concentrated around   (周りに集中)

Around one million Indonesians are Shias, who are concentrated around Jakarta.

The center of religious and cultural life was concentrated around Shajnochy Street.

The majority of sanatoriums and boarding houses are concentrated around Glavny Park.

more concentrated   (より集中)

Its surface has flaky scales that are more concentrated near the center.

The convection became more concentrated and the circulation less exposed.

There are a lot of legal instruments which allow to get more and more concentrated.

mainly concentrated   (主に集中)

It ran from 1974 to 1981 and mainly concentrated on pop music and disco.

The Hindu community is mainly concentrated in the Koorali area of the village.

These excavations were mainly concentrated in the northern corner of the settlement.

mostly concentrated

However, it is mostly concentrated in South Asia.

They are mostly concentrated in Malnad, Shimoga district.

However he mostly concentrated on fine arts and was more successful in this field.

highly concentrated

where men were highly concentrated).

The Hortaya is also said to be intolerant of highly concentrated kibble feeds.

First the bone is broken down by baths in highly concentrated ethanol and acetone.

concentrated along

Population is concentrated along the coast.

Historically, wineries in Armenia were concentrated along the Ararat valley.

The bulk of the tourist industry is concentrated along the Adriatic Sea coast.

concentrated mainly

They are concentrated mainly in 1, 2, 3,4,5,6, 7,8 and 9 number wards.

The Byzantine painting concentrated mainly on icons and hagiographies.

The members were concentrated mainly in Western Pomerania and internally divided.

most concentrated   (最も集中している)

It is most concentrated in the soils, 6 ppm.

The most concentrated deforestation occurs in tropical rainforests.

The jury wrote that they "admired his perfumed prose from the drug dens and backstreets of India's most concentrated conurbation".

concentrated more

Since then, Upendra gave up direction and concentrated more on his acting career.

Though he occasionally participated in stage plays, he concentrated more on studies.

Literature and films during the next two decades concentrated more on wholly Cameroonian themes.

concentrated near   (近くに集中)

Its surface has flaky scales that are more concentrated near the center.

Junot had 24,000 troops concentrated near Lisbon by the second week of July.

Most industry is concentrated near the Çankırı city center and the town of Korgun.