İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

original compositions   (orijinal kompozisyonlar)

A good portion of their material are original compositions.

The album contains 10 original compositions written ny bandmembers.

It included some of her original compositions and Getz performed on it.

own compositions   (kendi besteleri)

Nine of 10 tunes are Tina's own compositions.

She sang and played her own compositions with the organ.

These fourteen sides were mostly Hughes' own compositions.

compositions include   (kompozisyonlar şunları içerir)

His compositions include Six Studies for the piano.

Some of his compositions include still life elements.

All of Chopin's compositions include the piano.

musical compositions   (müzik besteleri)

He created over 50 musical compositions.

He also found time to work on poems and musical compositions.

He contributed to a majority of the band's musical compositions.

new compositions   (yeni besteler)

Each player brings in new compositions and ideas."

Under the pen name of Sabrang he created many new compositions.

The album contains new compositions and reworkings of older ones as well.

other compositions   (diğer kompozisyonlar)

His other compositions include a piano concerto and a piano quartet.

A revival of his other compositions took place in the 1990s, however.

His other compositions of this period have not held a place in the regular repertory.