military commander   (軍司令官)

He was also a military commander in Ahrar ash-Sham.

He was the military commander of the occupied Kraków.

He was military commander of Puerto Rico's 5th Department.

deputy commander   (副司令官)

His deputy commander was Brigadier General Antonio Duvergé.

Critchley, (Black Watch), deputy commander of 3 Infantry Brigade.

In 1945, Peng was deputy commander and then commander of Lüliang Military District.

appointed commander   (指揮官)

In April 1917, McGlinn was appointed commander of No.

Stojanović was appointed commander of this detachment.

Lorenzo de Zuazola was appointed commander of the fleet.

became commander   (司令官になりました)

In 1978, he became commander in chief of the army.

He became commander of a dragoon regiment in 1798.

In 1901, he became commander of the IJA 1st Division.

commander in chief   (最高司令官)

In 1978, he became commander in chief of the army.

The commander in chief of the military is the president.

He was made commander in chief of Melilla by Charles III of Spain.

company commander   (中隊長)

He worked as a company commander of the Grodno District Department.

He served in Italy during the Second World War as a company commander.

Luck served as a company commander in an armoured reconnaissance battalion.

first commander   (最初の司令官)

Her first commander was Captain James E. Johnson.

Mancini was chosen to be the unit's first commander.

Its first commander was Lt. Alberto Salinas Carranza.

lieutenant commander   (少佐)

He rose to the rank of lieutenant commander in the Navy.

He left the navy as lieutenant commander.

In January 1863, Terry was promoted to lieutenant commander.

battalion commander   (大隊司令官)

Kent-Lemon, battalion commander of the York and Lancaster Regiment.

During the Ugandan Bush War, he became a battalion commander in the NRA.

The battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel John Cahill was relieved of duty.

division commander   (師団長)

Leonty Ugryumov became division commander on 1 June.

Nikolay Khudyakov became the first division commander on 4 August.

He also said later,"I was the best division commander in Vietnam."

wing commander   (ウィングコマンダー)

He was promoted to wing commander on 1 July 1952.

By April 1943, Read had been promoted wing commander.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and bar and rose to wing commander.

army commander   (陸軍司令官)

Chen Yi was the new army commander.

The meeting had decided that Pranoto should become army commander.

They were defeated by the Persian army commander Harpagos in 547 BC.

supreme commander   (最高司令官)

The apes' supreme commander is a gorilla named Drak.

The supreme commander of all Roman forces was future emperor Tiberius.

He was the supreme commander of the northern and north-western dominions.

brigade commander   (旅団司令官)

Longstreet's aide, Lt. Col. Moxley Sorrel, and the senior brigade commander, Brig.

A nearby party of Scots Greys saw the capture and attempted to rescue their brigade commander.

The first brigade commander (appointed 22 October 1938) was Brigadier Gerald Rickards, DSO, MC.

commander during   (司令官)

He was the fort's commander during most of that period.

Roberts was a regimental commander during the American Civil War.

Reed was one of the group of men temporarily promoted to commander during World War I.

former commander   (元司令官)

The organization is chaired by the former commander of the Air Force General Eliezer Shkedi.

In his will, he accused Rufrius Crispinus, a former commander of the Praetorian guard, and Cerialis of "majestas".

Instead he merely dismissed Titus Petronius Secundus, and replaced him with a former commander, Casperius Aelianus.

served as commander   (司令官を務めた)

He served as commander from 1971 until his retirement in 1973.

Farkas served as commander of the Royal Ludovika Akadémia through 1943.

The 26-year-old Galician had served as commander of for four months in 1917.

squadron commander   (戦隊司令官)

He was a squadron commander and a subchaser.

La Jaille was promoted to squadron commander on 1 August 1860.

He served as a deputy squadron commander, later promoted to commander.

platoon commander   (小隊司令官)

The platoon commander searched for him but unsuccessfully...

He later worked as platoon commander in an air defense unit.

The platoon commander and five of his men charged down the hill.

regimental commander   (連隊司令官)

The regimental commander is Captain Khasen Omarkhanov.

The regimental commander was Colonel Nathaniel Jackson.

The regimental commander was Colonel George Lafayette Beal.

new commander   (新司令官)

Under a new commander, "Oblt.z.S."

Under her new commander Lt. Cmdr.

The new commander rescinded Augereau's orders to kill captured guerillas.

naval commander   (海軍司令官)

It was created on 9 August 1790 for the naval commander John Orde.

His elder brother, also named Jahleel, later became a celebrated naval commander and admiral.

Rudolf Cederström Olof Rudolf Cederström (8 February 1764 – 1 June 1833) was a Swedish naval commander.

flight commander   (飛行司令官)

The general has served as a T-37 instructor pilot and F-15 flight commander.

He would later become a flight commander of the 11th Space Warning Squadron.

He was appointed a flight commander with the temporary rank of captain on 24 August 1918.

promoted to commander   (司令官に昇進)

He was promoted to commander on August 15, 1942.

Trenchard was promoted to commander on July 16, 1862.

He was promoted to commander on 1 March 1885.

became the commander   (司令官になった)

He then became the commander of Carrier Division Five.

There he became the commander of four German battalions.

He became the commander of Darkhovin front.

corps commander   (軍団司令官)

In this engagement his corps commander, Brig.

The corps commander was He Huiyan.

He rose through the ranks of the SS, and became a corps commander during World War II.

senior commander   (上級司令官)

No senior commander had reconnoitered the enemy position.

In 1940, he was appointed the senior commander of security in Paris.

Ahmed was the brother of Khaled Abdul Nabi, another AQAP senior commander, who had surrendered some months before.

made commander   (司令官を作りました)

He was made commander in chief of Melilla by Charles III of Spain.

In 1923, by now a lieutenant colonel, he was made commander of the Legion.

He was made commander of the "People's Liberation Army" (PLA), EPRLF's military wing.

field commander   (フィールドコマンダー)

Until 2010, Emir Khamzat was a little-known field commander.

Police believe he was the planner or "field commander" of the Bali operation.

Yitzhak Rabin has called Sharon "the greatest field commander in our history".

acting commander   (演技司令官)

Though still a Hauptman, Greisert was made acting commander of JG 2.

From 6 to 29 December 1915 he was acting commander of the 1st Light Horse Brigade.

On April 23, the War Department replaced Harney with Captain Nathaniel Lyon as acting commander.

divisional commander   (師団長)

He later became the divisional commander of the 38th SS Division Nibelungen in 1945.

Hellmuth Felmy justified the number of the killings with Krech's status as a divisional commander.

Eberhard von Schuckmann, formerly commander of the 385th Infantry Division, was now the divisional commander.

overall commander   (総司令官)

To leave units from five different corps at a vital point with no overall commander is to court disaster."

On 19 October Hitler decided that Kesselring would be the overall commander of the forces in Italy, sidelining Rommel.

Khattab described himself as the "military commander of the operation" while Basayev was the "overall commander in the battlefield".

rank of commander   (指揮官の階級)

He was promoted to the rank of commander on 24 July 1796.

He was promoted to his final rank of commander in November 1944.

He was awarded the rank of commander of the Royal and Military Order of Saint Louis.

vice commander   (副司令官)

In December 18, 1734, Yeongjo was given to vice commander of Ohuidochongbu.

He served for one year (1877–78) as the GAR's national senior vice commander.

When that project was cancelled, he became ASD deputy for systems management and later vice commander.

group commander   (グループ司令官)

On 1 September 1940, Balthasar was appointed "Gruppenkommandeur" (group commander) of III.

As a result of his successful tour as a group commander, Spencer was selected for a wing command.

In all, "Schuylkill" delivered of fuel oil on that day, earning a "well done" from the task group commander.

garrison commander   (守備隊司令官)

The garrison commander was COL Franklin McCauley.

However, the garrison commander refused to pay.

Gen. St. John Richardson Liddell, the garrison commander.

named commander   (名指揮官)

The year after, he was named commander of Regiment Nº3 of artillery.

In 1919 was promoted to division general, and named commander of the II Division.

He was named commander of various warships, harbor master of Piraeus, and head of the admiralty court.

commander of all   (すべての司令官)

The supreme commander of all Roman forces was future emperor Tiberius.

His co-conspirator Lemak became the supreme commander of all human forces.

At the beginning of 1864, Lincoln made Grant commander of all Union armies.

cavalry commander   (騎兵隊長)

On May 4, he ordered cavalry commander Brig.

In a raid toward Richmond, Confederate cavalry commander Maj. Gen. J.E.B.

base commander   (基地司令官)

It is unusually wide as a result of the American base commander insisting that four army tanks must be able to be driven side by side along the road.

During the period September – December 1966, he also concurrently served as commanding general of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, before new base commander, Major General Joseph O.

He is bedeviled by Colfax AAF's "old-school" base commander, Colonel Pyser, who ultimately saddles him with a complement of injured Italian POWs because his is the only secure ward in the hospital.

fleet commander   (艦隊司令官)

Nearchus, the fleet commander, proposed Heracles, the illegitimate son of Alexander by his Persian mistress Barsine, be made king.

In 1499 Vespucci joined an expedition licensed by Spain and led by Alonso de Ojeda as fleet commander and Juan de la Cosa as chief navigator.

In 1499, Vespucci joined an expedition in the service of Spain with Alonso de Ojeda as fleet commander and Juan de la Cosa as chief navigator.

tank commander   (戦車長)

Long intended to train as a tank commander.

The Soviets design a new, more powerful T-34 tank and assign the tank commander the job of destroying the White Tiger.

Two supporting actors who became famous later on are Christopher Lee as a tank commander and Desmond Llewelyn as a tank gunner.

force commander   (力司令官)

To minimize impact on the operational capacity the NAEW&C force commander will be informed in advance.

Çevik Bir, who was then a lieutenant-general of Turkey, became the force commander of UNOSOM II in April 1993.

John Numbi, a trusted member of Kabila's inner circle, was shifted from air force commander to Police Inspector General.

unit commander   (部隊長)

He was unit commander in the Battle of Zorndorf.

Since the band is part of the Corps, it has its own unit commander, a Cadet Colonel.

Battalions and larger units replace the company (and battery) first sergeant with a sergeant major, as the senior enlisted advisor to the unit commander.

chief commander   (最高司令官)

During the battle for Vaksince, Macedonian forces killed Fadil Nimani, chief commander of the NLA in Kumanovo.

Knowing that the chief commander was badly wounded by the bomb, the Taiping army which was attacking was thrown into confusion.

Another folklore says that there was a high cast superhuman called Devaka Bandara, who served at King Wickramasinghe as a chief commander.