commissioned officers

The judges may be commissioned officers or civilians.

The rank insignia for commissioned officers for the army.

The mess dress worn by commissioned officers has a scarlet cutaway jacket.

commissioned officer

He had a total of 42 years of service as a commissioned officer.

He served as a commissioned officer in the United States Army from 1961 to 1963.

During World War II, John Faulkner served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy.

commissioned a second

Crist was commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1952.

He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force following graduation.

Armstrong was commissioned a second lieutenant at graduation and served as a Marine officer.

commissioned to design

Benjumeda was commissioned to design the Cádiz Town Hall.

Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen was commissioned to design the monument.

Pat Denner was commissioned to design the sign for the Stateline Casino in 1952.

commissioned to write

He was commissioned to write the Michigan State Song.

In July 2003, Tom Stoppard was commissioned to write the screenplay.

She was commissioned to write a Scots ballad for the novelist Mary Stewart.

commissioned to create

For the latter he was commissioned to create the statue representing Arkansas.

In 2008 Husain was commissioned to create 32 large-scale paintings of Indian history.

In 1816, Woodside was commissioned to create the city of Philadelphia's coat of arms.

newly commissioned

As a young, newly commissioned officer, he served as ADC to the first President of India, Babu Rajendra Prasad.

There is the temple of Lord Shiva, and the newly commissioned Mahameru temple, featuring an assembly of "Sithars".

The newly commissioned carrier joined Carrier Division 4, under the command of Kakuta, with "Ryūjō" on 3 May 1942.

ship was commissioned

The ship was commissioned on 25 January 1929.

The ship was commissioned into the U.S. Navy on 11 May 1942.

The ship was commissioned on 27 August 1878 and thereafter began sea trials.

originally commissioned

It was originally commissioned by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).

The Philharmonic Society of London originally commissioned the symphony in 1817.

Thirty-eight years after being originally commissioned, the ship was decommissioned on 31 March 2006.

work was commissioned   (仕事が委託された)

The work was commissioned by Princess Edmond de Polignac in October 1916.

The work was commissioned to celebrate the regeneration of the River Lagan.

The work was commissioned to celebrate the neighborhood's culture, history, and imagination.

commissioned to paint   (塗装を委託)

She was commissioned to paint a portrait of Kaiser Franz.

In 1923 he was commissioned to paint a large mural for Rotterdam City Hall.

In 1926, he was commissioned to paint murals at the Biological Institute in Tihany.

then commissioned

ABC then commissioned a series of six episodes in 1967.

Ginnane then commissioned Everett de Roche to write a new screenplay.

Sudirman then commissioned Lieutenant Colonel Suharto, to negotiate a deal with the communists.

commissioned works

The series, he said, consisted of pictures which "normally find no place in commissioned works."

She commissioned works for his personal ornament, and had at least one goldsmith among her tenants.

He has also made several commissioned works, and produced and arranged works for a variety of artists.

first commissioned

During the war he was first commissioned as 2nd.

McInnis was first commissioned into the British army on 29 April 1874.

His first commissioned work, "The Prayer", was part of a gravestone memorial.

commissioned work   (委託作業)

The commissioned work "Liarbird" to the Jazz 2010 was released.

His first commissioned work, "The Prayer", was part of a gravestone memorial.

Fliflet composed the commissioned work "Elvemot" for Osafestivalen at Voss 2006.

specially commissioned

A specially commissioned anniversary book was produced to mark the occasion.

The victor was also awarded a specially commissioned "Sugar" Ray Robinson trophy.

In June 1802 Napoleon Bonaparte awarded the Ninth three specially commissioned flags.

series was commissioned

Reviews were generally poor, but a second series was commissioned.

The fifth series was commissioned on 23 August 2017 and began airing on 4 May 2018.

An unaired pilot episode was made in 1982, and a six-episode series was commissioned.

later commissioned

Both ships were later commissioned in the Navy.

Repatriated to Australia after being wounded, he was later commissioned in the militia.

He was later commissioned an officer through the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps.

commissioned the construction

It was also the same family that commissioned the construction of Casa Batlló in 1877 Barcelona, Catalonia.

He commissioned the construction of a model rocket with detachable parts from his assistant Arthur Van Noeyen.

Caterina and her husband commissioned the construction of the Certosa di Pavia, which began on 27 August 1396.

commissioned a new

In 1968 the Royal Ballet commissioned a new arrangement, by Gordon Jacob.

PDC commissioned a new score by Alan Silvestri featuring vocals by Gene McDaniels.

MBJ Airports Limited also commissioned a new customs hall, arrivals lobby and transportation center in March 2007.

report commissioned   (レポート委託)

The report commissioned by the Belgian government to VITO is a good example of such a study.

In November 2018, the FLA published a research report commissioned the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF).

According to a 2006 report commissioned by the Fair, it has an annual economic impact of $8.9 million on Greenbrier County.

commissioned to produce   (生産委託)

He had been commissioned to produce four nature documentaries.

In 1880 Rodin was commissioned to produce "The Gates of Hell", for which he exhibited "Adam" at the 1881 Paris Salon.

Each issue of "The Vacuum" is centred on a topical theme, around which writers and artists are commissioned to produce articles and illustrations.

study commissioned

A 1993 study commissioned by the United States Army investigated racial discrimination in the awarding of medals.

By 1926, a study commissioned by the Park Service indicated that the development was adversely affecting the trees.

In May of 2019, a study commissioned by the University of Cincinnati concluded that the Emory Theater was beyond repair.

not commissioned

The resulting delay meant that she was not commissioned until 24 May 1946.

He also hosted the non-broadcast pilot for ITV2 panel show "Codswallop", but it was not commissioned for a series.

The first of the 50 MW units was not commissioned until 1952, five years behind schedule, and the fourth unit was in service by 1955.

commissioned architect   (委託建築家)

Palmer commissioned architect James Piers St Aubyn to design St Peter's Church.

They commissioned architect Francis William Deas (1862-1951) to modernise the house in 1902.

In 1868, George Clark commissioned architect Richard George Suter to construct a grand homestead.

commissioned to make   (作るように委託)

In 2002, Morris was commissioned to make a short film for the 75th Academy Awards.

In 1469, he was commissioned to make medals for the restoration of the Palazzo Venezia.

They were commissioned to make a short film for Al Gore's presentation at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2007.

commissioned a study

The Danish crown also commissioned a study of the natural history of the islands.

In late 1974, the division commissioned a study of the port conditions and the transportation facilities needed to support the planned programs.

In 2015, following the 2008-11 crisis, Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson commissioned a study for monetary and banking reform.

commissioned to build

American architect Henry Hobson Richardson was commissioned to build a tomb in 1868.

In 1569, Ammanati was commissioned to build the Ponte Santa Trinita, a bridge over the Arno River.

The Young Electric Sign Company was commissioned to build the neon version of the sign by the owners of the Pioneer Club.

commissioned the building

It was his father who had commissioned the building of Aston Lodge.

On his death his son, Frederick Peel, commissioned the building of the current Manor House.

A syndicate of citizens formed the Public Hall Company Ltd and through this commissioned the building.