conservation status   (保全状況)

The conservation status in Nova Scotia is yellow.

Some of them have a high conservation status.

Its conservation status is near-threatened.

conservation area   (保全地区)

The conservation area was created in January 2003.

The village was made a conservation area in 1977.

The church is also declared an urban conservation area.

conservation efforts   (保全努力)

Experts also stressed the need for strict conservation efforts.

This knowledge can be useful in mountain plover conservation efforts.

The government plays an active role in environmental conservation efforts.

nature conservation   (自然保護)

In 1939, the Bergwacht was also entrusted with nature conservation.

30 parts of it with a total of 656 ha are under nature conservation.

He obtained his doctorate in the field of European nature conservation law.

conservation park   (保全公園)

The Eleanor River flows through the conservation park.

The conservation park has an area of .

energy conservation

Cloud computing is also being talked about regarding energy conservation.

A special feature of the library is the attention given to energy conservation.

Thaksin also initiated a policy to encourage renewable energy and energy conservation.

conservation areas

It is one of the oldest known conservation areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

There 29 national parks of Costa Rica many conservation areas of Costa Rica.

It poses a significant threat to wildlife conservation areas and other reserves.

water conservation

An example of this is their water conservation program.

This has mostly been achieved through water conservation.

It opposes water conservation orders.

wildlife conservation   (野生生物保護)

It poses a significant threat to wildlife conservation areas and other reserves.

They are designated as a Special Protection Area for wildlife conservation purposes.

Issues relating to wildlife conservation have been tackled aggressively under Meles Zenawi.

conservation work   (保全作業)

Vadim Evgenevich Garutt was engaged in conservation work.

Some conservation work was done in 1880–81.

This has previously included undertaking conservation work at Moseley Bog.

environmental conservation

The city is home to seven environmental conservation units.

The government plays an active role in environmental conservation efforts.

Nature Club Surat is actively starting projects to promote environmental conservation.

conservation projects

Many conservation projects have been set up to preserve the red squirrel.

It is one of an increasing number of landscape scale conservation projects in the UK.

conservation measures

There are currently no conservation measures in place for this species.

This change allowed for about half the population in the area - 1,247 families - to have land under conservation measures.

Other conservation measures are focusing on research, habitat management, education, and recruiting the help of private landowners.

conservation unit

It contains the Mapuá Extractive Reserve, a sustainable use conservation unit created in 2005.

It holds 17% of the Bom Jesus Biological Reserve, a strictly protected conservation unit established in 2012.

The manga and original story's Todomo-Washio-Toribe trio was removed and the "Kerberos Riot" event was simplified and replaced by a self conservation unit, the "Jin-Roh Brigade".

conservation of energy

the direction) is to use (conservation of energy).

This is referred to as conservation of energy.

Also he was an advocate of the law of conservation of energy.

conservation groups

The plan was opposed by local residents and conservation groups, including the Sierra Club's New York branch and the National Audubon Society.

After a proposal to turn the area into a yacht harbor in the 1970s was thwarted by conservation groups, the bay is now a protected wetlands area.

The committee then proposed their strategy to different groups such as conservation groups, resources sectors, academic institutions, scientists, etc.

assessed its conservation   (その保全を評価した)

It is a relatively common species and the IUCN has assessed its conservation status as being of "least concern".

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed its conservation status as being of least concern.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed its conservation status as being "near threatened".

conservation and restoration

Boysen was also involved in conservation and restoration of church organs from the 18th century.

The museum holds more than 400 instruments and has an active programme of conservation and restoration.

Over the years, Figueroa continued to advise the Chilean government and UNESCO on the conservation and restoration of archaeological sites.

conservation easement

The land is protected through a conservation easement.

He also sought a conservation easement on .

Hill also agreed to donate the cost of a conservation easement on another .

marine conservation   (海洋保護)

Ingram's career has been focused on marine conservation.

The Ocean Agency The Ocean Agency is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to marine conservation.

Takiora Ingram Takiora Ingram is a senior governmental policy advisor on marine conservation from the Cook Islands.

conservation organization

As of 2000, it was reported to be the only conservation organization to focus entirely on island preservation.

The conservation organization Zoos Victoria has been involved in conducting surveys in order to find any surviving individuals.

All developments have conservation land set aside, either held by a conservation organization or protected by a conservation easement.

conservation programs

earplugs and earmuffs), education, and hearing conservation programs.

It became a model for conservation programs that were implemented in the period after World War II.

China has instated environmental policies since the 1970s, and has one of the most extensive environmental conservation programs on paper.

conservation project

It is part of the Brue Valley Living Landscape conservation project.

Also, near to Amsterdam is the Nekkeveld estate conservation project.

conservation units

The city is home to seven environmental conservation units.

The park would be part of the proposed Trinational Biodiversity Corridor, which aims to provide forest connections between conservation units in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina in the Upper Paraná ecoregion.

Of these structures from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are about 100,000 square meters in floor area, four of which have been registered as cultural heritage relics of Zhejiang province (Two of them have applied for being listed as national cultural conservation relics); nine are the cultural conservation units of Huzhou Municipality, and 20 are the cultural conservation relics of Nanxun Town, which was named the Famous Historic and Cultural Town by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province.

conservation biology

Caughley advocated the use of the Declining Population Paradigm in conservation biology.

She then went to Imperial College to complete a PhD in conservation biology supervised by John Beddington.

That this is the first time that field biologists have written a book on conservation biology is a breakthrough in conservation biology.

conservation movement

He became active in Taiwan's conservation movement shortly thereafter.

Housing was coming under threat and the heritage conservation movement was starting.

Its demolition became an early rallying point for the conservation movement in Sydney.

heritage conservation   (遺産保護)

Numerous heritage groups called it a "tragedy" in heritage conservation.

Housing was coming under threat and the heritage conservation movement was starting.

The church is protected by a heritage conservation easement under the "Ontario Heritage Act".

biodiversity conservation   (生物多様性保全)

Concern about biodiversity conservation remains strong within the country.

Hanski was also an active advocate of nature and biodiversity conservation, participating in public debates.

The bank is a key player in China's biotech industry and a pioneer in the nation's biodiversity conservation and bioresource development strategy.

conservation organizations

More than 70 conservation organizations sent a letter to the Senate opposing her nomination.

The practicality of two conservation organizations operating in the same watershed was closely scrutinized in the 1960s.

Owners include private individuals, non-governmental conservation organizations, and several municipal, state and federal agencies.

conservation issues

The family has also long been involved in environmental and conservation issues.

Their primary mandate was to bring attention to conservation issues that plagued the wildlife of Canada.

Apperson was a prolific author of pamphlets, newspaper and magazine articles regarding conservation issues.

conservation laws

All of the conservation laws listed above are local conservation laws.

The conservation laws may be applied to a region of the flow called a "control volume".