İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

more complex   (daha karmaşık)

The Moon's appearance is considerably more complex.

The cause of a surface mottling is more complex.

Even more complex is the vision of Valle-Inclán.

apartment complex   (Apartman kompleksi)

The factory is now an apartment complex.

The apartment complex was built later.

The area includes a housing neighborhood and an apartment complex.

complex numbers   (Karışık sayılar)

In these cases complex numbers are written as or .

This leads to the polar form of complex numbers.

Almost all real and complex numbers are transcendental.

sports complex   (Spor Kompleksi)

A field house was recently added to the sports complex.

It was replaced by a sports complex.

Nonetheless, the entire sports complex goes by the name Eiskanal.

temple complex   (tapınak kompleksi)

Near the temple complex is a large granite Nandi bull.

The whole temple complex became over long.

The temple complex has two entrances, i.e.

most complex   (en karmaşık)

It proved to be the most complex scene of the film.

The fugue is the most complex of contrapuntal forms.

It is the most complex organ in a vertebrate's body.

complex located

The station also has an EMU car shed complex located on the southern side.

Reno Center Reno Center is an apartment complex located in Karachi, Pakistan.

The GABA receptor is a protein complex located in the synapses between neurons.

very complex

Queries are often very complex and involve aggregations.

This is due to its very complex structure.

Bambra found "Bushido" to be very complex.

building complex

Nikita Natasha is the largest building complex in Amrut Nagar.

The Derry Area Middle / High School share one building complex.

It is now part of a five building complex of the Erie Art Museum.

complex systems

Note that the chaotic behavior of complex systems is not the issue.

Modern operating systems have complex systems to properly manage memory.

Trophic levels are part of the holistic or complex systems view of ecosystems.

complex system

Points are awarded following a complex system.

Yakshagana has a complete and complex system for rhythms.

It can be used to analyze any complex system of any type or scale (e.g.

complex includes

The Goldconda complex includes two airstrips dating to the 1930s.

The complex includes a convent, the bell tower, and the main church.

The farm complex includes a sauna building with an attached chicken coop.

complex consists

The complex consists of the main part and Ichgala.

The station complex consists of four levels.

As the name suggests, the complex consists of two temples.

complex plane   (karmaşık uçak)

Let denote the unit disc in the complex plane.

(i.e., in the left half of the complex plane).

Let Ω be a simply connected domain in the complex plane.

industrial complex   (sanayi kompleksi)

The Pulogadung industrial complex is located in the Subdistrict.

It was built as part of a larger industrial complex known as Union Iron Works.

Over the years a series of tenants have occupied parts of the industrial complex.

housing complex   (konut kompleksi)

In Rosyth there is a sheltered housing complex named in his honour.

For instance, each housing complex offers a major dance every year.

Built in 1965, Mesa Court was the first housing complex established at UCI.

shopping complex

The bottom two storeys contain a shopping complex.

A posh shopping complex, Pondok Indah Mall, caters to residents.

Beside the exchange is the Rainbow Mall, a small shopping complex.

complex structure

This is due to its very complex structure.

The clitoris is a complex structure, and its size and sensitivity can vary.

Samori's army was well equipped with modern firearms and a complex structure of permanent units.

office complex

The Beehive is a part of the City Place Gatwick office complex.

In the 1950s, the Crossroads of the World was converted into an office complex.

Schostak has since moved its headquarters into Laurel Park Place's office complex.

complex number   (karmaşık sayı)

Suppose that is a function of a complex number "z".

Overall, the complex number system is a field.

In other words, it is the complex number zero.

species complex

The nominal taxon likely represents a species complex.

The two species may belong to the same species complex.

Genetic evidence revealed that it is a species complex, in need of resolution.

highly complex

Their social interactions are highly complex.

The chemistry is always highly complex and is still not fully understood.

The bus system is highly complex and can be rather confusing to an outsider.

entire complex   (tüm kompleks)

The entire complex divided into three countryards.

The entire complex consists of 15 townhouses, housing 75 students.

His true field of influence was the entire complex of the United Nations family...

too complex

program that month because it was "a little too complex".

Some felt the language was too complex; others, too simple.

They determined that the storylines of the later films were too complex when it came to time travel.

complex was built

The complex was built at a cost of $35 million USD.

The Piper House complex was built in 1877.

The apartment complex was built later.

protein complex

It consists of a protein complex and is composed of four distinct chains.

The GABA receptor is a protein complex located in the synapses between neurons.

The divisome is a membrane protein complex with proteins on both sides of the cytoplasmic membrane.

complex of buildings

The term "Moosilauke Ravine Lodge" actually refers to a complex of buildings.

In 1895 the sawmill was a complex of buildings with a network of railway sidings.

It is also possible that Córdoba's complex of buildings was a yeshivah, kollel, or study hall.

complex is located

The complex is located next to Thị Vải River.

The complex is located in the upper town, below the citadel.

The temple complex is located in the north and faces the south.

complex analysis

All this refers to complex analysis in one variable.

Globevnik's main research interest is complex analysis.

One of the central tools in complex analysis is the line integral.

residential complex

The property is now a private residential complex.

It has now been redeveloped as a residential complex.

A residential complex is near the main campus.

extremely complex

Policy making in the EU can be extremely complex.

However, the genetics of autism have proven to be extremely complex.

The ability to learn and understand language is an extremely complex process.

entertainment complex

The ballroom was on the second floor of the entertainment complex.

Universal Studios Moscow is an upcoming indoor theme park and entertainment complex opening on 2022.

The new developmental plan includes construction of an entertainment complex which will encroach upon the temple courtyard.

new complex

A new complex of railway station will be built with a built-up area of .

The nickname "Gasoline Alley" remained when the new complex opened in 1986.

The new complex of the Jerusalem municipality was built in the 1990s in Safra Square.

increasingly complex   (giderek daha karmaşık)

Tension continues building as this thematic dialogue becomes increasingly complex.

Bell Labs also introduced a series of increasingly complex calculators through the decade.

After obtaining "Cold Iron", players progress through a series of increasingly complex duels.

less complex   (Daha az kompleks)

Ladies wear a less complex type of their ordinary dress.

The average stage is less complex than a multicycle computer.

PAL and SECAM are less complex and demanding than NTSC for film-out.

much more complex

Determining the provenance of cut and polished stones is much more complex.

In reality, the issue was much more complex than even those reasons suggest.

The Si (111) structure, by comparison, exhibits a much more complex reconstruction.

farm complex

The main farm complex is located on the north side of Woodbridge Road.

The farm complex includes a sauna building with an attached chicken coop.

A farm complex south of Hickory Grove road had damage to a number of structures there.

palace complex   (Saray kompleksi)

In 1785 the Hermitage Theatre was opened in the Hermitage palace complex.

The Saraswathi Mahal Library is situated with the Thanjavur palace complex.

It is close to St James's Palace, and much of the site was once part of the palace complex.

mill complex

It is a family-run mill complex, run by the Gable family for over 175 years.

The steel mill complex also had housing facilities for select worker within the complex.

The mill complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 12, 2010.

large complex

Originally a large complex, few elements of it survive.

The flats were built as a large complex, sprawling over much of Hunslet.

Baghdad Medical City, a large complex of teaching hospitals, now stands in its place.

complex social   (karmaşık sosyal)

Azawakh are pack oriented and form complex social hierarchies.

He has appeared in many difficult trials involving complex social and factual issues.

Any organization is a complex social system and a civilization is a large organization.

station complex   (istasyon kompleksi)

The station complex is now a private dwelling.

The entire station complex was fully renovated in 1998.

The station complex consists of four levels.

complex structures

Such pure spinors determine generalized almost complex structures.

They were introduced by Élie Cartan in the 1930s to classify complex structures.

The complex structures used in the schemes were difficult, however, for the IRS to unravel.

complex relationship

She and her husband Li Fuzhong have a very complex relationship.

Some studies show a more complex relationship between erotic capital and race.

It has a complex relationship with the discipline of economics, of which it is highly critical.

complex process   (karmaşık süreç)

The ability to learn and understand language is an extremely complex process.

Documentary practice is the complex process of creating documentary projects.

Being controlled by a complex process control system the regulation of the environmental conditions reaches a high level.

volcanic complex

Erosion has cut canyons into the volcanic complex.

The Taessa lavas from this volcanic complex have a porphyritic texture.

Several Pleistocene K-Ar dates have been obtained from the volcanic complex.

within the complex

There are also shrines to Brahma and Vishnu within the complex.

Both domains are involved in electron transfer within the complex.

The plan included shops, offices, libraries and parking areas within the complex.

studio complex   (stüdyo kompleksi)

Recording House of Ukrainian Radio – is a concert and studio complex in Kyiv.

Point Blank extended their London campus by opening a second studio complex in 2016.

Ukrainian Radio House – is a studio complex located at 26 Khreschatyk street in Kyiv, built in 1949-1951.

whole complex

The whole complex is situated on a plateau about long.

The whole complex is now informally known as the "old Galeão."

The whole complex denoted the nature of a fortified settlement.

complex set

Paterson faced a complex set of factors in making the choice.

The very irregular geometry of the veins led to a complex set of workings.

The purpose is to help people sequentially define, organize, and manage a complex set of activities.

quite complex

Spreader design and tuning can be quite complex.

Models can range from relatively simple to quite complex:

The boundary between the two regions is quite complex in places.

complex network   (Karmaşık ağ)

Expressways in China are a fairly recent addition to a complex network of roads.

A complex network of pipes was discovered in 1966, forty metres south of the paved road.

It is a solitary animal and has a complex network of tunnels and runways through the vegetation.

complex conjugate   (karmaşık eşlenik)

The "complex conjugate" of the complex number is given by .

The asterisk denotes complex conjugate.

where formula_63 represents the complex conjugate of formula_59.

complex called

The oldest edah, Nivonim, is housed in a building complex called the K'far.

Sororities are housed in a gated complex called Adelphi Commons and it is only accessible to members of the sororities.

The old Philips factory complex has been transformed into a multi-purpose cultural and residential complex called Strijp-S.

church complex

Other parts of the church complex were constructed in Queen Anne architectural style.

The church complex of four buildings and a cemetery takes up a parcel between Wolcott (NY 9D), Rector, Phillips and Union Streets.

St. Thomas Manor St. Thomas Manor (1741) is a historic home and Catholic church complex located near Port Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland.

complex problems

He ponders and solves one of the most complex problems of painting: shadows.

With appropriate treatment outcomes, even with complex problems, are generally good.

Sometimes it was necessary to resort to sending advertising to solve the most complex problems.

monastery complex

It seems that the entire monastery complex was rebuilt by around 1856.

The monastery complex also contains a tiny cemetery and a 1960 mission building.

Only the church remains of the old monastery complex, the oldest church on Lolland.

complex history

England has a complex history of legal rights for women.

As a result the classes have had a very complex history mechanical history.

They have remained out of contact with each other due to the complex history of their relationship.

complex issues

After numerous complaints the Star apologized for the cartoon's insensitivity to the complex issues at play in gun violence.

ZAMM is an interdisciplinary conference where art, science and medicine come together with the aim of solving complex issues.

For example, simple issues like asking for directions or more complex issues like an organization hiring a financial consultant will fall into this category.

school complex   (okul kompleksi)

The school's campus includes a school complex including a sports complex.

The school complex opened for the 2012–13 school year as a brand new, renovated school.

The citizens of Goroke and district did not gain the present school complex with an unusual exertion of determination.

museum complex

Granary is used as the main reception for the whole museum complex.

Section two completed in 1993 houses the administrative offices of the entire museum complex.

The new museum complex at the Cinquantenaire was named the Royal Museums of Decorative and Industrial Art.

hotel complex

He founded a brewery and a hotel complex.

He also owned the Tikal Futura business and hotel complex in Guatemala City.

The hotel complex consists of two buildings connected via a 3-storey gallery.

large and complex

Nodular cast iron is suitable for large and complex shapes and high (fatigue) loads.

This makes the process particularly suited to the production of fibers using large and complex molecules.

hospital complex   (hastane kompleksi)

It is a 245-bed hospital complex.

In 1621, the old hospital complex was sold to the corporation of Copenhagen City and was entirely demolished.

Work is under way to extend Line B to a new terminus at Lyon's southern hospital complex in Saint-Genis-Laval.

factory complex

The fire engulfed Upham's factory complex.

The company constructed a factory complex for production of automobiles.

The factory complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018.

complex projective

Examples include the real projective line, the complex projective line, and the projective line over quaternions.

Since such 2-designs must have at least formula_2 elements, a SIC-POVM is a minimal sized complex projective 2-designs.

A large class of Kähler manifolds (the class of Hodge manifolds) is given by all the smooth complex projective varieties.

real or complex

Let be a set in a real or complex vector space.

Let be an matrix with real or complex entries.

This article focuses on matrices whose entries are real or complex numbers.

complex contains

The complex contains three main towers, "Mint" and "The Ivy" and "Wind."

In mammals, the complex contains a CD3γ chain, a CD3δ chain, and two CD3ε chains.

The complex contains two peaks, Pomerape to the north and Parinacota to the south.

complex built

Asu Temple Candi Asu is part of the Sengi complex built in the 8th and 9th centuries.

Wawel (disambiguation) Wawel is a hill in Kraków, Poland, with an architectural complex built on top of it.

Both venues form a sports complex built in the course of the application of Berlin, for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

complex nature

Excavations in the 1960s demonstrated the complex nature of early military architecture in the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The complex nature of the Ayyubid state meant that the ruling family itself, as well as associated Kurdish clans, had divided loyalties.

Due to the complex nature of electronics theory, laboratory experimentation is an important part of the development of electronic devices.

complex character

The game also has a complex character customiser similar to the one from "Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2".

His lengthy and complex character development has been lauded by fans and critics of both the novels and the television show.

Tigon Studios' Cos Lazouras said, "[The game] features an original storyline that provides insight into how Riddick evolved into such a complex character".

complex consisting

A colonnade connects it to a complex consisting of the former Frederiksberg Police Station and Frederiksberg Courthouse.

A large cinema complex consisting of several theatres is located behind the façade of the old Regent cinemas in the heart of the city.

The abbey over time developed into a complex consisting of a large church and three ranges forming a rectangular enclosure to separate the nuns from the world.

histocompatibility complex

All nucleated cells in the body (along with platelets) display class I major histocompatibility complex (MHC-I molecules).

Foreign peptides are brought to the surface of the cell and presented to T cells by proteins called the major histocompatibility complex (MHC).

For T Cell Receptor (TCR) recognition, the peptide must be processed into small fragments inside the cell and presented by a major histocompatibility complex (MHC).

inferiority complex   (aşağılık kompleksi)

The idea that a conservative would inherently prefer the company of liberals betrayed an inferiority complex, Frum said.

In a 2002 interview he stated, "I was a poor learner, which left me open to ridicule and gave me an inferiority complex.

Throughout his works Adler intertwines the occurrence of an inferiority complex and a superiority complex to be cause and effect.

other complex   (diğer kompleks)

The other complex was a hospital or infirmary for the care of sick monks.

Aside from studies involved r(CUG) repeats, other complex RNA structures have also been targeted.

The interface between the mass and the base can be planar, curved, or have some other complex geometry.

long and complex   (uzun ve karmaşık)

The "Tao Te Ching" has a long and complex textual history.

The humpback whale is well known for its long and complex song.

A turn can be very long and complex.

complex vector

Let be a set in a real or complex vector space.

Thus, for example, the two-dimensional complex vector space can be given a real structure.

For example, given a real vector space, one can produce a complex vector space via complexification.

athletic complex

The property was converted to the district's athletic complex.

The athletic complex is also home to the school's football, soccer, rugby, track & field, tennis, softball, and baseball teams.

Lakewood High School's athletic field was built in 1941 and is located just south of the school building in the school's athletic complex.

complex series

The complex series of cases involved twenty-one parties.

From the top of the pass a complex series of grassy knolls firms up into a ridge bearing south westward.

Through a complex series of events what is today Burkina Faso eventually became a French protectorate in 1896.

complex known

— is now a condominium complex known as McLean Gardens.

An example is ethene in the complex known as Zeise's salt, K[PtCl(CH)].

It was built as part of a larger industrial complex known as Union Iron Works.

complex patterns

Similar, but more complex patterns have been found in the oceans.

Its ground colour is fawn with a brown fasciations with complex patterns.

This effect has also been identified and studied in the Leopard complex patterns.

complex was completed

Construction of the complex was completed in 1996.

The complex was completed in 1933.

Most of the palace complex was completed in 1745 and was the largest palace in northern Europe at the time.

complex contents   (karmaşık içerikler)

The manuscript has complex contents and full marginalia.

It has complex contents and some marginalia.

It has complex contents and full marginalia.