more conservative   (より保守的な)

Unlike in more conservative Germanic languages (e.g.

Until then, his political views had been more conservative.

Thereafter, it continued to develop in a more conservative manner.

conservative political   (保守的な政治)

Channell became a conservative political fundraiser in 1979.

She is a contributor to the conservative political website Politichicks.

The book became an important reference text in conservative political circles.

socially conservative   (社会的に保守的)

He is a socially conservative Catholic.

This was amidst a homophobic campaign led by socially conservative critics of Portillo.

Within the Conservative Party he joined the traditionalist and socially conservative Cornerstone Group.

most conservative   (最も保守的な)

This modernization is opposed by most conservative "ulema".

Thomas became one of the most conservative justices of his era.

In 2009, he was rated the 39th most conservative member of the House.

conservative party   (保守党)

The BJP is the largest right-wing conservative party in the world.

The conservative party led the government coalition from 1982 to 1993.

It was the first time Alberta was not governed by an avowedly conservative party since 1934.

very conservative   (非常に保守的)

He adopted very conservative accounting principles.

On economic matters the party was very conservative.

They may be very liberal or very conservative.

conservative views

Reacting to the Genevan revolution of 1841, he turned to conservative views.

Since his dismissal from The Scorpions, Kottak has come out publicly about his politically conservative views.

Staples said that had he been elected lieutenant governor, he would not have compromised his conservative views.

conservative talk

AM 660 WORL, the home of Salem's conservative talk format, was sold.

KDZR's format was switched to conservative talk, branded as "Talk 1640".

His remark triggered a fusillade of criticism from conservative talk radio.

conservative politician

He is a conservative politician born at Honam.

He was a conservative politician and member of the Hohenwart Club.

Pastrana was a Colombian conservative politician, President of Colombia in the period 1970-1974.

conservative groups

It received fierce opposition from conservative groups.

He was a member of conservative groups "Nurt" and Zachęta.

The Commonwealth Liberal Party was formed in 1909 as a merger between several conservative groups.

politically conservative

Kashuv considers himself to be politically conservative.

Al-Tabtabaie is politically conservative.

"The Sun" was the most politically conservative of the three.

conservative wing

Within the CDU, Ziemiak represents the party’s more conservative wing.

He is considered a key member, with Ray Zondo, of the Court's conservative wing.

Barnes was a leader of the party's conservative wing, and was a key player in obtaining the nomination for Taft.

conservative members

The legislation was defeated by the more conservative members of Congress.

Breteuil was contacted by conservative members of the queen's circle in 1789.

In July 1647, the New Model Army invaded London and conservative members of Parliament were forced out.

conservative government   (保守的な政府)

Succeeding Alain Juppé's conservative government, the Plural Left governed France from 1997 to 2002.

It was in force until the fall of the conservative government of Field Marshal Vicente Cerna y Cerna.

The conservative government also adopted environmental policies after establishing the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency.

conservative parties

Two conservative parties captured a combined 23 percent of the vote.

Throughout its existence, the province was a stronghold of the conservative parties.

There are a number of conservative parties in Switzerland's parliament, the Federal Assembly.

conservative movement

Milliken is known as a political godfather to the American conservative movement.

"The Seduction of Hillary Rodham" was the beginning of Brock's falling out with the conservative movement.

The issue that forced him to leave the conservative movement was the movement's intolerance towards homosexuality.

social conservative   (社会保守派)

I still think of myself as a social conservative."

Like Hostettler, Ellsworth identified as a social conservative.

A former Democrat, Gilstrap is a fiscal and social conservative.

fiscally conservative   (財政的に保守的)

Halbrook is both socially and fiscally conservative.

He says he is fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

He was endorsed by the fiscally conservative Club for Growth.

other conservative   (他の保守的な)

He has also been an advocate for restoring the moral fabric of society and other conservative values.

It was supported by parts of the "Reichswehr" (military) and other conservative, nationalistic and monarchist factions.

This social change is creating tension within many denominations, and even schisms and mass walk-outs among Mormons and other conservative groups.

too conservative

Birmingham City Transport was a conservative operator will well-established principles - too conservative, some would say.

According to Jerold Edmondson (2002), Laha is too conservative to be in Western Kra, considered t to constitute a branch of its own.

One faction believed that under Madero's leadership the PCP had become far too conservative, failing to appeal to the social demands of the Revolution.

conservative approach   (保守的なアプローチ)

Mora favored a conservative approach to the game, relying on a strong running game and solid defensive play.

A more conservative approach was thus taken, to appease the Korean market, resulting in Fluidic Sculpture 2.0.

His critics, both among fans and media reporters, often blamed his lack of success in the postseason to his conservative approach.

conservative elements

These revolutions were eventually put down by conservative elements and few reforms resulted.

The conservative elements were not happy and they launched attacks on the Kemalist reformists.

Through his wife's family, Kapp acquired a family connection with politically conservative elements.

liberal and conservative

Burke's views were a mixture of liberal and conservative.

The church includes both liberal and conservative clergy and members.

It meant that liberal and conservative prime ministers would succeed each other ending thus the troubles.

conservative political party

National Alliance (Italy) National Alliance (, AN) was a conservative political party in Italy.

He was leader of the conservative political party Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

Democratic Center Party (Turkey) Democratic Center Party () was a conservative political party in Turkey.

conservative think   (保守的だと思う)

Gove had been chairman of Policy Exchange, a conservative think tank launched in 2002.

Gentry leads an informal network of fundraisers for conservative think tanks and advocacy groups such as Americans for Prosperity.

He is last known for being on the advisory council of liberal conservative think tank Bright Blue, which advises the Conservative Party.