habitat consists   (生息地は)

Their habitat consists primarily of drier forests.

The habitat consists of moist savanna and forests.

The habitat consists of forests and swamp forests.

station consists   (駅で構成)

The station consists of three cylindrical volumes.

The station consists of three distinct sections.

Mladenovac railway station consists of 6 railway track.

consists mainly   (主に構成されます)

It consists mainly of forest and grazing country.

Its diet consists mainly of grasses, creepers and herbs.

consists of several

The tissue of the cap consists of several layers.

Bung consists of several settlements and Hamlets.

Baku consists of several settlements and Hamlets.

system consists

The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

A JPEG system consists of a pair of encoder and decoder.

The Theta Pictoris system consists of a total of 4 stars.

album consists

This album consists of re-arranged songs in English.

The soundtrack album consists of seven tracks.

The album consists of two compact discs with 35 songs.

currently consists

It currently consists of the following ministers:

This vocabulary currently consists of 12 terms.

It currently consists of a seven-tier pyramid system.

team consists   (チームで構成)

Its team consists of nearly 70 teachers in total.

The telemarketing team consists of 80 sales persons.

Each team consists of one section from each year level.

group consists

The group consists of Jordan Rys and Noah DeVore.

The group consists of cousins Alle and Benny Benassi.

The group consists of women between 18 and 60 years old.

fleet consists   (艦隊で構成)

The current fleet consists of 31 articulated cars.

The Skymax fleet consists of the following aircraft:

The current active fleet consists of:

consists mostly

The video for "Ice" consists mostly of two scenes.

"Thyroptera discifera"'s diet consists mostly of insects.

It consists mostly of rearing livestock.

band consists

This band consists three white spots.

The band consists of lead singer Devon MacLeish, Oz, and unnamed others.

The band consists of multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Rado and vocalist Sam France.

consists primarily

Their habitat consists primarily of drier forests.

Its diet consists primarily of plant matter and seeds.

Their diet consists primarily of fruits.

area consists

Most of the area consists of plantations and farms.

The metropolitan area consists of inhabitants.

This area consists of many small communities.

diet consists   (ダイエットは)

Its diet consists of voles, mice and large insects.

Its diet consists of fruits, leaves, and flowers.

It can fly and its diet consists of fungi spores.

usually consists

Each show usually consists of at least three songs.

A game usually consists of eight or ten ends.

A war usually consists of multiple battles.

complex consists

The complex consists of the main part and Ichgala.

The station complex consists of four levels.

As the name suggests, the complex consists of two temples.

municipality consists

The municipality consists of the villages of Kövər and Kolanı.

The municipality consists of the villages of Lomin and Vovlada.

The municipality consists of the villages of Darquba and Səbir.

mainly consists

The Rotliegend mainly consists of sandstone layers.

It mainly consists of food and beverages tenants.

The population mainly consists of Dhothar Jatts.

series consists

The series consists of five films and two video games.

The series consists of six episodes.

The local finals series consists of two semi-finals and a final.

consists of forests

The habitat consists of forests and swamp forests.

The habitat consists of forests and cleared lands.

The habitat consists of forests and forest edges.

council consists

ATIRA's governing council consists of 17 members.

Their council consists of a Chief and six councillors.

The council consists of the mayor plus six councillors.

now consists

As of February 2010 the band lineup now consists of:

Likewise, a probe now consists of four images of a person.

The suite now consists of eleven songs.

district consists

This district consists of the Richmond.

The major population of this district consists of Mishmi (Idu).

The district consists of the central part of the city of Norwalk.

building consists

The building consists of three floors over a high celler.

On campus, the main building consists of 60,000 square feet.

The building consists of a living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

consists of all

The Message Channel consists of all remaining Slots.

The hard group consists of all other nouns.

The class Grp of groups consists of all objects having a "group structure".

work consists   (仕事から成る)

Most of her work consists of children's literature.

The work consists of four movements:

The work consists of four 15-foot, 10,000 pound granite columns.

consists of ten

The novel consists of ten books in five volumes.

Each subframe consists of ten words, each 30 bits long.

The competition consists of ten rounds.

collection consists

The collection consists of about 13,000 titles.

Its collection consists of nearly one million objects.

The museum’s collection consists of the following cars.

consists of more

Lingsheng Temple consists of more than 10 buildings.

The temple consists of more than 7 buildings.

It consists of more than 50 tangled human bodies in pain.

plan consists

Its plan consists of a nave, north aisle, chancel, and northeast tower.

Its plan consists of a four-bay nave, a three-bay chancel, a north transept, and a south porch.

The plan consists of a nave, a south aisle, a south porch, north and south transepts, and a chancel.

consists of only   (のみで構成されています)

The theatre staff consists of only two directors.

The genus consists of only one species, "Paludavis richae".

The state government consists of only two branches - executive and legislative.

consists of approximately

It consists of approximately 600 boys and 33 teachers.

It consists of approximately 200 homes and 1500 people.

The PAP consists of approximately 1.5 million personnel.

program consists

The conference program consists of KDE e.V.

The Air Force program consists of three phases, Aerospace Medicine Primary 101, 201, and 202.

The College Station High School Cougar Band & Guard program consists of over 210 students in grades 9–12.

typically consists

Treatment typically consists of oral or intravenous antifungal medications.

It typically consists of a mixture of deformed BN nanotubes and nanosheets.

The cohort typically consists of 25-30 EMBA candidates from some 20 countries.

consists of many

This area consists of many small communities.

Glenbrook Valley consists of many post-World War II houses.

The book consists of many essays that Mailhot wrote during her MFA program.

structure consists

The structure consists of three elevations.

The structure consists of four levels containing 14 rooms with .

The structure consists of 31 rooms, including chambers in the central hall.

family consists   (家族で構成されています)

The family consists of the following genera:

In vertebrates, the CNG channel gene family consists of six members.

The current 25mm ammunition family consists of 6 prime war-shot and 2 training rounds:

site consists   (サイトは)

The site consists of a large mound and covers around .

The site consists of a shell midden and is long by wide.

The site consists of three separate units.

game consists

The game consists of a 4 x 5 room matrix in three levels.

The game consists of 15 maps for gameplay.

The game consists of combination puzzles.

sculpture consists   (彫刻は)

The sculpture consists of very fine, sharp lines of growth.

The sculpture consists of four steel tubes extending upwards.

The axial sculpture consists of very fine silky incremental lines.

consists largely

Their diet consists largely of flies and other small insects.

Agriculture is varied but consists largely of ranching activity.

The area consists largely of rolling hills covered in thorn bush.

mostly consists

Otter play mostly consists of wrestling with conspecifics.

It mostly consists of rural vineyards and farmland properties.

The restaurant's decor mostly consists of artwork depicting watermelons.

park consists

The park consists of three isolated clusters.

At , the park consists of one fifth of Hong Kong Island's land mass.

The conservation park consists of the island group and adjoining waters.

consists entirely   (完全に構成されています)

The grandstand consists entirely of chairbacked seats.

The water area consists entirely of Lake Santee, the reservoir.

The third disc consists entirely of the score from "Heaven Sent".

book consists

The book consists of six sections, outlined as follows:

The book consists of five separate poems.

The book consists of four parts and has a total of 76 chapters.

consists of both

It consists of both immediate and extended family.

SPICE consists of both data and software.

Raag Todi (ਟੋਡੀ) – Todi consists of both wisdom and humbleness.

population consists

The population consists of Christians and Hindus.

The population consists predominantly of "Fulɓe" [sing.

The population consists of Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

consists of various

The special administrative law consists of various laws.

The Marching Band consists of various sections, broken down by instrument.

The avifauna consists of various types of laughing thrushes, which live in shrubs and on the forest floor.

body consists

The student body consists of over 500 students from 70 different countries.

Their body consists of seven segments, each with a pair of pereopods (walking legs).

The body consists of 155 members elected for four-year terms who meet three times per year.

network consists   (ネットワークで構成)

The network consists of: This network is operated from 5 am to 2 am.

The Finnish railway network consists of a total of of railways built with .

The monitoring network consists of 337 facilities located all over the globe.

primarily consists

The lithology primarily consists of red sandstone.

Utopia primarily consists of houses and tree-lined streets.

The project primarily consists of a series of free public workshops.

season consists

The episode count for the season consists in 25 episodes.

The second season consists of 12 episodes.

The 2012 season consists of two stages.

consists only   (のみで構成される)

The Jeep's diet consists only of orchids.

The album consists only of cover songs.

Like the Agricultural Building, the interior consists only of a single large space.

generally consists

Protein synthesis generally consists of two major steps: transcription and translation.

The diet of the amethystine python generally consists of birds, bats, rats, possums, and other small mammals.

The examination of an A-level subject generally consists of two 3-hour papers taken in the morning and afternoon of the same day.

consists of twelve

The genus consists of twelve extant and one extinct species.

It consists of twelve tracks in a sort of modernized Chinese form.

The fullest version of "Sugawara" consists of twelve scenes in five acts.

consists of small

The terrain consists of small hills and upland plain.

The prey of "Rhinopias aphanes" consists of small fish.

The locality consists of small acreages focused around the equestrian community.

board consists

Each regional Bank's board consists of nine members.

The board consists of 5 vertices and 7 edges.

The board consists of nine elected members.

campus consists

The campus consists of multiple buildings in a partially outdoor style.

Cleveland Clinic's main campus consists of 60 buildings on near University Circle, in Fairfax, Cleveland.

The campus consists of eight permanent buildings: There are five instructional computer classrooms and one computer resource center.

community consists   (コミュニティは)

The village development community consists of 9 villages.

The community consists of significantly more men than women.

The community consists of the villages Romanos and Petrochori.

village consists

The village consists of two type of terrestrials.

The village consists of two wards and few "mahallas".

The village consists of large tracts of paddy fields.

project consists

The project consists of seven episodes, each animated by different directors.

The project consists of six 20-story buildings containing 1,272 apartment units.

This project consists of relieving congestion at Ngurah Rai International Airport.

school consists   (学校から成る)

Today, the school consists of about 100 students.

The Junior school consists of the 7th and 8th grades.

Middle school consists of Year 6 to Year 8.

consists of multiple

This organism consists of multiple kinds of genes.

The competition consists of multiple rounds.

tournament consists   (トーナメントは)

The tournament consists of 21 teams (N.U.I.G.

The tournament consists of four round-robin pools of four teams.

film consists   (映画は)

The film consists of two parts of similar length.

Including them, the film consists of a large star cast.

The film consists of several storylines.

itself consists

The cone itself consists of lava bombs and scoria with red and black colours.

The studio itself consists of two rooms: the broadcast booth and the control room.

The "Goubau line" itself consists of a single wire conductor coated with dielectric material.

competition consists   (競争からなる)

The competition consists of multiple rounds.

government consists   (政府は)

, city government consists of mayor Frank Klipsch and a ten-person council.

The state government consists of only two branches - executive and legislative.

Government ministries of Estonia The government consists of the prime minister and 14 ministers.

section consists

The section consists of 1 Trooper,1 Captain.

The main dryer section consists of 43 six-foot dryers split into four sections.

The northern section consists entirely of large, 20–45-story buildings, all various shades of orange brick.

region consists   (地域から成る)

The TcdB CROPs region consists of 19 SRs and 4 LRs.

The region consists of six synods and 620 member congregations.

Vegetation in this region consists of several types of desert bushes, Huisache ("Vachellia farnesiana" var.

church consists

The church consists of a nave, chancel and north aisle.

The church consists of a chancel, nave, north and south aisles, and vestry.

The church consists of a chancel, nave and south aisle with a granite arcade.

consists of eleven

The town of Salem consists of eleven member locations :.

The suite now consists of eleven songs.

The album consists of eleven tracks, including the title track, "Candyland".

set consists

Each of the CRH5A set consists of eight cars.

The six-car train set consists of two power cars and four trailers.

In experiment 5, the probe set consists of a single controlled still.

unit consists

The municipal unit consists of the following villages:

league consists

The league consists of a single interleague team.

The league consists of four groups of 18 teams.

The league consists of two groups of 18 teams.

consists almost

It consists almost entirely of The Last Place on Earth Antiques Store.

Tom Palin's work consists almost entirely of small scale oil paintings.

The blue whale diet consists almost exclusively of euphausiids (krill).

schedule consists

The 2017 schedule consists of 27 home games in the regular season.

The 2018 schedule consists of 6 home and away games in the regular season.

The 2018 schedule consists of seven home and five away games in the regular season.

programming consists

The programming consists of non-stop music videos 24-hours a day.

VisionTV's programming consists of two programming streams; "Mosaic" and "Cornerstone".

The programming consists of classic and archived series and programs previously aired on ABS-CBN.

staff consists   (スタッフで構成)

The theatre staff consists of only two directors.

The staff consists of 10 teachers, supervised by the Principal.

The "New University's" editorial staff consists of UCI undergraduates.

consists of around   (からなる)

Canada's constitution consists of around 30 different statutes.

Her repertoire consists of around 40 violin concertos and many chamber music works.

The race is broken into three days, each of which usually consists of around 18 legs.

lineup consists

Their current lineup consists of nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales.

The brand's current lineup consists of the Chrysler 300, Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Voyager.

Its lineup consists of Miho on bass, Haruna on drums, Midori and Miyako on guitar and Asami on vocals.

uniform consists

The uniform consists of shin guards, shoes, shorts or a skirt, a mouthguard and a jersey.

The uniform consists of a Black Blazer with the Bilton School lion, a light grey jumper or cardigan, a white shirt and black trousers or skirt.

The unit insignia, worn by each operator on the combat uniform consists of a winged Norse dagger (Seax) with an asymmetrically positioned six-pointed star.

municipal council consists

Avannaata's municipal council consists of 17 members, elected every four years.

Qeqertalik's municipal council consists of 13 members, elected every four years.

consists of lowland

The habitat consists of lowland riverine forests.

The habitat consists of lowland forests.

The habitat consists of lowland rainforests at altitudes below 800 meters.

part consists

The first part consists of Oreiro biggest hits.

The bottom part consists of single piece of hollowed-out log.

The first part consists of vv.

line consists

This product line consists of original Commodore products.

This line consists of airliners.

The line consists of World War II and modern military aircraft, mostly fighters.

division consists

The top division consists of 18 clubs.

The cup tournament for the women's division consists of two phases.

The division consists of 12 teams that meet each opponent once away and once at home.

floor consists

The third floor consists of a full-height, floored attic.

The building houses numerous offices, while the ground floor consists of showrooms.

The first floor consists of the library, drawing room, dining room and kitchen area.