avoid confusion   (混乱を避ける)

Its name was changed to avoid confusion with Fleming's novel.

To avoid confusion, the band later changed its name to "Love".

Year 11 coins typically have a date to avoid confusion with the Roman .

confusion between   (間の混乱)

There is some confusion between the terms MK and TCK.

In French, the modern spelling "-oyer" avoid the confusion between "-oi-er" and "-oier" .

As there may be confusion between the demonyms of the inhabitants of Concepción and Penco.

confusion among   (間の混乱)

There is a lot of confusion among the so-called pro-Establishment historians and educationists.

Inviting the confidence man to have a drink with him at the bar, causing some surprise and confusion among the patrons.

Frank’s defection did not hurt the Stamps-Baxter company in the long run, although it did lead to some confusion among the public.

cause confusion   (混乱を引き起こす)

It can cause confusion regarding incidentalomas.

Some differences in usage and meaning can cause confusion or embarrassment.

Names for old or unfamiliar local occupations may cause confusion if poorly legible.

caused confusion   (混乱を引き起こした)

The use of the same unit prefixes with two different meanings has caused confusion.

While Jones's delivery drew ridicule, it also caused confusion on the part of batters.

This caused confusion in the ranks of government troops, and their front crumbled under attack .

much confusion

There was much confusion early on; many people confused joint presses with joint newsrooms.

What happened next is the subject of much confusion and conjecture, shrouded in much mystery.

At the time there was much confusion and misinformation about the perpetrators of the incident.

possible confusion

Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk (*) is also used.

prevent confusion   (混乱を防ぐ)

However, to prevent confusion, the two conventions are never mixed.

To prevent confusion, the letter "E" is not used to identify any region or province.

This distinction will prevent confusion with the spiny elm caterpillar and other caterpillars.

due to confusion

Her name change was originally due to confusion with another famous Czech singer, Hana Zagorová.

Commonly the village is incorrectly called Besarbovo "()", probably due to confusion with Bessarabia.

His appointment led to some surprise and humor due to confusion with the actor David Schwimmer of "Friends".

confusion regarding

It can cause confusion regarding incidentalomas.

There is some confusion regarding the identity of this fish.

There is some confusion regarding to whom the concerto was originally dedicated.

lead to confusion   (混乱につながる)

This can lead to confusion when romanized, as the "Y" is not pronounced.

This can lead to confusion, as both coatis and badgers are found in Mexico.

The use of O as a number can lead to confusion as in the ABO blood group system.