later confirmed   (後で確認)

later confirmed the release of the single himself.

Police later confirmed that Carol had been strangled.

Cudi later confirmed the statement via Twitter.

not confirmed   (確認されていません)

This was however not confirmed by the Indian Navy.

Early finds were at times not confirmed in later years.

Other research, however, has not confirmed these findings.

officially confirmed   (公式に確認された)

Season 6 was officially confirmed in October 2017.

The game was officially confirmed on February 15, 2001.

The fight was officially confirmed on January 30, 2017.

not been confirmed

Presentation, but this has not been confirmed.

The number of independent travellers has not been confirmed.

However, this has not been confirmed.

confirmed when   (確認されたとき)

Chase's suspicions are confirmed when B.J.

The song was confirmed when the band revealed the album's track list the day after.

His fears are confirmed when a scorpion drops into the cockpit and attempts to sting him.

first confirmed

His death is counted as Chuck's first confirmed kill.

The first confirmed case was reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

The astronomical detection of c-CH was first confirmed in 1985.

confirmed cases   (確認された症例)

To date, a total of 114 confirmed cases of hepatitis C have been linked to the outbreaks.

There were 1,060 confirmed cases of listeriosis during the outbreak, and about 216 deaths.

A total of 18 confirmed cases of infection with "E. coli" O157:H7 were reported during the subsequent outbreak linked to XL Foods.

never confirmed

However, ADV Films had never confirmed a release date.

Iommi has never confirmed this.

In all instances, Ballesteros has never confirmed nor denied the rumors.

subsequently confirmed

The revised date and venue were subsequently confirmed.

The positive test was subsequently confirmed by the B sample.

This was subsequently confirmed in large scale national population studies.

not be confirmed

Its next home cannot be confirmed.

Although his date of birth is traditionally given as 1740, this can not be confirmed and his early life remains an enigma.

Information appearing in some sources, according to which Kusel already had town rights in the 12th century, cannot be confirmed.

confirmed via

He confirmed via Instagram that December that he was dating Trace Lehnhoff.

In October 2019, he confirmed via Instagram that he is dating Kevin Harrington.

On July 17, 2009 IFPI confirmed via email that the album reached Platinum status in Greece.

then confirmed

It was then confirmed that Jones-Roberts had left the cast of "Home and Away".

It was then confirmed that the character would be killed off to increase viewing numbers.

It was first documented on the Turnor map of 1790, and then confirmed on the Harmon map of 1820.

only confirmed   (確認済みのみ)

The only confirmed loss from the engagement was the MiG-21.

Because of the unclear political conditions, he was only confirmed in 1818 as the diocesan administrator.

The result was only confirmed after an objection to Abermaid on the grounds of interference was overruled.

confirmed the appointment   (予約を確認しました)

President Lincoln submitted the nomination to the U.S. Senate on May 17, 1862 and the Senate confirmed the appointment on July 16, 1862.

In 1871 the imperial government of Pedro II elected to choose him to fill the vacant Olinda episcopal see despite his great reluctance to become a bishop; Pope Pius IX confirmed the appointment a month later.

On April 3, 1866, President Andrew Johnson nominated Sprague for appointment to the grade of brevet major general, to rank from March 13, 1865, and the United States Senate confirmed the appointment on April 26, 1866.

confirmed through

The heat source has also yet to be confirmed through deep drilling.

On , the deaths of Oscarsson and his wife were confirmed through dental records by Swedish police.

In August 2011, Larrieux confirmed through Power Player Magazine the release date for her new album to be late January 2012.

confirmed dead   (確認された死者)

Shortly afterwards, he is confirmed dead.

Team captain Logan Schatz was also confirmed dead by his father.

He was confirmed dead on 7 February.

nomination was confirmed   (ノミネートが確認されました)

On June 12, 2019, her nomination was confirmed 91–5.

Her nomination was confirmed on July 12, 2016.

On May 12, 2010 his nomination was confirmed by voice vote.

confirmed the existence

Lloyd Leno confirmed the existence of both upstream and downstream embouchures.

Archeological finds have confirmed the existence of Roman military camps in the area.

Later analyses of transit data from the Kepler space telescope confirmed the existence of Kepler-47d.

further confirmed

The location of Tenyakov's residence in Măn Pükassi is further confirmed by Chuvash legends.

This was further confirmed by the commander of Russian Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel General .

It is further confirmed in the "ACME Cable TV" episode that Banjo's family members are inbred and carnivorous.

unanimously confirmed

He was unanimously confirmed by the Maine Senate.

Ada was unanimously confirmed by the CNMI Senate.

Powell was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate.

finally confirmed   (最終確認)

It would be nearly 15 years before radiocarbon dating finally confirmed that the Olmec pre-dated the Maya.

It was finally confirmed as a dwarf galaxy in 1997 by Alan Whiting, Mike Irwin and George Hau during a survey of the northern sky.

But Einstein's predictions were finally confirmed in a series of experiments carried out by Chaudesaigues in 1908 and Perrin in 1909.

confirmed the presence

The next day, Hurricane Hunters confirmed the presence of Tropical Storm Able.

confirmed the presence of i-motif hTelo in human DNA using a fluorescent marker called iMab.

Further use of ELISA testing on these antibodies confirmed the presence of anti-envoplakin and anti-periplakin autoantibodies in patients with PNP.

band confirmed

On January 4, 2018, the band confirmed that they fired vocalist Michael Bohn.

The band confirmed the single by uploading a video to YouTube on 23 August 2012.

On the same day, the band confirmed that they would release a new single "coming soon."

club confirmed

Four days later, the club confirmed that Hasani's transfer was permanent.

On 25 January 2018, the club confirmed that Sadriu's transfer was permanent.

On 26 July 2014, the club confirmed that Spearing would succeed Knight as captain.