almost completely   (ほぼ完全に)

Thus, this workshop is almost completely destroyed.

The city of Tabriz was almost completely destroyed.

They were almost completely clear of the seat areas."

completely different   (全然違う)

The sketches turn out to be completely different.

Suddenly we heard something completely different.

However, their music style was completely different.

completely destroyed   (完全に破壊された)

Thus, this workshop is almost completely destroyed.

The city of Tabriz was almost completely destroyed.

Numerous rural buildings were completely destroyed.

not completely   (完全ではありません)

It is not completely clear what the software does.

Foreign patents were not completely eliminated.

It was not completely abolished everywhere until 1983.

completely new   (完全に新しい)

This completely new development sold extremely well.

It was recorded with a completely new band i.e.

All sections of the ring line would be completely new.

completely rebuilt

Burnt down in 1995, it was completely rebuilt by 2003.

1200, completely rebuilt in 1578 and expanded in 1621.

Under pope Innocent XI it was completely rebuilt in 1682.

completely surrounded

It is completely surrounded by the Antarctic ice sheet.

Robovac Lake is completely surrounded by the mountains of Goljak.

Troll is completely surrounded by the Antarctic ice sheet and is from the coast.

completely renovated

The terminal will then be completely renovated.

The church interior was completely renovated in 2007.

The facility was completely renovated in 2007.

completely covered

Doran was completely covered by bricks and rubble.

These plate girders are completely covered over by masonry.

These hills are almost completely covered with open jungle.

completely separate

A value of one would imply that the two populations are completely separate.

Operation: Sundevil was in action at the same time, but it was completely separate.

The songs are completely separate other than their use together as the album's name.

completely independent

The Hafsids become completely independent in 1264.

As a result, Activision Blizzard became a completely independent company.

This makes the newspaper's editorial side completely independent of the University.

completely within

Most sunburns heal completely within a few weeks.

It is contained completely within the county.

Route 146A is completely within the town limits of Uxbridge.

completely removed

At some point the police inspector was completely removed from the list of service ranks.

The foot-rating system was completely removed for 6th Mix, and replaced by the "Groove Radar".

By harvesting these shellfish the nitrogen they retained is completely removed from the system.

almost completely destroyed

Thus, this workshop is almost completely destroyed.

The city of Tabriz was almost completely destroyed.

The town was almost completely destroyed.

completely replaced

Brandenburgish is almost completely replaced by the Berlin regiolect.

However, the portable engine was never completely replaced by the traction engine.

During the summer of 2012 the floor was completely replaced, resurfaced, and repainted.

closed completely

On July 3, the border was closed completely from the Soviet side.

Smaller branch lines like the Waveney Valley Line were closed completely.

This was further truncated to Allendale in 1976 and closed completely in 1985.

completely lost

However he completely lost his political influence.

From week 105 the ranking points are completely lost.

Most of the film of Story 1 was lost, and Story 3 was completely lost.

completely free   (完全に無料)

They are rarely completely free of motor vehicles.

The event is completely free to the public.

The album is completely free of cost.

completely changed   (完全に変更されました)

The graphics, idents and adverts were completely changed.

An alluvial fan can be completely changed due to orogenic thrusting.

The ordering was completely changed during this last re-organization.

completely redesigned

On 5 May 2013, it was reported that the House had been "completely redesigned".

Other than the helmet, the uniform was completely redesigned for the 1984 season.

The AR-30A1 is completely redesigned and shares few parts in common with the original AR-30.

now completely

The Swedes now completely controlled their colony.

The Grade II listed building is now completely ruinous.

He recovers but is now completely destitute.

completely demolished

The castle was completely demolished in 1600.

The buildings were completely demolished by early 1980.

The southern slum is completely demolished.

completely abandoned

It was completely abandoned due to a lack of funding.

Ephesus was completely abandoned by the 15th century.

After 1955 the area was completely abandoned.

partially or completely

Thus the lakes partially or completely dried up.

Greenland's mountain ranges are partially or completely buried by ice.

Balloons and sugar for cakes for birthday parties were partially or completely unavailable.

never completely

The process of Germanisation was never completely successful.

These tanks are never completely filled to allow for expansion.

(The gap was never completely filled, and part of SR 615 was State Route 43.)

completely restored

The interior was completely restored from 1980-1982.

It was completely restored in 1968 by Ward Melville.

The structure was completely restored in 2007.

completely unrelated

It is completely unrelated to the explosive pyrotol.

Sometimes, completely unrelated groups also shared the same name.

The closest breed in type, although completely unrelated, is the Irish Draught.

so completely

You have my soul taken so completely, that I love no one, but you alone.

In 2016 the reservoir dried up so completely that water had to be trucked to the dam keeper.

The men's boat was so completely destroyed the police initially thought the bombers had fled.

completely absent   (完全に欠席)

The mainsail is either small or completely absent.

Oviparity is completely absent in the superorder Squalomorphii.

The collarbone is completely absent.

completely disappeared

In 1850, the so-called Deccan race of the south completely disappeared.

Nike (west G) leads that of Athena, but the statue has completely disappeared.

Jennings has almost completely disappeared as a town, but it was near Libby, Montana.

completely closed

The section was completely closed from 16 August 2002.

This line was completely closed by 1956.

It was not until 1974 that it could be completely closed by a 904 m long bridge.

completely black

Pups are born with fur and are completely black.

The body is completely black, with long hair, especially in females.

Its most distinguishing features are a completely black face with green eyes.

become completely   (完全になります)

The Hafsids become completely independent in 1264.

After Independence, these countries did not become completely economical free.

Also I had become completely identified with it, and it became very wearing and very boring".

became completely

Vanikoro became completely isolated.

Shortly after the event this statement became completely disavowed.

In August 2012, Dunkin' Brands became completely independent of the private equity firms.

not be completely

Many diseases that cannot be completely cured are still treatable.

The subject is intended to not be completely aware, on a conscious level, of the suggestions.

Soon it would be discovered that the theory about the corpus striatum would not be completely incorrect.

nearly completely   (ほぼ完全に)

Summers are warm to hot, and nearly completely dry.

The camp was nearly completely destroyed by quarrying and bulldozing.

The West campus is designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride and is nearly completely powered by a solar array.

did not completely

MEFS mode did not completely support concurrent locking.

It did not completely end until July 1954.

History did not completely repeat itself but it passed close.

completely filled

These tanks are never completely filled to allow for expansion.

The dam was completed in 2003 and completely filled with water in 2005.

(The gap was never completely filled, and part of SR 615 was State Route 43.)

completely unaware   (まったく気づかない)

Amazingly, he seems completely unaware that this is the case he's just made.

He also completely unaware of his own faults despite his friends pointing them out.

They were completely unaware of the fact that they were slowly becoming part of the story.

completely eliminated

Foreign patents were not completely eliminated.

By November 1995, they had been almost completely eliminated.

The rest of the prayer that had followed was completely eliminated.

down completely   (完全にダウン)

Finally, in 1970, Royal Enfield closed down completely.

At the president's request, the comments section was shut down completely.

On the first day, Australia won the toss but was tied down completely by the English bowlers.

completely unknown

A head, became for me an object completely unknown and without dimensions."

It is not widely celebrated and to many people in the Netherlands it is completely unknown.

Alexius seems to have been completely unknown in the West prior to the end of the tenth century.

completely understood

The dynamics are not completely understood.

The function of this gene is not yet completely understood.

The reasons for this discrepancy are not completely understood.

more completely

Instead, their goal was to emulate the moral life of Christ more completely.

2012 is referenced, though somewhat more completely ("Tuomi, M., Jones, H. R. A., Jenkins, J. S., et al.

The heart resembles that of the amphibian but there is a septum which more completely separates the oxygenated and deoxygenated bloodstreams.

first completely

Devastated after the Second World War, first completely dismantled.

Lodner D. Phillips designed the first completely enclosed ADS in 1856.

In 2004, the Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2 made its debut, marking the first completely new bus body from Thomas since 1972.

completely clear   (完全に明確)

It is not completely clear what the software does.

They were almost completely clear of the seat areas."

The water in Guinas is completely clear and well over 100 m deep.

completely dependent

They are altricial, and are completely dependent on milk for their first 10 days.

In the earliest years, children are "completely dependent on the care of others."

This left the marquisate utterly ruined and completely dependent on the King of France.

completely ignored

Until 2012, North Korea had completely ignored the Paralympic Games.

Franklin published his Gulf Stream chart in 1770 in England, where it was completely ignored.

Legislation of 177 AD by Marcus Aurelius did little to stop it, and was completely ignored by his son, Commodus.

completely original

Most, however, are completely original works.

The Japanese version, however, used a completely original score.

The building uses a completely original solution to solve the issue of a lobby being too closed and dark.

completely submerged

The low-lying areas of the old city were almost completely submerged.

Intense winds shook the tower, and the high seas completely submerged the breakwater.

They also include the only marine angiosperms growing completely submerged, the seagrasses.

building was completely

In later period, the building was completely restored.

The building was completely renovated in the years 1969–1972.

The building was completely destroyed in World War II and not reconstructed.

completely isolated

Japan was not completely isolated under the "sakoku" policy.

The Housemates are completely isolated from the outside world.

Vanikoro became completely isolated.

completely enclosed

Lodner D. Phillips designed the first completely enclosed ADS in 1856.

After its completion in 1977, the stadium was completely enclosed and every seat was covered.

Containers that are completely enclosed such as transformers and capacitors are exempt from the ban.

something completely

Suddenly we heard something completely different.

It's nice to be able to do something completely different to acting.

However, there was something completely different over Petrozavodsk".

completely dominated

Rocky completely dominated the fight.

That game ended in a draw; however, Birr completely dominated the replay.

The third season was completely dominated by Agrária, after they won all of their matches.

completely dry

Summers are warm to hot, and nearly completely dry.

It was completely dry as of 2004 and it is doubtful that it ever 'flows'.

Thinner and taller work can be built with partially dry or completely dry paper clay.

completely shut   (完全に閉じた)

Analog television was completely shut down on June 7, 2011.

In no other part of the country is a major political party completely shut out.

Later, he goes to Don but is completely shut down when Don tells him "It's not a good time."

completely cut

But further inland, the towns of Tokar and Sinkat were completely cut off.

Other Indian chiefs were present and said "they never saw him so completely cut down before".

Threatened with being completely cut off, the British began a retreat eastward toward Egypt on 14 June, the so-called "Gazala Gallop".

completely white

Most of the scenes are almost completely white and unwatchable.

He eventually emerged for the first round in a completely white outfit.

X defeats his younger self and leaves him lying on the ground in a completely white location.

up completely

He ended up completely rearranging the song.

The structure was covered up completely under housing during the end of the 19th century.

Many had to flee the flames, saving only their lives, and ending up completely destitute.

completely blind

Around this time he became effectively completely blind.

Hopkins' mother was left completely blind as a result of this attack.

He is now completely blind in his left eye and has severely limited vision in his right eye.