İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

concentration camp   (toplama kampı)

Thence he was sent to Majdanek concentration camp.

His mother was a Nazi concentration camp survivor.

She began work at Ravensbrück concentration camp.

concentration camps   (konsantrasyon arttırma kampları)

See List of German concentration camps for more.

Open homosexuals were interned in Nazi concentration camps.

Alderney had the only Nazi concentration camps on British soil.

high concentration   (yüksek konsantrasyon)

A mainly rural county, Cheshire has a high concentration of villages.

Bedford has a high concentration of Italian immigrants, along with Peterborough.

The spring water is alkaline with a high concentration of sulfate and other minerals.

highest concentration   (en yüksek konsantrasyon)

Frankfurt has Germany's highest concentration of homeowners.

The leaves have the highest concentration of essential oil (4.3%).

"Avenyn" has Gothenburg's highest concentration of pubs and clubs.

largest concentration   (en büyük konsantrasyon)

The largest concentration is found in Petén.

The largest concentration is in the area of Visp (Viège).

It was the largest concentration of Marine tanks in the war.

higher concentration

Blue flowers of the blue pimpernel ("Anagallis monelli") have also a higher concentration of malvidin.

This has resulted in a higher concentration of ownership, with fewer companies owning more media outlets.

A lower pH means a higher acidity, and thus a higher concentration of positive hydrogen ions in the solution.

large concentration

A large concentration of Asian Americans makes the state very favorable to the Democrats.

The City Heights neighborhood in eastern San Diego has a large concentration of Cambodians.

Tumor cells have a high requirement of iron, which results in a large concentration of transferrin.

low concentration

A low concentration of terbufos was detected in the liver and the kidneys.

A low concentration of iron is required in the medium for toxin production.

Milder forms include ethanol and quaternary ammonium compounds in low concentration.

concentration gradient   (konsantrasyon gradyanı)

Due to their small size, prokaryotes cannot directly detect a concentration gradient.

Hence, it diffuses across membranes through facilitated diffusion, down the concentration gradient.

As intracellular sodium increases, the concentration gradient driving sodium into the cell across the exchanger is reduced.

greatest concentration

But by far, the greatest concentration is in Italy.

Haplogroup J-P209 is found in greatest concentration in Southwestern Arabian Peninsula.

Florence is believed to have the greatest concentration of art (in proportion to its size) in the world.

oxygen concentration

Cr has been posited as a proxy for atmospheric oxygen concentration.

Photorespiration can occur when the oxygen concentration is too high.

Steel water tanks may have dangerously low oxygen concentration when the interior rusts.

sent to concentration   (konsantrasyona gönderildi)

An estimated 5,000 people were eventually executed, with many more sent to concentration camps.

During the war, approximately 70,000 Slovak Jews were sent to concentration camps to perish in the Holocaust.

Those who feigned illness, slacked off, sabotaged production or tried to escape were denied food or sent to concentration camps.