team consisted   (チームは成っていた)

Walpole's team consisted of Dora Richardson and G.A.

Doubles team consisted of Alok Mehta and Thiru.

Anguilla's boxing team consisted of two male athletes.

originally consisted

The fleet originally consisted of five DH60 Gipsy Moths.

It originally consisted only of naos and polygonal altar apse.

The team originally consisted of people connected to Lund University.

group consisted

Her air group consisted of 24 Zeros and nine B5N2s.

His group consisted of about twenty Muhajirs.

Initially the group consisted of around one hundred men.

consisted mainly

It consisted mainly of Australian officers and servicemen.

The island consisted mainly of sea chalk ("Schnegglisand").

Its initial content consisted mainly of "Fox College Football" coverage.

fleet consisted   (艦隊から成っていた)

In December 2014, the fleet consisted of 65 buses.

As at May 2015, the fleet consisted of 797 buses.

As at June 2013 the fleet consisted of 87 buses.

armament consisted   (武装は)

Her gun armament consisted of four 25-cal.

"Zieten"s primary armament consisted of a pair of torpedo tubes.

The initial anti-submarine armament consisted of four depth charges.

season consisted

The regular season consisted of two types of matches.

The season consisted of 30 tracks plus one promo song.

The first season consisted of six episodes.

consisted mostly

Slave patrols consisted mostly of white citizens.

The Presidium consisted mostly of PDPA Politburo members.

Their food consisted mostly of fish and deer, as well as available plants.

band consisted

The pipe band consisted of over thirty pipers.

Another band consisted of around 50 Nakrehe.

The band consisted of Pink (John Dwyer) and Brown (Jeff Rosenberg).

consisted of only   (のみで構成された)

At the time, Esbjerg consisted of only a few farms.

Since 2007, the cell consisted of only four investigators.

The gap consisted of only 220 votes between the two candidates.

initially consisted

It was founded after 1558 and initially consisted of two half-farms.

The cast of the tenth season of "Top Chef" initially consisted of 21 contestants.

It was published every Saturday and initially consisted of four pages and cost one penny.

consisted of several

The Amazighs historically consisted of several tribes.

Essentially, the MIR-3 computer consisted of several computers.

The pre-dawn coup consisted of several hundred men and twenty-two tanks.

crew consisted

The ship's crew consisted of 79 officers and men.

The crew consisted of a pilot and a cabin attendant.

Her crew consisted of 600 officers and enlisted men.

competition consisted   (競争は成っていた)

The competition consisted of a single final round.

The competition consisted of multiple rounds.

race consisted   (レースは成っていた)

The race consisted of 2 laps on a 6.8 km long circuit (13.4 km).

Hispanic or Latino of any race consisted of 7.3% of the population.

The road race consisted of 13 laps on a 6.8 km long circuit (88.4 km).

system consisted

At its height, the system consisted of four lines.

The feeder system consisted of 13 miles of No.

The overhead trolley system consisted of No.

consisted primarily

Müller's work consisted primarily of textbooks.

The concert's setlist consisted primarily of songs from "Up!

(The latter consisted primarily of scholarly works rather than creative writing).

force consisted

The force consisted of two frigates, the "Sv.

Palombini's force consisted of two brigades.

Portuguese attack force consisted of 370 Portuguese soldiers and 7000 Lascarins.

lineup consisted

At this time the personnel lineup consisted of nine members.

Servotron's lineup consisted of former members of Man or Astro-man?

The last touring lineup consisted of the Bellmores, Lusardi, Symons, and DeCaire.

consisted only   (のみで構成された)

The first phase of the world consisted only of heat.

In simple terms the brain consisted only of water and CSF.

It originally consisted only of naos and polygonal altar apse.

series consisted

The first series consisted of a single season of 13 episodes.

The series consisted of denominations ranging from $1 to $500.

The series consisted of three films.

consisted of ten

It consisted of ten objectives that Congress should focus on when enacting legislation.

The series premiered on September 4, 2018, and the first season consisted of ten episodes.

The British girls consisted of ten nurses, and 15 drivers of the Mechanised Transport Corps (MTC).

event consisted   (イベントから成っていた)

Results: The event consisted of a single race.

tournament consisted   (トーナメントは成っていた)

Each team during the tournament consisted of 12 players.

The tournament consisted of players being randomly assigned to four sections.

consisted entirely

Volume 2 consisted entirely of a site inventory.

In 2001 the allocation consisted entirely of Dennis Darts.

Consequently, the cast has since consisted entirely of regular church members.

mainly consisted

Livelihood mainly consisted of agriculture.

Pasar Minggu mainly consisted of bamboo-structured stalls.

Her works at the start mainly consisted of posed group photos.

consisted of twelve

The jury consisted of twelve white men.

As completed, the anti-aircraft battery consisted of twelve machine guns.

The team came to be known as "The Saturday Club" and consisted of twelve volunteers.

population consisted

In Crimea, about 75% of the population consisted of slaves.

Much of the population consisted of a sedentary farming population.

Among the Ashanti and Yoruba a third of the population consisted of slaves.

time consisted

Last Days of Humanity at this time consisted of only two vocalists (Erwin and Hans).

Riggs was an opponent of periodontal surgery, which at the time consisted of gingival resection.

The rolling stock at the time consisted of twenty-two cars, each with two motorised axles for climbing hills.

class consisted

The original class consisted of 272 students.

In 1879, the first graduating class consisted of three members.

The first graduating class consisted of six girls and four boys.

work consisted   (仕事から成っていた)

Her main body of work consisted of seven novels.

Müller's work consisted primarily of textbooks.

Now the completed work consisted of six songs on a demo track tape.

tour consisted

The tour consisted of 40 sold-out shows all over Japan.

The tour consisted of eight tournaments in both genders.

The tour consisted of three Test matches.

consisted largely

Despite its name, the regiment consisted largely of men from Tennessee.

Historian A. J. P. Taylor points out the membership consisted largely of schoolteachers.

The sale consisted largely of oil, watercolours and drawings of Newlands, Bishopscourt and the Malay Quarter.

album consisted

He said the album consisted of a bunch of "hilarious sounds."

The album consisted of hard techno and ambient electronic music.

The album consisted of all their singles up to "Dance With Me Now!

mostly consisted

It is mostly consisted of cover songs.

The commercial use of humans is mostly consisted of women and children.

Lenton's later life mostly consisted of editing, writing, and publishing.

usually consisted

A train usually consisted of two units working in multiple forming an eight coach train.

His albums usually consisted of covers of recent hit singles along with some new material.

This page usually consisted of a decorative frame created from a print or image of the Holy Land.

army consisted

The Sitawaka army consisted of 50,000 men in 300 companies organised into three corps.

The early Pagan army consisted mainly of conscripts raised just prior to or during the times of war.

The Italian army consisted of four brigades, totaling 17,978 troops with fifty-six artillery pieces.

battery consisted   (バッテリー構成)

As completed, the anti-aircraft battery consisted of twelve machine guns.

Her anti-aircraft battery consisted of twelve L/65 guns, twelve guns, and eight guns.

"Virginia"s battery consisted of four muzzle-loading single-banded Brooke rifles and six smoothbore Dahlgren guns salvaged from the old "Merrimack".

show consisted   (ショー構成)

The show consisted of 25 photographs from Palen's then-forthcoming book "Guts".

Initially the show consisted of a 30-minute Monday night wrap of the weekend's sports.

The show consisted of several stages: auditions, super bootcamp, home visits and live shows.

consisted of approximately

In the 18th century, the Holy Roman Empire consisted of approximately 1,800 territories.

The editorial consisted of approximately thirty-five people, with Patrik Müller as the editor-in-chief.

Edward's army consisted of approximately 2,000 longbowmen, 3,000 men-at-arms, and a force of 1,000 Gascon infantry.

now consisted

"Ryūjō"s air group now consisted of 12 A6M2 Zeros and 18 B5Ns, plus two spares of each type.

The combined fleet now consisted of 12 ships of the line, 11 frigates and many smaller vessels.

China now consisted of hundreds of states, some of them only as large as a village with a fort.

then consisted

It then consisted of a Romanesque chancel and nave, built in chalk ashlar.

The Bluesbreakers then consisted of Green, Fleetwood, John McVie and Mayall.

The Estate Railway then consisted of 8 miles of running line and 18 miles of sidings.

jury consisted

The jury consisted of twelve white men.

The jury consisted of 6 whites, 4 blacks and 2 Hispanics; it included 8 women and 4 men.

The jury consisted of Yehudi Menuhin, David Oistrakh, Henryk Szeryng, André Gertler, Nadia Boulanger and George Georgescu.

league consisted

The league consisted of 75 clubs divided into five divisions.

The league consisted of 48 teams.

consisted of just   (だけで構成された)

For the 1994 and 1995 NCAA tournaments the field again consisted of just 16 teams.

The port was without fighter defences and the army garrison consisted of just two brigades.

The LP "Blind Faith" consisted of just six songs, one of them the hit "Can't Find My Way Home".

delegation consisted

The Faroese delegation consisted of one swimmer, Ragnvaldur Jensen.

The Maltese delegation consisted of a single short-distance swimmer: Matthew Sultana.

The high level delegation consisted of all 15 UNSC members, including 11 permanent representatives.

district consisted

The district consisted of seventeen civil parishes: The district was abolished under the Bolton, Turton and Westhoughton Extension Act.

The district consisted of the portion of the Northwest Territories directly north of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan on Canada's mainland.

During that year, Alan Richey, the superintendent of Bronte ISD, estimated that 40% of the enrollment in the school district consisted of children who were incarcerated in the center.

only consisted   (のみから成っていた)

It only consisted of its type species, the newly-described "C. aetherea".

In the beginning, its repertoire only consisted of national anthems, and military marches.

The team only consisted of herself and Gertrude Pritzi with the non playing captain being Robert Thum.

consisted solely

The staff consisted solely of volunteers.

The CCC workers at Penn State Forest consisted solely of African Americans since construction crews were segregated during that era.

Founded in 1999 under the name Marc-Fischer-Band, which remained in use until 2011, it consisted solely of lead singer Vanessa Mai from 2015 on.

forces consisted

The Polish forces consisted of a variety of troops.

In March 559 Zabergan attacked Constantinople; one part of his forces consisted of 7,000 horsemen.

The soldiers of the Confederate armed forces consisted mainly of white males aged between 16 and 28.

primarily consisted

The mixtape primarily consisted of these completed original songs.

Once again, Axis defenses primarily consisted of Romanian-laid fields of mines.

Franco-Spanish trade primarily consisted of bulk imports like grain and timber, which were easily regulated by local authorities.

area consisted

Thus, the entire area consisted of a large marine plain with some islands.

Its built-up area consisted of 21 dunams, while 2,404 dunams were cultivated.

About 28.4% of the total land area consisted of forests and woodlands in 2000.

largely consisted

The audience largely consisted of hard-to-reach working women.

This short-lived program largely consisted of music videos but rarely featured interviews.

The system largely consisted of land assignments from the state in return for military services.

staff consisted   (スタッフから成っていた)

The staff consisted solely of volunteers.

The regular staff consisted of presenter Jochen Busse and five celebrities.

The first staff consisted of an Inspector of Forests and two Forest Rangers.

consisted of all

The album consisted of all their singles up to "Dance With Me Now!

Enron International consisted of all of Enron's foreign power projects, including ones in Europe.

The high level delegation consisted of all 15 UNSC members, including 11 permanent representatives.

unit consisted

The unit consisted of 50 men, mostly former paratroopers and Unit 30 personnel.

The unit consisted of a team headed by Władysław Zajdler "Żarski" and a section of Lejewski "Garbarz".

The municipal unit consisted of the villages Buçimas, Tushemisht, Gurras, Gështënjas, Remaj, and Vërdovë.

consisted of more

The combined sale consisted of more than 700 lots.

The flotilla consisted of more than a dozen patrol boats, destroyers, multiple anti-aircraft barges and landing craft.

The thirteen or so congregations that were members of this new synod at that time consisted of more than 4000 baptized members.

station consisted   (駅から成っていた)

The station consisted of 2 platforms about 3 metres long.

The first station consisted of an island platform with two tracks.

The original station consisted of two side platforms with two tracks.