İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

considerably more   (oldukça fazla)

The Moon's appearance is considerably more complex.

The psychological blow to the Romans was considerably more painful.

'Rheiny' did considerably more.

considerably less   (çok daha az)

Such funding was considerably less available in 2008.

This made them considerably less reliable than a standing army.

The other towns of the Grand Harbour were considerably less affected.

vary considerably   (önemli ölçüde değişir)

Estimates of the total death toll vary considerably.

All five vowel phonemes vary considerably phonetically.

These measures vary considerably in usage.

considerably larger   (oldukça büyük)

The throat sac in males is also considerably larger.

Since then two considerably larger additions have been built.

It was considerably larger than the 130-ship-strong Spanish Armada.

considerably higher   (oldukça yüksek)

There are however estimates that show the real number of the speakers as considerably higher.

The volume of trade between Ukraine and Azerbaijan is considerably higher among the CIS countries.

This figure is considerably higher than those given elsewhere, which are usually between 250 and 300.

varies considerably   (önemli ölçüde değişir)

This rate varies considerably between individuals.

The quality of polling in Indonesia varies considerably.

Its activity level varies considerably from year to year.

considerably smaller   (oldukça küçük)

Cairns A - F are at or near the rim, and are considerably smaller.

Barrow and the UDP were re-elected in 2012 with a considerably smaller majority.

The form restricted to freshwater is considerably smaller than the amphidromous form.

considerably lower   (oldukça düşük)

This was considerably lower than previous first episodes.

That is considerably lower than in any other part of Ireland."

This strength is usually considerably lower than the final ultimate strength of a material.

changed considerably   (önemli ölçüde değişti)

The role of the first lady has changed considerably.

Above this, the roofs changed considerably.

Since the 1790s, the role of First Lady has changed considerably.

grown considerably

Beginning in 1918, the fair has grown considerably over the past century.

Since its inception, the cost of the service to the taxpayer has grown considerably.

The Ukrainians, whose delegation had grown considerably, bought it in September 1994.

increased considerably

Between 2004/5 and 2013/4 NHS output increased considerably.

Fish was not rationed, but prices increased considerably as the war progressed.

During the period of the Ottoman Empire, the number of meyhane increased considerably.

varied considerably   (oldukça çeşitli)

Older spore measurements have varied considerably.

Since then its electoral results have varied considerably.

The direct powers of the monarch have also varied considerably.

considerably reduced

From 1944, the British garrison was considerably reduced.

This species has considerably reduced its range in recent times.

Today eagle-shooting is believed to be considerably reduced due to the species protected status.

considerably longer

It took considerably longer for "Endtroducing" to find success in the United States.

Maximum Time Aloft boomerangs mostly have one wing considerably longer than the other.

"Entombed" took considerably longer to develop due to the re-programming of its game engine.

grew considerably   (önemli ölçüde büyüdü)

The city gained more influence and grew considerably.

The protest demonstrations grew considerably by early November.

and "the “I want one” feeling grew considerably ever single minute."

considerably different

The North American version is considerably different from the Japanese version.

Most interior spaces are non-diffusive; the reverberation time is considerably different around the room.

This myth was invoked, in considerably different circumstances, in the aftermath of Germany's defeat in World War I.

expanded considerably

By 1901 Nansen's family had expanded considerably.

In laboratory conditions, this diet is expanded considerably.

In 1941, base facilities were expanded considerably for the Pacific War.

considerably during

The levels of the garrison varied considerably during the period.

The infant mortality rate in Estonia has decreased considerably during the past decades.

Collections of the Archives grew considerably during the 13 years before the Soviet occupation.

improved considerably

Decades later, "Obsession"'s reputation improved considerably.

The economic situation in Chechnya has improved considerably since 2000.

Rather, Trinity recovered slowly, and it financial health improved considerably.

considerably better   (oldukça iyi)

This minority had a considerably better social standing and were personally free.

This was followed by a preliminary round match of considerably better quality than the previous night's.

Jefferson's two songs released on Okeh have considerably better sound quality than his Paramount records at the time.