comments made   (发表评论)

Most of the pre-game talk surrounded comments made by Volunteer's head coach Lane Kiffin.

Liam is happy with this initially but after comments made by Carla, he proposes to Maria.

"The "sura" opens with comments made by nonbelievers confused by the Prophet’s portents."

negative comments   (负面评论)

However, she overcomes this and tries to forget the negative comments.

Many customers referred to it as "terrible", among other negative comments.

In week 5, they performed "Dynamite", which again received negative comments, but again they were not in the bottom two.

public comments   (公众意见)

This is different from usual public comments on exemption proposals.

The FEIS addresses and incorporates public comments received regarding the DEIS.

A draft of the Chartered Accountants Bye-Laws was also prepared and published for inviting public comments.

made comments

Local MP John Hemming made comments supporting the school.

Andersson and Ulvaeus played them the backing tracks and they made comments and suggestions.

"Haaretz" noted that Marine Le Pen had made comments similar to Mélenchon's three months earlier.

positive comments

Some positive comments of the album exist, however.

She earned mostly positive comments for her performance.

His new style was also noticed and received positive comments.

comments regarding

Some politicians did, however, make homophobic comments regarding the event.

In September 2005, Shigeru Miyamoto gave his least ambiguous comments regarding "Super Mario 128".

Some of the comments regarding the Lexus LFA's V10 were "A mix of road and racing engines: Lexus LFA's utterly intoxicating 4.8 Liter V10.

controversial comments   (有争议的评论)

West uses "Wouldn't Leave" to reference his controversial comments about slavery, and his relationship with Kardashian.

He is well known for his controversial comments on the Palestinian people and on the Muslim community living in France.

Her controversial comments on the lives of rough sleepers and some of them that she met led to a dispute between her, the public and the other volunteers on the show.

comments he made

Warner was later fined 15% of his match fee for the comments he made, under an ICC Code of Conduct breach.

Sarsenbaev was also ordered to publicly retract comments he made in an interview with the opposition newspaper Respublika.

David Cameron rejected the idea, conflicting with comments he made in 2005 while competing for Conservative Party Leadership.