İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

unincorporated community   (tüzel kişiliği olmayan topluluk)

Roberts Creek is an unincorporated community.

He lives in the unincorporated community of Letha, Idaho.

It was named after the unincorporated community of Osceola.

local community   (Yerel topluluk)

The local community radio station is Phonic FM.

Cape Town has many local community newspapers.

The building was also used for some local community functions.

community service   (toplum hizmeti)

He performed over 1,000 hours of community service.

Both were sentenced to 50 hours of community service.

The verdict was probation and 75 hours community service.

international community   (Uluslararası topluluk)

The international community sees the area as Syrian territory.

The international community in response sent emergency rations.

The "international community" in Brussels numbers at least 70,000 people.

community located   (topluluk bulundu)

Blue Vista, Arizona Blue Vista is an unincorporated community located in Arizona.

Zoar, Delaware Zoar is an unincorporated community located in Sussex County, Delaware.

Pilot Grove, Texas Pilot Grove, Texas is a community located in Grayson County, Texas.

community development   (topluluk gelişimi)

Many U.S. trends in community development originated in Eugene.

He also co-chaired the municipal community development committee.

DAMAC Hills is a golf community development located in Dubailand.

autonomous community   (özerk topluluk)

The autonomous community has its own Parliament.

It is the least populous autonomous community in Spain.

The autonomous community of the Canary Islands was established in 1982.

community members   (topluluk üyeleri)

There was no consultation with community members.

Most community members were previously living at Bayulu.

Currently, not all community members practice initiation.

small community   (küçük topluluk)

Renwer is a small community found in the Minitonas RM.

Japanese Americans are a small community in Baltimore.

The small community is largely a satellite town of Valka.

scientific community   (bilimsel topluluk)

Their approach is rooted in scientific community metaphor.

the public and the scientific community .

This protein is not yet well understood by the scientific community.

community was named   (topluluk seçildi)

The community was named in honor of Mr. Buchanan.

The community was named after one Mr. Silas East.

The community was named after Damascus, in Syria.

unincorporated community located   (tüzel kişiliği olmayan topluluk)

Blue Vista, Arizona Blue Vista is an unincorporated community located in Arizona.

Zoar, Delaware Zoar is an unincorporated community located in Sussex County, Delaware.

Fourmile, Kentucky Fourmile is an unincorporated community located in Bell County, Kentucky.

community college   (topluluk koleji)

Mailhot got her GED and attended community college.

It became a full community college on July 1, 1946.

Most often, a "college" is a community college, not a university.

community center   (toplum Merkezi)

In 1994 a community center was completed in Secunda.

In 1870 was founded a community center "Saedinenie".

An Armenian community center was opened in year 2000.

community is located   (topluluk yer alıyor)

The community is located off of County Road 85.

The community is located along the Musquodoboit River.

The community is located at the mouth of Tangier River.

rural community   (kırsal toplum)

Santa Marta is a rural community in the Department of Cabañas.

Mayo has remained an essentially rural community to the present day.

Several rural community radio stations function with foreign funding.

community radio   (topluluk radyosu)

The local community radio station is Phonic FM.

Bush Radio is a community radio station (89.5 MHz FM).

Radiofabrik Radiofabrik is Salzburg’s community radio.

community centre   (toplum Merkezi)

Today it serves as a Protestant community centre.

), Keilor Downs Police Station and a community centre.

4 more schools were built along with a community centre.

community groups   (topluluk grupları)

The churches have facilities that are used for a range of community groups.

This is a vibrant parade with local primary schools and community groups joining in.

It also is available to hire by community groups, businesses and for social occasions.

community leaders   (topluluk liderleri)

Parents and community leaders protested the proposed closure.

Other community leaders hosted chat rooms and provided online help.

The organization consists of parents, alumni, and community leaders.

black community   (kara topluluk)

Physical assault is also prevalent for the black community.

It was a time of flourishing projects in the black community.

The response from Miami's black community was more conflicted.

community colleges   (topluluk kolejleri)

Today GCCC is one of 19 Kansas community colleges.

Today, GCCC is one of 19 Kansas community colleges.

Sinclair is acclaimed as one of the country's best community colleges.

business community   (iş topluluğu)

Those surveyed typically includes members of academia, and the business community.

The majority of the private business community is made up of Marwaris and Biharis.

Many members of the business community opposed the Americans with Disabilities Act.

community events   (Topluluk olayları)

The church plays host to many community events.

Other community events are also held throughout the year.

Covering politics, entertainment, sports and community events.

within the community   (topluluk içinde)

Dodye was active and trusted within the community.

There are 478 housing units within the community.

Highway 2 becomes Highway 102 within the community.

farming community   (tarım topluluğu)

Bothwell was founded as a farming community in 1894.

It remains the site of a significant farming community.

At the time it was a small farming community.

through the community   (topluluk aracılığıyla)

The Sheboygan River passes through the community.

The Neches River flows through the community.

This is where Hinkston Creek flows through the community.

community organizations   (topluluk organizasyonları)

ARTnerships are community organizations that share TSA's vision.

Callahan is involved with a number of civic and community organizations.

Develops and maintains contact with community organizations, press and media.

religious community   (dini topluluk)

Hindus are the largest religious community of the city.

Wilfrid had been in charge of the religious community at Selsey.

He is the first Beaumont bishop to be a member of a religious community.

residential community   (yerleşim topluluğu)

The area developed in the early 1900s as a beachfront residential community.

, it has 1 residential community () and 8 villages under its administration.

The floating residential community MS "The World" visited Astoria in June 2009.

new community   (yeni topluluk)

Eventually, the new community was named With Authority!

At first, the new community was named Hausen.

He named Mother St. Madeleine superior of the new community.

particular community   (belirli topluluk)

Labor recruitment was the basis of this particular community.

World War I (WWI) memorials are a tribute to those who served, and those who died, from a particular community.

Indabas may include only the izinDuna of a particular community, or they may be held with representatives of other communities.

gay community   (eşcinsel topluluk)

Many of its members come from the gay community.

It is no longer used as a meeting place for the gay community.

It is also made to raise self-acceptance within the gay community.

community through   (topluluk aracılığıyla)

They aim to bridge the gap between land and community through public markets.

Topol first gained eminence in the OpenStack community through his work on security.

Part of the objective of the Enlaces program is to help the community through adult education.

other community   (diğer topluluk)

in the 1920s, and other community efforts.

The plaza is home to concerts, festivals, and other community events.

Other facilities include: The hospital also houses other community health providers.

community radio station   (topluluk radyo istasyonu)

The local community radio station is Phonic FM.

Bush Radio is a community radio station (89.5 MHz FM).

- 106.6 MHz, a community radio station.

community or cultural   (topluluk veya kültürel)

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

community development block   (topluluk geliştirme bloğu)

The western part of the region shown in the map is covered by Dhanbad (community development block).

Farakka Barrage Township is located in Farakka (community development block) in Murshidabad district.

community health   (toplum Sağlığı)

Its goal is to build sustainable community health systems at scale.

There is a community health centre adjacent to Thiruvangoor Higher Secondary School.

RACS has been an active supporter of community health initiatives for several decades.

community hall   (topluluk salonu)

The Panchayat office has library and a community hall.

It has a community hall and a postal outlet.

By 1947 a community hall had been built.

community leader   (toplum lideri)

Her father became a carpenter-builder and a community leader.

It was a home of June D. Drake, a community leader within Silverton.

She was an educator, political activist, public servant, and a community leader.

intelligence community   (Istihbarat topluluğu)

Only top members of the U.S. intelligence community were aware of these events.

During this time, it became a significant site of intelligence community activity.

He served in the intelligence community, and was discharged with the rank of major.

online community   (çevrimiçi topluluk)

The incident gained fast publicity among the Bulgarian online community.

Some have said that a trickster is a type of online community character.

As a result, he doesn't gain as much popularity from the online community.

community outreach   (topluluk erişimi)

It has 03 UGC sponsored community outreach centers.

Recent community outreach concerts included the following:

The company is also engaged in education and community outreach.

sense of community   (Topluluk duygusu)

Classes are set up in a way that promotes more creativity and a sense of community.

The sense of community was a defining characteristic of the order since the beginning.

Roshan eventually warms to the place and wholeheartedly embraces the sense of community.

serve the community   (topluluğa hizmet et)

Two churches serve the community.

KIYE KIYE (88.7 FM) is a radio station licensed to serve the community of Kamiah, Idaho.

Recently he has retired as the President of AICU, but still continues to serve the community.

community services   (topluluk hizmetleri)

Remaining residents were integrated into community services or other state-operated programs.

The community services began its activities in 1897, the Swiss Post established an office in 1911.

The Sara Lee Foundation was founded in 1981 to formalize Sara Lee's dedication to community services.

community based   (topluluk temelli)

Turning around: for a community based technology.

He led community based health services in the National Health Service.

Trailer Park continues to evolve as a community based project in New York.

community involvement   (toplum katılımı)

During the early Ummayad period, there was more community involvement.

Despite its remoteness, Rainbow prides itself on community involvement.

Precision Camera is also known for its community involvement initiatives.

hours of community   (saatlerce topluluk)

He performed over 1,000 hours of community service.

Both were sentenced to 50 hours of community service.

In December 2015 he was sentenced to do 50 hours of community service.

academic community   (akademik topluluk)

Somkiat represented the Thai academic community.

The academic community has been widely critical of the book.

Some of the accomplishments of the UBM academic community are:

community support   (topluluk desteği)

Through community support, LHS puts on two major productions a year.

The library opened in August 1905 after much community support and work.

Those with very good family and community support are most likely to succeed."

medical community   (tıp topluluğu)

The technology has been widely acclaimed by the medical community.

Ambiguous definitions can create concerns in the medical community.

The resistance from churches, the medical community and society in general diminished.

largest community   (en büyük topluluk)

The religion with the largest community of followers is Islam.

It is one of the largest community foundations in the country.

Minnedosa itself was the largest community in the constituency.

wider community   (daha geniş bir topluluk)

This does not preclude them from being active in the wider community.

The Cleland Club is the former miners Working men's club, now used by the wider community.

RMIT Music Collective is affectionately called 'RMIT Music' by its members and wider community.

community within   (içindeki topluluk)

Surrey-Tynehead is an urban community within Metro Vancouver.

Laurel herself asserts that girls found a community within the game.

The abbey describes itself an "ecumenical community within the Catholic tradition".

community life   (toplum hayatı)

Many clubs promote the town's community life.

Ciokaraine remained active in community life even after retiring.

Many of her drawings reconstruct traditional Inuit community life.

surrounding community   (çevreleyen topluluk)

Widener has several initiatives aimed at benefiting the surrounding community.

The Walterses had earned their money from operating a nursery in the surrounding community.

Organizational culture tends to display the same ethical views of the surrounding community.

bedroom community   (yatak odası topluluğu)

Odawara is also a bedroom community for Yokohama and Tokyo.

Kira is a bedroom community for Kampala.

Warman is often referred to as a bedroom community of Saskatoon.

community centers   (toplum Merkezleri)

They visited death camps and Jewish community centers.

They were often very small and located in small rooms in city halls or community centers.

A newspaper in 1980 reported that community centers were offering snow skin mooncake making courses.

community activities   (topluluk aktiviteleri)

James was a leader in community activities in Brentford.

People with are often excluded from community activities.

Mousehole hosts a vibrant variety of festivals and community activities.

agricultural community   (tarım topluluğu)

The village is part of a thriving farming and agricultural community, and a local quarry.

The oxen, the signeurial homes and agricultural community became known as the Ramo Grande.

At first, the town of Sabana Grande was connected to the agricultural community of Chacao.

research community   (araştırma topluluğu)

ICOS is a state-of-the-art facility for the European research community.

The fishing and scientific research community of Bamfield lies on its farther shore.

Menon has held several professional leadership roles as an active member of the marketing research community.

monastic community   (manastır topluluğu)

Each monastic community, also, had one of its own.

This building became the centre of a monastic community.

This became a first true monastic community.

planned community   (planlanmış topluluk)

Lippo Karawaci, a planned community, is located here.

a half-built sixteen-acre planned community.

The completion of this planned community was scheduled to be in 1970.

entire community   (tüm topluluk)

The cooperative owns the entire community; residents own their homes and hold shares in the cooperative.

In 1969, Bill Christ bought the entire community and opened a new gas station as well as a general store.

Holy Week is marked with colorful processions on Good Friday and on Pascha, with the entire community engaged.

near the community   (topluluğun yakınında)

It is near the community of Raquette Lake, New York.

It is near the community of Zoar.

The privately owned and operated Homewood Airport is located near the community.

community activist   (topluluk aktivisti)

An active human rights and political and community activist.

Kaiyamo is still an active Swapo member and a community activist.

But soon community activist groups sprung up out of the negativity."

arts community   (sanat topluluğu)

He was active in the politics and arts community of Houston.

Rodin remains one of the few sculptors widely known outside the visual arts community.

The Guild began as a safe haven for artists who had been taken advantage of in the arts community.

community projects   (topluluk projeleri)

The evening inspired people to get involved in community projects.

In the 1970s, Eugene was packed with cooperative and community projects.

Overall, the company contributes 10% of Ryan’s profits to community projects nationwide.

small unincorporated community   (küçük tüzel kişiliği olmayan topluluk)

Cego, Texas Cego is a very small unincorporated community in west Falls County, Texas, United States.

Gum Grove, Ohio Gum Grove is a small unincorporated community in Warren County, in the U.S. state of Ohio.

Pekin, Iowa Pekin is a small unincorporated community in northwestern Jefferson County, Iowa, United States.

community located within   (içinde bulunan topluluk)

Hillhurst, Calgary Hillhurst is a community located within the inner city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Vauxhall, New Jersey Vauxhall is an unincorporated community located within Union Township in Union County, New Jersey, United States.

Towaco, New Jersey Towaco is an unincorporated community located within Montville Township in Morris County, New Jersey, United States.

community as well   (topluluk da)

Numerous parks and benches are scattered through the community as well.

As for education, its library served the local community as well as the school.

Waiōhinu is the name of the community as well as the "ahupua'a", Native Hawaiian subdivision.

own community   (kendi topluluğu)

The language of one's own community was referred to as or .

Both forks were actively developed and had formed their own community following.

Amid all these labours Hartog was through life a keen helper of his own community.

large community   (büyük topluluk)

There is a large community of immigrants in Boquete.

The Murti's range in size from for homes to over for large community celebrations.

This has led to a large community of players who create new vehicles and tracks to race with.

first community   (ilk topluluk)

The first community consisted of six sisters.

Was the first community physician in 1837.

The former is the first community radio station of Makwanpur district.

community engagement   (Toplum katılımı)

Wesleyan students are highly active in community engagement projects.

Lastly, community engagement is important to Bell Shoals Baptist Church.

It also won the MediaGuardian's innovation award for community engagement in 2008.


The duration of cooperation is determined by the epistemic community’s continued power.

For most of the community’s history, La Broquerie has been ranked as Manitoba’s largest dairy producer.

An epistemic community’s scope of cooperation is directly linked to the comprehensiveness of their beliefs.

community building   (topluluk binası)

The dance group is a place of community building and connection.

G Block went up for sale with the intent for use as a community building.

It was used as a school until 1949, and now serves as a local community building.

public community   (halk topluluğu)

Cloud Technical and Community College is a public community college in St.

Oxnard College Oxnard College is a public community college in Oxnard, California.

Iḷisaġvik College Iḷisaġvik College () is a public community college in Utqiagvik, Alaska.

global community   (Global topluluk)

The song's theme is "universal love" to match with the global community of the Olympic Games.

Technology is a key provider in learning about globalization and participating in the global community.

SKIP believes in the global community's responsibility to promote universal quality education and eradicate poverty.

school community   (okul topluluğu)

Several other students also participate in sports outside of the school community.

Till 1993 he was rector (head of daily ongoings) of the secondary school community in Ter Apel.

The Festival aims to celebrate the broad diversity of cultures represented in the school community.

community s   (topluluk)

The duration of cooperation is determined by the epistemic community’s continued power.

For most of the community’s history, La Broquerie has been ranked as Manitoba’s largest dairy producer.

An epistemic community’s scope of cooperation is directly linked to the comprehensiveness of their beliefs.

community council   (topluluk konseyi)

Crymych, which is twinned with Plomelin in Brittany, has an elected community council.

The community of Abersychan was formed in 1985, but no community council has yet been formed.

In Anchorage, Jake has served on the Anchorage Airport Advisory Council and his community council.

community school   (okul topluluğu)

He is Jewish and was "bar mitzvahed in a secular Jewish community school."

Oku Onuora formed a community school in the area and organized in the area.

It was established in 2010 as a community school and became an academy in 2013.

music community   (müzik topluluğu)

Eugene is also home to a large Zimbabwean music community.

He is a well-known figure in the electronic music community.

Copenhagen is home to the "K-Town" punk and hardcore music community.

community during   (sırasında topluluk)

He established a community during the Roman era on Ramsey Island.

Bohdan was actively involved in Calgary's Ukrainian community during the 1970s.

The Braves received a great deal of support from the community during the 1980 season.

community began   (topluluk başladı)

The community began to recruit local vocations in 1984.

In July, a Confessing Church community began in Velbert.

Work on the community began in 1961 and was completed by 1965.

art community   (sanat topluluğu)

Morani also left a lasting impression on the art community.

She became very active in the art community around North Orange County.

The MCA called him a vital part of Chicago's art community for over fifty years.

whole community   (tüm topluluk)

The whole community of a given region is regional.

In the absence of a "datu", the "babaylan" could take charge of the whole community.

It is the end of winter and the beginning of celebrations involving the whole community.

many community   (birçok topluluk)

The church plays host to many community events.

As councillor, Clifford was an active supporter of many community and civic causes.

Managers employing epidemiology in hospitals might not conduct many community surveys.

community area   (topluluk alanı)

Chicago Jewish Day School is in the community area.

Chicago Public Schools serves residents of the community area.

In the 1930s, the community area became known as Belmont Cragin.

community work   (topluluk çalışması)

Rajouria was known for his leadership, community work and charity.

In 1972, she was inducted into the Order of Canada for her community work.

Crowd-sourced community work on the project continued for 3 weeks until June 7, 2012.

mining community   (maden topluluğu)

Silver Zone had its start in 1872 as a mining community.

Coal Valley was platted in 1867 as a coal mining community.

The former mining community was named for an eagle seen in the area.

community at large   (topluluk geneli)

and the community at large.

He gave himself over completely to his Hasidim, his students, and the community at large.

The money was raised by MMR students through activities in school and in the community at large.

gated community   (kapılı topluluk)

Ridge Landing is a gated community with grass taxiways and all roadways separate.

Beach and Bay are for residents and renters living in Glenbrook's gated community.

It can be called a gated community, surrounded by the thick forests of the Western Ghats.

community is served   (topluluğa hizmet edilir)

The community is served by the Island Lake Airport.

The community is served by the 33527 ZIP Code.

The community is served by a 33619 ZIP Code.

community group   (topluluk grubu)

PISM is a non-profit community group based in Pondok Indah.

Sponsorship was by the Pacific Improvement Club community group.

It is a social networking community language rather than a social community group language.

community took   (topluluk aldı)

The community took its name from nearby Money Creek.

The community took its name from the Loxahatchee River.

The community took its name from nearby Bald Eagle Lake.

community called   (topluluk aradı)

It was founded in 1767 as a Volga German community called Baronsk ().

The group of houses are part of a 2,000-house community called Tuscan Lakes.

Found in a community called Lassia-Tuolu, the school was nicknamed after it.