religious congregation   (信徒)

The Catholic religious congregation of St. Therese (CST) was founded here.

The First United Methodist Church is the oldest religious congregation in Jasper.

They agreed that a religious congregation was needed to meet the needs of the mission.

new congregation   (新しい会衆)

This allowed the formation of a new congregation.

Under the name of Mother Theodore, she headed the new congregation.

In the same year, 1819, a few hundred yards away new congregation was formed.

congregation moved   (会衆は移動した)

This church closed in 1840 when the congregation moved to Hargreaves Street.

From there, the congregation moved to 12th Avenue and Cordova Street in 1952.

In 2007 the Chinese (Cantonese) congregation moved to Artarmon, New South Wales.

congregation was founded   (会衆が設立されました)

When the congregation was founded, there were 100 Jews in Richmond's population of 3,900.

Madison's Shaarei Shamayim congregation was founded in 1856 by Jewish immigrants from Germany.

The Trinity Lutheran Church congregation was founded in 1917 and acquired their first church in 1923.

local congregation   (地元の会衆)

The local congregation never allowed them to formally organize.

Together, their effect on the local congregation was impressive.

The small Dutch-Reformed church is still in use by the local congregation.

church congregation

The church congregation later moved to a site in Hanson, Massachusetts.

Tyree is baptized by the church congregation joined with the entire family, which includes Big and Eli.

Members of the church congregation, some of whom had Confederate ancestors buried in the cemetery, protested.