complete list   (完全なリスト)

There is a complete list on the official site here.

(For a more complete list see the List of colours).

A complete list is given by Doring, "Gelehrte Theol.

not complete   (完全ではない)

Thus, the MCC would not complete road construction.

He began but did not complete a number of books.

Line-ups of past festival years (not complete):

years to complete   (完了までの年数)

The recording process took two years to complete.

The rebuilding took over seven years to complete.

The project took a total of 13 years to complete.

most complete   (最も完全な)

The most complete collection of them is that of J.

Isoform one is the most complete with 16 exons.

The park is not very large with the most complete functions.

more complete   (より完全な)

(For a more complete list see the List of colours).

For a more complete list, see List of alkanes.

On March 3 a more complete list was released.

complete control   (完全な制御)

The Night Riders took complete control of the city.

Poland took over complete control on January 20, 1920.

In 1969, Chrysler Europe took complete control of the company.

first complete

The first complete computer graphics film is Ammoru.

Thayyur is first complete computer literacy village in India.

The first complete Bible translation also dates to this period.

complete game

Whitey Ford pitched a complete game for the Yankees.

Sale pitched a one-hit complete game shutout.

Both pitchers pitched a complete game.

almost complete

The building was almost complete by December 1920.

Bioavailability is almost complete by injection.

The destruction of dwellings in this area was almost complete.

complete games

He recorded 81 strikeouts and three complete games.

He was tied for sixth in the AL in complete games (2).

He threw four complete games and finished four others.

did not complete

He began but did not complete a number of books.

He did not complete his medical training.

Chu did not complete his second term.

complete set

In 1972, a complete set sold for $20,000.

Once we admit it, NOT is realized and we have a complete set.

In 1273, a complete set of the "Tripiṭaka" cost 3000 "kyats".

nearly complete   (ほぼ完成)

The first step of the project is nearly complete.

The oldest nearly complete version, E breaks off at this point.

Denver also has a nearly complete beltway known as "the 470's".

required to complete

Another 40 credits are required to complete a major.

Not all courses required to complete a degree may be offered online.

These missions are required to complete in order to unlock new areas in the game.

able to complete   (完了することができます)

Du Bois died before being able to complete his work.

Panchayats were able to complete the tasks in two/three meetings.

Haben is able to complete the sequence quickly and gain the glasses.

complete series

The complete series has been published in paperback.

The complete series was later released on DVD.

The complete series was released on DVD on 14 July 2014.

order to complete   (完了するために)

Some gadgets are required in order to complete certain missions.

In order to complete each section, the player needs to locate 10 energy balls.

You will also have to visit the depths of the lake in order to complete the game.

complete works

He had compiled the complete works of John Bunyan.

His complete works have been published in twelve volumes.

Marta Sosińska subsequently contributed to a recording of Chopin's complete works.

unable to complete   (完了できません)

They were beset by storms and unable to complete the voyage.

However, he was unable to complete it due to a strong illness.

He was unable to complete it to his satisfaction before he died.

months to complete

The life cycle takes about six months to complete.

The initial build took six months to complete.

The journey took Zach 7 months to complete.

successfully complete

Students must successfully complete 24 units to graduate.

Students who successfully complete the CultureWorks program are granted entrance to King's.

A good level of knowledge about machining is necessary to successfully complete these kits.

complete lack   (完全な欠如)

By 1898, Reeves had lost momentum and was discouraged, probably by the almost complete lack of sales.

Nevertheless, there is a "complete lack of consensus" among scholars about the structure of Revelation.

This pompous boy's complete lack of leadership skills is obvious to everyone, that is, except Lucson himself.

complete collection

The most complete collection of them is that of J.

A complete collection of his prints can be found at Skagens Museum.

Another complete collection is housed with Meisei University in Tokyo, Japan.

students complete

Currently, approximately 50,000 8th, 10th and 12th-grade students complete the survey annually.

Veterinary students complete three years of classroom instruction and 12 months of clinical rotations in total.

Middle school students (grades 6–8) complete 10–20 hours annually while high school students complete 25–50 hours each year.

complete destruction   (完全破壊)

As of 2012 complete destruction was not expected until 2023.

Hughes's tact and vigilance saved the capital from complete destruction.

The result was complete destruction for the town and most of the population was killed.

failed to complete

He failed to complete the race as he was lapped.

An indirect result of this war was that Bracton failed to complete his great legal treatise.

On the attempt, Joe Kelley failed to complete the pass to Sutton and Tennessee won the game as a result 10–9.

complete the project

It took a little more than a month to complete the project.

Those considered the best writers would then complete the project.

Mohan returns to the US with a heavy heart to complete the project.

time to complete

The time to complete the courses depends on factors like type and level.

This is a lengthy level, requiring a considerable amount of time to complete.

Disabled candidates and candidates with dyslexia are allowed extra time to complete the test.

complete text

The codex contains the complete text of the four Gospels.

hours to complete

Most videos take a few hundred hours to complete.

The video took Blais 60 hours to complete.

Experiments take from a few minutes, to many hours to complete.

complete edition

A complete edition of the text, based on the Laing MS. No.

A more complete edition was published at Basel in 1580 by Nicholas Cisner.

In 1815, Grímur Jónsson Thorkelin published the first complete edition in Latin.

complete failure

The British offensive ended in complete failure.

Their siege, however, was a complete failure.

The experiment was a complete failure.

days to complete

It took 84 days to complete "Alexandru cel Bun".

The protest march took four days to complete.

It spins slowly and takes 520 days to complete a rotation.

failing to complete

The number of patients failing to complete their course of drugs was high.

Cars failing to complete 70% of the winner's distance are not awarded points.

complete work   (完全な仕事)

He could make a complete work in pencil or charcoal just as well as a sketch in oil.

In total, he taught half of "Sahih al-Bukhari" 25 times, the complete work 16 times, and "Sunan Abi Dawud" 30 times.

From 1968 to 1977 he worked as a scientific coworker of the philosopher and published his complete work at Suhrkamp.

complete his studies

He returned to Berlin to complete his studies.

Gates never returned to Harvard to complete his studies.

Kāñcī) with his teacher Vīraśarma to complete his studies.

complete all

There was no time limit to complete all the stages.

Instead, the player must complete all tasks to unlock new houses.

In the Challenge mode, the player has to complete all 18 challenges.

complete loss   (完全な損失)

At 12:07 local time, co-pilot Zhavoronkov reported a complete loss of control.

A complete loss of ice on Greenland would cause a sea level rise of as much as .

In 1889, at age 44, he suffered a collapse and afterward a complete loss of his mental faculties.

complete overhaul   (完全なオーバーホール)

A complete overhaul of the lighting system debuted in the spring of 2008.

The game was redesigned, including a complete overhaul of the game graphics and HUD.

In April 2011, it was again closed for the complete overhaul, and reopened on May 23, 2012.

not a complete

Test::More is not a complete testing framework.

This is not a complete list.

Journalist Salena Zito added that "Idlewild is not a complete ghost town.

only complete   (完了のみ)

The only complete windmill in South Africa is Mostert's Mill, Mowbray.

His is the only complete lifetime lived by a Prime Minister under a single sovereign.

It is the only complete religion (as opposed to sect or denomination) which England has ever given the world.

needed to complete

Reading may take as long as needed to complete the paath.

Students needed to complete 30 units in academic work as well as in workshops.

The number of laps needed to complete a race also increased with each new class.

complete version

The final complete version, 17.4, was released March 22, 1992.

The oldest nearly complete version, E breaks off at this point.

The more complete version in the latter runs 128 pages and also includes a separate 16 page summary.

students must complete   (学生は完了する必要があります)

To graduate, students must complete a minimum of 120 units of coursework.

All students must complete primary school and secondary school, between 6 and 15 years.

In some courses, university students must complete one or more essays over several weeks or months.

complete the game

You will also have to visit the depths of the lake in order to complete the game.

There are three mountains that the player must overcome in order to complete the game.

However, El Lazo passes on a message from Ford that William must complete the game on his own.

complete the work   (仕事を完了する)

It took eight days to complete the work.

The architect who helped complete the work was Giovan Battista Nauclerio.

As of July 2007, more than $910,000 had been fundraised to complete the work.

complete a project

The time constraint refers to the amount of time available to complete a project.

That night, he initially attempts to complete a project for work, but invites Riley over after she sends a nude image.

By law, all Pennsylvania secondary school students must complete a project as a part of their eligibility to graduate from high school.

complete absence

However, in the complete absence of any eyewitnesses or survivors, no clear-cut leads were available.

Coma patients exhibit a complete absence of wakefulness and are unable to consciously feel, speak or move.

The gland may develop with a partial or complete absence of the cortex, or may develop in an unusual location.

complete independence   (完全独立)

Atatürk's basic tenet was the complete independence of the country.

While many Guianese wish to see more autonomy, support for complete independence is low.

The Frisian National Party seeks more autonomy for Friesland without striving for complete independence.

complete renovation

A complete renovation of the stadium started in 1969.

In 1970, a complete renovation was undertaken.

In 2004, the underground station underwent complete renovation.

complete skeleton   (完全な骨格)

In 2006, explorers discovered a complete skeleton of a dodo in a lava cave in Mauritius.

Also found was the complete skeleton of a male showing severe scoliosis and major head wounds.

While parts of at least 9 skeletons were discovered, the museum houses only one complete skeleton.

complete system

Therefore, no complete system, i.e.

The complete system is air/sea transportable and can be assembled within one hour.

The complete system is scalable for use from fighters to cargo and tanker aircraft.

complete the course

Fow was the only one to complete the course.

19 of the 40 horses that started managed to complete the course.

Only 65 out of the initial 250 soldiers were able to complete the course.

complete success

The battle was a complete success for the Allies.

The experiment resulted in complete success.

The mission concluded on March 13 and was a complete success.

complete freedom

These temples target providing the believers the complete freedom of belief and worship.

He decides to give his life its definition and meaning, with complete freedom over his actions.

Knowing Gariboldi could not speak German, Rommel told him the message gave him complete freedom of action.

complete graph

A tournament is an orientation of a complete graph.

It consists of a complete graph formula_1 minus one edge.

The complete graph has the best expansion property, but it has largest possible degree.

year to complete

Planning for the chariot race took nearly a year to complete.

Swedemason claims that the video took him around a year to complete.

The game, developed solely by Hewitt, took around a year to complete.

minutes to complete

Trains take 12 minutes to complete the 7.8 km journey.

The Marine is given two minutes to complete as many crunches as possible.

The need for these reversals meant that the modest journey took 50 minutes to complete.

students to complete

The program allows students to complete their B.S.

), to describe a last-minute push by students to complete blogging homework for an English class.

Conrad Weiser High School requires students to complete a research paper, an oral presentation and a Portfolio/Product.

managed to complete

19 of the 40 horses that started managed to complete the course.

9830, managed to complete .

Appointed deputy chair, Gad managed to complete all the arrangements on time.

complete restoration

A complete restoration of the church was finished in 1816.

National Lottery backing of £5.8 million allowed for a complete restoration.

Hooley arranged for its complete restoration to working order by apprentices at the Ruston-Bucyrus works.

complete recording

A complete recording is available on Oriel Music Trust, OMT945.

A complete recording may be found on YouTube:

The first complete recording of this opera was released by Virgin Classics on 10 May 2005.

complete game shutout

Sale pitched a one-hit complete game shutout.

He also threw a complete game shutout, but the game ended in a 0–0 tie.

Dave Ferriss pitched a complete game shutout to give the Red Sox a 2–1 series lead.

complete the task

Peter steels himself enough to complete the task.

To complete the task, they need to fly again.

The group went on to complete the task, and Natalie entered the house.

now complete

Enrolment began in April 2008 and is now complete.

Augustus's accumulation of powers were now complete.

The work started in 2008 and is now complete.

complete picture

We are not to take the narrator's moralitates as a complete picture.

The total derivative gives a complete picture by considering all directions at once.

Scientists are currently looking into this matter to generate a more complete picture.

complete when   (完了するとき)

The circle is complete when he wants a cookie to go with it.

The project was about 80-per cent complete when the artist died in 1983.

Neither "U-8" nor any of her sister boats were complete when World War I began in August 1914.

largely complete

This process is largely complete, at least in theory.

He proposed the song for his fourth album and it is one of the few that are seen as largely complete.

Don Rowley was quoted saying: At the time of its cancellation, development of its radar systems and ramjet engines was largely complete.

pitched a complete

Whitey Ford pitched a complete game for the Yankees.

Iván Nova pitched a complete shutout in the Yankees 6-0 win.

Both pitchers pitched a complete game.

no complete

Therefore, no complete system, i.e.

There is no complete gathering of the writings of Leibniz translated into English.

As no complete dodo specimens exist, its external appearance, such as plumage and colouration, is hard to determine.

form a complete

These are binary square waves that form a complete orthonormal set.

Automotive firewalls have to be fitted so that they form a complete seal.

Many operations require one or more operands in order to form a complete instruction.

released the complete

Time Life released the complete series on DVD October 10, 2014.

Neither "Newsweek" nor "TIME" have released the complete Cooper email.

On April 26, 2016, CBS/Paramount released the complete first season on DVD.

complete description

The complete description of a tribosystem is the first step when devising a tribological test procedure.

He did not describe the remains in any great detail, citing Lambe's complete description the year before.

The complete description of a tribosystem includes all relevant factors that govern the tribological behavior of the system.

complete skull

Due to a lack of specialised equipment the almost complete skull could only be partially secured.

It is known from a single species, Feeserpeton oklahomensis, which was named in 2012 on the basis of a nearly complete skull.

Geologists eventually found more than 100 of the mastodon's 211 bones, including the complete skull with well-preserved teeth.

complete without

Also, in modern times, no Armenian banquet is considered complete without an entree of kabob.

In his book "British Film Character Actors" (1982), Terence Pettigrew remembers, "there was a time when no British film seemed complete without Alfie Bass popping up in some guise or other.

L K Adwani says: "No account of the struggle against the Emergency would be complete without a reference to the underground movement conducted by several people, most notably George Fernandes.

expected to complete

These stations are expected to complete and start operations in July 2022.

The selected contractor is expected to complete the dam in no more than 36 months.

As of June 2015, the Select Committee expected to complete its work in Autumn 2015.

complete reconstruction   (完全な再建)

The original was closed in mid-2008 for complete reconstruction.

A nearly complete reconstruction was assembled from four prints in Eastern European archives.

An estimated 83% of the dwellings on the island were damaged including 4% requiring complete reconstruction.

complete his education

After marriage he traveled to Isfahan to complete his education.

Born to a poor family he had to struggle a lot in order to complete his education.

As was the custom among young aristocrats at the time, he then set out to complete his education by travel.

complete the race   (レースを完了する)

He failed to complete the race as he was lapped.

Mogawane dislocated his shoulder and was unable to complete the race.

On 8 March 2014 she competed in the downhill, but was unable to complete the race.

complete at least

To be classified, a driver need not finish the race, but complete at least 90% of the winner's race distance.

In order for a driver to score championship points, they had to complete at least 90% of the race winner's distance.

Further, drivers were required to complete at least 30% of their car's total race distance to qualify for championship points.

complete form

The negative of the film is not available in complete form.

In a sense it is the complete form of a coarctation of the aorta.

46 planes survive in complete form, nine of which are airworthy, and 39 of which reside in the United States.

complete translation

She kept writing poetry after the war, publishing a complete translation of the Songs of Sappho in 1961.

The first complete translation of the Bible into Cornish, translated from English, was published in 2011.

A modern and complete translation by Kathleen Ross appeared in 2003 from the University of California Press.

complete the first

The only two to complete the first round course, James and Michael move on to round two, "Death Run".

However, Pasternak fell ill with terminal lung cancer before he could complete the first play of the trilogy.

In 1919, the United States Navy decided to plan a mission to complete the first trans-Atlantic crossing by aircraft.

contains a complete

The codex contains a complete text of the four Gospels on 188 paper leaves ().

The codex contains a complete text of the four Gospels on 354 parchment leaves.

The codex contains a complete text of the four Gospels on 288 parchment leaves ().

complete album

Approximately a year later, she handed a complete album in to the labels.

The complete album was released on 23 August 2013 at Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai.

"Iamus" is arguably the first complete album to be composed solely by a computer and recorded by human musicians.

complete surprise

His lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka, said his escape was a "complete surprise".

Achieving complete surprise, the fighters made several passes against all three airbases.

He said that "It came as a complete surprise, all the lads were sure it would be John James".

complete information   (完全な情報)

Perfect information is often confused with complete information, which is a similar concept.

Smith had previously declined to provide complete information about his driving record to the press.

Firm managers are unlikely to have complete information concerning their marginal revenue function or their marginal costs.

complete listing

See list of lossless codecs for a complete listing.

Further study is needed to make a complete listing.

For a more complete listing, see Glossary of curling terms.

complete opposite

Drew is almost a complete opposite of Lila.

Priya has her life all planned out – the complete opposite of Raj.

You think of the 1960s version of "Batman", and it was the complete opposite of our film.

underwent a complete

In 1999, Millis Middle/High School underwent a complete renovation.

In 2007, it underwent a complete maintenance review and the substitution of the old cars with modern ones.

The game underwent a complete graphical overhaul, confirmed by Nona, artist in charge of the art in "The King of Fighters XI" endings.

complete disregard   (完全に無視)

The court concluded that Axmyr murdered both persons with complete disregard for human life and that the victims had suffered before dying.

However, Jack also displays a complete disregard for human life or the feelings of those around him, traits most often seen in those with sociopathy.

Amnesty International has accused the Mauritania legal system of functioning with a complete disregard of legal procedure, fair trial, or humane imprisonment.

complete redesign   (完全な再設計)

The 1963 series (under the law of 1952) was a complete redesign.

This change of school saw a complete redesign and construction of the campus.

The team embarked on a complete redesign of the car, which became known as the Mk IV.

complete history

A complete history of Pony Racing at Northolt.

For a complete history of the house and its restoration see Paugh House website

It was the modern era's first complete history of the different philosophical schools.

complete season

Additional movie and complete season boxed-sets were also released by Warner Bros. until 2000.

The complete season became available on June 2, 2019, via AMC's on-demand service, AMC Premiere.

The complete season, including the Live Reunion Show, was released on DVD by CBS Home Video on August 29, 2006.

necessary to complete   (完了するために必要)

The kit will typically contain all the parts necessary to complete the model.

Combinatorial analysis and/or computer simulation is necessary to complete the task.

However, both events (spore formation and fertilization) are necessary to complete sexual reproduction in the plant life cycle.

mostly complete

The city's highway system is mostly complete, and traffic jams rarely occur.

By July 2018, the mall was mostly complete, and was projected to open that November.

The specimen is composed of a mostly complete adult insect with the wing tips missing.