İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

considerable amount   (önemli miktarda)

It also wasted a considerable amount of lumber.

excited a considerable amount of feeling.

By day 21, a considerable amount of time was spent outside the nest.

considerable number   (önemli sayıda)

There are a considerable number of musicians, academics and doctors.

Districts of Lohit, Changlang and Papumpare have a considerable number of Chakmas.

Here too a considerable number of defendants confessed to one or more of the charges.

considerable success   (önemli başarı)

The poem enjoyed considerable success in its day.

Hanwei enjoys considerable success among hobbyists (e.g.

He had already met with considerable success in Germany and France.

considerable influence   (önemli etki)

Savery had considerable influence on the Bosschaert dynasty.

He also exerted considerable influence upon the German educational system.

After her retirement from racing she had considerable influence as a broodmare.

considerable time   (önemli zaman)

The park has remained unburnt for a considerable time.

He was also for a considerable time examiner in medicine.

He devoted considerable time towards the promotion of "wayang".

considerable damage   (hatırı sayılır hasar)

There was considerable damage in Palmerston North.

Foxes cause considerable damage to the local wildlife.

The schooner suffered considerable damage and three men drowned.

received considerable   (önemli ölçüde alındı)

"Voice" also received considerable airplay on VH1 India.

It was a big success, and Chaplin received considerable press attention.

His opponent, Abbott, received considerable money from insurance companies.

caused considerable   (hatırı sayılır sebep)

The incident caused considerable controversy.

It caused considerable controversy.

In 1954, Hurricane Hazel hit the city and caused considerable damage.

considerable attention   (büyük ilgi)

There was considerable attention as Ruth reported for spring training.

He also gave considerable attention to the history of botany in Italy.

Alfred devoted considerable attention and thought to judicial matters.

considerable controversy   (önemli tartışma)

The book created considerable controversy in the UK.

His presence generated considerable controversy.

The incident caused considerable controversy.

considerable interest   (önemli ilgi)

Copacabana is surrounded by pre-Columbian ruins of considerable interest.

While Marconi's demonstration raised considerable interest, little more was done with his apparatus.

With that being said, a considerable interest to cultivate microalgae has been increasing in the past several years.

considerable distance   (hatırı sayılır mesafe)

Due to climate changes, Hoffellsjökull has retreated a considerable distance.

Land reclamation has left it some considerable distance from the modern shoreline.

It flows to the west and south for a considerable distance before turning eastward.

gained considerable

The interview gained considerable press coverage.

The Koxbox gained considerable popularity within the psytrance scene.

Hideaki Anno also gained considerable recognition with "The End of Evangelion" in 1997.

attracted considerable

The case attracted considerable media attention.

The rules attracted considerable criticism.

This was a very rare procedure and attracted considerable media interest.

enjoyed considerable

The poem enjoyed considerable success in its day.

They enjoyed considerable prosperity.

The finished W&NB enjoyed considerable business, both passenger and freight.

considerable debate

SR 9 has been the subject of considerable debate.

It too was the topic of considerable debate.

Induced abortion has long been the source of considerable debate.

spent considerable   (çok harcandı)

Hendrik Lorentz spent considerable effort along these lines.

He spent considerable time in Allahabad (Prayag) centre of Ramakrishna Math.

She has also spent considerable time as a journalist and commentator, currently in "Verdens Gang".

considerable part   (önemli kısım)

He played a considerable part in the brief siege.

A considerable part of Puig's oeuvre is musical theatre.

But, for a considerable part of its history, club football was regionalized.

considerable wealth

Page's medical career brought him considerable wealth, and he began investing in land.

Plume was unmarried, and left the considerable wealth he had acquired mainly for charitable objects.

In the centuries that followed, the House of Züschen, a local noble family, thrived and amassed considerable wealth.

achieved considerable

In related with that, cultural tourism achieved considerable place.

It has achieved considerable development of Urartu times (9th - 6th centuries.

Two Polish Venezuelans have achieved considerable success in the Miss Venezuela.

considerable media

The case attracted considerable media attention.

This was a very rare procedure and attracted considerable media interest.

Holmquist's work has received considerable media and institutional attention.

made considerable

By 1900, the Party of Rights had made considerable gains in Dalmatia.

4 million to two families who made considerable efforts to save the victims.

They also made considerable contributions to the Red Cross and United Way for 9/11 relief.

spent considerable time   (çok zaman harcadı)

He spent considerable time in Allahabad (Prayag) centre of Ramakrishna Math.

She has also spent considerable time as a journalist and commentator, currently in "Verdens Gang".

His preferred position was , although he was somewhat of a utility and spent considerable time at .

considerable variation   (hatırı sayılır derecede varyasyon)

Body mass can show considerable variation.

However, there is considerable variation within the region.

Bryophytes show considerable variation in their breeding structures and the above is a basic outline.

considerable effort   (kaydadeğer çaba)

Hendrik Lorentz spent considerable effort along these lines.

When modems were slow, considerable effort was put into developing the most efficient protocols and display systems possible.

After considerable effort to locate him, they confront him on the street, to which he responds with additional legal threats.

considerable support   (önemli destek)

Indeed, they obtained some considerable support.

Local churches, firms, and private individuals also gave considerable support.

Subsequently, there has been considerable support for the view of Jutland as a strategic victory for the British.

considerable sum   (önemli meblağ)

(A considerable sum: £9,500 in 1946 is equivalent to £ today.)

Hobart lost after spending a considerable sum to ensure his seat.

In 1665, he was swindled out of the considerable sum of 5,000 guilders by a fraudulent alchemist.

considerable fortune

During his life Mace made and gambled away a considerable fortune.

He left a considerable fortune when he died there on January 18, 1900.

Known as the Dutch equivalent of Claude Lorrain, he inherited a considerable fortune.

considerable power

The Armed Forces enjoy considerable power and independence within the Egyptian state.

The state governments maintain considerable power, particularly regarding the implementation of budgetary policies.

Elwes had a voice entirely in the English colouring, but with an unusual quality of sincerity and passion, and of considerable power.

suffered considerable

The schooner suffered considerable damage and three men drowned.

The Trincomalee harbour facilities suffered considerable damage.

The fort suffered considerable damage during the Irish Civil War.

generated considerable   (önemli üretti)

His presence generated considerable controversy.

In contrast, BN's videos generated considerable controversy.

Development of the rail yard site generated considerable community opposition.

considerable importance

Land near fresh water was of considerable importance.

DSSS is of considerable importance for mobile radio up to now.

It was of considerable importance to Dutch long distance shipping between roughly 1500 and 1800.

considerable amounts

Beer (largely domestic) is consumed in considerable amounts at the track.

This extraction may involve quite considerable amounts of image processing.

In addition, she left considerable amounts for memorial services and charity.

considerable opposition

Barton, Irlam and Higginson meet with considerable opposition in the Liverpool District Court of Bankruptcy.

Despite considerable opposition in the state of Virginia, Hazel and others eventually prevailed in acquiring a law school for George Mason.

In a 47-nation June 2007 survey of global public opinion, the Pew Global Attitudes Project found considerable opposition to NATO operations.

considerable public   (önemli halk)

A demonstration model was built which evoked considerable public interest.

The 800-seat "Teatro Nuovo" was built between 1854 and 1864 at considerable public expense.

It was a romantic saga that achieved considerable public success and was translated into 30 languages.

caused considerable damage   (ciddi hasara neden oldu)

In 1954, Hurricane Hazel hit the city and caused considerable damage.

The Japanese invasion during the Second World War caused considerable damage to the rail network.

On their part, the Indians recoiled, splitting into small parties that caused considerable damage to outlying homesteads but abandoned the major attack on Nashville.

considerable portion

A considerable portion of the abbey is now in ruins.

For a considerable portion of his adult life he lived at 11 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London.

The surface that it encompasses made it possible to house a considerable portion of the cities inhabitants.

considerable political

It was a time of considerable political and religious turmoil.

The French defeat at Tamsui was of considerable political significance.

Lelièvre became a landowner in the country and acquired considerable political influence.

very considerable   (çok önemli)

The novel was almost universally condemned by critics, but achieved very considerable sales.

Its influence on later poets has been very considerable, and Camões used several of the verses as proverbs.

They were independent Lords as castellan of Les Baux and Arles and wielded very considerable authority at local level.

considerable size   (önemli boyut)

The considerable size of the grave supports this.

Xiong had a considerable size disadvantage, but he was able to drop Naito in round 6.

The first game to gain a modder base of considerable size is widely agreed to be Doom (1993).

considerable impact   (önemli etki)

Since then Canada has had a considerable impact on the development of the modern popular music called rock.

Despite its minor importance in Plato's work, the Atlantis story has had a considerable impact on literature.

His report was published in 1904, confirmed Morel's accusations, and had a considerable impact on public opinion.

met with considerable

These changes were met with considerable criticism by the students.

He had already met with considerable success in Germany and France.

Even the truncated version was met with considerable controversy by UK film critics.

considerable period   (hatırı sayılır dönem)

Compensation was paid out for replacement of that section but many remained in that state for a considerable period.

The reserve has been grazed by Forest Sheep for a considerable period and action is taken to control invasive plants such as Bracken.

The upper story on the corner and fronting Aliso street was long the residence of Bell, and also, for a considerable period, of Francis Mellus.

considerable degree

Polynesian languages show a considerable degree of similarity.

There is a considerable degree of interest in Cuba within the CPC.

Working their own small cocoa farms gave them a considerable degree of autonomy.

considerable criticism

The rules attracted considerable criticism.

These changes were met with considerable criticism by the students.

The book and Pauling himself faced considerable criticism from scientists and physicians.

led to considerable

Widespread use led to considerable royalty income.

This led to considerable debate on the methodology of the experiments.

Moreover the heavy mineral traffic on the line led to considerable congestion delay.

considerable financial   (önemli finansal)

This involved considerable financial help from the Robertson (Robinson) family.

He maintained a considerable financial interest and a friendly connection with his successors.

He lived in considerable financial hardship and throughout all he lived a life dedicated to poetry.

causing considerable   (önemli neden)

On 16 November 1936 eight incendiary bombs fell on the museum, causing considerable damage to the structure.

The project did not succeed, and was eventually abandoned after causing considerable damage to the environment.

One member of the board posted the message on a message board, causing considerable consternation among dancers.

subject of considerable   (önemli konu)

SR 9 has been the subject of considerable debate.

The source of the money behind MSI was a subject of considerable speculation.

The ectomycorrhizae of "T. vaccinum" has been the subject of considerable research.

enjoyed considerable success

The poem enjoyed considerable success in its day.

The Quakers enjoyed considerable success in the 60s and 70s, winning 3 Ivy League titles.

Since his retirement, Spong has enjoyed considerable success as a writer and public speaker.

considerable media attention   (medyanın büyük ilgisi)

The case attracted considerable media attention.

Toronto Fashion Week draws considerable media attention, nationally and internationally.

The band released four albums and received considerable media attention from music sites.

considerable pressure   (hatırı sayılır baskı)

For instance, countering the expansion of Rome caused considerable pressure for the Italiote city states.

Egypt has a serious but improving trade deficit that has put considerable pressure on the Egyptian pound.

With the Germans in retreat during September 1918, the squadrons felt considerable pressure just keeping up.

considerable popularity

The Koxbox gained considerable popularity within the psytrance scene.

The film was a huge hit in West Bengal, giving Dev a considerable popularity boost.

Given the number of reprints, "Erster Theil" must have enjoyed considerable popularity.

considerable numbers

There are considerable numbers of taxis, buses, and public transport trucks providing service in and around town.

Despite it being long out of production, considerable numbers of Alouette II were still in service at the start of the 21st century.

In the naval operations surrounding the battle, both sides lost considerable numbers of ships and aircraft, including the Japanese battleship .

saw considerable

The film saw considerable drop over the weekdays and collected .

1905 saw considerable political unrest among the Serb and Croat students of the Tuzla gymnasium.

State and local governments saw considerable growth, however, surpassing the federal budget in 1927.

considerable increase

This will result in a considerable increase in forested area in northern Norway.

There has been a considerable increase in private car ownership and bus usage while rail use decreased since the end of communism.

The game sold 2,000 copies for 240 crowns each, a considerable increase on "Světák Bob", which had sold only a few hundred copies.

considerable extent   (önemli ölçüde)

Norethisterone is bound to a considerable extent (36%) to SHBG in circulation.

To a considerable extent this combination characterized the works of many of the artists of the movement.

Between 815 till 850, Marand was primarily controlled by Mohammad ibn Ba'ith who was Iranicized to a considerable extent.

spent a considerable

In 1935 he first arrived at Bimini, where he spent a considerable amount of time.

At an early age, she moved to Delhi where she spent a considerable part of her life.

In 2017, Bartels spent a considerable amount of time on the road, performing 110 dates on his "Great Americana Tour".

considerable experience

He had considerable experience of rivers and watermills.

Ercoli has considerable experience in space flight dynamics.

By this time, Selkirk must have had considerable experience at sea.