concept album   (コンセプトアルバム)

It is a concept album consisting of twelve love songs.

"Palo Santo" is intended as a concept album.

Pepper" that the penchant for the concept album was born."

concept car   (コンセプトカー)

In February 2014, the Redi-Go concept car was presented.

In that same year, the Vauxhall SRV concept car was shown.

named the 1999 Bugatti 18/3 Chiron concept car in his honour.

new concept   (新しいコンセプト)

In 1988, however, this was a relatively new concept.

This production included several new songs and a new concept.

The new concept enabled the company to grow without taking on debt.

original concept   (オリジナルコンセプト)

The character of Niles was not part of the original concept for the show.

The original concept was developed by Michael Fieldhouse an executive at DXC.

But as the new series progressed, it began to deviate from the original concept.

introduced the concept   (コンセプトを紹介)

IEEE 802.1ad introduced the concept of double tagging.

He introduced the concept of Equivalent Air Depth (EAD).

(Myhill introduced the concept of deterministic LBA in 1960.

concept art

There was some concept art for a monkey in Master Chief's armour.

This edition includes a soundtrack and concept art book for the game.

In addition, a number of pieces of concept art depict Raynor smoking.

developed the concept

She and her team developed the concept of domains.

He developed the concept that is today known as a normal subgroup.

Arthur Jules Morin (1833) developed the concept of sliding versus rolling friction.

same concept

He would often paint several versions of the same concept.

It has the same concept but has some differences in gameplay.

Webb also developed Sun City, Arizona, under the same concept.

basic concept

Carpenter said of the basic concept: "Halloween night.

The basic concept of this can be traced back to World War II.

According to Hinduism the basic concept of karma is 'As you sow, you shall reap'.

similar concept

A similar concept is ethnomathematics; Achor, et al.

"Greatturn" was a similar concept on another server.

This is a similar concept to Bhargava's list of rules for SMO.

concept behind   (背後にある概念)

However, the engineering concept behind the 2-4-0 was quite different.

The design concept behind multi-zone is to reduce the need to use exposure compensation.

The whole concept behind tries to bring that up… people will get the feeling that is about them".

design concept

This then is a guide for the architect in creating the design concept.

The facility is based on a modular design concept to support diverse experiments.

The original design concept of the YB-40 never played out as intended in practice.

proof of concept   (コンセプトの証明)

SWIFT has deployed a proof of concept using Solidity running on Burrow.

Their initial proof of concept was a program that allowed users to search for flights using their voice.

After the proof of concept, the long-term goal of NASA is to transfer the technology to the commercial sector.

similar in concept

DATAR was similar in concept to Benjamin's display.

PEIA is similar in concept to the Ecological footprint.

Speed disc golf is similar in concept and rules to speed golf.

general concept   (一般的な概念)

This basic example illustrates the general concept.

This was in spite of the fact that the DRA's agreed with the general concept.

Today, there is still on going research on the general concept of verisimilitude.

modern concept

This is similar to the modern concept of strict liability in tort.

The modern concept of pornography did not exist until the Victorian era.

This is held to be the first explanation of the modern concept of totalitarian state.

initial concept   (初期コンセプト)

This group put together the initial concept and pitch for "Epic Mickey" in 2003.

The initial concept was to make a disjointed and slapstick racing game in the likeness of "Wacky Races".

The album's title is meant to reflect Inori's character, including how her initial concept was based on a goldfish.

important concept

The Void is also an important concept in martial arts such as Aikido.

Consequently, the dual space is an important concept in functional analysis.

An important concept in understanding run-off-road crashes is the clear zone.

concept called

Skillhive is built on a concept called "swarm work".

In the history of their culture there is a concept called tipiyeew.

In 1890 Macune initiated a new concept called the Sub-Treasury Plan.

key concept

Bandwidth is a key concept in many telecommunications applications.

Strowski uses the term master race, which is a key concept in Nazism.

"Economic independence" was the key concept of the electoral campaign.

central concept

"Tapas" is a central concept in Jainism.

Themes should capture shared meaning organised around a central concept or idea.

The central concept of natural selection is the evolutionary fitness of an organism.

concept was first

The concept was first proposed in Italy in 2014.

The concept was first proposed by Rosalynn Carter in 1988.

The concept was first used by Chilean company Aguas Andinas’ CEO, Narcís Berberana.

concept albums

Other records have been claimed as "early" or "first" concept albums.

Since then, many concept albums have been released across numerous musical genres.

Formed in 1999 by Timothy Sellers, the band is best known for their concept albums.

related concept

A related concept is one part per ten thousand, .

A related concept is the relative importance of an item.

(a related concept is that of progenote.)

concept of

The concept of “type of use” isn't defined by law.

Much of this work falls under the concept of “design for closure” introduced 30 years ago.

Centered on the concept of “Share your Virtual Life", Koinup offers a social networking platform for all virtual world inhabitants.

concept cars

The following is a partial list of concept cars Toyota developed.

Ferrari has produced a number of concept cars, such as the Mythos.

In 2005 he assumed overall responsibility for Citroën's concept cars.

around the concept   (コンセプトの周り)

Activities are organized around the concept of a "Test Scenario".

GANS chose to model their brand around the concept of a ‘Lighthouse’.

African female symbolism revolves instead around the concept of the womb.

concept was developed

The original concept was developed by Michael Fieldhouse an executive at DXC.

The concept was developed in conjunction with Australian rock band Regurgitator and XYZ Networks.

The concept was developed by the Board of Navigation together with a Finnish consulting engineering company ILS.

no concept

They had no discipline, no concept of change control.

Unlike the Latin alphabet, the script has no concept of letter case.

There is no concept of case law as one would find in a modern text book.

concept vehicle

In 2005, the Opel Astra diesel Hybrid concept vehicle was introduced.

The Urus concept vehicle would evolve into the 2019 production SUV Lamborghini Urus.

At the 2004 North American International Auto Show, a Ford Bronco concept vehicle was unveiled.

concept developed

Fst is a special case of F-statistics, the concept developed in the 1920s by Sewall Wright.

Tensigrity – another concept developed by Buckminster Fuller – is used to hold the inner sphere in position.

The concept developed with the introduction of Buddhism in China, adapting Buddhist philosophy to a Chinese frame of reference.

first concept

The first concept intended a three car train.

(Fear is Victory's Evolution)" and finally "Jesus Piece" becoming Game's first concept album.

The first concept to understand for anisotropy measurements is the concept of Brownian motion.

legal concept

The main legal concept in article 138 is bad faith.

The case of Leona Helmsley is often used to illustrate the downsides of the legal concept of donor intent as applied to endowments.

Custody, as a legal concept, establishes where a child will live, and often, the duties of the person(s) with whom the child lives.

concept used

The bond order concept used in molecular dynamics and bond order potentials.

The format of "Before Secret" this season was alike the concept used in the fourth edition.

The concept used a 252 hp (186 kW) 3.6 L V6 and a new "6T70" six-speed automatic transmission.