İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

took command   (emir aldı)

Then, on 24 October 1917, he took command of No.

In 1958 he took command of the 2nd Armored Division.

On 24 March 1937 he took command of the 2nd Division.

assumed command   (varsayılan komut)

In 1808 Commander James Rushworth assumed command.

Gen Truman Seymour assumed command of the division.

William Henderson assumed command of "Rosario".

given command   (verilen komut)

The next year he was given command of the "Warwick".

He was given command the 32nd Infantry Regiment.

There he was given command of the "Argonauta".

command and control   (komuta ve kontrol)

There was a breakdown in the command and control system.

Staff training was also increased to improve command and control.

FTR HQR, in turn, exercises command and control over the sector HQs.

second in command   (kumandan muavini)

Baji Prabhu was second in command of this contingent.

Captain Martin and his second in command, Sgt.

St. John was believed to be Rawlins’ second in command.

command post

State Police maintain their Fredonia command post.

His command post was in the Air Ministry Building.

It continued in use as a barracks and as a command post.

high command

When news of their escape reached the German high command.

In 1915 Berlin, the German high command is worried about ally Turkey.

They were made worse by the incompetence of the Austrian high command.

take command

John Damon] is directed to take command till further orders."

The three then stage a violent uprising and take command of the ship.

Soon Greisert would be transferred to the east to take command of III Gruppe of JG 3.

overall command   (genel komut)

Senator Edward D. Baker to take overall command.

In times of large-scale war, the "knes" took overall command.

The entire force was under the immediate overall command of Brig.

chain of command   (komuta zinciri)

The death of Terzi prevented a change in the chain of command.

It applied from highest to lowest alike in the chain of command.

On Cortés's return, he found the Aztec army’s chain of command in ruins.

military command

This camp was under British military command.

In 1942 Roosevelt set up a new military command structure with Admiral Ernest J.

On 11 December 2013, the GCC announced the formation of a joint military command.

command line

This was a DICOM Validation tool with a command line interface.

The register calling convention may be selected by command line switch.

It could be scheduled using a Maintenance Wizard and supported command line switches.

appointed to command

At Jamaica Coffin was appointed to command of the 74-gun .

Blanchard was appointed to command the First Army on 2 September 1939.

In 1961 he was promoted to squadron leader and appointed to command No.

command structure

Umar adopted a different approach to the command structure.

The command structure of both sides changed during the operation.

Notably the hired units were deployed with their own command structure.

placed in command

Kurt Meyer was placed in command of the division.

In 1892 he was placed in command of the Far East naval division.

Colonel S. Biddulphwas placed in command of the Line of Communications.

direct command

The brigade came under direct command of the 5th Army Corps.

An NCO gave me a direct command to jump.

Thus the Gorizia came under direct command of the 5th Army Corps.

command center   (komuta merkezi)

Instead he single-handedly destroys the rocket command center.

In both cases a strike on a command center could be very serious.

Dariush and Gabriel stay in the command center of JPL to insert the key into the systems.

took over command

Robert S. Granger took over command on 2 Feb. 1856.

Leigh-Mallory then took over command of 11 Group.

Rocker took over command of the retiring Sgt.

taking command

Clayton took over Stewart's division, the latter taking command of the III corps.

He served as executive officer of 's Gold Crew before taking command of in March 1991.

Harrison's first plan on taking command was to march his men north and recover Detroit.

temporary command   (geçici komut)

Smith assumed temporary command of the army.

Five days later, he was given temporary command of "Jagdstaffel 14".

Finally he went to the China Seas in temporary command of a gunboat.

remained in command

He remained in command of "Farragut" until 1901.

However, many Tigrayan officers remained in command positions.

They remained in command until the winter when the fleet returned to Britain.

operational command

On 1 October 2018, Burridge assumed operational command of the RAeS.

Gen William H.C. Whiting had operational command of Longstreet and Smith's divisions.

Despite the title, the CNO does not have operational command authority over Naval forces.

relieved of command   (komutadan kurtuldu)

Noting he wasn't "wanted", Bertling soon agreed to be relieved of command.

For this, he was relieved of command on 11 January 1945, but recalled on 8 February.

General Burbridge had also been relieved of command by General Nelson for a trivial cause.

new command

But van Kinckel did not receive a new command.

Winder spent a month visiting the forts and settlements in his new command.

But Aguinaldo countered the act by putting them in a new command, that of Major Ramos.

assigned to command

Br-Gen Marquis of Tullibardine was assigned to command the new dismounted brigade.

Gen. Hill was assigned to command the coastal defenses of North Carolina in the vicinity of the sounds.

He was then assigned to command the Department of the Columbia (1881–85) and the Department of Missouri (1885–86).

first command

His first command was in 1931 as captain of the transport Seito.

In 1934, Mountbatten was appointed to his first command – the destroyer .

Tegetthoff received his first command, the naval schooner "Elisabeth", in 1854.

assume command   (komuta al)

Baron d'Arendt finally came to assume command on the 21st.

Colonel Martin, pleading exhaustion, requested Barron to assume command.

Bledsoe uses Richardson's injury to assume command and set course for Pearl Harbor.

command of all

Major Bassett was given command of all military operations in the area.

Eisenhower took direct command of all Allied ground forces on 1 September.

The chiefs were in command of all Allied forces in their geographical zone.

put in command

In 1950, he was put in command of the infantry.

Luck was put in command of the remains of 21st Panzer Division.

Col William Sterling King, formerly of the 35th Massachusetts Infantry, was put in command.

supreme command   (üstün komuta)

In 1771 he received the supreme command in Wallachia and occupied Bucharest.

All seven armies are beneath the supreme command of the Great General of Darkness.

By 20 October, the changes ordered by the new supreme command had begun to take effect.

command during

The Israeli Navy suffered from a lack of professional command during its early days.

Under his command during the last eleven months of the war, "U-67" sank no more ships.

Despite his promotion he returned to regimental command during the siege of Vicksburg.

given the command   (komut verildi)

Magruder was given the command on May 21, 1861.

He was given the command at Minsk.

In February 1942 Wünsche was given the command of the LSSAH "Sturmgeschütz" (assault gun) battalion.

command posts

Major command posts were built in Manila, Cavite, Cebu, Iloilo, Zamboanga, and Iligan.

This information would then be relayed to regional and national command centers, as well as E-10 MC2A airborne command posts.

Many of the Soviet wireless and telephone operators were women who often suffered heavy casualties when their command posts came under fire.

command ship

The 7K-OK was half the mass of the three-crew Apollo orbital command ship.

In 1943, the ship served as the command ship of a convoy to land troops in Algiers.

During Operation Neptune, the landings in France, "Londonderry" acted as an escort and as a command ship for landing craft.

command module   (Komut modülü)

The command module suffered a three-inch gash in one panel.

The Apollo 1 command module has never been on public display.

Problems with the Apollo command module continued through the testing phase.

promoted to command

He was promoted to command a mortar battery in the 163rd regiment.

On January 26, 1863, he was promoted to command of the Army of the Potomac.

Brigadier Tremlett was promoted to command 10 AA Division from 14 February 1942, and was succeeded at 44 AA Bde by Brig R.E.

relinquished command   (vazgeçilen komut)

He relinquished command of the brigade on 13 November 1891.

He relinquished command when Kurt Wolff returned from leave.

He relinquished command of the "Portland" on 9 November 1667.

personal command

Traditionally, he assumes personal command of the forces in time of war.'

Washington assumed personal command at West Point and reorganized its defenses.

A second column under Suchet's personal command marched against Murray at Villena.

assigned command

He assigned command of the war to Tiberius.

He was assigned command of the newly constructed Camp Dennison near Cincinnati.

McCollom was assigned command of the 6lst Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group in 1942.

transferred to command

While there Brigaut transferred to command of a captured Spanish galliot.

On 14 January 1944, Brigadier Kane was transferred to command 45 AA Bde and was replaced by Brig J.W.

Following his victory at Rich Mountain, McClellan was transferred to command the Army of the Potomac, leaving Brig.

unified command   (birleşik komut)

A unified command of the Romanian army in Transylvania was established.

Furthermore the Prussians had one unified command which the federal side had not.

The Persians had a unified command system, and everyone was answerable to the king.

assuming command

The Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes, assuming command in person, met the invaders in Cilicia.

Abbot also operated near Antarctica, assuming command of the US Naval Support Force, Antarctica, in February 1967.

Immediately upon assuming command of ELAS, Sarafis set about reforming its haphazardly organized and commanded bands.

command staff   (komuta kadrosu)

It requires nothing from the ship other than physical space, electrical power, and hotel services for the command staff.

After returning to Severomorsk, she participated in the Atlantika-84 command staff exercise between 31 March and 8 April 1984.

The command staff is composed of the members who served in the special units, guards brigades and reconnaissance units of the Croatian Armed Forces.

naval command

Sextus gave him a naval command as a Legatus, probably a "legatus pro praetore".

Her flotilla, previously under Army control, came under naval command October 1, 1862.

The British naval command was continually frustrated by the use of Machias as a staging point for militia actions in Nova Scotia.

command pilot

Lieutenant General Martin was a command pilot who wore the Master Missileman Badge.

Brigadier General Robert F. Travis, command pilot of the bomber, was among the dead.

Commander Pete Conrad flew on Gemini 5 in 1965, and as command pilot on Gemini 11 in 1966.

command positions

However, many Tigrayan officers remained in command positions.

Cavalrymen dominated the higher command positions within the British Army during the war.

It was later expanded to 30 British officers in command positions, with a handful of Arab officers.

appointed in command

Commander Harry Stileman was appointed in command on 12 June 1902.

Lieutenant Thomas Brandreth was appointed in command 14 January 1902, when she served in the Channel Fleet.

In April 1900, he was appointed in command of the pre-dreadnought battleship , serving in the Channel Fleet.

field command

The field command of the new army had to be formed from the members in the Finnish Jäger troops.

No army invaded the United States during this period, and Washington did not assume a field command.

However, Halleck soon restored Grant to field command (intervention by President Abraham Lincoln may have been a factor).

received command

Leaving the board, Cooper received command of the protected cruiser on 18 July 1894.

In 1830, he received command of the brig "Silène" and cruised off Algiers, taking a number of prizes.

After Mitchel received command of all Federal troops between Nashville and Huntsville on May 29, he ordered Brig.

central command

He began his rule by re-organizing all the intelligence agencies under the central command of the Baath Party's National Security Bureau.

The Colonel Tshatshi Military Camp in the Kinshasa suburb of Ngaliema hosts the defence department and the Chiefs of Staff central command headquarters of the FARDC.

Al-Qaeda also reportedly sent senior cadres from its central command nodes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran to support the foundation of the Guardians of Religion Organization.

takes command

Garrett is killed, and her helmsman, Richard Castillo, takes command.

Robert is injured in the battle, so Ned takes command and marches on the capital.

Major Rupert Fynmore takes command for the next landing, and further battles take place with the well-entrenched slavers.