study concluded   (研究は終了しました)

One study concluded that taxi drivers had the fifth worst job of 2011.

A 2008 study concluded that the TrES-2 system is a binary star system.

The study concluded that happiness was related to longer life in orangutans.

report concluded   (レポート終了)

The census' report concluded that the colony had not recovered from a prior collapse.

In 1998 a NIH report concluded that a BMI over 25 is overweight and a BMI over 30 is obese.

The census' report concluded that the colony had not recovered from a prior colony collapse.

season concluded   (シーズン終了)

When the fourth season concluded he left the show.

The regular season concluded March 29, 2009.

The first season concluded on March 9, 2019.

review concluded

One review concluded that probiotics may help prevent re-occurrence.

The review concluded: "You’lI be longing for something new in this game.

The review concluded with the sacking of Anscombe as Canadian rugby head coach on 4 August 2017.

series concluded

The series concluded four months before Joan Rivers died.

The series concluded on 31 October 2012 after ten episodes.

The series concluded on May 31, 2013 with a total of 97 episodes.

investigation concluded   (調査終了)

The investigation into "others" continued after the Savile investigation concluded.

A USMC investigation concluded that poor maintenance caused the engine malfunction.

The investigation concluded in 2005, with no findings of corruption against any person.

concluded his review

He concluded his review mentioning the team work and dedication of the film crew.

He concluded his review by writing, "the movie is not profound, but it's not stupid.

Ahmed Adhushan of "Mihaaru" concluded his review calling the film "a step backward" in the progress of cinema.

concluded between

Shortly after sailing, an armistice was concluded between Great Britain and Spain.

In the following year a peace was concluded between the two sides and the captive emperor was allowed to return home.

He was one of the signatories to the treaty which was concluded between the Sikhs and the British after the First Sikh War.

court concluded   (裁判所の結論)

The court concluded that it had not been shown on the pleadings that the first plaintiff had "locus standi".

The court concluded that Axmyr murdered both persons with complete disregard for human life and that the victims had suffered before dying.

The court concluded that the non-citizen plaintiffs had no reasonable fear of being detained and thus could not have their challenge of the law adjudicated by the court.

authors concluded

The authors concluded that "Finding DDT resistance in the vector "An.

The authors concluded that in light of these findings there was no existence of a microbiome.

More generally, however, the authors concluded that the hydrocarbons were a fertility signal.

concluded by saying

He concluded by saying: "I feel like being gay is a blessing.

Maslin concluded by saying that "Blue Velvet" "is as fascinating as it is freakish.

He concluded by saying "If you enjoyed this series, just be grateful it's been preserved!"

researchers concluded

The researchers concluded that squirrel monkeys are not averse to inequity.

The researchers concluded that female capuchin monkeys are inequity averse.

The researchers concluded that the activities observed came from SF of element 105.

later concluded

The post-mortem later concluded without establishing the cause of death.

Police later concluded that there was no evidence of deliberate poisoning.

The Supreme Court later concluded, in "R. v. Edwards Books and Art Ltd." [1986] (2 S.C.R.

concluded a treaty

The Sistanis concluded a treaty with Muslims, mandating them to pay the kharaj.

Amyntas thus concluded a treaty with the Spartans, who assisted him in a war against Olynthus.

During the reign of Bahadur Shah, Nepal had concluded a treaty with Garhwal demanding that it pay NRs.

show concluded   (終了したショー)

The show concluded on June 30, 1995 with a total of 684 episodes.

The show concluded on July 17, 2011 with a total of 360 episodes.

Immediately after the show concluded, its premiere date of August 19, 2003 was specified.

tournament concluded   (トーナメント終了)

The tournament concluded with Kalev/Cramo defeating University of Tartu 4 games to 0 in the finals.

The tournament concluded in a match between him and Kurt Angle at No Way Out, which Cena won after performing an FU.

The tournament concluded on June 17, when Nakajima defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto and Yuri Urai in a three-way Dogfight final to not only win the tournament, but to also become the new Princess of Pro-Wrestling (POP) Champion.

tour concluded

The tour concluded on December 6 in Philadelphia.

The UK portion of the tour concluded on 30 April.

The tour concluded on July 24 in Houston, TX.

concluded an agreement

In 1705, Joan van Hoorn concluded an agreement with Mataram, which ceded West Java to the Company.

Greece renounced all its claims over Turkish territory and the two sides concluded an agreement on 30 April 1930.

Al-Afdal and al-Adil later concluded an agreement whereby al-Awhad would transfer control of Mayyafariqin to al-Afdal.