İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

no confidence   (güven yok)

The minister survived the vote of no confidence.

The minister survived the no confidence vote.

The conference passed a vote of no confidence in his policies.

vote of confidence   (güven oyu)

I regard this as an act of faith and a vote of confidence."

An administration may at any time seek a "vote of confidence".

On 2 December 2013, a parliamentary vote of confidence was held against Shirdon.

public confidence   (kamu güvenliği)

Her research focus is on public confidence in vaccines.

These processes increased public confidence in the banks.

By then reneging on his debts, the king had lost public confidence, and struggled to obtain new loans.

lack of confidence   (güven eksikliği)

Simran refused the offer due to lack of confidence in the script.

Due to his background, he always feels the pressure of high expectations, and suffers from a lack of confidence as a result.

Additionally, the faculty senate of UVA passed a resolution supporting Sullivan and expressing a lack of confidence in Dragas.

confidence interval   (güven aralığı)

This procedure defines a confidence interval of an estimate of V0.

A meta-analysis published in 2004 found a prevalence rate of 1.91% with a 95% confidence interval between 1.37–2.46%.

From this empirical distribution, one can derive a "bootstrap confidence interval" for the purpose of hypothesis testing.

lost confidence

Kampusch said that she had lost confidence in Austrian justice.

However, he said he felt coach Matt Painter lost confidence in him.

When Antuofermo didn't wilt under the furious attack, Hart lost confidence and the tide of battle turned.

confidence vote   (güvenoyu)

The minister survived the no confidence vote.

She received over 85% approval in that confidence vote.

The censure became a confidence vote at the CHP for Atatürk.

confidence intervals

All of the above confidence intervals were derived using the CLs method.

Because of this problem several methods to estimate confidence intervals have been proposed.

As a result, confidence intervals on the basis of a Monte Carlo simulation of the bootstrap could be misleading.

expressed confidence   (ifade edilen güven)

Following Sarkozy's arrest, Eric Ciotti expressed confidence the former president would be exonerated.

While campaigning, KCR expressed confidence that his party's candidate would win and the election would be a formality.

She joked that she was "not asking [him] to wear a skirt" but expressed confidence that the network would listen to him.

more confidence   (daha fazla güven)

No other car inspires more confidence than the LFA".

However, using rDNA has provided more confidence on differentiating them phylogenetically.

He excels at being standoffish, at having more confidence than a human should reasonably possess.

confidence and supply   (güven ve tedarik)

This coalition receives confidence and supply from the Green Party.

National's confidence and supply partners in the 49th Parliament meanwhile suffered losses.

The two formed a Coalition Government with confidence and supply from the Green Party which got eight seats.

confidence against   (karşı güven)

In early June 2015, Natuman sacked him for having said publicly that he could support a motion of no confidence against the government.

Sánchez was appointed to lead the Government through a motion of no confidence against former prime minister Mariano Rajoy, who had filled that office since 2011.

Rather than holding new elections, the Free Democrats supported a constructive vote of no confidence against Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and in favor of Christian Democrat Helmut Kohl.

loss of confidence   (güven kaybı)

Stott Despoja stood down from the leadership following a loss of confidence by her party room colleagues.

Harrison put the defeat down to loss of confidence from his defeat to Williams and insisted he would bounce back.

The country had seen a long-term loss of confidence in the old, established parties, with voters turning to non-parliamentary parties.