on the first, third, and fourth books in Miller's original comic series.

new comic

This led to a new comic book starred by the duo, "Mr. & Mrs. X".

A new comic is released each Sunday.

In all but name it was a new comic.

own comic

The Worry Wart had his own comic book in 1956.

DC Comics allowed screenwriter Sam Hamm to write his own comic book miniseries.

He also created his own comic strip called Los Chiquinitos, which he sold to classmates.

comic character

", a play on the comic character, Desperate Dan.

One comic character Sadananda Basu also joins sometimes with Bhaduri.

Kean Soo Kean Soo is the creator of the children's comic character Jellaby.

comic book industry

McLaughlin entered the comic book industry in the early 1960s.

After graduation, Bachalo sought work in the mainstream comic book industry.

Circa 1947, answering an ad, he broke into the comic book industry at Timely Comics, the 1940s iteration of Marvel Comics.

other comic   (他の漫画)

There are references to the Battle at Thermopylae in several of Frank Miller's other comic books.

La Mano serves as a publisher for Sally's works as well as those of other comic artists including John Porcellino and William Schaff.

He remains the only cartoonist to be embraced by television; no other comic artist to date has come close to Capp's televised exposure.

comic roles

She was more familiar for stereo comic roles.

He was well known for his unique voice and comic roles.

He acted in comic roles in more than 100 films and on television.

popular comic

Many other illustrators alternated with him on the pages of this popular comic book.

The actor was also facing a financial crisis and Bollywood's popular comic actor Johnny Lever lent him a helping hand.

That same year he was chosen by Steven Spielberg to appear in his motion capture adaptation of Belgian artist Hergé's popular comic strip "".

comic novel   (コミック小説)

Ratner's Star Ratner's Star is a 1976 comic novel by Don DeLillo.

When first published, "Don Quixote" was usually interpreted as a comic novel.

Crampton Hodnet Crampton Hodnet is a comic novel by Barbara Pym, published posthumously in 1985.

comic timing   (コミックタイミング)

Mainly Jeet's comic timing and acting was praised.

At the inaugural presentation, Oakie was described as "a master of comic timing and a beloved figure in the industry."

Raedita Tandon of "Filmfare" commended Dhawan on his comic timing and compared him favorably to Govinda and Prabhudheva.

comic book adaptation

Dennis O'Neil authored a comic book adaptation, with art by Michal Dutkiewicz.

A comic book adaptation by IDW Publishing was published in the spring of 2012.

"Army of Darkness" had a comic book adaptation and several comic book sequels.

newspaper comic strip   (新聞漫画)

A newspaper comic strip, based closely on the radio program, debuted in 1942.

His first exposure to comics came from the Time Picayune newspaper comic strip section.

Mark Trail Mark Trail is a newspaper comic strip created by the American cartoonist Ed Dodd.

first comic book

He read his first comic book in a pediatrician's office.

After his studies, he started working for the magazine "Marie-France" and as an illustrator, before publishing his first comic book in 1990.

"Black Panther" became the first comic book and superhero film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, as well as the first film in the MCU to win an Academy Award.

comic magazine

Adebayo also published the comic magazine "Skank".

It is the first Malayalam comic magazine to syndicate Disney Comics.

She went on to produce a sequel version, "Onmyōji: Tamatebako", in the comic magazine "Melody".

comic characters

One of his best known comic characters was 'Spekulanta Maks'.

He goes on to say that it "was a classic show with great comic characters.

A striking and extroverted person on stage and off, Scotti was adept at portraying both dramatic and comic characters.