İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

expressed concern   (ifade edilen endişe)

China and Indonesia have expressed concern about the decision.

Some critics have expressed concern about the use of these methods.

During 2012 NGOs expressed concern about potential online restrictions.

least concern   (en az endişe)

The IUCN has assessed it as being of "least concern".

The global population is assessed as of least concern.

It is currently assessed as least concern by the IUCN.

major concern   (büyük endişe)

Drug resistance has "become a major concern".

Stability is a major concern in RF and microwave amplifiers.

Hence, diagnostic reliability was a major concern of DSM-III.

main concern   (asıl endişe)

Boaks's main concern was public safety on the roads.

Only the fathers and the lovers are his main concern.

These issues were Reinhold's main concern.

particular concern   (özel endişe)

Of particular concern was the 6th district.

Head injuries are a particular concern.

Bear attacks are of particular concern for those who are in bear habitats.

primary concern   (Temel sorun)

A primary concern is the lack of work space and absence of professors.

It is used when power is the primary concern, such as when playing a bass drum.

Royalties were not Winter's primary concern, "I just don't want that bullshit out ...

public concern   (halk endişesi)

In addition, corruption scandals are a source of public concern.

He is known for his legal campaigns on issues of public concern.

After World War II, environmental politics became a major public concern.

great concern   (Büyük endişe)

This is of great concern to us and we are removing the video immediately.

In addition to the poor economic condition, safety in the mines was a great concern.

I saw the world in a new light, and my great concern was to have everybody converted.

growing concern   (artan endişe)

Cyber was the fifth threat and a growing concern.

Cyber is the fifth threat and a growing concern.

Her assistant Karl (Rudolph Amendt) watches with growing concern.

expressing concern   (endişe belirtmek)

This includes expressing concern to colleagues and people possibly violating the Code.

While she is expressing concern about her brother's threats, an assassin kills her fiancé.

UGG boots accounted for 87% of the company's revenue with some analysts expressing concern that UGG was losing its appeal.

concern among   (arasında endişe)

This unofficial candidacy was definitely a cause for concern among the Privy Council under Elizabeth.

A mass movement of Kazakhs to the west caused a great concern among the Zhaiyks and the Volga Kalmyks.

There was also concern among anarchists with the growing power of Marxist communists within the government.

special concern   (özel endişe)

In Wisconsin, it is a species of special concern.

It is listed as endangered in Iowa and as a special concern in Rhode Island.

Cubie position and orientation are of special concern when unscrambling the final layer.

cause for concern   (endişe etmek)

Hoover said: The mad march of red fascism is a cause for concern in America.

The meeting minutes had registered the 1979 competition as a "cause for concern".

This unofficial candidacy was definitely a cause for concern among the Privy Council under Elizabeth.

serious concern   (ciddi endişe)

The air pollution in Cairo is a matter of serious concern.

Given the hot, dry climate, evaporation loss is a serious concern.

Obsolescence of technical skills is a serious concern for electrical engineers.

going concern   (endişe verici)

There is evidence of a sale in 1778 of the Mill as a going concern.

The company became "synonymous with sporting goods" and is still a going concern.

By the turn of the 20th century, the railway was a going concern and made its mark on the world stage.

concern regarding   (Endişe etmek)

The structures and out-dated equipment are concerning but there is also concern regarding personnel safety.

However, aside from dealing with overcrowded spaces they face a privacy concern regarding corrections officers.

On this day, Othman Wok highlighted his concern regarding the communists to Lee Kuan Yew, and only upon assurance did he put pen to paper.

deep concern   (Derin endişe)

The move attracted international criticism, the United Nations expressing "deep concern".

On 18 November, Reporters Without Borders "voiced deep concern" in a statement about al-Zaidi's detention.

He had a deep concern for the welfare of the natives and carrying out the difficult tasks assigned to him.

caused concern   (endişe yarattı)

A source that has caused concern is landfills.

This caused concern for Hampton & Richmond as they expected compensation.

This caused concern about the revival of piracy in the Straits of Malacca.

issues of concern   (endişe konuları)

Joking as an active form of verbal lore makes this tension visible as joke cycles come and go to reflect new issues of concern.

Ministerial meetings, together with the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM), seek to build consensus on issues of concern to member states.

"'Its commonality lies in its connection to humanity, in the main it has provided an invariable forum whose members to open and continue meaningful issues of concern.""

not concern   (endişelenme)

It did not concern itself with politics or women's suffrage.

This purchase did not concern the construction of altarpieces.

He remained in Martinique and did not concern himself with the other islands.

health concern   (sağlık sorunu)

It has been recognized as a public health concern.

Malaria is a major public health concern in these hills.

The water quality in the river started to deteriorate to the point where it was a major public health concern.

no concern   (endişe yok)

There was little to no concern with the future, the present dominating in the pursuit of immediate pleasure.

Tafheet practice and events occur with little or no concern for vehicle occupants, other drivers, or spectator safety.

According to the missionaries, Eulate had no concern for the rights of the Indians, and was only concerned with exploiting them.

areas of concern   (ilgi alanları)

It began with two main areas of concern.

His primary areas of concern were education, economic development, taxation, and improving the territory's moral climate.

The Puritans raised four areas of concern: purity of doctrine; the means of maintaining it; church government; and the "Book of Common Prayer".

voiced concern   (sesli endişe)

Adams voiced concern that a country outside of North America would attempt to occupy Cuba upon its separation from Spain.

In December 2011 the UK's Minister of State for Schools, Nick Gibb, voiced concern that children can become "too dependent" on the use of calculators.

Bangladesh's extradition request was halted as Rohrabacher voiced concern about his legal rights, saying that he should be sent somewhere with no death penalty.

little concern   (küçük endişe)

Appearance was of little concern to him.

Those in power actually showed little concern over the alleged assault.

In general, procedural dramas can usually be re-run with little concern for episode order.

concern because   (endişe çünkü)

Such experiments were a source of concern because they might allow them to produce plutonium for an atomic bomb.

This was of particular concern because the proposed mining area was in extremely close proximity to the Wolf River.

The current conservation status of "Trachops cirrhosus" is least concern because its populations are currently stable.