İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not consider   (dikkate almamak)

Those who eat it do not consider the odor unpleasant.

(Stewart did not consider the film to be such.)

She does not consider language as an issue.

did not consider   (dikkate almadı)

(Stewart did not consider the film to be such.)

Hume did not consider himself a pure Tory.

The issue was that many did not consider it a foreign language.

consider themselves   (kendilerini düşün)

Sorbung speakers consider themselves to be ethnic Tangkhul.

Bavarians consider themselves to be egalitarian and informal.

Only 6.1% of the respondents consider themselves only Canarian.

does not consider   (dikkate almaz)

She does not consider language as an issue.

MSLAW also does not consider LSAT scores in its admission process.

Nonetheless, Atlanta does not consider itself to be a “sanctuary city”.

consider whether   (olup olmadığını düşün)

When choosing a space in which to debrief, one must consider whether the scenario which unfolded was a complex case.

For example, the court must consider whether precautionary and defensive measures might prevent something socially useful.

The line's success led businesses to consider whether the North Norfolk coast, eastwards from Hunstanton, could be opened up by a railway.

began to consider   (düşünmeye başladı)

The institute began to consider offering professional qualifications in 1958.

Hughes began to consider retiring in 1940, partly because of the declining health of his wife.

In 1961, civic leaders and university officials began to consider the possibility of a new campus.

many consider   (birçoğu düşünüyor)

Today, many consider the city as the fourth holiest in Islam.

While he did start all 13 games, he had what many consider an off-year.

Because of her age, many consider her to be "the George Foreman of women's boxing".

scholars consider   (bilginler düşünür)

Some scholars consider it the oldest known skeleton of a black African.

Modern scholars consider the family to have been entirely of Greek origin.

Stanley Payne notes that very few scholars consider him to be a "core fascist".

consider how   (nasıl olduğunu düşün)

The study is one of the first to consider how awareness works in the real world.

Nearly everything computer programmers do requires them to consider how to manage memory.

When I think of his wrath, O Sanjaya, and consider how just it is, I am filled with alarm."

historians consider   (tarihçiler düşünür)

Film historians consider "Thunder Birds" a classic aviation film.

Some historians consider it to have been a puppet state of the Ottoman Empire.

Some historians consider that the declaration was made under Romanian pressure.

people consider   (insanlar düşünür)

Many people consider her as the image of BNK48.

Some people consider it a terrorist group.

Therefore, many people consider them to be a sub-series as well.

refused to consider   (düşünmeyi reddetti)

The Court explicitly refused to consider this issue in "Quanta".

Trelawny's father soon attempted to purchase him a commission in the British Army, but he refused to consider joining the army.

When Zhao decided to support the student movement and refused to consider the student movement as an unrest, Bao drafted his speeches in meetings.

consider all   (hepsini düşün)

Some Zimbabweans consider all Basotho of Zimbabwe to be Babirwa.

Consumers would optimally consider all of a product's attributes when deciding between options.

For lightning protection, it suffices to consider all possible spheres as they touch potential strike points.

authors consider   (yazarlar düşünür)

Many authors consider it to be phonetically identical to .

Some authors consider this as a subspecies of "Mycalesis visala".

Some authors consider the fault the southern part of the Murrí-Mutatá Fault.

others consider   (diğerleri düşünür)

Some authorities classify it as its own family of instruments, while others consider it in the saxophone family.

Some historians assume Pyotr Tolstoy to have been an "okolnichy", while others consider he came from a "boyar" background.

Some believe Jigjidjav was only an acting prime minister, while others consider him to have been a prime minister in full.

important to consider   (dikkate alınması önemli)

Deliberate abuse is important to consider.

It is also important to consider the effectiveness of this theory.

In these medicine contents, it's important to consider the design and analysis of the clinical trials.

now consider   (şimdi düşün)

"...I now consider them an officer class of Dalek."

Let us now consider the domain ξ formula_57 1.

We now consider the algebraic definitions of varieties.

still consider   (hala düşün)

Some still consider him among the worst three men of the 20th century.

Nevertheless, some historians still consider it was Hilliard who won that dude battle.

Some experts still consider this as a subspecies of "Ypthima philomela", baby fivering.

consider what   (neyi düşün)

I consider what happened on Thursday as an incident.

For example, consider what happens when acetic acid, CHCOOH, dissolves in liquid ammonia.

They face their families' traditional values as they consider what paths to take as adults.

consider the following   (aşağıdakileri göz önünde bulundur)

To illustrate signed BCD subtraction, consider the following problem: 357 − 432.

For example, consider the following statement: there do not exist nonphysical angels.

To show how discounted cash flow analysis is performed, consider the following example.

fans consider   (hayranlar düşünür)

Fulham fans consider their main rivals to be Chelsea.

Cult film fans consider themselves collectors, rather than consumers, as they associate consumers with mainstream, Hollywood audiences.

A 2004 survey by found that Chelsea fans consider their main rivalries to be with (in descending order): Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

consider the possibility   (olasılığı düşün)

The clinician must also consider the possibility that the diagnosis of TB is wrong.

Those who didn't own a vessel were requested to consider the possibility of chartering a yacht.

In 1961, civic leaders and university officials began to consider the possibility of a new campus.

even consider   (hatta düşün)

He didn't even consider humming the tune.

Aarti refuses to even consider this.

In the mid-1950s, no reputable publishing company would even consider publishing "Howl".

consider when   (ne zaman düşün)

Heterogeneity is an important factor to consider when dealing with genetics.

Important parameters to consider when designing or evaluating a geochemical survey are:

Clinical application is extremely important to consider when looking at the efficacy of artificial cartilage.

only consider   (sadece düşün)

Most association football leagues only consider points, then goal difference and then goals scored when determining final standing.

As Mario Morroni observes, Cournot's dilemma appears to be unsolvable if we only consider the effects of economies of scale on the dimension of scale.

Teaching and learning go beyond the traditional approaches; too often schools only consider the linguistic and mathematical subjects when talking about how intelligence is measured.

seriously consider   (ciddi düşün)

This led Somers to seriously consider moving to either Pittsburgh or Cincinnati.

All the while, his wife Lorraine (Kim White) and son Michael (KJ White) begin to lose hope in him and seriously consider leaving him.

critics consider   (eleştirmenler düşünür)

Some critics consider the album to be the band's finest.

Some critics consider the Third String Quartet the most impressive, especially for its elegiac slow movement.

Family Trilogy (disambiguation) Family Trilogy is a trio of plays by Sam Shepard which critics consider thematic.

what they consider   (ne düşünüyorlar)

The term is used to describe what they consider to be the common beliefs among American youth.

In a 2011 "Entertainment Weekly" feature, the two named what they consider the best 15 episodes of "South Park", along with the 53 worst.

The games are viewed to be particularly offensive because they include the date of the 150th anniversary of what they consider a genocide.

authorities consider   (yetkililer dikkate alır)

Some authorities consider the latter to be a species, "R. rostratus" .

Some authorities consider "Pamphorichthys" to be a subgenus of "Poecilia".

Most authorities consider, such as Syme, disagree with this date and favour a later date of 4 BC for the birth of Christ.