Фразы и примеры предложений

committed suicide   (покончил с собой)

The authorities believe that he committed suicide.

During World War II, he committed suicide in 1941.

Nyagumbo committed suicide by drinking pesticide.

crimes committed   (совершенные преступления)

He was found guilty of crimes committed when he was 16.

He never faced any charges concerning crimes committed during the war.

Frey never faced justice for his crimes committed in German occupied Poland.

committed against   (совершено против)

Stara Gradiška became notorious for crimes committed against women and children.

In December 1944, the division was committed against the US Army in the Ardennes offensive.

Large-scale atrocities were also committed against the Dizi people and the people of the Kaficho kingdom.

committed to play   (стремится играть)

On January 7, 2013, Kelly committed to play for Washington.

He committed to play at New Mexico State.

Paschall committed to play for Fordham.

committed during   (совершено во время)

He never faced any charges concerning crimes committed during the war.

The trial, for the crimes committed during 2002–2004, was originally scheduled to be held in February 2005.

The commission was to investigate human rights abuses committed during the five military regimes which have ruled Ghana.

atrocities committed

The massacre was part of a series of revenge-driven atrocities committed by both sides in the conflict.

Debera was very much enraged by the atrocities committed on the Vaishnava Mahantas by Udayaditya Singha.

He was fired from "The Hindu" for exposing atrocities committed by the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF).

not committed

The undesignated funds are not committed to any planned project.

having committed

All 4 perpetrators confessed to having committed this crime.

Hinin could be adopted by poor commoners and commoners having committed crimes.

The death of Viktor Tsoi was a shock to many fans, some even having committed suicide.

remained committed

He remained committed to Catholicism.

Leibniz remained committed to Trinitarian Christianity throughout his life.

Feminists, who remained committed to fighting sexism, formed the Redstockings.

war crimes committed

This established his participation in a number of war crimes committed in Poland and the Soviet Union.

They prepared “Polish indictment” containing the list of proved Nazi war crimes committed in Polish territory.

Kim Bok-dong also highlights that Korea too should make efforts to acknowledge war crimes committed by its own people.

then committed

He then committed suicide by igniting the dynamite.

He then committed suicide by consuming poison.

In 2001, Boone then committed to play at the University of Kentucky.

committed the crime

While some committed the crime, others recorded it on their mobile phones.

Anderson said he committed the crime after a dispute with his wife of eight months.

Authorities also considered the possibility that he committed the crime due to relationship problems.

committed itself

From its conception, the Red Army committed itself to emphasizing highly mobile warfare.

From 2009 onwards, Formula One has committed itself to dramatic reductions in expenditure.

Computacenter has committed itself to the 10 core principles of United Nations Global Compact.

acts committed

However, the Boris Yeltsin government disavowed any responsibility for acts committed by the Soviet Union.

Their role is to keep passengers safe, by preventing hijackings and other criminal acts committed on a plane.

The doctrine of transmigration of the soul, with respect to fateful retribution for acts committed, does not appear in the Rig Veda.

crime committed

The investigation unit provides a complete investigation on any crime committed within the county.

The story continues with the first crime committed by mankind: Adamʻs son Cain murdered his brother Abel.

Out on bail, Lim persuaded Hoe to lie that she was present at the alleged rape but saw no crime committed.

fully committed   (полностью привержен)

Kaplan's Reconstructionism, while its fully committed partisans were few, had much influence.

she worked in engineering industry as a sales person prior fully committed to MMA professionally.

With the nation fully committed to the war, the Emperor took a keen interest in military progress and sought to boost morale.

committed crimes

Hinin could be adopted by poor commoners and commoners having committed crimes.

The group carried out armed attacks in places where Roma had committed crimes against Hungarians.

The main accused being Celso Cipriani, who allegedly committed crimes that hastened the company's demise.

allegedly committed   (якобы совершено)

Dellacroce allegedly committed a murder dressed as a priest.

The main accused being Celso Cipriani, who allegedly committed crimes that hastened the company's demise.

He was later indicted on various war crimes allegedly committed during his time as a researcher at the Institute for Aviation.

already committed   (уже совершено)

It also gives broad powers to the Attorney General to investigate fraud already committed or about to be.

Kilmer said he was not aware of the fast-track production and was already committed to "The Saint" (1997).

Ward was already committed to the Conservative Party and was elected Chairman of the Young Conservatives in the Wessex area.

murders committed   (совершенные убийства)

According to ArmeniaNow, "murders committed inside the police are not disclosed."

One of his first actions was to pursue and arrest Rivero's gang for the murders committed the previous August.

This prompted police to arrest Barnabet as a prime suspect, along with her father, of the numerous murders committed in the area.

committed a crime

The likelihood of prosecution might be small, but you've still committed a crime."

Of the twelve paroled convicts they were able to speak to, only one had committed a crime after release.

If the person commemorated with a portrait was found to have committed a crime, the portrait would be destroyed.

crimes committed during

He never faced any charges concerning crimes committed during the war.

The trial, for the crimes committed during 2002–2004, was originally scheduled to be held in February 2005.

With each gift given, crimes committed during the deceased's life are forgiven and the next life is progressively improved.

crime was committed

It is a fact that a crime was committed here in the city 800 years ago."

The king ordered that the house where the crime was committed was destroyed.

Their average age was 21 and 13 were under the age of 18 when the crime was committed.

committed the murder

A day later the same Germans who committed the murder came back and burned down 20 homes along with the livestock.

In April 2014, while incarcerated for other crimes, Thompson admitted to having committed the murder of Maria Marshall.

His wife's aunt, Mildred, assumes he committed the murder, with the phrase "He's probably one of those dreadful American gangsters".

committed themselves

Aschermittwoch-Gesellschaft, which was founded in 1914 and currently has around 650 members, has committed themselves to this tradition.

However, after the assassination of monarchist Calvo Sotelo by Republican Assault Guards in July 1936, the Carlists committed themselves unreservedly to Mola's conspiracy.

On this basis religious leaders have committed themselves to work together in order to prevent conflict, promote peaceful coexistence and encourage their communities to do the same.

murder committed

Miss Marple herself sees an apparent murder committed on a train running alongside hers.

Sonnichsen there were many methods by which frontier feuds were resolved and murder committed;

Opponents now had to use the Crown to settle disputes and it applied to murder committed in 'cold-blood' i.e.

committed adultery

If a woman committed adultery, she could be beaten or put to death.

While men were castrated, women who committed adultery were punished by confinement.

Husbands who committed adultery were punished with castration as required under this law.

later committed

The oldest brother of the family Che Weiren later committed a murder.

One of the five, Maurice Nyagumbo, later committed suicide after being charged with perjury.

Her younger brother told her he had been sexually abused at the home and later committed suicide.

organization committed

The "International Alliance for Mountain Film" (IAMF) is an organization committed to the future of mountain film.

Green Education Foundation (GEF) is a non-profit organization committed to creating a sustainable future through education.

Arts & Minds Arts & Minds is a non-profit organization committed to improving quality of life for people living with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

deeply committed

Frances was deeply committed to the abolitionist movement.

Churchill was deeply committed to imperialism and pushed back hard.

Gerry Adams is deeply committed to this issue and to seeing this injustice ended."