connections between

The work is about connections between prostitution, crime and tattoos.

There is regular stairway and escalator connections between all levels.

In 1953, the remaining formal connections between the club and the Army ceased.

family connections   (家族のつながり)

In fact, he had close family connections to the West Indies lobby.

Lile did not use her family connections to get the video broadcast.

He had long been familiar with the village, owing to family connections.

political connections

Barnard had numerous family political connections.

Despite his humble origins, Whitney was keenly aware of the value of social and political connections.

Shirley's political connections in London enabled him to acquire other desirable posts later in his career.

close connections

"Neobodo" have very close connections with Kinetoplastid protists.

The Kangju established close connections with the Sarmatians, their western neighbors.

His parents both came from powerful houses with close connections to the Leonese royalty.

strong connections

The study also revealed strong connections between consumption of comfort foods and feelings of guilt.

Mehta's sister, Vijay Kumari Khan, married an aristocratic Muslim with strong connections to Pakistan.

Recent studies have shown strong connections between SAPs and tuberculosis rates in developing nations.

direct connections

From the station, passengers go down one level to make direct connections to bus routes 21, 27, and 53.

Detroit lost its direct connections to St Louis, Cincinnati, Buffalo and the Canadian province of Ontario.

The Tramway provides direct connections to Nice Airport and into Nice City Centre through tunnelled Tram Operations

rail connections   (レール接続)

There are no other international rail connections.

Onward bus and rail connections are available at Ballina.

Nearby troop garrison and rail connections were also expanded.

bus connections

The Orange Grove site had poor bus connections only and none on Sundays.

It is the closest town with rail and bus connections to Poloniny National Park.

There are direct bus connections Ystad-Copenhagen, coordinated with the catamaran.

social connections   (ソーシャルコネクション)

Freshmen from wealthy families with social connections tended to shun Trumbull.

They moved in similar circles and Baudelaire made many social connections through him.

During World War I, the Walls stayed in France and put all their social connections to use.

personal connections

This consensus is formed by the personal connections a person forms in a community.

Turtle's importance is at times overlooked, but his insight and personal connections sometimes solve difficult issues.

With his personal connections and enthusiasm for Rodin's art, Henley was most responsible for Rodin's reception in Britain.

make connections   (接続する)

Piping or tubing is usually inserted into fittings to make connections.

It also branches to form the grey and the white rami communicantes which make connections with the sympathetic ganglia.

...Readers will be encouraged to make connections to their own experiences and feelings and to make connections with others in turn."

connections to other   (他への接続)

Those familiar with Thalion's games could find many connections to other games.

Later, additional schools were established with connections to other monastic houses in Odense.

Today, Gifu Bus Co., Ltd. provides service within the city, as well as connections to other cities.

road connections   (道路接続)

Alaska has few road connections compared to the rest of the U.S.

There are no road connections to the island, so all residents must use boats.

It is from the M74 motorway, offering road connections to England and the M6 motorway.