group consisting

He became a leader of a group consisting of himself, Xiba, Leixia, and Natsu.

West Bengal would also top their group consisting of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

Kerala topped their group consisting of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to qualify.

team consisting   (構成するチーム)

A team consisting of lower grade players was fielded and Glebe lost heavily, 40–9.

The event is a 72-hole stroke play team event with each team consisting of two players.

The team consisting of Margaret Osborne, Wendy Woodhead and Doris Jordan finished in fifth place.

consisting mainly

The insoluble matter, consisting mainly of silica ore, ranges from 8% to 17%.

It is an agricultural town consisting mainly of vegetable farms, paddy fields and coconut gardens.

She was given a great deal of rest and fed a special diet consisting mainly of fish and vegetables.

each consisting

The league consists of 8 groups, each consisting of 18 teams.

The league consists of 2 groups, each consisting of 18 teams.

A total of eight men's teams (each consisting of up to 24 athletes) competed.

consisting mostly

These four companies of infantry, consisting mostly of green recruits, were caught in the open.

The eastern parts of the city, consisting mostly of wooden buildings, were completely destroyed.

A soundtrack album was also released on Polydor (PD-1-6344), consisting mostly of country songs.

system consisting

This is done through a legal system consisting of courts.

The IMF application is a system consisting of a series of batch runs, data records and files.

The original designs featured trains with a safety system consisting of over-the-shoulder restraints.

consisting of several

The pollen is born on panicles consisting of several erect catkins.

The staminate inflorescences are panicles consisting of several erect catkins.

He built a library consisting of several stories on the banks of Pennai river.

duo consisting

The Stieber Twins, a rap duo consisting of brothers Martin (Marshall Mar, a.k.a.

WESLEE WESLEE is an R&B duo consisting of vocalist Emma DD and producer Josh Grant.

In July 2010, Color Me Badd re-emerged as a duo consisting of Bryan Abrams and Mark Calderon.

band consisting

On the stage, they were accompanied by a backing band consisting of eight brass players, a keyboardist and a drummer.

The One AM Radio The One AM Radio is a band consisting of Hrishikesh Hirway, a composer and songwriter from Los Angeles.

Originally it was a fictional band consisting of the imaginary members Marvin Gardens, Kay Pasa, Al Vacado and Kitty Litter.

consisting primarily

The term pewter covers a variety of alloys consisting primarily of tin.

This became the Dwyka Group consisting primarily of tillite, the lowermost layer of the Karoo Supergroup.

Agate Agate is a rock consisting primarily of cryptocrystalline silica, chiefly chalcedony, alternating with microgranular quartz.

consisting of only   (のみで構成される)

It is a short book, consisting of only two chapters.

The parser is seeded with S(0) consisting of only the top-level rule.

It is the shortest of Paul's extant letters, consisting of only 335 words in the Greek text.

consisting of all

We will consider the subgroup "nZ of Z consisting of all multiples of "n".

For , let be the subset of consisting of all subsets of cardinality exactly .

"Words and Music" was Webb's first album that he produced, consisting of all new material.

area consisting

A fully equipped printing area consisting of letterpresses, offset press, cutters, folders, bindery, linotypes etc.

It is a residential area consisting of prefabricated buildings (see panelház) with a population of 11,929 (2001 census).

The area consisting of 43rd Street through 58th Street, including the former Furman Island, is mostly industrial lowlands.

consisting entirely

is a woman who works for Einstürzen and controls her small army consisting entirely of genetic experiments.

The original airing was followed by an edition of "Uranium Classics" consisting entirely of Metallica videos.

Balbhadra Kunwar was appointed General and commander of the new "Lahure" regiments consisting entirely of Gorkhali/Nepali troops.

consisting only   (のみからなる)

Start with formula_59, the tree consisting only of the root.

Let σ be a signature consisting only of a unary function symbol "f".

The short vowels, consisting only of monophthongs, correspond to the RP lax vowels.

consisting of members

In 1998 she founded the Margiono Quintet, consisting of members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

The Premier leads an Executive Council consisting of members who oversee various executive departments.

It should also integrate Bozizé's own rebel group (mainly consisting of members of his own Gbaya tribe).

structure consisting

166) adopts a double-layered structure consisting of many interlocked, ruffled, six-membered rings.

Porin B has an alpha helical core structure consisting of four alpha-helices surrounding a nonpolar interior.

A structure consisting of 11 rings representing the 11 countries was also lit up as part of the countdown ceremony.

consisting of ten

There is a council of the order consisting of ten members.

The act of April 12, 1808 provided for a Regiment of Light Artillery consisting of ten companies.

Companies in Japan consisting of ten or more employees are required to establish work regulations.

force consisting

The authorities founded a police force consisting of Carolinians and Chamorros for Camp Susupe and Chalan Kanoa.

On 6 January 1809, he took command of a small force consisting of "Confiance", two Portuguese brigs, and 550 Portuguese soldiers.

The main missions of the National Guard are: The Army Reserve is a professional reserve force consisting of former regular army personnel only.

program consisting

Saint Mary's School offers a full interscholastic athletic program consisting of 18 sports teams.

Neelin High School has a choir program consisting of four choirs, all under the conduction of Ms. Carolyn Gwyer.

After the Battle of El Alamein the squadron conducted a brief training program consisting principally of aerial gunnery, navigational flights, and night landings.

consisting of both

The land being of fair quality, consisting of both bush and open fern land.

Memory is often thought of as consisting of both a long-term and short-term store.

Its total space offering is planned at , consisting of both office and retail space.

committee consisting   (委員会)

A Standing Committee is a committee consisting of Members of Parliament.

The LNB was established in 1987 by a committee consisting of high level professional clubs from France.

Before an earmark is implemented, it is be approved by the earmark committee consisting of three to five members.

album consisting

"Scorpion" is a double album consisting of 25 tracks.

It is a concept album consisting of twelve love songs.

The album consisting of 11 tracks was released by Saregama on 24 July 2006.

season consisting

The first season consisting of thirteen episodes were aired from 13 February 2017.

The competition began on 24 February with the regular season consisting of 120 matches over twenty one weeks.

In May 2009, the show was renewed for a second season consisting of 13 episodes; season two premiered on September 28, 2009.

asterism consisting

In Chinese, (), meaning "Encampment", refers to an asterism consisting α Pegasi and β Pegasi.

In Chinese, the asterism consisting of Altair, β Aquilae, and γ Aquilae is known as "Hé Gǔ" (; lit.

In Chinese astronomy, "Nán Mén", meaning "Southern Gate", refers to an asterism consisting of Alpha Centauri and Epsilon Centauri.

usually consisting

They live in small family groups, usually consisting of a bonded pair and one to three offspring.

All students are admitted through an entrance exam, usually consisting of 90 multiple-choice questions and a written essay.

Each island has several small resorts, usually consisting of a collection of huts for tourists, a small pool and restaurant.

consisting largely

Most true fungi have a cell wall consisting largely of chitin and other polysaccharides.

In 1765, Newfoundlands population was around 15,000, consisting largely of Irish immigrants.

His "Star Spangled to Death" (2004, USA) is a nearly seven-hour film consisting largely of found footage.

mainly consisting

Today the area has an economy mainly consisting of agriculture and the service sector.

Finland's exports to Namibia valued €2,4 million, mainly consisting of paper and paper-products.

Several methods of treatment are available, mainly consisting of careful drug therapy and surgery.

consisting of more

It was never a significant military force, never consisting of more than a few thousand men.

Within a few days, he managed to mobilize an army consisting of more than 5,000 volunteer troops.

Omotic languages are an Ethiopian linguistic group consisting of more than twenty-five distinct languages.

mostly consisting

The ruins of the castle, mostly consisting of sections of perimeter walls, show that it had been built upon a Sunnite settlement.

The alignment of the Heartland Expressway will largely follow existing highways, with the project mostly consisting of improvements.

It offers general programming aimed to Colombians abroad, mostly consisting of old Caracol TV telenovelas, series, and entertainment shows.

complex consisting

A colonnade connects it to a complex consisting of the former Frederiksberg Police Station and Frederiksberg Courthouse.

A large cinema complex consisting of several theatres is located behind the façade of the old Regent cinemas in the heart of the city.

The abbey over time developed into a complex consisting of a large church and three ranges forming a rectangular enclosure to separate the nuns from the world.

consisting of many

166) adopts a double-layered structure consisting of many interlocked, ruffled, six-membered rings.

The dentition is specialized, consisting of many large, stout canine teeth set in large patches in broad jaws.

In autumn the stout central stems bear flattened oval flowerheads consisting of many tubular florets packed closely together.

series consisting

An anthology TV series consisting of three episodes was released in 1999.

A second and final series consisting of seven episodes began in March 2003.

The club hosts a Spring series and a Fall series consisting of 7 races each.

consisting of various

The manager is assisted by a team of two or three selectors and a backroom team consisting of various coaches.

This serves to shape a top leadership consisting of various backgrounds, representing the diverse ethnicities of the state.

Fruit salad Fruit salad is a dish consisting of various kinds of fruit, sometimes served in a liquid, either their own juices or a syrup.

family consisting   (から成る家族)

Mayan languages constitute a language family consisting of about 26 related languages.

In 1990, Unger advocated a family consisting of Tungusic, Korean, and Japonic languages, but not Turkic or Mongolic.

In 1844, Theodor Benfey suggested a language family consisting of Semitic, Berber, and Cushitic (calling the latter "Ethiopic").