weather conditions   (気象条件)

The stage was shortened due to weather conditions.

These flies are also affected by weather conditions.

Once again the weather conditions deteriorated.

working conditions   (労働条件)

In addition, working conditions in the mines improved.

In September 2016 40 teachers protested their working conditions.

The main two are working conditions and problems with terminology.

living conditions   (生活条件)

Victims reported living conditions to be very poor.

The living conditions were horrible, unsanitary, and poor.

Overcrowding and unsanitary living conditions were pervasive.

environmental conditions   (環境条件)

Some environmental conditions stimulate broodiness.

The fossil assemblage present suggests arid environmental conditions.

Environmental sensors would monitor environmental conditions at the landing site.

economic conditions

Meanwhile, economic conditions on the homefront deteriorated rapidly.

In 2011, prostitution was on the rise due to poor economic conditions.

Nevertheless, the Soviet government had lost control over economic conditions.

certain conditions   (特定の条件)

Other species may eat feces under certain conditions.

They must, however, fulfil certain conditions instead.

Dual nationality is allowed, under certain conditions.

conditions such

Weather conditions such as rain, wind and fog are simulated.

In painful oral conditions such as aphthous stomatitis, analgesic mouthrinses (e.g.

IELT is one factor used to diagnose and treat conditions such as premature ejaculation.

medical conditions   (医学的状態)

p-ANCA is associated with several medical conditions:

Many medical conditions can cause anxiety.

ADA disabilities include both mental and physical medical conditions.

climatic conditions

experienced cold and dry climatic conditions.

Due in part to the climatic conditions of these regions (e.g.

The timing may vary according to the climatic conditions in the region.

boundary conditions

Designations for several boundary conditions are given in Table 1.

Numbers have long been used to identify types of boundary conditions.

So far, the definition and boundary conditions of NEHs have been introduced.

other conditions   (その他の条件)

Several other conditions are common in children with autism.

There are other conditions which may cause or resemble syncope.

Several other conditions may mimic lymphangioma circumscriptum.

harsh conditions   (厳しい状況)

People used to live and work under harsh conditions.

They are well adapted to survive in harsh conditions.

The P-40 tolerated harsh conditions and a variety of climates.

social conditions   (社会的条件)

These reflect instead on social conditions and norms.

He believed that these would improve social conditions in the country.

The book shows how these adjust dynamically to changing social conditions.

terms and conditions   (規約と条件)

The terms and conditions promise not to reveal this data to any third parties.

These regulations affected the terms and conditions of employment of civil servants.

Gleeson CJ agreed generally that the ticket terms and conditions were not incorporated.

health conditions   (健康状態)

Coverage for all other health conditions is based on medical necessity.

Cycling has also been shown to be effective adjunct therapy in certain mental health conditions.

Patients with more serious health conditions are transported to Araxá, which is connected by good roads.

poor conditions

Many spent years in isolated and often poor conditions.

He also closed the Everett Tuberculosis Hospital due to poor conditions.

These German and Irish residents lived in poor conditions throughout the 1850s and ‘60s.

favorable conditions

Despite favorable conditions, sustained winds did not exceed .

In favorable conditions, the eggs may hatch in just four hours.

A telescope with a CCD can detect Eris under favorable conditions.

following conditions

The following conditions are equivalent.

A population segment of a vertebrate species may be considered discrete if it satisfies either one of the following conditions: 1.

The following conditions are needed for snow rollers to form: Because of this last condition, snow rollers are more common in hilly areas.

market conditions   (市況)

Rather, it is solely driven by deteriorating market conditions."

and Focus blamed "challenging" market conditions for the difficulties.

Though, this threshold moves up and down depending on market conditions.

such conditions

Tunneling is very expensive in such conditions.

SEGRAMs would likely be less effective in such conditions.

to themselves which, however, is customary in such conditions."

wet conditions   (ぬれた状態)

The accident was attributed to excessive speed and wet conditions.

Non-hydraulic cement does not set in wet conditions or under water.

The Lexus LFA test numbers also reflect the implications of testing in the wet conditions.

dry conditions

Decomposition rates are low under very wet or very dry conditions.

In dry conditions, the gendarme can be bypassed on slopes beneath it.

Collagen normally converts to gelatin, but survived due to dry conditions.

normal conditions

It is an island under normal conditions.

Under normal conditions, no crewman ever left during this period.

Under normal conditions, they formed patrols consisting of two men.

initial conditions   (初期条件)

The initial conditions are lost forever.

Forces determined by the initial conditions of the water (e.g.

The first reward formula_24 can be used to reset the initial conditions.

local conditions

The preferred method will depend on local conditions.

Fishing boats vary widely in style partly to match local conditions.

He was also unfamiliar with the local conditions and depths of water.

extreme conditions

Under extreme conditions, this can break the impeller shaft.

It is able to survive in extreme conditions in polar regions and arid areas.

It has been called the “Everest of Rivers” because of the extreme conditions.

difficult conditions

The Llano community survived in difficult conditions into the 1930s.

The 2011 vintage saw difficult conditions which created uneven wines.

The Roman army faced difficult conditions in the winter and had to withdraw.

atmospheric conditions   (大気条件)

Channel 13 could also be seen in portions of Georgia under certain atmospheric conditions.

Later he made a comparative test of the atmospheric conditions in Paris and in the surrounding country.

Kites had a historical role in lifting scientific instruments to measure atmospheric conditions for weather forecasting.

ideal conditions   (理想的な条件)

This simply means that under ideal conditions i.e.

Worm Hotels accommodate useful worm in ideal conditions.

An absence of any of these perfect competition ideal conditions is a market failure.

conditions during

Perea painted conditions during Silva's governorship in a poor light.

The conditions during this stage were among the worst in cycling history.

Performance based design takes into account the potential conditions during a fire.

operating conditions

The airport had very poor operating conditions.

Engineering constraints included snow zone operating conditions.

Surface blowdown offers the additional advantage of steady-state operating conditions.

drought conditions   (干ばつ条件)

During drought conditions, whole trees have been felled to feed stock.

Due to drought conditions the wildfire rapidly expanded to 27,870 acres.

However, the species appears to be relatively tolerant of drought conditions.

soil conditions

It can tolerate acidic to alkaline soil conditions.

It tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, but is prone to self-seeding.

Railway track was also subject to bending or displacement, depending on soil conditions.

same conditions

The next two giants, he sold the bread and cheese under the same conditions.

They had a residence on North Terrace, and offered board to AEI students on the same conditions as J. L. Young.

Tobacco offered in payment of debts, public or private, had to be inspected under the same conditions as that to be exported.

road conditions   (道路状況)

The monitor can also be programmed with modern applications, such as weather and road conditions.

Driving time is approximately 4-5 hrs on average in good weather and when road conditions are good.

Heavy rain hit Córdoba in the days leading up to the rally, making the road conditions very difficult.

different conditions

Brosnan subsequently tested five female capuchins in different conditions.

The trees provide many habitats with different conditions of temperature, contact and light.

Five orangutans were put in eight different conditions, seven of which involved a token exchange.

better conditions

This was to provide better conditions for a robust and sustainable command.

It was initiated by waste collectors seeking higher wages and better conditions.

specific conditions

Genetic screening is now available within a useful time frame for some of the specific conditions.

A number of studies have examined how and why they provide poor predictions under specific conditions.

Dairy goats must be housed in specific conditions so that their milk production is not alarmed by changes.

political conditions

Kamaraj developed an interest in prevailing political conditions by reading newspapers daily.

Because of the unclear political conditions, he was only confirmed in 1818 as the diocesan administrator.

Lanata made a report of the social and political conditions of the Tucumán Province, ruled by José Alperovich.

improve conditions   (状態を改善する)

Various measures were carried out to improve conditions in the workplace.

Murray also made good on his promise to improve conditions for his department.

A number of reforms were embarked upon to improve conditions for women and children.

natural conditions

The favourable natural conditions of the area created all the prerequisites of normal life.

This continued egg laying means more eggs are laid than would occur under natural conditions.

They are agile animals, and have been recorded running at speeds of up to in natural conditions.

conditions including

Feller tested two orangutans with various conditions including a quantity inequity condition.

Topical use is also one of the treatment options for some skin conditions including acne and cellulitis.

A non-painful limp may be due to a number of mechanical conditions including hip dysplasia and leg length differences.

wind conditions

Due to wind conditions not all scheduled races could be sailed.

On July 3, 1979, the weather and wind conditions were favorable.

Under high wind conditions, two white strobes will flash in accordance with wind speed.

growing conditions

The biomes provide diverse growing conditions, and many plants are on display.

Also contributing to caffeine content are growing conditions, processing techniques, and other variables.

Under ideal growing conditions, plants are able to grow a root mass that comprises the entire bin in a loosely packed mass.

adverse weather conditions

The TSS provides target sighting in day, night or adverse weather conditions.

Some believed the game could have been played a week earlier to avoid adverse weather conditions.

Its performance is consistent under adverse weather conditions or when flown at high altitude or high temperatures.

conditions are met

the exit conditions are met), the shortest path is evaluated.

Social assistance includes welfare benefits defined by law, and is therefore provided when conditions are met.

If the conditions are met and a mahr and contract are agreed upon, an Islamic marriage ceremony, or wedding, can take place.

light conditions   (光の状態)

Both adults and larvae prefer low light conditions.

In light conditions, a kellet will reduce the swing of the vessel considerably.

Prescription lenses and various tints to suit different light conditions are available.

similar conditions

On 26 February 1960 approximately three months after this accident, another AN-10 crashed during similar conditions.

Because of the similar conditions and reagents, the E2 elimination is always in competition with the S2-substitution.

Because of the similar conditions, both reactions in the E1 or E1cb elimination always compete with the S1 substitution.

when conditions   (いつ条件)

Nevertheless, when conditions are ripe, significant snowfalls can occur.

Tree rings are wider when conditions favor growth, narrower when times are difficult.

It is primarily diurnal but can be active around the clock when conditions are favorable.

favourable conditions

Seasons and favourable conditions are also considered.

Under favourable conditions, the clumps multiply rapidly.

In favourable conditions it will self-seed with variable results.

sanitary conditions   (衛生状態)

Dysentery was widespread and poor sanitary conditions at ports did not help.

Many victims succumbed to typhus due to poor sanitary conditions in the ghetto.

The workers "were poorly fed and housed, and lived in terrible sanitary conditions.

climate conditions   (気候条件)

They adapt well to a wide range of climate conditions.

The cuisine is fairly basic due to the customs and climate conditions.

Wine production in this area is highly variable and dependent on climate conditions.

winter conditions

This allowed them to train in winter conditions all year.

Diapause allows "O. bicornis" to survive harsh winter conditions.

This failure has also been blamed on the difficulties of fighting in the bitter winter conditions, particularly for the infantry.

ice conditions

Progress was impeded by fog and ice conditions in the mainly uncharted seas.

During the winter and when ice conditions permit, ice fishing is a popular activity.

5 major cargo ports offer easy navigational access, deep waters, and good ice conditions.

good conditions

And they promised to create all good conditions for it.

It has a life span of two to four years when kept in good conditions.

In good conditions (i.e.

adverse conditions

"A One Way Ticket", shot under very adverse conditions, proved to everyone that it could be done.

Also, due to fewer moving and overall parts, they are much more reliable under adverse conditions.

Plans for adverse conditions may include arrangements for alternative dates, or in some cases alternative venues.

water conditions

Low water conditions stopped the journey before Barnette could reach his destination.

The intensity of their blue depends on genetics and the water conditions of the shrimp.

Most people keep this fish in water conditions of 1.020 to 1.025 gravity, pH 8.1 to 8.4, and to .

reaction conditions

Depending on the reaction conditions different degree of branching can be achieved.

The reaction conditions are critical to the process and determine the particle size.

These conditions are often called Schotten-Baumann reaction conditions and are applicable more generally.

better working conditions

Swartz was known as a gifted speaker and a champion of better working conditions for women.

However, she often advocated for better working conditions for black nurses in South Africa.

However, according to the Belsen Trial, she had received a bonus as well as better working conditions at this camp.

lighting conditions

Leaves lay horizontally under proper lighting conditions.

Eye colour also varies depending on the lighting conditions, especially for lighter-coloured eyes.

The launch time of Apollo8 had been chosen to give the best lighting conditions for examining the site.

prison conditions   (刑務所の状態)

The NHC also works on improving prison conditions and supporting probation services.

Her sister contracted Hepatitis C and father developed a heart condition due to bad prison conditions.

The U.S. State Department calls prison conditions in the country "harsh and sometimes life-threatening".

poor living conditions

Both families live in poverty and endure very poor living conditions.

In 1859, there were more than 23 million serfs in usually poor living conditions.

said the shantytown was meant to symbolize the poor living conditions of sweatshop workers.

laboratory conditions   (実験室条件)

In laboratory conditions, this diet is expanded considerably.

Maturity is reached in 4 to 5 months under laboratory conditions.

Under laboratory conditions, offspring can hatch in roughly 30 days.

conditions within

However, most conditions within the prison remained largely unchanged.

The Reno v. Flores landmark case was an attempt to better the conditions within ORR detainment centers.

The prisoners were suffering from widespread disease, starvation, and the effects of the other harsh conditions within the camp.

poor weather conditions

The rest of the race was severely affected by poor weather conditions.

Passage was hampered by poor weather conditions, but the convoy did not come under attack.

However, due to very poor weather conditions, the start was moved to Spondigna and the stage was shortened to .

right conditions   (適切な条件)

Under the right conditions, thin flexible walls form rapidly at the interface.

Diesel fuel can create an explosive air/vapour mix under the right conditions.

Under the right conditions, chaos spontaneously evolves into a lockstep pattern.

various conditions

Feller tested two orangutans with various conditions including a quantity inequity condition.

Materials can be compared and categorised by any quantitative measure of their behavior under various conditions.

For two more years he repeated the experiment in various conditions and locales to assure himself that the results were correct.

standard conditions

At standard conditions this only takes about 100 picoseconds.

In 2009, gas flow was declined from per day at standard conditions.

All the alkali metals react vigorously with oxygen at standard conditions.

sea conditions

Weather and sea conditions prevented them from reaching the shore.

Stronger swimmers can swim out to the rocks, but only in good calm sea conditions.

In the particularly dark night and moderately rough sea conditions, the MTB flotillas became separated from the destroyers.

housing conditions   (住宅条件)

Work and housing conditions worsened, and a significant economic underclass developed.

It was estimated that 3,000 families in the neighborhood needed improved housing conditions.

In 1967, Ragee and her family moved again to Cape Dorset in response to the improved housing conditions.

unsanitary conditions

The building was demolished in 1907 due to unsanitary conditions.

There have been further issues with the hospital involving unsanitary conditions.

The preliminary investigation found unsanitary conditions, including fungus in steroid solutions.

controlled conditions

Today soy sauce is made under controlled conditions.

It is produced "in vivo" in gypsy moth larvae reared under controlled conditions.

Where it has made falsifiable predictions under controlled conditions, they have been falsified.

acidic conditions   (酸性条件)

Amides hydrolyse in hot alkali as well as in strong acidic conditions.

When consumed, most bacteria do not survive the acidic conditions of the human stomach.

Under acidic conditions, the reaction is the reverse reaction of the Fischer esterification.

physical conditions

The solution sought is then separated from the remaining six based on physical conditions.

Testing, however, may be done to rule out physical conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

It doesn't occur only in the case when the development of small-scale oscillations is impossible because of physical conditions.

necessary conditions   (必要条件)

Non-dictatorship is one of the necessary conditions in Arrow's impossibility theorem.

Intensionally defined classes usually have necessary conditions associated with membership in each class.

There are not necessarily any necessary conditions for membership; a dog can still be a dog with only three legs.

poor working conditions

The "canuts" (silk workers) were subject to extremely poor working conditions.

The strikes were held over poor pay, poor working conditions, and lack of employee benefits.

Many young people resort to such poor working conditions to earn work experience in the tough job market.

humid conditions

This is a deep valley along a stream in the Weald, and has the humid conditions typical of such areas.

It prefers partial shade and moist humid conditions, although it can tolerate full sun in some climates.

He clinched the Olympic gold 2012 Olympic champion with a winning time of 2:08:01 in hot, sunny, and humid conditions.

windy conditions

The second stage was held in windy conditions.

as the peloton negotiated the windy conditions of the stage.

Extremely windy conditions made stage 1 of the Ladies’ Tour of Qatar very eventful.

all conditions

The calculation is performed with all conditions of rectilinear or circular polarization.

The females refused food less often in all conditions, the least in the free-food condition.

The B4's instrument cluster is back-lit and delivers excellent visibility under all conditions.

conditions caused

Unfavorable conditions caused the depression to dissipated by the following day.

This was likely due to poor field conditions caused by the previous night's rain.

The conditions caused several City men to collapse, and by half time only eight remained.

experimental conditions

The experimental conditions were such that the photon density in the system was much less than unity.

Nutrient and vitamin supplementation for "Arabidopsis thaliana" is standard across most experimental conditions.

Data collection times vary considerably depending upon the experimental conditions and the number of ions collected.

driving conditions

Under dynamic driving conditions, however, the torque distribution varies accordingly.

The new standard has been designed to be more representative of the real and modern driving conditions.

)<br> Grenada's roads can pose hazardous driving conditions, including aggressive drivers and sharp curves.

chronic conditions

A food addiction can lead to chronic conditions and eventually death.

Excepting for acute or chronic conditions, exposure to copper in cooking is generally considered harmless.

They provide home-based care for those with chronic conditions and accompany other patients to the appropriate healthcare facilities.

meteorological conditions

The atmospheric background varies greatly with wind direction and meteorological conditions.

At 14:20 the aircraft approached Vnukovo, but the airport was closed due to meteorological conditions.

They took data at three different stations, each with different meteorological conditions and ozone concentrations.

changing conditions

When running macros, user doesn’t need to worry about changing conditions on desktop.

Shifting locations and types of fish due to changing conditions provide challenges for fishing industries.

Periodically, great leaders or changing conditions would organize several tribes into one force and create an almost unstoppable power.

track conditions   (トラック状態)

However, the race was cancelled due to dangerous track conditions following heavy rain and resurfacing.

For a time, track conditions were slippery due to fluids that had to be cleaned up from Serrallés' accident.

These races are 2-5 laps for drivers to get an understanding of the track conditions and the set up of their race cars.

anaerobic conditions

This fluorescence can last for months without anaerobic conditions.

Sulfide oxidation can proceed under aerobic or anaerobic conditions.

• Adequate aeration - Worms are oxygen breathers and cannot survive anaerobic conditions.

field conditions

Power pack is replaceable in field conditions.

Both teams had to battle rain, wind and terrible field conditions.

Results from these laboratory protocols can be extrapolated to field conditions.

extreme weather conditions

This vehicle can function under the most extreme weather conditions.

However that game also had to be cancelled because of extreme weather conditions.

The ship's operation has been hampered increasingly in recent years by extreme weather conditions.

cold conditions

Qualifying for the first race of 2013 started in sunny and cold conditions.

In cold conditions, the main aim is to reduce heat flow out of the building.

"C. stygia" adapts well to cold conditions and in winter can be found in Australia as far south as southern Victoria.

optimal conditions   (最適条件)

Under optimal conditions this takes about 30 days.

Under optimal conditions, celery can be stored for up to seven weeks from .

The L1 stage usually occurs within four to six days under the optimal conditions of 24–29 °C.

dangerous conditions

These must be planned well in advance by divers who know how to read currents and are aware of the dangerous conditions.

Bjarnason was a soldier during World War II, commanding a Canadian tank regiment through dangerous conditions in Europe.

The race may also be restarted in the event of a serious accident or dangerous conditions, with the original start voided.

skin conditions   (肌の状態)

Plottel’s wife Rachel was a doctor specialising in skin conditions.

It is used topically (in a 0.05% cream provided as Halog) in the treatment of certain skin conditions.

Topical use is also one of the treatment options for some skin conditions including acne and cellulitis.

new conditions

Accustomed to the use of compulsory labor, they failed to adapt to the new conditions.

The first settlers had to adapt to hunting smaller animals and develop appropriate strategies to adjust to the new conditions.

Daniels was concerned that the U.S. was unprepared for the new conditions of warfare and that they needed access to the newest technology.

sufficient conditions

The lemma refers to sufficient conditions for the existence of "h".

Therefore, people come up with various sufficient conditions for the learnability of a language class.

The Combinatorial Riemann Mapping Theorem gives necessary and sufficient conditions for this to occur.

traffic conditions

The features included were ramp metering and graphical displays of traffic conditions.

Tolls for using the Express Toll lanes vary, depending on traffic conditions, to reduce congestion.

It provides local listings, maps (road and aerial satellite), driving directions, and traffic conditions.

ground conditions

Base sizes and depths are dependent upon the prevailing ground conditions.

The selection of the type and method used can depend on ground conditions and time and cost constraints.

Foundations for tower structures may be large and costly, particularly if the ground conditions are poor, such as in wetlands.

improve the conditions   (状態を改善する)

He inspired Hannah More in her work to improve the conditions of the Mendip miners and agricultural workers.

The movement gave rise to many social policy initiatives and innovative ways of working to improve the conditions of the most excluded members of society.

Lord Shaftesbury, a devout evangelical, campaigned to improve the conditions in factories, in mines, for chimney sweeps, and for the education of the very poor.

special conditions

There were also special conditions for the internal trade.

Alkanes can be chlorosulfonated and nitrated, although both reactions require special conditions.

It appears that special conditions are necessary since inflation occurs in tunneling between two vacua in the string landscape.

unfavorable conditions

Diapausing can occur during winter months or other general unfavorable conditions.

The following day, increasing wind shear and unfavorable conditions caused the storm to rapidly weaken.

Due to unfavorable conditions, the system failed to organize initially, and as a result, the storm grew to an unusually large size.