more concerned   (もっと心配)

I'm more concerned now about the multimedia business."

Victoria was charmed, but more concerned with Jason's hold on Elizabeth.

India will be even more concerned about the quality of Russian weapons."

became concerned   (心配になった)

But as the magnitude of the problem became clear, Watt became concerned.

During the 1960s, Crick became concerned with the origins of the genetic code.

became concerned.

primarily concerned   (主に関係する)

The club was founded in 1883 and is primarily concerned with the game of hurling.

The society was primarily concerned with improving the spiritual life of priests and people.

As Prince of Pingnan, his duties were primarily concerned with the defence of Guangdong province.

not concerned   (関係ない)

Plaintiffs' lawyers generally are not concerned by such findings.

Zombies are out on the loose in Bernardsville New Jersey and the local Sheriff is not concerned.

particularly concerned   (特に心配)

She was particularly concerned about Bin al Shibh's mental health.

Clean IT is particularly concerned with possible terrorist attacks.

The divines were particularly concerned with those they labeled antinomians.

all concerned   (関係者全員)

The old building is dilapidated and is dangerous to all concerned.

It was a serious but pleasurable event for all concerned, including the children.

Its release to poor reviews and limited distribution proved disastrous for all concerned.

very concerned   (とても心配)

Mello's group was very concerned with excitatory amino acids neurochemistry.

Burtin, very concerned with the safety of the gunman, took this project very seriously.

Like Plato, Mazzoni was very concerned with determining the purpose of poetry (Weinberg, 324).

mainly concerned   (主に関係する)

These were mainly concerned with private property, civil justice, and minting.

The society was mainly concerned with distinction between the deserving poor and undeserving poor.

Classical information theorists and computer scientists are mainly concerned with information of this sort.

increasingly concerned   (ますます懸念)

Reitell became increasingly concerned and telephoned Feltenstein for advice.

His father (Ludwig Donath) becomes increasingly concerned about his frivolous lifestyle.

Some code officials are becoming increasingly concerned with the fire performance of WPCs.

deeply concerned   (深く心配している)

Raynes was deeply concerned about who should be appointed to succeed him.

Jewish organized crime fueled antisemitism and deeply concerned the Jewish community.

The war in Algeria between Muslim fighters and French colonists deeply concerned the rest of the Muslim world.

concerned citizens   (関係する市民)

By that moment the police had already received several calls from concerned citizens and dispatched a unit there.

In 1933, concerned citizens successfully worked to protect the area and were able to acquire much of the land that became the state park.

Often the police receive reports about high-speed drifting from concerned citizens demanding an arrest because of the risk to public safety.

less concerned   (それほど心配しない)

They are therefore much less concerned with security matters of an international level.

Rodin was a naturalist, less concerned with monumental expression than with character and emotion.

Theophrastus was much less concerned with formal causes than Aristotle was, instead pragmatically describing how plants functioned.

becomes concerned   (心配になる)

Yogasiddhi becomes concerned at the state of the princess.

Norris becomes concerned for her and asks her for the truth.

The team becomes concerned that Sebastian is taking it too far.

concerned when   (心配するとき)

She was concerned when it lost government funding in 2011.

Shake gets concerned when Meatwad doesn't reform like always.

They are both concerned when A.J.

especially concerned   (特に心配)

He was especially concerned that the powder on surgeon's gloves predisposed to the formation of adhesions.

Boas was especially concerned with racial inequality, which his research had indicated is not biological in origin, but rather social.

A reviewer noted Loria wrote a history of mathematics and was especially concerned with the history of mathematics in Italy and among the ancient Greeks.

only concerned   (関係があるだけ)

The Indian force was only concerned with protecting their lives and winter food supplies.

Initially, the suit only concerned the October 26, 2012 dust episode, but the amendment included all subsequent episodes.

According to the missionaries, Eulate had no concern for the rights of the Indians, and was only concerned with exploiting them.

concerned primarily   (主に関係する)

This case concerned primarily whether the statute of limitations was properly applied, and not the validity of scheme itself.

By 1860, sectional disagreements between North and South concerned primarily the maintenance or expansion of slavery in the United States.

Kurzweil is concerned primarily with the "amount" of intelligence displayed by the machine, whereas Searle's argument sets no limit on this.

become concerned   (気になる)

"But enough people in my district have become concerned that I can't just ignore it.

Since the late 1950s Sakharov had become concerned about the moral and political implications of his work.

In her bedroom, Sharon and Abigail become concerned when they observe a strange girl prowling the premises.

mostly concerned   (主に懸念)

Rothman was mostly concerned about more females learning about their bodies.

His work has mostly concerned his family, the place he grew up in the West Midlands, but also landscapes elsewhere.

Early film theory arose in the silent era and was mostly concerned with defining the crucial elements of the medium.

parties concerned   (関係者)

Such negotiations are left to the parties concerned and are performed outside ITU-T/ITU-R/ISO/IEC.

If they do so, the fact that communication has occurred must be disclosed to the parties concerned right away.