Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

more complicated   (más complicado)

However, space"time" as a whole is more complicated.

And yet other more complicated hypotheses exist.

his life becomes more and more complicated.

further complicated   (más complicado)

This further complicated the situation.

Her situation was further complicated by the fact that she was eight months pregnant.

The evacuation was further complicated by heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire, and two H-34s were lost.

complicated when   (complicado cuando)

The situation gets complicated when Herman and his gang tries the same tactic.

Things get complicated when she develops feelings for Hamilton, the dean's son.

Things become complicated when her husband arrives and courts her using an alias.

very complicated   (muy complicado)

It was very complicated but it was very realistic."

The use of cases in Ukrainian can be very complicated.

Tax codes of various countries can be very complicated.

too complicated   (demasiado complicado)

However, most systems were too complicated and unreliable.

Many players found this too complicated.

I felt it was much too complicated, and wouldn't sustain, so I abbreviated it."

most complicated   (mas complicado)

"Ibbur" is the most positive form of possession, and the most complicated.

This process is called kiting and is the most complicated and important step in the process.

The new bypass tunnel will be one of the most complicated undertakings in the NYCDEP's history.

complicated relationship

Winogrand had a complicated relationship with women.

Despite their victory, Cornelia is deeply heartbroken when Caleb left her due to their complicated relationship.

He is now married to Susan, with whom he has a complicated relationship, seemingly because of her mother, Lady Daly.

much more complicated

The polyiodide ions have much more complicated structures.

The Guruhi seem to share a weakness with Clan Nosferatu, though theirs is much more complicated.

The southern edge is much more complicated with a large number of faults and folds, but approximates to the A272.