not compete   (競争しない)

They did not compete at the 2010 World Championships.

× "Did not compete" <Br> "↑" "No pageant held"

compete against   (対抗する)

It was also created to compete against The CW.

Mace would later compete against Travers in foot races.

Players do not compete against each other.

did not compete   (競争しなかった)

They did not compete at the 2010 World Championships.

She did not compete in the following seasons.

teams compete   (チームが競う)

Two teams compete as de facto Division I members.

All teams compete under the authority of the KHSAA.

16 teams compete in 4 randomly drawn groups of 4.

selected to compete   (競争するために選択)

Eighteen top players were selected to compete in these tournaments.

The teams selected to compete in Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 are:

Five teams have been selected to compete, named after regions of Afghanistan.

unable to compete   (競争できない)

That left him unable to compete for a short time.

Unfortunately, Hlali has been unable to compete.

Both drivers emerged unhurt but were unable to compete in the race.

compete against each   (それぞれと競う)

Players do not compete against each other.

The five teams will compete against each other in a Round Robin pool.

A pair of fraternal twins will compete against each other this season.

able to compete   (競争できる)

She was not able to compete again until May 2015.

Gurgel was not able to compete in an open market.

This classification has been able to compete at different skiing competitions.

eligible to compete   (競争する資格がある)

She was eligible to compete in October 2018.

, people with physical and visual disabilities are eligible to compete.

Upon reaching age 50, male golfers are eligible to compete in senior tournaments.

allowed to compete

From 2007 only one team per nation is allowed to compete.

Group D divers have only recently been allowed to compete on the tower.

The Faroe Islands are allowed to compete at the Paralympics under its own flag.

currently compete

Seven members currently compete in the tournament.

They currently compete in First League of Montenegro.

They currently compete in the Persian Gulf Pro League.

team to compete   (競争するチーム)

Brazil was the only South American team to compete in both.

They were the nation's first men's beach volleyball team to compete at the Games.

order to compete   (競争する)

Pat did not participate in 1996 spring football practice in order to compete on the lacrosse team.

RO culture had to be recoded in order to compete with the "free" distribution made possible by the Internet.

Six years later it reformed as a club, in order to compete with other professional teams in the Community of Madrid.

scheduled to compete

Originally, six teams were scheduled to compete.

Niue is scheduled to compete in the lawn bowls competition.

This means a total of 180 athletes are scheduled to compete.

qualified to compete

A total of 91 nations qualified to compete at the Games.

Eight men's teams qualified to compete at the games in each tournament.

She has qualified to compete at both the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

continued to compete

The winner continued to compete in the season finale.

As Carol Frost, she has continued to compete into the Masters age groups.

She continued to compete, seeking to qualify for the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

not to compete

He decided not to compete at the 2013 U.S. Championships.

In 2005 he decided not to compete for a re-election as deputy.

The leading Maserati and Alfa Romeo drivers decided not to compete, but Bugatti was well represented.

compete with other   (他と競う)

Often they had to compete with other cities.

Plants compete with other organisms in their ecosystem for resources.

He works to overcome his own meekness, rather than to compete with other Marines.

invited to compete

The following year four artists were invited to compete for the commission.

Skiers from Uzbekistan were invited to compete at the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

In this season, two teams from the oceanic region were also invited to compete.

athletes to compete

Papua New Guinea received a quota of two athletes to compete by the tripartite committee.

The classification system allowed athletes to compete against others with a similar level of function.

players compete

During such a contest, players compete in individual minigames.

Both players compete to complete "stories" by winning "success tokens".

The players compete against each other to be named "The King of the House".

compete with each

Many BBSes also offer online games in which users can compete with each other.

Riders in consecutive cars compete with each other to see who can shoot the most ghosts.

The ""badi"" competition where opponents compete with each other over performance length.

opportunity to compete

As Yusein reached finals she got the opportunity to compete for Bronze medal.

Some teams have had the opportunity to compete against sporting teams from overseas.

He was only offered an opportunity to compete for a scholarship as a walk-on from Illinois.

began to compete

Following the war, Bushnell began to compete in rowing once more.

Creating its own chips, AMD began to compete directly with Intel.

Santos began to compete in the international amateur circuit in 1990.

compete that year

It was entered in the 1961 British Grand Prix, the only front-engined car to compete that year.

2003 Open Gaz de France – Singles Venus Williams was the defending champion but did not compete that year.

2008 Kangaroo Cup – Singles Chan Yung-jan was the defending champion, but decided not to compete that year.

chance to compete

The handicap gives teams with lower averages a chance to compete against teams with higher averages.

The contestant had previously competed as a male, and the sex change gave her a second chance to compete.

This division allows players a chance to compete through a tournament trail to reach the 16-18 Year-Old World Series.

delegation to compete   (競争する代表団)

Mexico at the 1992 Summer Paralympics Mexico sent a delegation to compete at the 1992 Summer Paralympics in Barcelona, Spain.

Italy at the 1980 Summer Paralympics Italy sent a delegation to compete at the 1980 Summer Paralympics in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Mexico at the 1988 Summer Paralympics Mexico sent a delegation to compete at the 1988 Summer Paralympics in Seoul, South Korea.

compete due

She still swims daily, but does not compete due to problems with her back.

Where their ranges meet, the two canids compete due to near identical diets.

The 2017 bronze medalist, Russia's Elena Eremina, was unable to compete due to a back injury.

players to compete

On the Mac version, the game allows up to six players to compete via local area network.

He was selected as one of 12 players to compete with Greece at the 2016 Turin FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Multiplayer mode allows players to compete against each other in team-based and deathmatch-based game types on various maps.

teams to compete

HouseGuests later split into three teams to compete in the "Cooler and the Gang" Have-Not competition.

On 31 October 2017, the OFC announced its executive's decision on the teams to compete in the tournament.

The Brisbane Lions were granted a license on 15 June 2016, becoming one of eight teams to compete in the league's first season.

teams will compete   (チームが競います)

All teams will compete with tyres supplied by Pirelli.

Like in 2008, twenty teams will compete in this year's Série A.

The five teams will compete against each other in a Round Robin pool.

chose to compete

After the end of the Soviet Union, he chose to compete for Russia.

2018 İstanbul Cup – Singles Elina Svitolina was the defending champion, but chose to compete in Stuttgart instead.

2018 Space Coast Pro Tennis Classic – Singles Olga Govortsova was the defending champion, but chose to compete in Pelham instead.

compete directly

Creating its own chips, AMD began to compete directly with Intel.

Directors cannot compete directly with the company without a conflict of interest arising.

Schulman also threatened to move his soon-to-be ABA team to Los Angeles to compete directly with the Lakers.

compete together

Schools of every conference compete together regularly.

Students compete together in their houses at the Athletics carnivals, Cross country carnivals, and Swimming carnivals.

All teams initially compete together in a group stage, with the winners progressing to the knock-out phase of the main trophy.

ability to compete

The lower the number, the greater the impact the impairment was on an athlete’s ability to compete.

compete again

She was not able to compete again until May 2015.

She had a particularly hard race in the Oaks and did not compete again.

Contestants from the original "RuPaul's Drag Race" show returned to compete again.

compete internationally

At sixteen, she started to compete internationally.

University students compete internationally at the World University Games.

Both men had decided to compete internationally in snowboarding during the same year.

designed to compete

Acorn's Chris Curry stated that "the Electron is designed to compete with the Spectrum.

mTORC1/mTORC2 dual inhibitors are designed to compete with ATP in the catalytic site of mTOR.

The products were made in a "deli" style, and designed to compete with Subway and Blimpie's food offerings.

intended to compete

His mother said it was a test and denied that he intended to compete for Russia.

ALCO RS-32 Designated as a "DL721" by ALCO, the 2,000hp RS-32 was intended to compete with EMD's GP20 and GE's U25B locomotives.

The Redwood, often called the "Deadwood" by many ROLM techs because it never caught on, was intended to compete with the Nortel Norstar Key System.

chosen to compete

All eight contestants were chosen to compete for the grand prize.

These three were chosen to compete as part of a group of 600 from 6,000 and all three won prizes.

Jase was included in the poll to choose as a houseguest in "Big Brother Canada 4", but was not chosen to compete.

compete against other   (他と競う)

There is a practice gameplay mode as well as a mode to compete against other teams.

The teams play one another at home, and the teams travel to compete against other teams.

Squads also perform at pep rallies and compete against other local schools from the area.

compete this year   (今年競争する)

2000 Faber Grand Prix – Singles Jana Novotná was the defending champion, but did not compete this year.

2002 Dubai Duty Free Women's Open – Singles Martina Hingis was the defending champion, but did not compete this year.

1993 Monte Carlo Open – Doubles Boris Becker and Michael Stich were the defending champions, but Becker did not compete this year.

clubs compete

Currently, three Canadian clubs compete in Major League Soccer.

The clubs compete in four divisions; the premier, first, second and third.

Overall 33 active clubs compete in 30 different team and individual sports.

returned to compete

Stephanie Cmar returned to compete in "".

Cassandre Girard and Pascal Salviani later returned to compete in "".

Previous year's semifinalist Gedo returned to compete against Masayoshi Motegi.

expected to compete

He is expected to compete for Poland at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

They were expected to compete with one another, and they do, although not in all respects.

However, while the Energy competes in Tier I, the Cyclones were expected to compete in Tier II.

contestants compete

The first two contestants compete in the following three games.

In this challenge, the contestants compete in two teams, blue and red.

In each episode, four male and four female contestants compete to be named Titans.

qualify to compete

A total of 150 wrestlers will qualify to compete at the games.

The top 16 players in Santo Domingo will qualify to compete in Cali.

right to compete

They were not able to get the right to compete.

They did not the earn the right to compete.

But the team won the right to compete in the NBB 2011-2012.

compete in both

Brazil was the only South American team to compete in both.

TWR took over the IMSA GT Championship operation in 1988 and one model – XJR-9 – was launched to compete in both series.

He was selected for the British team for the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, to compete in both the T46 100m and 200m.