İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

local communities   (yerel topluluklar)

- Wildlife Film showings to local communities.

Most of these heritages are protected by local communities.

These are identified by local communities of different clans.

rural communities   (kırsal topluluklar)

Guabina is most popular in rural communities.

Ghana has continued to be a nation of rural communities.

He is the representation of how winter used to attack rural communities.

other communities   (diğer topluluklar)

Good roads were available to other communities.

But other communities have also taken up to dairying.

Most other communities prefer to use their own caste name.

surrounding communities   (çevre topluluklar)

Many students are bused in from surrounding communities.

Moi International Airport serves the city of Mombasa and surrounding communities.

Fighting spread through various Jos neighborhoods and to surrounding communities.

unincorporated communities   (tüzel kişiliği olmayan topluluklar)

Two unincorporated communities are known by this appellation.

The district serves the unincorporated communities of Ramirez and Sejita.

It also serves the unincorporated communities of Joliet, McNeil, and Soda Springs.

religious communities

There are also several other religious communities.

The other monastic and religious communities in Ribe were all closed.

There are about 1,000 religious communities, mostly Christian, in Angola.

indigenous communities   (yerli topluluklar)

Karp first came to Peru in the late 1970s to study its indigenous communities.

The coca leaf was, and still is, chewed almost universally by some indigenous communities.

In Jharkhand, Asur live in very poor conditions like most of the other indigenous communities.

small communities

There are also small communities of Sunni muslims.

There are very small communities in Cuenca and Ambato.

There are several small communities near the Dead Sea.

communities such

It passes through communities such as Shallow Lake, Hepworth, Wiarton, and Ferndale.

For some communities such as in Papua New Guinea and Cambodia spiders are included in traditional foods.

Jainism is found mainly in India and in oversea Indian communities such as the United States and Malaysia.

communities across   (genelinde topluluklar)

Historically Jainism was practiced by many communities across India.

The album had huge success in Iran and between the Persian communities across the globe.

The case caught the attention of many: Congress, Wall Street, and legal communities across the country.

plant communities

Diverse plant communities cover this area of steppes.

It is widespread among the plant communities of alpine heath and fjaeldmark.

Alder woodland and plant communities typical of marshy grassland are also present.

communities around   (etraftaki topluluklar)

By 1972, COG had 130 communities around the world.

It is found within immigrant communities around the world.

They may be seen today in Europe and in German immigrant communities around the world.

communities throughout

It also provides news to the media of the Portuguese communities throughout the world.

The Metro Police also had full jurisdiction with communities throughout Greater Boston.

OPPI members are committed to creating and fostering healthy communities throughout Ontario.

autonomous communities   (özerk topluluklar)

Andalusia is one of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain.

Andalusia ranks first by population among the 17 autonomous communities of Spain.

Unlike the national anthem, most of the anthems of the autonomous communities have words.

many communities

The urban landscape of Baku is shaped by many communities.

Historically Jainism was practiced by many communities across India.

Thousands of individuals from many communities attended the funeral protesting.

communities along

Thung Khru District has four communities along the Bangmod canal.

The highway passes through forest lands outside of the communities along the highway.

There are no communities along the SK Hwy 9 route which contributes to the entire NWWR.

residential communities

, it has 2 residential communities and 18 villages under its administration.

Blackridge Estates was and remains one of the area's largest residential communities.

The subdistrict was established in 1958 and , consists of eight residential communities.

smaller communities

There are also smaller communities in Western Europe.

Many smaller communities are only connected to this network via county roads.

There were also smaller communities of Vlachs, Mordvins, Ossetians, Udis, and Tats.

communities within

There are also some small Franciscan communities within European Protestantism and the Old Catholic Church.

Extreme conditions, such as flooding in a swamp, can create different kinds of communities within the same biome.

The unique ecosystems and communities within the limits of the reserve facilitated the categorization of a reserve zone as required by UNESCO.

nearby communities

It takes its name from the nearby communities of Ambrì and Piotta.

Many users of the lake live in the large nearby communities of Carbondale and Marion.

Other nearby communities on the lake are Garden Hill, St. Theresa Point and Wasagamack.

online communities

Few social search engines depend only on online communities.

She has also researched the ethnography of online communities.

Other online communities continue to share pornography on platforms that have not banned deepfake pornography.

ethnic communities

Other languages are also used by ethnic communities.

People from various ethnic communities came with their families.

Many other languages are used by New Zealand's minority ethnic communities.

following communities

The original 35 stores are located in the following communities.

The municipal unit of Amyntaio is divided into the following communities:

The municipal unit Moudania is subdivided into the following communities:

neighboring communities

Judson had chosen the location because he wanted to reach out to the neighboring communities.

The city exercises legal jurisdiction over the neighboring communities of Owingen and Sipplingen.

In addition, females sometimes leave their community and mate with males from neighboring communities.

immigrant communities   (göçmen toplulukları)

It is found within immigrant communities around the world.

Many sports are associated with New York's immigrant communities.

She works closely with immigrant communities to help navigate government services.

different communities

The relocation broke up extended families to different communities.

Widely different lists of maqam are found in different communities, e.g.

Up to 45 different communities live in the area and as many as 50 languages are spoken here.

various communities   (çeşitli topluluklar)

Eventually, the survivors regroup back at their various communities.

Savadi is a hamlet with a harmonious co-existence of various communities.

Prior to the birth of ASL, sign language had been used by various communities in the United States.

communities through

The road supported the economies of the communities through which it passed.

The secondary objective was to restore normalcy to communities through a coordinated security and social effort.

Across West Africa, the impact on local communities through the loss of the indigenous tongues will be significant.

farming communities

In Canada and the US, these are popular in many farming communities.

The new arrivals settled and developed prosperous farming communities.

It is ringed by mountains dotted with small, remote farming communities.

coastal communities   (kıyı toplulukları)

The whalingindustry was the mainstay for many New England coastal communities for over 200 years.

The whaling industry was the mainstay for many New England coastal communities for over 200 years.

It is estimated that 1.1 to 8.8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean from coastal communities each year.

minority communities   (azınlık toplulukları)

Ethnic minority communities have been in Belfast since the 1930s.

YJC has been a part of movement to challenge the impact of gang injunctions on young people in minority communities.

In support of this, Halimah has argued that the interests of minority communities are protected so long as other minority MPs are present.

several communities   (birkaç topluluk)

There are several communities in Jackson Township.

India is home to several communities of Jews.

The LDS Church has founded several communities in Alberta.

both communities

Concerns have been raised by both communities over the increasingly divided nature of the city.

Each year the Iowa-Grant football team plays Fennimore for the "milk can", because both communities have cheese factories.

Born in Macomb, Illinois, McMillan grew up on a farm near Walnut Grove, Illinois (both communities are in McDonough County).

communities include

Nearby communities include Victoire and Debden.

Other communities include Hindus and Muslims.

Other communities include Elie, Oak Bluff, Sanford, Starbuck, Ste.

serves the communities

LRHS serves the communities of Eagle Lake, South Winter Haven, North Bartow.

It also serves the communities of Arrowsic, Georgetown, West Bath, and Woolwich.

Founded in 1974, KETR serves the communities of Northeast Texas and A&M-Commerce.

black communities   (kara topluluklar)

This appointment made him responsible for the black communities' housing.

The film was screened in theaters in only about 20 mostly black communities.

There autonomous black communities developed in Spanish Florida, though not simultaneously.

all communities   (tüm topluluklar)

Alex Wind said the protests were about ending gun violence against all communities.

Abhimani also aims to educate all communities on daily issues faced by LGBT people.

Besides there are other village industries in which all communities can engage themselves.

schools and communities

Leadership in art education: Taking action in schools and communities.

The Anorthosis Famagusta Futsal club was founded on a desire to produce a futsal squad that could regularly compete at the highest level, together with a commitment to introduce and accelerate the game's development in surrounding schools and communities.

The Center for Schools and Communities works in with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to assist schools and communities as they research, select and implement bullying prevention programs and initiatives.

urban communities

As of 2010, 78% lives in urban communities with 22% in rural communities.

It was represented in the urban communities by "Steuerkommissar" and in the rural districts by "Kriegskommissar" (later "Kreisdirektor") officials.

The 1945 Attlee Government set up a New Towns Commission to formally consider how best to repair and rebuild urban communities ravaged in World War II.

through the communities

The route passes through the communities of Berrysburg, Gratz, Sacramento, and Hegins.

Along the way it passes through the communities of Cartwright, Glenboro, Carberry, Neepawa, McCreary, Ste.

The highway serves as an easterly bypass of metropolitan Toledo, passing through the communities of Northwood and Oregon.

families and communities

They should reject her ‘gospel’ of hate and division in families and communities.

Uniforms and weaponry were handed down from generation to generation within families and communities.

Drugs (sic) are illegal because they are harmful—they destroy lives and cause untold misery to families and communities".

between the communities

Potomac Creek's source lies between the communities of Glendie and Paynes Corner in Stafford County.

Highway 244 serves as a north–south route between the communities of Mahtomedi, Willernie, and Dellwood.

The following year, the Utopia Land Company bought of land between the communities of Jamaica and Flushing.

remote communities   (uzak topluluklar)

South Star sells fresh medicines and goods in remote communities.

The research conducted by the commission covered nearly all national territories affected by the internal conflict, with an emphasis on remote communities.

In 2008, Fairfax founded the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation in a bid to support people in rural and remote communities throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.

communities including

This is in addition to six Mapuche communities including four in Toltén and one Lautaro and Victoria.

Celebrities are found across a spectrum of activities and communities including acting, politics, fashion, sports and music.

The Two Rivers High School and school district serves of rural communities including Ola, Plainview, Rover, Casa, and Briggsville.

own communities

The scouts also help share the message of conservation in their own communities.

OGame is available in multiple languages, and different nationalities have their own communities.

Under the agreement, mayors "strive to meet or beat the Kyoto Protocol targets in their own communities".

new communities

For example, in 2016 four new communities were created in the City and County of Cardiff.

The Tuskegee Women's Club also helped to form new communities and construct social services.

Besides creating new communities, cult films can link formerly disparate groups, such as fans and critics.

includes the communities

The area region includes the communities of:

neighbouring communities

It is respected by the people in the congregation as well as in neighbouring communities.

The RMV is planning to upgrade the line in response to demands from the neighbouring communities and districts.

It covers its namesake community of Betws-y-Coed, as well as the neighbouring communities of Dolwyddelan and Capel Curig.

tribal communities

There are four tribal communities inhabiting this area: Mavilan, Malavettuva Kudiya and Marati.

The Doras collected taxes from the Gumang chiefs of the Savara tribal communities residing in different villages.

Perhaps, the "Mukkuvan" (fishermen) community and some tribal communities like "Ulladan" were the early settlers.

communities as well   (topluluklar da)

It is mostly occupied by the Limboo tribe including small population of other communities as well.

Besides the Patriarchate-affiliated church, Latvia has a number of Old Believer Orthodox Christian communities as well.

Since Glomeromycota fungi live inside plant roots, they can be influenced substantially by their plant host and in return affect plant communities as well.

communities living   (yaşayan topluluklar)

Particularly large Rufiji floods can significantly damage the communities living along the Rufiji River.

This group streamlined the first effort to Christianize Cuman communities living outside the Pannonian Basin.

The Old East Jordanian dialect continued to be used into the first century AD by pagan communities living to the east of the Jordan.

suburban communities

Students come from Philadelphia and its surrounding suburban communities.

The road is intended to serve the fast-growing suburban communities of Cedar Park and Leander.

The major Jewish suburban communities include Evanston, Skokie, Glencoe, Northbrook, and Highland Park.

mining communities

SR 78 connects Appalachian with several coal mining communities in western Wise County.

In mining communities one of the most successful stores was the British Canadian Co-operative Society in Sydney Mines.

The hospital, which was paid for from subscriptions by local mining communities, opened as the Nantyglo Hospital on 2 January 1911.

marginalized communities   (marjinal topluluklar)

Asia Catalyst works only with CBOs that represent marginalized communities.

A common argument for school vouchers is that it allows for marginalized communities of color to be uplifted from poverty.

Further, while some voucher programs may explicitly be aimed at marginalized communities, this is not necessarily always the case.

diverse communities

It is also home to diverse communities from across the Commonwealth.

He attempts to use historic research that often explores the unpleasant as a positive tool that can bring resolution to diverse communities.

This is one of the largest bodies of open water in the county and it has rich and diverse communities of breeding, wintering and passage birds.

isolated communities

The isolated communities are often culturally and linguistically diverse.

His zealous followers, also persecuted, formed isolated communities in Tigray.

Today, the situation has quieted but the tension remains, especially in very isolated communities.

between communities

The social interaction between communities and within communities is greatly affected by migration.

The program aims to create unity between communities that have become targets of racial profiling and suspicion.

Perceived as race riots between communities, the main motives were related to racial tension and inner city deprivation.

underserved communities   (yetersiz hizmet alan topluluklar)

Classroom Champions is a non-profit organization partnering Olympic and Paralympic athletes with students and teachers in underserved communities.

At the end of the 1960s, the national leadership saw the underserved communities, primarily in urban areas, and created their new "Urban Emphasis."

The Free4Life Foundation has created opportunities that inspire, support, encourage and strengthen the healthy development of young people in Boston's underserved communities.

fishing communities   (balıkçı toplulukları)

Mann's early paintings from the 1880s are mainly of fishing communities in Yorkshire.

It exists to serve the coastal fishing communities of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Alutiiq people today live in coastal fishing communities, where they work in all aspects of the modern economy.

diaspora communities   (diaspora toplulukları)

Other notable Teochew diaspora communities are in Vietnam and France.

Some diaspora communities maintain strong political ties with their homeland.

Armenians, Berbers and Kurds have diaspora communities of c. 1–2 million each.

individuals and communities

They see poverty as trapping individuals and communities with some people in urgent need.

Chamberlain started the Byron Chamberlain Foundation in 2000 to assist underserved individuals and communities.

SEM physicians are frequently involved in promoting the therapeutic benefits of physical activity, exercise and sport for the individuals and communities.

poor communities

He also initiated the "Invitation to Law Program" for teaching law at elementary schools and high schools, particularly at poor communities.

From this embassy, Givens launched the Poor People’s Development Foundation (PPDF), which sought to help poor communities develop cooperatives.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps The Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) is an organization of lay volunteers who volunteer one year or more to community service with poor communities.

disadvantaged communities   (dezavantajlı topluluklar)

When public budgets are slashed, the primary victims are disadvantaged communities who typically are not well organized.

Rosenbaum focuses on disadvantaged communities like Detroit, where not only almost half of the population are not functionally literate, but 40.3% also live in poverty.

The event was established in 2013 and benefits three organisations; the Smile Britannia Project - benefiting disadvantaged communities in London, The Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Foundation, and Temwa.

communities of color   (renk toplulukları)

It is a community news publication that primarily covers communities of color and issues important to those communities.

A common argument for school vouchers is that it allows for marginalized communities of color to be uplifted from poverty.

These movements rarely extended to communities of color viewed as “slums”, which was suggestive of racism and class privilege.

communities outside   (dışarıdaki topluluklar)

Most of them live in Israel or are Israeli expatriates, but many in Jewish communities outside Israel have undertaken its study.

The Armenian community of Moscow is one of the largest Armenian communities outside Armenia and one of the largest ethnic minorities of Moscow.

The tradition is still in use in many Chinese communities outside mainland China, but largely disused in China because of social changes from communism.

microbial communities   (mikrobiyal topluluklar)

Thrombolite Thrombolites are ancient forms of microbial communities that can be photosynthetic or heterotrophic.

These microbial communities play a significant role in the microbial loop as well as in global biogeochemical cycles.

The surface of sea ice also allows the formation of frost flowers, which have their own unique microbial communities.

gated communities

New, affluent, gated communities are growing.

South Laguna contains the private gated communities of Three Arch Bay and Lagunita as well as the recently completed Montage Hotel Resort.

Dhahran is unique in a way that majority of the population live inside gated communities, whether built by Saudi Aramco, KFUPM or military.