reinforced concrete   (強化コンクリート)

The dam is a reinforced concrete weir, long and tall.

Retaining wall was made of reinforced concrete.

The tower is a reinforced concrete shear wall core structure.

concrete structure   (コンクリート構造)

The bridge was a post-tensioned concrete structure.

In 1912, the light was placed on a small, concrete structure.

A blue glass facade was added, hiding the concrete structure.

concrete block   (コンクリートブロック)

Nearby is a large gambrel-roofed concrete block barn.

It is a wood frame church on a concrete block foundation.

A large concrete block fireplace separates the kitchen and living room.

concrete slab   (コンクリートスラブ)

The concrete slab is wide by deep and high.

A large concrete slab, in the shape of an arrow, was located near the base of each beacon.

The only remaining fabric is the concrete slab, upon which the bench and statue were placed.

concrete foundation   (コンクリート基礎)

It is in plan and rests on a concrete foundation.

It is a one-story frame school on a concrete foundation.

It is constructed of brick and sits on a concrete foundation.

concrete floor

The verandah has a concrete floor and a raked ceiling lined in flat sheets.

A hole was dug for the camera, which required drilling into the concrete floor.

He dug out the basement, placed a concrete floor, and prepared it for construction of the final layout.

concrete blocks

The grave is surrounded by pieces of irregular, broken concrete blocks.

One of the central piers has had its base reinforced by concrete blocks.

The extent of the grave delineated by the concrete blocks is long by wide.

concrete bridge

This was replaced by a concrete bridge in 1952.

A 2-lane concrete bridge over Myall River was completed in 1969.

It is a prestressed concrete bridge of 584 m, which rest on 8 columns.

concrete building

It is a three-story poured concrete building, in plan.

It is a three-story concrete building clad with brick.

The result is California's first tilt-up concrete building.

concrete walls

The foundation consists of granite and concrete walls.

On the exterior, these concrete walls are clad with stainless steel.

The foyer contains off-form concrete walls and columns with a curved stairwell.

concrete wall

Protection from external damage is provided by an outer concrete wall.

The maximum-security portion is made up of surrounded by a concrete wall.

The playing surface is surrounded by a steel fence (replacing the old concrete wall) and a tarmac walkway.

concrete structures

It has produced threaded steel bar for prestressed concrete structures.

All concrete structures crack to some extent, due to shrinkage and tension.

These leaks caused concerns for the existing concrete structures and equipment.

no concrete

But there is no concrete evidence about this story.

However, there is no concrete proof to support this theory.

It had no concrete outcome.

precast concrete

The use of precast concrete panels for floor and wall construction has also increased.

To speed construction, the elevated trackway is built using precast concrete box girder bridge segments.

The exterior consist of identical precast concrete panels that are attached to a reinforced concrete frame.

made of concrete

The abutments and wing walls are also made of concrete.

Structures made of concrete can have a long service life.

It had a door made of concrete and was reinforced with steel.

concrete arch

Gibraltar Dam is a constant radius concrete arch dam high and long.

The two-span bridge is long and has a filled-spandrel concrete arch design.

Main entrance to the park was decorated with concrete arch at the Soviet period.

concrete and steel

It was built of reinforced concrete and steel with masonry walls.

The station is a shallow triple-span station with two rows of concrete and steel columns.

Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel is obtained with the proper primer and surface treatment.

concrete evidence   (具体的な証拠)

But there is no concrete evidence about this story.

Climate surveys can provide concrete evidence of how this works in action.

And that is what we know thus far based on the evidence, concrete evidence."

concrete road   (コンクリート道路)

Each approach is long with a concrete road surface.

It's an eight-lane reinforced concrete road in the form of boulevard with a width of 60 m, a distance of 5.115 km (3.1783 mi).

In the case of the Bahia Honda Rail Bridge, which was a truss bridge, the concrete road surface was built on top of the trusses.

steel and concrete

Reinforced steel and concrete were added to a new deck.

The stadium's steel and concrete were repainted dark gray and black.

The 5 tunnels are steel and concrete lined and 1,560 feet long in bedrock.

more concrete

In the years which followed, the concept became more concrete.

Power Comics took more concrete form with the appearance of "Pow!"

For a more concrete example suppose that formula_54 Then, formula_55

new concrete

The new concrete and brick church was built in a more modern style.

It was recently decided that building new concrete runway parallel to ul.

In 1963, a new concrete bridge was built about upstream from the EDZ Irigary Bridge.

large concrete

From the hall waste is tipped into a large concrete bunker.

A large concrete prison block was erected between 1910 and 1912.

A large concrete block fireplace separates the kitchen and living room.

concrete construction

The abutments, wing walls, and piers are all of concrete construction.

The main shed was now of concrete construction long and wide across 13 tracks.

This one was a concrete construction on an embankment to serve the village of Ilton.

concrete slabs   (コンクリートスラブ)

The third barrier consists of is two concrete slabs.

The structure of the building was steel with concrete slabs.

"Championship:" The second, third, and fourth barriers are all two concrete slabs thick.

concrete base

The east dams were high and sat on a concrete base.

The entire work rests on a square concrete base.

It consists of a black metal pyramid on a concrete base.

concrete piers

It is set on its original foundation of 18 concrete piers.

The undercroft has rectangular concrete piers and is open to the east.

It is long and wide, with kingpost trusses supported by concrete piers and abutments.

poured concrete

It is a three-story poured concrete building, in plan.

It is faced with scored poured concrete and clapboard and topped with a gable roof.

It has a gambrel roof covered in asphalt shingles and sits on a poured concrete foundation.

concrete steps

A section of the trail consists of concrete steps.

At that moment, authorities had not taken any concrete steps.

There are concrete steps leading up to the front and rear entrances.

concrete gravity

The concrete gravity diversion dam is high and long.

It is the first concrete gravity dam in Japan.

It is a concrete gravity structure of height, making it the tallest dam in Bulgaria.

concrete surface

The moss, "Bryum argenteum", was growing on a concrete surface.

Traditional conditions for curing involve by spraying or ponding the concrete surface with water.

The main components are housed below the road or pedestrian surface (typically a concrete surface).

brick and concrete

To obtain brick and concrete, Reid built his own kilns.

The red brick and concrete buildings are finished in the brutalist style.

Designed by the Baerresen Brothers architects, it is a two-story buff-colored brick and concrete building.

first concrete

It is the first concrete gravity dam in Japan.

The first concrete shell dates back to the 2nd century.

In 1960, construction of the first concrete runway was completed.

concrete floors

It was constructed to be fireproof, with a steel frame and concrete floors.

The steel is fireproofed with terra-cotta tiles and supports reinforced concrete floors.

The ground floor verandahs have paved concrete floors and flat-sheeted ceilings, with cover strips.

prestressed concrete

It is a prestressed concrete bridge of 584 m, which rest on 8 columns.

It has produced threaded steel bar for prestressed concrete structures.

Lin is credited with standardizing the practical use of prestressed concrete.

concrete runway

The airport will have concrete runway and jet bridges.

In 1984, the second concrete runway was put into operation.

In 1960, construction of the first concrete runway was completed.

concrete foundations

The locktenders' houses are identical two-story, brick dwellings on concrete foundations.

The water tank is situated on six cross-braced steel legs submerged in concrete foundations.

concrete dam

The concrete dam was completed on Crowdy Marsh in 1973.

The concrete dam was in its implementation stage as of 2011.

The concrete dam is 8.2 metres high and was completed in 1995.