İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

when considering   (göz önüne alındığında)

Some research has looked into genetics when considering "déjà vu".

The total purse for this event was $179,075 ($ when considering inflation).

The distinction is most relevant when considering career summaries and all-time lists.

especially considering   (özellikle dikkate)

Fairbanks has been the home of a wealth of bands of an incredible variety, especially considering its small population.

The war was a victory for Persia, especially considering they were outnumbered, and this gave much needed confidence to his forces.

It was a relatively small army when compared with other contemporary countries, especially considering the Commonwealth's huge area.

without considering   (düşünmeden)

Nothing should be attached to it without considering the effect on the whole.

without considering the facticity of "not currently having the financial means to do so".

However, Ulmer contends that no issue in the world can be solved without considering the human aspect of it.

considering how   (nasıl olduğunu düşünmek)

The temperature is somewhat moderate considering how far north the area is.

Fifty years on in 2018 the OD Society is considering how to officially recognise this achievement.

He also takes the opportunity to remind Selta that he's not really that old, considering how long-lived his race is.

began considering

Following a stint as an accountant, Sethupathi began considering an acting career.

When H'Hen was working as an intern at a bank, she began considering a career in modelling.

She began to feel dissatisfied with her success in her country and began considering an international music career.

considering whether   (olup olmadığını düşünmek)

The scientific errors and crudities of it release any person from considering whether there was any element of revelation in it...

The two uses may be distinguished by considering whether the integrated circuit being tested has an internal array or analog functions.

"The special skill (or indeed lack of skill) of a driver is an irrelevant circumstance when considering whether the driving is dangerous".

considering all   (hepsini göz önünde bulundurarak)

The total derivative gives a complete picture by considering all directions at once.

He also claimed, when considering all aspects of cartography, that "map design is perhaps the most complex."

Rather than considering all variances, managers establish criteria to determine which variances are significant to focus on.

not considering

At an October 4, 2012 press conference he said that he was not considering resigning.

Anna is revealed to be eight weeks pregnant, but not considering marrying her boyfriend.

Deron Snyder of "The Washington Times" faulted MLB and the Orioles for not considering Nationals Park.