Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

football competition   (competencia de futbol)

A university football competition is named in his honour.

The original draw for football competition was held on 14 August 1962.

Persiba plays in the Liga 2, second caste football competition in Indonesia.

competition between   (competencia entre)

for interprovincial competition between one-design yachts.

So there was competition between the two.

The Song Contest is a friendly competition between cultures.

international competition   (Competicion internacional)

She took part in her first international competition in 2002.

Participated in his first international competition at age 15.

Flags represent country capped by in international competition.

cup competition   (competencia de copa)

The same happened with the regional cup competition.

They performed well in cup competition too.

won the competition   (ganó la competencia)

Bavarian clubs have won the competition 11 times.

They won the competition with a total of 154 points.

The side won the competition in 1979, 1980 and 1982.

competition was held   (la competencia se llevó a cabo)

The competition was held on Monday, July 30, 1928.

The competition was held on Tuesday, July 31, 1928.

The competition was held on Sunday, August 5, 1928.

competition held   (competencia celebrada)

An official competition held in 1908 received 78 designs.

The last competition held in March 2015 on the T72 terrain park.

The only continental cup competition held was in 2012 with a match.

team competition   (competencia de equipo)

Men's team competition was forfeited due to injuries.

The U.S. also won the junior team competition.

The U.S. won the senior team competition again in 2012.

national competition   (competencia nacional)

Trujillo is home to the marinera national competition each year.

USC Press joined the annual national competition of the NBDB in 2013.

He won the Governors-general trophy in the national competition in 1934.

singing competition   (concurso de canto)

Pat won Coca-Cola's first singing competition in 1958 at age 17.

On July 9, 2018, singing competition, Aviv or Eyal, aired on Keshet 12.

In 2011, AmaLee joined AX Idol, a singing competition hosted by Bang Zoom!

entered the competition   (entró en la competencia)

All 16 teams entered the competition at this stage.

78 teams entered the competition at this stage.

41 teams entered the competition at this round.

club competition   (competencia del club)

PSSI then held a member club competition since 1931.

The match was the first in a UEFA club competition to use vanishing spray.

It provides another tier of rugby behind the main Brisbane club competition.

design competition   (concurso de diseño)

In 1911, an Architectural design competition was announced.

In 2006, Muji held its first international design competition, “Muji Award 01”.

In 1946, a new design competition was initiated to develop a new assault rifle.

direct competition   (competencia directa)

It was in direct competition with WPXC.

The game is being designed in direct competition for World of Warcraft.

Several very competitive chains sprang up, in direct competition to Woolworth affiliates.

league competition   (competencia de liga)

He made 12 appearances, all in league competition.

Reeka later coached Tarangau in the Lae rugby league competition.

A national league competition 'The Wilmott Cup'was named after him.

during the competition   (durante la competencia)

He scored two tries during the competition.

He made a further four appearances off the bench during the competition.

He garnered much support during the competition and emerged as first runner up.

main competition   (competencia principal)

His main competition came from William McAdoo.

The main competition pool is named after Dorothy L. Sheppard.

The main competition was between Sąjūdis and CPL (independent).

win the competition   (ganar la competición)

Cowell then predicted they would win the competition.

Burke went on to win the competition later that night.

Gonzaga did not win the competition.

knockout competition   (competencia eliminatoria)

Eight nations competed in a three-round knockout competition.

This knockout competition was won by Armadale, their 1st title.

In their second season they won the mid-week knockout competition, the 1989 Panasonic Cup.

first competition   (primera competencia)

The winner of the first competition was Asad Abbas.

At the age of nine she won her first competition.

The first competition is won by Old Tom Morris.

competition among   (competencia entre)

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams.

Colonization policies in particular created a fear of German competition among Poles.

This phenomenon is called clonal interference and causes competition among the mutations.

competition began   (comenzó la competencia)

The competition began with eight groups of five teams.

the competition began in 21 May and finished on 7 December.

The competition began on 30 August 2010.

competition took   (la competencia tomó)

The competition took place on the 22–23 March 2014.

The competition took place on 11 & 12 March 2018.

competition took place   (la competencia tuvo lugar)

The competition took place on the 22–23 March 2014.

The competition took place on 11 & 12 March 2018.

music competition   (competencia musical)

He is currently in Vienna to participate in a music competition.

Cricket Wireless is the main presenter of the music competition.

In 2007, she won the First Prize in the RinFest music competition.

competition was won   (se ganó la competencia)

The competition was won by Wu Qing, representing .

The competition was won by Guo Wei, representing .

same competition   (misma competencia)

However, if the first club switches into the same competition (e.g.

At the same competition, he placed fifth in the men's 800 meters freestyle.

League Cup, the same competition where he scored his first goals for Júbilo.

qualifying competition   (competencia clasificatoria)

The problem was the skier missed a qualifying competition.

The Fox Championship qualifying competition will feature 13 teams.

qualifying competition for the Canadian championship by Vancouver St. Saviours.

football cup competition   (competencia de copa de fútbol)

This is the 102nd season of the main football cup competition of France.

2018 Rwandan Cup he 2017–18 Rwandan Cup is the 36th season of the football cup competition of Rwanda.

1967–68 Soviet Cup The 1967–68 Soviet Cup was an association football cup competition of the Soviet Union.

increased competition   (aumento de la competencia)

But with increased competition, the airline made a loss of DKK 10 million in 1991.

The main benefit of liberalisation comes from the increased competition afforded to the market.

A 2004 study concluded that school results in public schools improved due to the increased competition.

competition started   (la competencia comenzó)

The competition started on 29 April 2018.

The competition started on 22 April 2018.

The competition started on 8 August and finished on 18 August.

athletic competition   (competencia atlética)

Pashley retired from athletic competition soon after the Melbourne Olympics.

When athletic competition exceeds the regular season, additional compensation is paid.

competition against   (competencia contra)

He made his debut for the Golden Lions in that competition against the .

He started his club's first round in the competition against Grenades F.C.

His first start came a few weeks later in the same competition against the .

annual competition   (competencia anual)

An annual competition in Latte art design is also organized.

Since it was also the annual competition between cities / union held .

An annual competition, The Wendy Wyland Invitational, bears her name in memorial.

new competition   (nueva competencia)

In 2009, a new competition named Iberian Rugby Cup was designed.

In 2005 UIPM launched a new competition linked to the success of Biathle.

The soft-hearted and kind Daebyeol agreed, and Cheonjiwang thought of a new competition.

competition organised   (competencia organizada)

Quizzotica: A quizzing competition organised by Quizzers Club MANIT.

It is a competition organised by the Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo.

singles competition   (concurso de solteros)

Competition consists of men's and women's singles competition.

Below are the 2005 WTA year-end rankings in singles competition:

Nandu represented India as the number 1 seed in the Men's singles competition.

competition organized   (competencia organizada)

It is a competition organized by the Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo.

In 1771 he won second prize in a painting competition organized by the City of Parma.

DJSPARK is the most popular inter-state competition organized by the student committee.

competition featured   (concurso presentado)

The competition featured just one tournament, played in Prague.

The competition featured just one tournament, played in Bergen.

The competition featured three songs that were all performed by Aalto.

competition consisted   (la competencia consistió)

The competition consisted of a single final round.

The competition consisted of multiple rounds.

skating competition   (competencia de patinaje)

Piruetten Piruetten was a senior international figure skating competition held in Hamar, Norway.

Ice Star The Minsk-Arena Ice Star, or simply Ice Star, is an international figure skating competition.

Duke Trophy The Duke Trophy is an annual inter-state short track speed skating competition in Australia.

cricket competition   (competencia de cricket)

Chama Milind got selected for India B squad for 2016-17 Deodhar Trophy, a List A cricket competition in India.

Overgangsklasse (cricket) The Overgangsklasse is the fourth highest domestic cricket competition in the Netherlands.

Mohammad Siraj got selected for Rest of India squad for 2016-17 Irani Cup, a first-class cricket competition in India.

individual competition   (competencia individual)

In the men's individual competition he finished sixth.

In the men's individual competition he finished fifth.

As in the individual competition, the biathletes start in intervals.

due to competition   (debido a la competencia)

The team only lasted two seasons however, folding after the 1974–75 season due to competition with major junior hockey.

After a period of crisis due to competition from the north eastern regions of Italy, apple production has recovered well.

It has been thought that dendromurines invaded Africa from there and became extinct in Asia due to competition with other muroids.

stiff competition   (dura competencia)

The show faced stiff competition from NBC's "Law & Order".

For the first time there was stiff competition from low-cost producers around the globe.

The sugar-based economy of the islands faced stiff competition from Spain's Caribbean colonies.

competition swimmer   (nadador de competición)

Rita Medrano Rita Medrano Muñoz (born 26 January 1990) is a Mexican competition swimmer.

Andrew Ford (swimmer) Andrew Ford (born June 19, 1989) is a Canadian competition swimmer.

Sue Jenner Susan Pamela Jenner (born 26 March 1960) is a British former competition swimmer.

competition from other   (competencia de otro)

He then moved to Hampstead, but encountered competition from other physicians.

Despite facing competition from other Diwali releases, it became a commercial success.

It was an immediate success, working well and having no significant competition from other makers.

level of competition   (nivel de competencia)

Eve in its static version, it measures the level of competition in the sector.

The all-star team, New Jax City Rollers, plays at the highest level of competition.

Tercera Andaluza is the 8th level of competition of the Spanish Football League in Andalusia.

association football competition   (competición de fútbol de asociación)

2018 Panda Cup The 2018 Panda Cup was the fifth edition of the under-19 association football competition.

List of Copa Libertadores finals The Copa Libertadores is a seasonal association football competition that was established in 1960.

Texaco (All-Ireland) Cup The Texaco Cup was an all-Ireland association football competition that ran for two seasons in 1974 and 1975.

dance competition   (competición de baile)

Nagarjuna challenges Radha for a dance competition.

Pat trains with Tiffany and performs in a dance competition with her.

There is also a cheerleading and dance competition component to the tournament.

union competition   (competencia sindical)

Top League The Top League is a rugby union competition in Japan.

The stadium also being used for Malaysia local rugby union competition.

Super W The Super W is a women's rugby union competition held in Australia.

competition series   (serie de competición)

In 2005, he was a finalist on BET's comedy competition series "Coming to the Stage".

In December 2009, a new television competition series called "The Sing-Off" aired on NBC.

In 2011, she was a head judge on the Bravo singer-songwriter competition series "Platinum Hit".

rugby union competition   (competencia de rugby union)

Top League The Top League is a rugby union competition in Japan.

The stadium also being used for Malaysia local rugby union competition.

Super W The Super W is a women's rugby union competition held in Australia.

winning the competition   (ganando la competencia)

2013 saw the band ‘Outro’ winning the competition.

The partnership succeeded in winning the competition in 1983.

She attends the Proving, winning the competition and being declared a Nora.

kg competition   (kg competencia)

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he won the silver medal in the Men's 90 kg competition.

At the 2011 All-Africa Games, Coulibaly won a bronze medal in the −74 kg competition.

In 2012 she competed in the Women's 49 kg competition, but was defeated in the first round.

basketball competition   (competencia de baloncesto)

The International Women's Sports Federation (1924) included a women's basketball competition.

Russia national basketball team The Russia national basketball team () represents Russia in international basketball competition.

2011 Gomelsky Cup The 2011 Gomelsky Cup is a European basketball competition that occurred between September 24 and September 25 in Moscow.

tennis competition   (competencia de tenis)

The tennis competition was held at the Geumjeong Tennis Stadium.

Brazil entered six athletes into the table tennis competition at the Games.

The tennis competition at the Olympic Games consisted of a single elimination tournament.

competition during   (competencia durante)

Its primary competition during this time was the Hughes XF-11.

Honved also fared well in European competition during his time there.

Lin won the first prize in the Tainan writing competition during his high school days.

final competition   (competencia final)

The final competition was the team classification.

His final competition in Athens was in 408 BC.

He once sang the song "Seruling Bamboo" in the Bintang RTM final competition.

talent competition   (Competición de talento)

The World's Best The World's Best is a reality talent competition television series.

In 2005, the duo entered and won a talent competition at the Apollo Theatre in New York.

In 2000 he and his band Anajo won the Augsburg young talent competition "Band of the Year".

enter the competition   (entra a la competencia)

All 20 teams enter the competition in this round.

All 16 teams enter the competition in this round.

reality competition   (competencia de realidad)

Extreme Chef Extreme Chef is a reality competition television program on Food Network.

In 2010 the band entered the SA's Got Talent reality competition and placed in the Top 20.

Salley joined the cast of the reality competition show "I'm a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here!

rules football competition   (reglas de la competición de fútbol)

The Danish Australian Football League, based in Copenhagen is the largest Australian rules football competition outside of the English-speaking world.

2018 TSL season The 2018 AFL Tasmania TSL premiership season is an Australian rules football competition staged across Tasmania, Australia over twenty-one (21) home and away rounds and six (6) finals series matches between 30 March and 15 September.

metres competition   (metros de competencia)

He competed in the 1500 metres competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

fierce competition   (competición feroz)

'Ike' Hatch, and in the face of fierce competition from the other European bikes.

Both Airbnb and Wimdu have been in a fierce competition, especially in German-speaking Europe.

On 24 May 2006, there was a fierce competition between the two rivals to clinch the league title.

figure skating competition   (competencia de patinaje artístico)

Piruetten Piruetten was a senior international figure skating competition held in Hamar, Norway.

Ice Star The Minsk-Arena Ice Star, or simply Ice Star, is an international figure skating competition.

The Golden Spin of Zagreb is an annual senior-level international figure skating competition held in Zagreb, Croatia.

domestic competition   (competencia nacional)

The first edition of the domestic competition began in March 2018.

His first head coach role was with the Agmark Gurias in the PNG domestic competition in 2012.

There is also a new movement which aims to set up a four-team domestic competition in American Samoa.

competition show   (espectáculo de competencia)

He also appeared as a guest judge on baking competition show "Nailed It!"

In June 2016, Yoon was a contestant of Mnet's dance competition show, "Hit the Stage".

Salley joined the cast of the reality competition show "I'm a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here!

athletics competition   (competencia de atletismo)

Her first athletics competition was an inter-club meet in October 2008.

Twenty-eight nations reached the medal table in the athletics competition.

They represent the "T" in the MTBS annual interschool's athletics competition.

competition format   (formato de competencia)

<br> The competition format consists of two stages.

In 2005, the competition format was altered slightly.

Time Attack and time trial events differ by competition format and rules.

doubles competition   (dobla la competencia)

The doubles competition uses the same format.

His main successes were achieved in the doubles competition.

It was the 4th edition of the singles event and doubles competition.

unfair competition   (competencia desleal)

In February 2013, the company won a trial against Wabtec for the acts of unfair competition and secrets violation.

Ferroul was one of the leaders of the 1907 revolt of the Languedoc winegrowers who were protesting unfair competition.

However, although vintners gave great prominence to this unfair competition, it did not represent more than 5% of the market.

strong competition   (fuerte competencia)

Nevertheless, the site acknowledged that the game was pitted against strong competition.

Saltair thus had to survive solely against strong competition, and in a dwindling market.

For a few years it provided strong competition to the traditional colonial trading companies.

increasing competition   (aumento de la competencia)

Mobile-cellular usage, aided by increasing competition among service providers, is increasing.

There have been calls for this system to be reformed, increasing competition and hence productivity.

In 1886 the school was closed, with increasing competition from Christian Brothers College, Adelaide.

official competition   (competencia oficial)

The first official competition was held in 1974.

An official competition held in 1908 received 78 designs.

"done in official competition"

retired from competition   (retirado de la competencia)

He retired from competition in 2007.

Although retired from competition, Weir remains active as a skater.

Sevastyanova retired from competition at the age of 17 following the event.

regional competition   (competencia regional)

POB competed in their first regional competition in the Spring of 1994 with only twenty women on stage.

2005 Fed Cup Americas Zone The Americas Zone was one of three zones of regional competition in the 2005 Fed Cup.

2005 Fed Cup Asia/Oceania Zone The Asia/Oceania Zone was one of three zones of regional competition in the 2005 Fed Cup.

major competition   (gran competencia)

This was Riseley's only major competition in 2008.

Kpossi's next major competition was the 2015 African Games.

Lopes' next major competition was the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

won a competition   (ganó una competencia)

In 1966, Amanat won a competition to design the building.

Later that year Shukhov’s Construction Office won a competition.

The following year he also won a competition held by the (NHK) with his work "Festive Prelude".

competition due   (competencia debida)

Morris dominated over high school competition due to his large build.

After the World Cup, Townsend withdrew from the competition due to an arm injury.

On the morning of the running, George Frederick was withdrawn from competition due to injury.

returned to competition   (regresó a la competencia)

He returned to competition at the 2012 Finlandia Trophy.

Clijsters returned to competition in Antwerp, losing to Venus Williams.

Falotico returned to competition in the 2014–15 season, training at A.s.d.

freestyle competition   (competencia de estilo libre)

In the 100 metre freestyle competition she was eliminated in the semifinals.

In the 400 metre freestyle competition she was eliminated in the first round.

In the 1500 metre freestyle competition he was eliminated in the first round.

robin competition   (competencia de robin)

India won the gold medal in a round robin competition.

China won the gold medal in a round robin competition.

Six teams competed in a round robin competition, with the top team advancing to Group I in 2003.

open competition   (concurso abierto)

The women's tournament was an open competition without age restrictions.

A selection jury selected six songs in open competition among the songs submitted to the broadcaster.

She was unsuccessful in open competition, finishing unplaced in the Grand Prix de Paris and the Eclipse Stakes.

competition to design   (competencia para diseñar)

In 1966, Amanat won a competition to design the building.

He also entered the 1827 competition to design Clifton Bridge in Bristol.

He won a 1901 student competition to design a Beaux Arts pedestrian gateway.

round robin competition   (concurso de todos contra todos)

India won the gold medal in a round robin competition.

China won the gold medal in a round robin competition.

Six teams competed in a round robin competition, with the top team advancing to Group I in 2003.

intense competition   (competición intensa)

This ended the intense competition for providing exact time.

In recent years, Japan played against more intense competition from the Middle East.

CEO Patrick Foley attributed this to intense competition and to costs incurred from the aggressive expansion campaign.

former competition   (antigua competencia)

He also scored six goals in the former competition.

Sue Jenner Susan Pamela Jenner (born 26 March 1960) is a British former competition swimmer.

He featured in two games in the former competition, with the country reaching the round-of-16.

football knockout competition   (competencia eliminatoria de fútbol)

2008 Recopa Sul-Brasileira The 2008 Recopa Sul-Brasileira was the 2nd staging of this Brazilian football knockout competition.

2018–19 Scottish Cup The 2018–19 Scottish Cup was the 134th season of Scotland's most prestigious football knockout competition.

2012–13 Macedonian Football Cup The 2012–13 Macedonian Football Cup was the 21st season of Macedonia's football knockout competition.

competition law   (ley de Competencia)

So it is best to see Irish competition law as sui generis.

It was shut down in 2012 for violating European competition law.

Article 102 under competition law is designed to prevent market abuse.

competition played   (competencia jugada)

Notes: The following table represents the teams position after each round in the competition played chronologically.

This was the last international competition played by Jackson Richardson, a veteran from the first team "les Bronzés".

He was also a member of Essendon's night premiership, a midweek knockout competition played on a Tuesday night during the season.

faced competition   (competencia enfrentada)

While it was a little more successful, it still faced competition from WNLT and WIQI.

The new cars faced competition from the older Audi R15+ and the old Oreca 908 HDi FAP.

In his first season, Enckelman faced competition from Graeme Smith to take the first choice.

during this competition   (durante esta competencia)

The following new world and Olympic records were set during this competition.

The following new ISU best scores were set during this competition: Yuzuru Hanyu set a new world record for the short program (110.53).

The junior level synchronized championships were held during this competition; junior and novice level competitions for the other disciplines were held separately.

competition run   (carrera de competencia)

The flag was adopted in 2003 after a competition run by BBC Radio Devon.

The club competes in the Fox Memorial competition run by Auckland Rugby League.

competition called   (competencia llamada)

It hosts a competition called the New Play Development Program.

This is a tactic to thwart generic competition called "product hopping".

The hash function competition called for hash functions at least as secure as the SHA-2 instances.

architectural competition   (concurso de arquitectura)

The 1981 model produced for the architectural competition is now held by the M+ museum.

The design of the new building was to be decided on the basis of an architectural competition.

It was designed by Milan Babuška, the winner of an architectural competition in Functionalist style.

wrestling competition   (competencia de lucha libre)

The Royal Oak public house is famous for the annual toe wrestling competition.

He won the match on a one-sided score of 6:1 in 57-kg freestyle wrestling competition.

In this wrestling competition rewards consisting of utensils and cash are paid to the winners.

competition when   (competencia cuando)

Wenger won the German highschool computer science competition when he was 18.

In the 2013–14 season the first Channel Island club entered the competition when Guernsey F.C.

This team did compete in the Under-14 Feile Na nGael competition when it was held in Kilkenny in 1978 and 1979.

jumping competition   (competencia de salto)

The show jumping competition involved riding an unfamiliar horse over a course with 12 obstacles.

In the ski jumping competition he finished 25th and in the Nordic combined event he finished 18th.

At the 1932 Winter Olympics he finished sixth in the ski jumping competition and 23rd in the Nordic combined event.

competition for food   (competencia por la comida)

Commercial fishing produces competition for food, and sometimes petrels are accidentally captured in fishing nets.

Given this support, their lifespans are increased, and behavior and nuisance problems caused by competition for food are reduced.

Since they have a peaceful nature, other fish may "bully" a reedfish, despite its large size, especially in competition for food or space.