not considered   (考慮されていません)

Was not considered successful and not widely used.

It was not considered as the property of a nation.

He was not considered for amnesty in January 1991.

generally considered   (一般的に考えられている)

It is not generally considered an Eskimo culture.

Danish fiscal policy is generally considered healthy.

now considered   (今考えられる)

This interpretation is now considered as erroneous.

It is now considered the blueprint of Miami bass.

It is now considered a L.A. City Cultural Monument.

often considered   (よく考えられる)

His style is often considered folk art or Haitian.

He is often considered the father of Roman poetry.

Utopia is often considered a part of Fresh Meadows.

widely considered   (広く考えられている)

He was widely considered as Meles Zenawi's right-hand man.

Phipps Bridge was widely considered undesirable at the time.

It is widely considered Benda's best work, and inspired Mozart.

considered part

They are considered part of the Romantic Movement.

It was formerly considered part of the Arctiidae.

It is considered part of the mumblecore movement.

considered the most   (最も考慮された)

The book is considered the most popular Saint volume.

He is considered the most important martyr of the order.

Males are considered the most solitary of the orangutans.

still considered   (まだ検討中)

It is still considered a branch of the Vedanga.

It is still considered sacred by the Choctaw.

Henry, however, still considered a male heir essential.

considered by many   (多くの人が検討した)

It is considered by many to be their finest work.

Karl Marx was considered by many to be a theomachist.

He was considered by many as a patriotic nationalist.

considered the first

Stormfront is considered the first "hate website".

This is considered the first synthetic pigment.

This film is considered the first black talkie.

sometimes considered   (時々考えられる)

It is sometimes considered a diagnosis of exclusion.

He is sometimes considered Bach's Catholic counterpart.

The genre is sometimes considered a subgenre of metalcore.

usually considered

It is usually considered to be within the Paleocene.

It is usually considered to fall within the Eocene epoch.

not be considered   (考慮されない)

The authors of most cannot be considered neutral.

Anonymous petitions will not be considered.

Thus it is not segmental and cannot be considered an abugida.

considered too

It was considered too big and too heavy, and had handling problems.

Essential maintenance work was considered too much to be justified.

The site was considered too restrictive for larger aircraft to land.

considered more

They are considered more than 1,340 years old.

This other band were considered more new wave orientated.

The unofficial form known as ' is considered more conservative than .

considered the best

He is considered the best marionettist of all time.

Diamond is considered the best option to address this issue.

This mill was considered the best sawmill in the United States.

considered among

This work Derleth considered among his finest.

The website is considered among the first to use hypertext.

He has also been considered among top male chefs in Africa by DSTV.

what he considered

There he remained under what he considered to be imprisonment.

Newell submitted 20 of what he considered his best songs to Partridge, but most were rejected.

Bohr once distanced himself from what he considered Heisenberg's more subjective interpretation.

longer considered

Hunting is no longer considered a significant threat.

It is no longer considered that there was a queen called Ahhotep III.

After Menger, philosophers no longer considered Mally's system viable.

no longer considered

Hunting is no longer considered a significant threat.

It is no longer considered that there was a queen called Ahhotep III.

After Menger, philosophers no longer considered Mally's system viable.

what is considered

This period of time lent to what is considered modern social work.

Its purpose is to redefine what is considered feminine and masculine.

How much science is applied in a design is a question of what is considered "science".

once considered

The following mammals were once considered part of this group:

"Adocus" was once considered a genus belonging to the family Dermatemyidae.

Old hand-painted posters, once considered ephemera, are collectible folk art.

then considered

Jincey then considered going into the nursing field.

The Court then considered precedent and persuasive authority.

The nova P Cygni was then considered to be the body of Christ.

considered themselves

These Slavophones considered themselves Bulgarian.

Poll and his wife considered themselves "Liahona" Mormons.

The Societies considered themselves more than just alms givers.

considered very

The Pykara River is considered very sacred by the Todas.

This temple is considered very holy.

This was considered very risky.

previously considered   (以前に検討した)

This genus was previously considered to be monotypic.

The village was previously considered a neighbourhood of Vitsa.

Brain size was previously considered a major indicator of intelligence.

considered an important

He is considered an important player in S.S.C.

It is considered an important occasion in a child's life.

The bay was considered an important port.

formerly considered

The volcano was formerly considered to be extinct.

It was formerly considered part of the Arctiidae.

The Manipur population was formerly considered a separate species.

initially considered

First dated to 500–600 BC, this was initially considered the earliest writing in Mesoamerica.

She was initially considered the leading candidate for the post, as the preferred choice of U.S.

The election was initially considered too close to call, but Paradis won by a significant margin.

considered a major   (メジャーとみなされた)

Feral dogs are considered a major hazard in this region.

The grave plate is considered a major work of art in Hechingen.

Ludhiana is considered a major industrial city of Punjab, India.

what was considered

President Aylwin served from 1990 to 1994, in what was considered a transition period.

In what was considered a controversial bout Corbett knocked Spong out in the third round.

seriously considered   (真剣に検討)

Asteroid mining has also been seriously considered.

Elizabeth seriously considered marrying Dudley for some time.

This was seriously considered by the city and state highway engineers.

considered a subspecies   (亜種と見なされます)

It used to be considered a subspecies of the Oriental magpie-robin.

It is sometimes considered a subspecies of the miombo wren-warbler.

It was originally considered a subspecies of the little spiderhunter.

considered important

Instrumental music was considered important by Classical period composers.

At the time this was considered important to the potential progress of the war.

Music was considered important in interpreting emotions, pacing and meaning of the film.

considered a separate

The Manipur population was formerly considered a separate species.

Because of these differences, the fossils are considered a separate species.

Having quieter machinery and other improvements, it is considered a separate class.

originally considered

It was originally considered a centre-left party.

Police originally considered her death a drug overdose.

The company originally considered offering its blacklist for free.

traditionally considered

The party is traditionally considered centre-right.

Jazz is not traditionally considered chamber music.

The Chakras are traditionally considered meditation aids.

never considered

I've never considered that character a 'nutter'.

Arab and Persian geographers never considered it important.

You never considered it necessary to speak frankly with me...

considered a part

Utopia is often considered a part of Fresh Meadows.

Beggerington has traditionally been considered a part of Hartshead.

It connects to, but is not considered a part of, the Mexico City Metro.

considered a classic

It is thus considered a classic on spiritual warfare.

It is considered a classic play of Gujarati literature.

The album is considered a classic in French hip hop music.

therefore considered

They are therefore considered distinct species.

Gayson is therefore considered the first "Bond girl".

Schreber is therefore considered the binomial authority.

briefly considered

He briefly considered retiring and moving to China.

He briefly considered marriage, but could not commit himself.

Murphy, although she briefly considered it, declines the offer.

always considered

Electricity was always considered to be a by-product.

They were not always considered legal tender for private debts.

Kanō always considered judo a form of, and development of, jujutsu.

considered lost

All of the original Cārvāka texts are considered lost.

Like most Russian films of the era, it is considered lost.

All three films are considered lost.

even considered

Some of his papers are even considered to be those that established the field.

He even considered running for president of the United States as an independent.

He began to pray and study the Bible diligently, and even considered a career in the ministry.

considered essential   (不可欠と考えられる)

the orders of Sufism are considered essential.

Well-drained soil and a sunny situation are considered essential.

Germanium is not considered essential to the health of plants or animals.

considered when   (ときに考慮)

Public interest must be considered when entering into a trade mark coexistence agreement.

These uses were considered when the project was considered a success when tested by the navy.

These extraneous variables should therefore be considered when using BPO errors as a measure.

what they considered

Breeders entered what they considered to be sub-par King Charles Spaniels.

Their intention was to expose what they considered embezzlement of the meat collected during whale hunts.

Although the LSWR was extremely unhappy at what they considered excessive demands, they had no choice but to comply.

considered sacred   (神聖と見なされた)

The sheep which Balumama had were considered sacred.

It is still considered sacred by the Choctaw.

The place where vluchala lightning was considered sacred.

currently considered

It is currently considered of the Gammaproteobacteria.

Muserskiy is currently considered one of the world's tallest athletes.

However, this reconstruction is currently considered to be inaccurate.

time considered

Many at the time considered the task impossible.

Alfred Landé was for a long time considered orthodox.

Yurka was foremost a stage actress and for a long time considered film-making an inferior art form.

long considered   (長い間考えられていた)

Corruption in tennis has been long considered as issue.

The music score, long considered lost, was discovered in Czech Radio archives.

Its species were long considered part of "Propalaeotherium" and "Lophiotherium".

considered highly

And although such efforts are not illegal, they are considered highly unethical by publishers.

This chain installation was considered highly controversial at the time, for political reasons.

"Dapple gray" is an intermediate stage not seen on all grays, but often considered highly attractive.

first considered

Symonds first considered setting his plan into action in 1862.

She first considered becoming a nun while she was in third grade.

At first considered only a curiosity, the best chess playing programs have become extremely strong.

considered a synonym   (同義語と見なされます)

It is considered a synonym of the genus "Taygetina".

Meanwhile, "Pardofelis" is considered a synonym of "Catopuma".

The former family Coelastraceae is considered a synonym of Scenedesmaceae.

considered a pioneer   (先駆者と見なされた)

Vander Zaag is considered a pioneer of digital media.

He is considered a pioneer of Gujarati short stories.

Guy-Blaché is also considered a pioneer in the business.

considered a form

– "The Hobbit" This can be considered a form of magic.

Starting a business can also be considered a form of investment.

When used in such fashion, beacons can be considered a form of optical telegraphy.

commonly considered

However, the document is now commonly considered a 19th-century forgery.

Like the CN Tower, none of these taller structures are commonly considered buildings.

The resource that is most commonly considered is the time, and one talks of time complexity.

considered the father

He is often considered the father of Roman poetry.

He is considered the father of Seychelles literature.

Hutchinson is considered the father of oral medicine by some.

considered not

The British Board of Directors was considered not criminally liable under the Slave Trade Acts.

The amount of radiation escaping the front of the monitor is widely considered not to be harmful.

The V-1000 missile system was nonetheless considered not reliable enough and abandoned in favour of nuclear-armed ABMs.

considered running

He considered running for governor in 1990 against incumbent Gov.

He even briefly considered running for a Massachusetts Senate seat.

He protested the party's decision and considered running as an independent.

considered a good

Copying them out was considered a good way to study them.

He was considered a good student.

The park is considered a good site to view migrating birds and butterflies.

considered the largest

It is considered the largest church in Guangzhou.

It was considered the largest known to exist.

It may just be considered the largest school riot in Canadian history.

all considered

Eventually they were all considered Dominickers.

They are all considered unofficial.

The other languages are still spoken but are all considered endangered.

considered necessary   (必要だと思われる)

This work was considered necessary before any redevelopment could commence.

The strength of the home army was about a fifth of that considered necessary in 1914.

Self-knowledge was considered necessary for success and inherently an essential good.

considered a success

The seven-hour flight test was considered a success.

It was considered a success among Palestinians.

The operation was considered a success and the U.S. claimed 2,658 VC killed.

considered the founder

Cvijić is considered the founder of geography in Serbia.

John Locke is sometimes considered the founder of this form.

He is considered the founder of modern financial journalism.

considered less   (少ないと見なされた)

As lepers, they are considered less than human.

It is considered less difficult than a 360 degree spin.

The flora is similar to that found on Juniper Hill, though considered less abundant.

considered good

Certain wines were considered good for the stomach, others not.

Zebrafish are hardy fish and considered good for beginner aquarists.

It is considered good luck to give a kitchen witch to a friend or family member.

considered safe   (安全だと思う)

The species is therefore considered safe.

The seat was considered safe for the Progressive Conservatives.

It is considered safe for the party.

film is considered   (映画が考慮されます)

This film is considered the first black talkie.

The film is considered a cult classic.

The film is considered to have Wood's biggest budget ($70,000).

considered valid   (有効と見なされます)

Form 1040 must be signed and dated in order to be considered valid.

If the seer gave consistent answers, the advice was considered valid.

He also warned that any Chinese interference in succession should not be considered valid.

long been considered   (長い間考えられていた)

Ward had long been considered a 'Face of the 1980s' as a "Vogue" model.

Consequently, he has long been considered the archetypal absolute monarch.

For this reason, it has long been considered a frontier region and has hosted many conflicts.

considered as part

A Sandy Spring Heritage Trail is being considered as part of the greenway trail system.

For many early periods, it is usually considered as part of the wider Nordic art of Scandinavia.

While on this status they are still considered as part of the police force and retains their ranking.

considered conspecific

It is sometimes considered conspecific with Garra mcclellandi.

The Temotu whistler was formerly considered conspecific with the Fiji whistler.

It is considered conspecific with "Pterygioteuthis giardi" by some authorities.

considered the greatest

It is often considered the greatest film of all time.

It was also considered the greatest sin of the ancient Greek world.

He is widely considered the greatest freestyle wrestler of all time.

considered threatened

At present, it is not considered threatened.

It is not considered threatened.

Several species with restricted ranges are now considered threatened.

considered both

These weapons were considered both offensive and defensive in nature.

Medically, alcoholism is considered both a physical and mental illness.

The movie is considered both a Western and a romance, set in Texas shortly before statehood.

today considered

It is today considered a signature dish of Turkey.

These dubs are today considered cult dubs.

The two terms used to have different meanings, but must be today considered synonyms.

species is considered

This species is considered vulnerable to extinction.

This species is considered the type species of the genus.

Because of its habitat, size, and behavior, this species is considered to be harmless to humans.

whom he considered

In June 1944, Neubacher successfully displaced Pejani, whom he considered "insane".

For Padwick, Day trained Virago, whom he considered the best horse he ever handled.

But even he shared the views of Zecharias Frankel, whom he considered his mentor along with Solomon Judah Loeb Rapoport.

work is considered   (仕事が考慮されます)

This work is considered Tibaldi's masterpiece.

His work is considered a must-read on the history of communism in Romania.

His work is considered instrumental in the development of science and astronomy.

considered so

It was considered so significant that agents were dispatched to South America to find him.

Indeed, some gradations have been considered so ubiquitous that they have been labelled ecological “rules”.

The logic was considered so convincing that any attempt to defend the deterrent force was eventually abandoned.

thus considered

German is thus considered a pluricentric language.

It is thus considered a classic on spiritual warfare.

It is thus considered the son of Pulastya, son of Brahma.

considered a lost

This film is now considered a lost film.

The film is now considered a lost film.

Since its first run, "The Bite" had been considered a lost film.

later considered

He later considered this his most important work.

Bueno was forced to perform and later considered retiring.

This was later considered an intermediate release and was not featured on the album.

considered the main   (メインとみなされた)

This toxin is considered the main cause of CDAD.

She is widely considered the main force behind the campaign lobbying for the ADA.

The town was named because it was considered the main egress from Dubuque westward.

considered a great   (素晴らしいと考えられた)

To be invited to her house was considered a great honor.

Its debut was considered a great success.

The first of its kind in Europe, it was considered a great success.

government considered   (考慮された政府)

In 2007, the Indonesian government considered banning aspartame.

The government considered eliminating them from the bidding, but the World Bank did not agree.

If they did not survive, then the U.S. government considered efforts to recover their remains.

considered separate

Permanent establishment of non-residents are considered separate entity.

Long vowels and "ě" are not considered separate letters in the alphabetical order.

This suggests that the spoken varieties may linguistically be considered separate languages.

many considered

Republicans nominated Peppy Martin, who many considered a weak candidate.

Boscotrecase, which many considered a resort, sat on the southern slopes of Mt.

While competing in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, many considered Bleiler a gold medal favorite.

considered obsolete

This classification is now considered obsolete.

This usage is now considered obsolete.

Although the names are considered obsolete, their usage persists.

considered a member

He was considered a member of the girls' alliance.

Böckenförde was considered a member of the Ritter School.

He is considered a member of the Chinese Sixth Generation filmmakers.

only considered   (考慮のみ)

However, they only considered Gaelic and Brythonic.

We have only considered the magnitude of the entropy change here.

At 6′5″ and , Smith did not have ideal size and was only considered a two-star prospect by "".

considered most   (最も考慮された)

All other tonalities are considered most difficult ones.

There are a number of reasons why Corinth is considered most plausible.

Admissions to Barnard is considered most selective by "U.S. News & World Report".

typically considered

In this usage, a drop is typically considered to be approximately 0.05 mL.

is typically considered a clitic that developed from the lexical item "not".

Some dishes that are typically considered American have their origins in other countries.

considered acceptable   (許容できると考えられる)

This method of consumption was also considered acceptable with the original packaging.

To many anarchists, the only form of democracy considered acceptable is direct democracy.

Other individuals for whom it is considered acceptable not to fast are those who are ill or traveling.

considered dangerous

Tackling with "studs up" is considered dangerous.

All this time was followed closely by the Rosario police since he was considered dangerous.

Before establishing the facility, polar bears who were considered dangerous used to be shot.

considered likely   (考えられる)

It is considered likely that a magazine was present at that site previously.

At least two of these sites are considered likely candidates for protohistoric Nicoya.

His was one of two books considered likely to win, the other being "Rites of Passage" by William Golding.

considered the oldest

The Lambeth version is considered the oldest.

The kakungu is considered the oldest and most powerful mask-charm.

Alpha and beta proteins (α/β) are considered the oldest class of proteins.