İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

coming back   (geri geliyor)

I kept throwing shots and nothing was coming back.

No introduction is used coming back from commercials.

I see myself coming back to this game often".

coming up   (geliyor)

The Park is coming up in Mucherla near Hyderabad.

A Reliance SEZ is also coming up in the vicinity.

The two run but Hunter Scott is coming up fast.

coming off   (geliyor)

He played five games that season, coming off the bench.

The Yankees were coming off a controversy ridden season.

In his freshman year, he played 9 games coming off bench.

before coming   (gelmeden önce)

(Ladislaus would die before coming of age).

However, the idea of a bargain died before coming to a vote.

The boat then cartwheeled across the water before coming to rest.

coming years   (gelecek yıllar)

The program is expected to expand in coming years.

They would be each others opponents in the coming years.

In the coming years she began to play leads.

coming of age   (yaşın gelmesi)

It revolves around two boys coming of age in Kashmir.

On one hand, this is a story about a boy's coming of age.

(Ladislaus would die before coming of age).

coming against   (karşı gelmek)

The Chileans finished in third place, their only win coming against Brazil.

He made eight centuries, with his highest score of 208 not out coming against Kent.

In their first year they went 1–2, with their lone win coming against Salem University.

coming together   (beraber gelmek)

Radio Harrow is the coming together of two organisations in Harrow.

The word Sangam means ‘coming together’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

It is a solitary fish, only coming together with others of its species to spawn.

coming down   (düşüyor)

On coming down from Oxford in 1877, he purchased a Coach and Four for £200.

When they finish training, the group see a falling object coming down to Earth.

The Syrians maintained a constant fire and left without coming down to the road.

coming home   (eve geliyor)

He tells Judson to call the Marines, he is coming home.

Nearly all dreamed of coming home as heroes.

Look out, Earth, the slime's coming home!".

up and coming

She was touted as an "up and coming rock star".

The Caledonia Stage, was introduced to showcase up and coming new bands.

"MuggleCast" launched in August 2005 when podcasts were still up and coming.

coming through

After coming through Lithuania under-21 team.

Whitfield started at Wrexham, coming through the youth team.

An example of anisotropy is light coming through a polarizer.

coming second

She lost out, coming second to Ivor Greenstreet.

He received 25,906 votes, coming second, after George Ferguson.

In the 1998 election he lost his seat, coming second with 7665 votes (36.92%).

coming to terms   (sadede gelmek)

It's highly likely I'll die before Scott, but I'm coming to terms with that.

"It's just me coming to terms with who I am - a mix of a classical and rock musician.

The Lost Cause myth arose as a means for coming to terms with the Confederacy's defeat.

people coming

There are reports of people coming out of coma after long periods of time.

The networks and studios are looking for young people coming in out of college."

The danger of people coming and physically disrupting the marriage ceremony was a distinct possibility.

second coming

It leads into Advent, when the Church anticipates Christ’s second coming.

Shincheonji followers believe that Lee, the founder, is the second coming or the returned Jesus Christ.

He was not anticipating a literal regathering of the Jewish people prior to the second coming of Christ.

coming year

Over the coming year, sales to operators halved.

The dates of the main celebrations for the coming year are mentioned.

As for her future, we have to see how she holds up in the coming year."

coming to power

Soon after coming to power, Yaméogo banned all political parties other than the UDV.

With the coming to power of Mikhail Saakashvili, the government took on the news agenda.

The action plans to prevent Allende from coming to power were known as Track I and Track II.

not coming   (gelmiyor)

This ends when Tat-Tung fights back by not coming to work.

The Sevenpounders relax, as it seems the emperor is not coming back after all.

She was angry at him for not coming to rescue her, despite his love confessions.

coming months   (gelecek aylar)

IFPI Greece is set to resume public release of charts in the coming months.

Over the coming months U.S. public opinion turned decisively against the war.

He also announced his plan to retire from federal parliament in the coming months.

coming in second

He challenged Caffrey again in 1934, coming in second in a five-way race.

The winner was Dwayne Richard with Donald Hayes again coming in second place.

He also competed in the Boston Marathon, coming in second in 1994 and third in 1996.

coming across   (rastlamak)

Fumes coming across the deck were a major issue in .

She has high standards; coming across as harsh and criticising.

Scarry complained that Willis was coming across the line before he snapped the ball.

goals coming

The game finished 2–3, with both Stoke goals coming from Delap throws.

In the semi-final Palestine knocked out Bangladesh 2–0 with the goals coming in each half.

In game five, the Sharks put up 39 shots against the Avalanche with two goals coming from forward Tomas Hertl in a 2–1 victory.

coming third

Along with his team, he won bronze; coming third place.

He received 6.7% of the popular vote in the elections, coming third.

He fought Bournemouth West in the 1950 general election, coming third.

coming from outside   (dışarıdan geliyor)

About 8.3% of the workforce coming into Maggia are coming from outside Switzerland.

About 34.6% of the workforce coming into Meride are coming from outside Switzerland.

About 46.2% of the workforce coming into Besazio are coming from outside Switzerland.

coming close

He credited Bloom with coming close to recreating "the original Gnostic sensibility".

He played six years in New Orleans, leading or coming close to the team lead in tackles.

The scout was coming close to Dumont and his men in which Dumont stealthily attempted to catch him.

first coming

And that was my goal first coming in.

For Russia, Beschastnykh scored 26 goals in 71 caps, his first coming in 1992.

It was the second ejection of his career, the first coming earlier in the year.

coming into contact   (temasa geçmek)

Doorstops are simple devices used to prevent a door from coming into contact with another object (typically a wall).

Rituals were performed as a precaution after coming into contact with colonial forces, for fear that they may be evil spirits.

He also had a cousin, Ype Wenning, who was a well known Frisian painter, thus coming into contact with painting at an early age.

debut coming

Madden made his debut coming on in the 69th minute.

He made his debut coming on as a substitute in a 4–1 win over Troyes.

He made his debut coming off the bench in the 1–1 draw at Swindon on 21 August 2010.

goal coming

The other goal coming from Lewis Morgan.

Five days later, El Clásico was lost 1–5 with the goal coming from Marcelo.

It ended in a disappointing 1–0 loss with the only goal coming from Chris Ikonomidis.

coming soon

It said that new products would be "coming soon".

A version for Apple Macs is coming soon.

A further set, "Baker Street Irregulars", with new cases is coming soon.

coming decades

According to "Mort" the area was to be united in the coming decades.

Therefore, complete extinction of French Flemish can be expected in the coming decades.

Projections for the coming decades assume growth throughout the watershed, including the interior.

coming within

Finally coming within observation distance of each other, the two armies stopped to form ranks.

Harvick and his team jumped to fifth in the 2003 point standings, coming within 252 points ahead of Matt Kenseth.

The Braves made a late-season surge, coming within 2 games of the wild card leading Colorado Rockies in late September.

workforce coming   (işgücü geliyor)

About 8.3% of the workforce coming into Maggia are coming from outside Switzerland.

About 34.6% of the workforce coming into Meride are coming from outside Switzerland.

About 46.2% of the workforce coming into Besazio are coming from outside Switzerland.

started coming

Once the lawsuits started coming in, a lot of clubs tried to ban it, too.

With the real scene around them their band's 'sound' really started coming through.

From the 1820s, Indian workers started coming into Mauritius to work on sugar plantations.

last coming   (son gelen)

Hank becomes visibly shocked, at last coming to the realization that Walt is Heisenberg.

Flatterer is the only horse to win the award four times in a row, his last coming at age 7 in 1986.

Kelly went on to make 5 appearances for the Under-19s with his last coming in a 2–1 win over Scotland U-19s on 1 June 2009.

coming forward   (ileri geliyor)

The floods of recruits coming forward were enrolled in these 2nd Line units.

Vargas took the punishment and showed a lot of heart as he kept coming forward.

This is one of the main problems that many victims face when coming forward that they had been raped.

coming into force   (güce doğru gelmek)

The Association sought a judicial review of the fixed fees regime to try and stop it coming into force.

In 1649 he made good use of the five weeks' grace before the coming into force of restrictions upon the import of foreign goods.

the role of the EU in securing the ratification and coming into force of the Kyoto Protocol despite opposition from the United States.

seats coming

In the last European Parliament election in 2014, Sinn Féin won 3 seats coming second in seats and third in votes with 19.5% of the vote up 8.3%.

students coming

Medical colleges in Karachi do not provide a single seat for students coming from Gilgit-Baltistan.

Foreign students coming from Arab states and other European countries are a common sight on the streets of Cardiff.

Maharashtra government has given Border quota for students coming from this region in Engineering and Medical field.

coming in third

Chibás lost the 1948 election for president, coming in third place.

Giuliano Losacco was the winner, with Mateus Greipel second and Luciano Burti coming in third.

Lee and his running-mate John Floyd received 11 electoral votes in the Election, coming in third place.

when coming   (geldiğinde)

He lowsided when coming out of corner 9 and slid into the grass.

Unvoiced plositives tend to be voiced when coming after a voiced sound.

However, when coming out of anesthesia, he spooked and fractured his knee.

coming weeks   (gelecek haftalar)

Few records have been found to help trace "Sachem"’s movements during the coming weeks.

He then began teaming with Alex Silva, forming a regular tag team over the coming weeks.

Daniel Kilkelly wrote, how this would look set to create problems for the couple over the coming weeks.

before coming back   (geri dönmeden önce)

During the fight he was knocked down twice before coming back to stop Kochan.

He gave up the first two takedowns in the first period before coming back for the victory.

In a semifinal, Borg was down to Connors by two sets to love, before coming back to win the match.

time coming

Milne speculated that he was an only child because "he had been a long time coming."

They again played in the tournament in 2004, this time coming through a qualifying tournament.

The band said "The band’s amped to be back in the game with new material, it’s been a long time coming."

coming days   (gelen gunler)

In the coming days, their relationship grows and she learns more about him.

In the coming days, Will searches for a specialist who can perform the necessary heroic surgery to save her life.

In the past, one would simply light a stove or oven before the festival began, and its heat was used over the coming days.

eventually coming

MZM was renamed Athena Innovative Solutions, eventually coming under the ownership of Veritas Capital.

While Piaget considers thought as an important role, Vygotsky sees thought and language as different, but eventually coming together.

During this decline, the Canaanite settlers began to assume greater control of the Delta region, eventually coming to power in Egypt as the Hyksos.

coming season

Each is a thread you'll see again as the coming season progresses."

Gilmar was hired by FC Lviv in Ukraine, to be the head coach for the coming season.

Mouton broke off her contract with Audi in late 1985 to join Peugeot for the coming season.

kept coming   (gelmeye devam etti)

Often he looked to be struggling but he kept coming".

He kept coming to the university till just before the end.

He kept coming in with his head.

appearance coming

He made five further appearances during the tournament, with his final appearance coming against Papua New Guinea.

He made eight further appearances during the tournament, with his final appearance coming against Papua New Guinea.

all coming

You may hear it all coming through the songs, through my voice.

When Elmer asks where they are all coming from, Bugs replies, "From me, Doc."

Stirling made six appearances for The Imps, all coming from the substitute bench.

coming ashore   (karaya geliyor)

Auks live on the open sea, only deliberately coming ashore to nest.

The ships were scattered, with some coming ashore on the coast of Spain, others on the coast of Africa.

Godzilla was portrayed as more animal-like by coming ashore to feed on animals, with an ostensibly gorilla-like interest in females.

coming from all   (hepsinden geliyor)

There was a coalition of terrorists coming from all over against the Tuaregs.

“That’s the goal—to get people talking about it, and coming from all over,” said Farkas in 2006.

In March and December, Craft Fairs are held, with crafts-people coming from all over Scotland to exhibit their goods.

coming and going

Or that she was coming and going in and out of his house.

However, student and staff population fluctuates with the coming and going of missionaries each year.

Pocklington Rugby Club was formed in 1928 following nearly half a century of Pocklington-based teams coming and going.

water coming

The water coming out of the hose gets it unstuck, and sends him falling off a cliff.

This was caused by too much water coming out of the Ross River Dam due to 1 in a 100-year rain.

They were long flat sheets with water coming out of holes and were popular with kids at the time.