Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

other companies   (otras compañías)

This example was followed by some other companies.

He owns other companies, including Pacific Clay.

Electricity is also produced by 156 other companies.

companies such   (empresas como)

Frames are produced by companies such as Pacific Cycles, Taiwan.

Parcel companies such as UPS and FedEx have used them for decades.

Chedid spent years in Saudi Arabia, working at companies such as DHL.

private companies   (compañías privadas)

He has also been an investor in other private companies.

However, several private companies continue in glass production.

International links are provided by a number of private companies.

insurance companies   (las compañías de seguros)

Banks and insurance companies were mostly bankrupt.

He worked for insurance companies from 1945 to 1952.

Taxpayers consist of banks, bankers and insurance companies.

companies including

This fund invested in a number of companies including Taptu.

The change was seen as benefitting U.S. auto companies including Tesla.

Flying teams have been sponsored by companies including Oracle and Red Bull.

several companies

Fukui is home to several companies, including:

Data communications are provided by several companies.

Verreault served on several companies' board of directors.

oil companies

The major prospecting oil companies in the area are Shell and Agip.

It is a subsidiary of Sinopec, one of China's national oil companies.

As of July 2018, there were over 60 registered oil companies in Kenya.

production companies

The production companies were 5B Productions and Empyrean Pictures.

Notable French film distribution and/or production companies include:

It also allows film production companies to rent equipment for filming.

railway companies

He also attacked a number of early railway companies.

the railway companies.

In 1860, many railway companies and lines crossed through and terminated in Buffalo.

record companies   (compañías discográficas)

Before 1958, gold records were awarded by record companies.

Several record companies had by now shown interest in signing him.

A series of popular pieces were recorded for two record companies.

both companies

BCR Chișinău serves both companies and individuals.

Apparently to their surprise, both companies refused.

Stockholders would have equal shares in both companies.

technology companies   (empresas tecnológicas)

This triggered a "war" between major technology companies in the mobile market.

Despite this, he is a venture capitalist, investing in GNR technology companies.

Poizner has started and run technology companies in Silicon Valley for over 35 years.

many companies

The 1970s saw nationalization of many companies.

The Chaminade Opera Group was now one of many companies.

The oil industry was too large and many companies merged.

mining companies

Most new French coal mining companies asked for admission.

Certain mining companies undertook illegal mining in 2004.

Pilok's mining companies had to close down, and the mines were abandoned.

pharmaceutical companies   (compañías farmacéuticas)

Random42 works with small start up biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Bayer Health Care and Berlin Chemie are major pharmaceutical companies in the city.

At this time, German and Swiss pharmaceutical companies dominated the Swedish market.

number of companies   (número de empresas)

Stocks were issued by a number of companies in the region.

This fund invested in a number of companies including Taptu.

A number of companies offer custom-built rear shocks for motorcycles.

various companies

Classes have also been held at various companies in South Carolina.

In his career in business, Chandy worked in and led various companies.

Salsano sits on the board of various companies as a shareholder and advisor.

foreign companies

Corporate services for foreign companies employ some 3% of the workforce.

As of December 2005, over 270 foreign companies had been admitted to the AIM.

The Park is home to several thousand foreign companies and research institutes.

large companies

There are several large companies, e.g.

Many of them have been large companies.

A series of large companies, e.g.

group of companies

HSC is part of the HUGHES group of companies.

Artex became part of the BPB group of companies in 1966.

The business was restructured in 2005 as a group of companies.

different companies

There are numerous types of ERGs existing at different companies.

Haldar also took part-time jobs in different companies in Kolkata.

Several models of the Clavioline were produced by different companies.

media companies

Therefore, it only helps the big media companies.

This has fundamental implications for market-based media companies.

If the company grows and is sold, the media companies receive cash for their shares.

theatre companies

He founded and operated two theatre companies.

After completing his studies, Hamzeh created two theatre companies in Los Angeles.

The company was one of the first theatre companies to maintain a permanent orchestra.

companies involved

Production companies involved in the series include MVMT.

Production companies involved with the series include A24.

Production companies involved with the film include SunnyMarch.

companies operating

In 2002, there were approximately 2,000 manufacturing companies operating in the country.

He also sought to include companies operating aircraft under the emissions trading regime.

"See Passenger transport executive" See List of companies operating trains in the United Kingdom.

major companies   (Compañías mayores)

He worked directly with heads of state and CEOs of major companies.

In the 20th century, major companies that developed included SKF (1907) and Volvo (1927).

The major companies using it are Stagecoach Chesterfield, Stagecoach Mansfield and TM Travel.

shipping companies   (compañías de envío)

Guyana's foreign trade is handled by foreign shipping companies.

The shipping companies of the family remain as Lundqvistrederierna.

Wilhelmsen, one of the world's largest shipping companies, since 1978.

public companies   (empresas públicas)

The share of this sector operated by public companies is 97%.

Throughout his career, he has served on the audit committees of ten public companies.

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange consists of 19 listed public companies.

bus companies

There are several national bus companies in Cuba.

The area is mostly served by buses from different bus companies.

This further increased acquisitions by NZR of small bus companies.

international companies

Many German and international companies have business or service centers in the city.

MIKES’s customers include both Finnish and international companies as well as the public sector.

ATSSA's member partnerships include approximately 11,630 members, 1,450 companies, and 48 international companies.

manufacturing companies

Porcelain manufacturing companies in Europe

He went on to form two other aircraft manufacturing companies in the 1930s.

Over the years most of those manufacturing companies have either closed or relocated.

operating companies

Here is a list of stations, their locations, and operating companies.

Ericsson got almost one-third of its sales under the control of its telephone operating companies.

Calera Capital makes equity investments in operating companies with enterprise values up to $1 billion.

companies based

The pair set up 18 stock-bearer companies based in Panama.

In total there are currently 98 high-tech companies based at the site.

The firm focuses on companies based in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Israel.

member companies

The current member companies of TEMA (in alphabetical order) are:

It has around 800 member companies.

Average interest yield offered by the member companies is 14.32%.

construction companies

Many large construction companies operate in the town as well.

Kazic has since worked with several construction companies in Germany.

Ivone Grassetto, owner of one of the biggest Italian construction companies.

local companies

He held several directorships in local companies.

The supply of securities came primarily from local companies.

Several local companies operated bus services in the village.

opera companies

There were few opera companies at all in the United States in 1958.

The work is performed as an operetta in many professional opera companies.

The musical has also become part of the repertoire of a few opera companies.

largest companies

Walton is the one of the largest companies of Bangladesh.

27 of the country's 100 largest companies are located there.

Many of the largest companies in the country are based in the city.

multinational companies   (Compañías multinacionales)

Several Spanish multinational companies operate in Andorra.

Mexican multinational companies Cemex and Mexichem operate in Finland.

Mexican multinational companies such as Cemex and Nemak operate in Hungary.

independent companies

Intellectual Ventures has created a number of independent companies to bring its discoveries to mass market.

Boutique pedals are designed by smaller, independent companies and are typically produced in limited quantities.

In June 2013, 32 BVBA fashion house split the Ann Demeulemeester and Ackermann labels into two independent companies.

holding companies

He would later go on to invest in a number of real estate holding companies.

Ebasco was then required to register its holding companies and comply with SEC orders.

Companies whose elections to be treated as financial holding companies are effective include:

companies began

Supplement companies began to create more powerful forms of pre-workout.

In the mid-1980s, companies began designing fire suits to prominently display team sponsors.

American companies began recording Greek music performed by these immigrants as early as 1896.

new companies

The old facility continued to house new companies of Provost Guards.

The others were new companies.

Software was offered for all kinds of solutions from many new companies.

publishing companies

Doubleday, Page & Co. became one of the great book publishing companies of the 20th century.

Her original manuscript was rejected by such publishing companies as Hodder and Stoughton and Methuen.

Under this law there were nationalized all of the 169 publishing companies in Bulgaria (64 of them in Sofia).

small companies

It covers all aspects of managing small companies.

The Admirant has been renovated into an office building for small companies.

Skyscrapers usually took on large numbers of relatively small companies as their tenants.

tobacco companies   (empresas tabacaleras)

1996) (rejecting nationwide class action against tobacco companies).

Malang is also the home of one of the famous tobacco companies, namely Bentoel.

After the case, tobacco companies viewed the ruling as a victory in their favor.

companies include

Other well-known companies include Yokohama Rubber.

Partnership companies include Millipore Sigma, BASF, Chr.

Examples of platform companies include Microsoft and Intel.

subsidiary companies   (compañías subsidiarias)

It one of the subsidiary companies of CRRC Limited.

In total Vingroup has 48 subsidiary companies.

PFC presently has ten subsidiary companies.

listed companies

There are currently 27 listed companies.

AIM has since issued new rules requiring that listed companies maintain a website.

Section 3 requires one-third board representation for employees of listed companies.

energy companies

The government also nationalized several media outlets and energy companies.

There are energy companies, specialized in high-voltage and high tech well drilling.

Over the next 50 years, Northern expanded even more as it acquired many energy companies.

utility companies   (empresas de servicios públicos)

They supervise the provinces, municipalities and intercommunal utility companies.

It supervises the provinces, municipalities, and intercommunal utility companies.

Transparent modems are most commonly used by utility companies for data collection.

following companies

In 2003, membership included the following companies:

Hancock co-founded the following companies:

Via the AFM the family exerts control over the following companies:

software companies

He has also owned and operated several software companies.

So, you think you can steal from software companies do you?

When the system was discontinued, support from software companies also effectively ended.

telephone companies

Some large telephone companies have toll-free numbers set up.

List of Italian telephone companies This is a list of telephone companies in Italy

railroad companies

Aberdeen had four different railroad companies with depots built in the newly developing town.

These four railroad companies are the reason why Aberdeen was able to grow and flourish as it did.

Section 8 required pre-existing railroad companies to accept Article X in order to benefit from future legislation.

smaller companies

He co-founded Canada Steamship Lines in 1913, through the merger of 11 smaller companies.

The intention was to bypass the high street banks, which were reluctant to lend to smaller companies.

In 2009, smaller companies such as Phusion fell under investigation because of their rise in market share.

industrial companies

It is one of Israel's oldest industrial companies.

Established in 1990, the park houses Philippine-based industrial companies.

In 1940 26 industrial companies, 4 banks and a credit union operated in Mažeikiai.

such companies

More than 400 CCG board members were shareholders in such companies.

Within the space of a few years, hundreds of such companies had been incorporated.

He has invested in such companies as Illustra, Broadvision, SupportSoft and Red Pepper.

separate companies

They were built by two separate companies which had common ownership.

The publishing house and the chain of bookshops were divided into two separate companies on 1 October 1994.

By making these separate companies, these owners were able to exclude the money from consideration of deals.

trading companies   (companías comerciales)

Later fur trading companies held annual rendezvous here.

She conducted business with trading companies principally in England and the Netherlands.

Sephardic Jews remained in Saint-Domingue as leading officials in French trading companies.

first companies

One of the first companies to develop an armed aircraft was Vickers.

Sonoma Valley Creamery became one of the first companies in Sonoma Valley to only make cheese.

Apple Computer was one of the first companies to ship an optical mouse as the standard input device.

infantry companies

Herbin and Chanu's marine infantry companies led the way.

The Crow, Shoshoni, and the two infantry companies probably saved Royall's command from destruction.

The infantry companies were engaged by entrenched PAVN 2km east of Lộc Ninh losing 5 killed and 10 wounded before withdrawing.

cable companies

Since May 1, 1999, all Canadian cable companies have been required to carry a TVA station.

He reached this wide audience by offering cable companies stocks for as little as 20¢ a share.

However, many cable companies ended their carriage of the channel and did not take CNN International.

tech companies   (empresas tecnológicas)

180 tech companies have started in the local area.

CCC members are present in big tech companies and in administrative instances.

rifle companies

The rifle companies fought well at the battle of Brandywine in Pennsylvania on 11 September.

The regiment reorganised on the basis of three rifle companies and a support company equipped with 3-inch mortars.

The attacked would be carried out by five rifle companies of the 32 Battalion supported by air and artillery units.

gas companies

He became a businessman, especially in tanning, building societies and gas companies.

By 1995, the Calgary Challenge had mushroomed to include 25 workplaces, primarily oil and gas companies.

The government hopes Luba will become a major transportation hub for offshore oil and gas companies operating in the Gulf of Guinea.

dance companies

Mackey's first professional work was writing for dance companies.

She has choreographed works for dance companies in Japan, Finland, and Brazil.

Adelaide plays host to two of Australia's leading contemporary dance companies.

service companies

The networked drill pipe can transmit data acquired by most large service companies.

Buses are the primary mode of transportation in Oita, run by two main bus service companies.

Tourism is also active, as well as service companies working for the La Spezia intermodal port.

film companies   (compañías de cine)

By 1912, the Danish film companies were multiplying rapidly.

After leaving Paramount, Wray signed to various film companies.

Apart from UFA, about 230 film companies were active in Berlin alone.

distribution companies

Another class is that of oil distribution companies.

The distribution companies and MLG&W intervened in the proceeding.

Now it is the responsibility of the distribution companies to arrange power for their respective areas.

startup companies   (empresas de nueva creación)

It has since been used by over 1 million startup companies globally.

It features a build called LDN_LAB, a business incubator for tech startup companies.

Midtown is also home to watchmaker Shinola and an array of small and startup companies.

companies use

Today 20 companies use the system, with 5,000 systems deployed.

Most companies use their own proprietary heart rate algorithms.

He also implemented the pricing strategy that all car companies use today.

companies and organizations

PII protection in China deals with collection by private companies and organizations.

It also regulates all foreign companies and organizations offering services in Europe.

The high priority project involved Hungarian, Polish and Soviet engineers from several companies and organizations.

telecommunications companies

However, the CSR funds used are funds from telecommunications companies.

Lower stock prices and job losses affected many telecommunications companies in 2001.

Some of the 24 fiber pairs may be rented for business by telecommunications companies.

companies as well   (empresas también)

Investors include banks and insurance companies as well as investment funds.

Colombia also manufactures for foreign companies as well, such as Whirlpool and GE.

MIKES’s customers include both Finnish and international companies as well as the public sector.

companies around   (empresas alrededor)

WareValley has 250,000 users from 2,700 companies around the world.

The play has been performed by regional theater companies around the United States.

They regularly consult to and train managers in Fortune 1000 companies around the world.

management companies

It further introduced a scheme of regulation for claims management companies.

The "Financial Times" has called Q Prime "One of the most admired artist management companies".

To simplify the process, there are event management companies that help in executing the process.

theater companies

He also designs costumes for dance and theater companies.

His first works were light comedies acted by commercial theater companies.

The play has been performed by regional theater companies around the United States.

companies within

Independent companies within the group are: Prettl Produktions Holding GmbH

There are prominent film production companies within the Walt Disney Studios division.

Egypt also paid more than $6 billion it owed to foreign oil companies within two months.

companies merged

The two companies merged customer bases and operations.

The two companies merged that spring as 20th Century-Fox.

The oil industry was too large and many companies merged.

ballet companies

Few ballet companies have utilized the collection in modern times.

Since then he has gone on to choreograph for other ballet companies and for musical theatre.

At the end of the 19th century, major Belarusian cities formed their own opera and ballet companies.

leading companies

It is one of the leading companies in the European market.

Many of modern Bangladesh's leading companies were born in the East Pakistan period.

By the 30s, it was already one of France's leading companies in all its fields of activity.

companies listed

there are 44 companies listed on the stock exchange.

It is very small, with only 4 companies listed.

This index also contains companies listed in section "Notable defunct & dissolved".

companies owned

Of these, twelve U.S.-owned companies owned more than 81% of this total area.

At the same time, Dulgerov's companies owned property like warehouses, production shops, stores.

These companies owned not one but many of the wooden barges and were commissioning barges made of iron and steel.

companies offer

Some companies offer online booking.

The three companies offer extended warranty policies to car buyers.

All other companies offer also fixed telephony in a duo play formula.

few companies

A few companies involved with AI include Tesla, Google, and Apple.

There are a few companies that represent artists and their copyrights.

In the Depression economic climate, few companies were ready to build new skyscrapers.

transport companies

In addition he negotiated with transport companies and government agencies to exempt charges and duties where possible in the UK.

"Strippenkaart prices ()" Strippenkaarten were sold by tobacconists, supermarkets, tourist offices and public transport companies.

In 1965, the German Railway, along with two local transport companies, founded the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, a common tariff system for U-Bahn and bus lines.

all companies

Now, most harmonicas being manufactured from all companies are based upon the Special 20.

On Saturday 29 April, from this new headquarters, Pearse issued an order for all companies to surrender.

The firm's debt exceeded $2 billion, with the $1.2 billion owed to the banks setting a record for all companies.

larger companies

Both factories still exist, but a part of the larger companies.

These approaches were unsuccessful and the larger companies had other priorities.

In the case of larger companies, it is usually a sleek, colorful, high-gloss publication.

power companies

Another common group of users include electric power companies, both with and without cherry picker scoops.

This low power usage by rural customers is often not profitable for power companies, disincentivizing further expansion of the grid.

In the 1960s, private California power companies opposed the Pacific Intertie project with a set of technical objections that were overruled.

companies and other   (empresas y otros)

These Julefrokoster are popular and held within families, as well as by companies and other social groups.

They used this power to extort money from shipping container repair companies and other waterfront-related businesses.

Today Ha'argaz manufacturers buses for the Egged and Dan bus companies and other private and public transportation companies in Israel.

tunnelling companies

Besides the field and fortress and railway companies, with signaling units and field squadrons and bridging trains which had formerly been employed, there were electrical and mechanical companies, tunnelling companies for mining, water supply units, field survey battalions, and sound ranging and observation companies.

companies across   (empresas de todo)

James Van Der Post, who has sung opera in companies across the United States and in Europe; Randall Kulunis.

Cleveland's Global Center for Health Innovation opened with of display space for healthcare companies across the world.

In addition to his Cheek by Jowl productions, Ormerod has made theatre, opera and ballet with companies across the world.

traded companies   (empresas cotizadas)

Public traded companies bundles the reports normally in the investor relations section, e.g.

ServiceMagic remained part of the parent company when IAC split into five publicly traded companies.

More than half of all U.S. publicly traded companies, and 63% of the Fortune 500, are incorporated in Delaware.

more companies

There are more companies in the space than are listed on this page.

Innovation Iceland is already looking towards having more companies at the area.

As compared to the year of 2012, there were six more companies were found in 2013.

water companies

In 1820, six private water companies operated in London.

Over the next two decades, 10 water companies fought, collapsed or merged.

Public water companies also sometimes participate in bids for private water contracts.

several other companies   (varias otras empresas)

Members of the Berenberg family have founded several other companies.

Hightower first danced for the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and several other companies.

At the same time several other companies also began to build large aluminium vehicle carrying ferries.

publicly traded companies   (empresas que cotizan en bolsa)

ServiceMagic remained part of the parent company when IAC split into five publicly traded companies.

More than half of all U.S. publicly traded companies, and 63% of the Fortune 500, are incorporated in Delaware.

EVM also received greater attention by publicly traded companies in response to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

companies and individuals

BCR Chișinău serves both companies and individuals.

It is now entirely funded by a range of trusts, companies and individuals.

Taxpayers of land tax are owners or users of land, both companies and individuals.

drug companies

However, this rule failed to motivate many drug companies to conduct additional pediatric drug trials.

But those colleagues can be in the pay of drug companies – often undisclosed – and the journals are too.

ICI and Glaxo licensed three “brand name” drug companies to make and sell the drug in finished form only.