coniferous forests   (針葉樹林)

They inhabit dry meadows or dry coniferous forests.

There are temperate broadleaf, mixed and coniferous forests.

The mountains are generally covered with coniferous forests.

coniferous forest   (針葉樹林)

This paved trail includes signs that interpret the coniferous forest.

It is a plant of many habitats, including temperate coniferous forest.

It is mainly a coniferous forest with Sitka Spruce being the main species.

coniferous trees   (針葉樹)

There are wooded areas of broad-leaved and coniferous trees including mature beech.

In temperate Europe, mixed forest with both broadleaf and coniferous trees dominate.

The coniferous trees of the boreal forest of Canada are recurring motifs in Ruberg's watercolour paintings.