İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

run concurrently   (aynı anda koş)

All imprisonments will run concurrently.

Shows run concurrently at multiple venues, in the style of SXSW.

With parallel portfolios, multiple different SAT solvers run concurrently.

runs concurrently   (eşzamanlı olarak çalışır)

Westbound US 460 runs concurrently with US 60 Alt.

The process runs concurrently with medicalization.

US 17 runs concurrently with US 50 for the remainder of its course.

held concurrently   (aynı anda tutuldu)

The election was held concurrently with a Swedish parliamentary election.

The election was held concurrently with the first referendum in Australia.

The Golden Raspberry Awards are awarded annually and are held concurrently to the Academy Awards.

served concurrently   (aynı anda servis edildi)

The contempt of court sentence was served concurrently.

Some deputies served concurrently as acting party leader.

Ward served concurrently as Oklahoma Commissioner of Public Safety.

concurrently served

He concurrently served as the school's dean from 1964 until 1974.

Johnson concurrently served as Director of the Ohio Department of Development.

In May 2015 he concurrently served as vice-president of the Red Cross Society of China.

running concurrently

At Third Street, NC 42 intersects NC 43, and the two highway begins running concurrently to the east.

The highway, running concurrently with PTH 10, bypasses the City of Dauphin (PTH 5A / 10A run through Dauphin).

The highway runs west from the interchange into Rudyard where it turns south, running concurrently with county road H-63.

ran concurrently

The sentence ran concurrently with his other convictions.

Competitions for team and individual medals ran concurrently.

M-31 continued across The Thumb through Bad Axe, where it ran concurrently with M-19 in town.